How To Promote A Product On ClickBank Using YouTube Videos

Imagine if you can make money day after day,
promoting ClickBank products on YouTube, perhaps it would help pay your bills or go towards
that vacation that you want. Stay tuned to the end of the video because
I show you how to select a product from ClickBank and then how to create a video to promote
it. You also have an opportunity to get 10 high
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Herman: What is ClickBank? It’s a marketplace created and developed by
entrepreneurs who wish to sell their products. It also has an affiliate network so you can
make commissions from the products that you promote. Here are some of the benefits of promoting
ClickBank products. Number one, wide variety of products at all
different prices. Number two, it has an excellent reputation
for online payments. It connects more than 12,000 vendors crossing
over 100,000 ClickBank affiliates. Number three, no need to invest money. It’s free to become a ClickBank affiliate. Plus you don’t have to spend time creating
the product or market materials. Number four, easy to become an affiliate. You simply fill out the form on the ClickBank
website. Number five, earn high commissions. Most the products on ClickBank offer a 50%
commission and many offer a higher commission. Number six, no need to have a blog or website
to promote their products. You can simply grab the affiliate link and
begin promoting. Number seven, 60-day money back guarantee. If someone’s not satisfied with the product
on ClickBank they can get a refund within 60 days. What are the requirements? There’s only two requirements. Number one, sign up for a ClickBank account. Number two, YouTube channel. If you don’t currently own a YouTube channel
you can create a review channel and just use it for reviewing products from ClickBank. Here are steps to find a ClickBank product
to promote on YouTube. Number one, select the product to promote
from the ClickBank marketplace. Go to Click on Affiliate Marketplace. You’ll see a list of all the products that
you can promote. You can also search products by keyword by
just entering your keyword in the product box. Let’s select health and fitness. Scroll down, I’m interested in yoga, so let’s
check out Yoga Burn. Stats say that you’ll earn $14.14 per sale. Average percentage per sale, 100%. That’s really good. Average re-bill total is zero. Average percentage rebuild 3%. Gravity 56.25, which is very good. Let’s check out the sales page. When we check out sales page we want first-time
visitors to quickly be able to see what the site is all about. It’s clear headlines, beautiful image. The web page is laid out very nicely. You learn strategies. You’ve Yoga Burn, Digital Plus Physical, Digital
Plus Physical X 2. How it works? Different phases. You’ve feedback from the community. Get started on the Yoga Burn journey. Frequently asked questions. Who is Zoe Bray Cotton? Then it’s got some frequently ask questions
like what if it doesn’t work for me? What if the workouts are too hard? How long will the offer be available? Who’s the retailer? It’s got the products listed again. Overall a very good landing page. I’ll click on the Affiliate Page. It says welcome to your affiliate marketing
center and terms of service page for Yoga Burn. On this page you’ll find exactly what you
need to immediately begin making 30% commissions promoting the first and only conversion- crushing
video sales letter for the yoga market. In order to become an affiliate will have
to create an affiliate account at After you’ve done this you’ll have to send
traffic through a ClickBank affiliate link and ClickBank will automatically credit your
account 30% commission for all the sales that you make of Yoga Burn and non-free trial up-sales. It’s got Affiliate Resources here. Click the download the Banner Package, so
I can use all these banners. Click here to download Swipe Copy. Here’s some copy that I can use to promote
the product. Let’s click on promote. It says you can earn 30% each paying customer
you refer to this product .For details, please enter your account nickname and tracking ID
if you have one. We’re going to enter my account nickname because
I already have a ClickBank account. Then click Create. Here’s my affiliate link that I can copy and
paste into the description under my video or I can copy this HopLink HTML code and add
it to my web page. Number two, keyword research. The purpose of keyword research is to find
the keywords and the keyword phrases that people are typing into the search engines
that are related to the product that you wish to promote. If I enter yoga in the YouTube suggestion
box I get a bunch of suggestions. Let’s click on Yoga for Beginners because
it gets 60,500 visitors per month and a cost per click of $2.53. According to the free Chrome extension TubeBuddy
the keyword score is poor, 14 out of a hundred. Let’s try a less competitive phrase. Let’s try yoga for beginners, flexibility
and strength. That’s better. It says very good, 75 out of a hundred. Let’s check out the competition. Number three, Competition Analysis. The purpose of checking out your competition
on YouTube is to see if it’s worthwhile promoting this product. If the competition is too fierce you won’t
make any money because you won’t be able to rank for the keyword phrase. If I look at the top videos on this page for
yoga for beginners flexibility and strength, I don’t see any of the videos having that
and the first few words of the title, except for this one maybe yoga for strength and flexibility. This tells me that it’s a good keyword phrase
to go after and to make a video for. Let’s try another keyword phrase. Let’s try Yoga for Beginners weight loss woman. It also gets a keyword score from TubeBuddy
of 75 out of a hundred. I don’t see any of the top videos having that
exact keyword phrase in their title. That means the video, targeting that keyword
phrase would have a good chance of getting a top ranking on YouTube. I’ll include a link to TubeBuddy the free
Chrome extension in the description below this video. Number four, create your review video. To do this, I suggest first writing out a
script based upon the information you can glean from the sales page of the product that
‘re promoting. Click the link in the top to watch my video
on how to write a script for your video. When you’re recording and editing your video,
make sure you start off with a hook such as a question or statement followed by the meat
of the content. End your video with a strong call-to-action
by telling viewers to click link in the description below your video. Number five, upload and optimize your video. After you’ve finished editing your video
you’re ready to upload it and optimize it for the search engines. While you’re optimizing your video make sure
you set the privacy settings to private. Make sure you include your main keyword phrase
in the title, description and tags. Also create an attractive thumbnail that stands
out from your competitors. If no one clicks in your thumbnail from the
listings on the search engines then you won’t get the first click and you won’t make any
money. Number six, publish your video. Change the privacy settings to public to publish
a video. After your videos go on public your work has
just begun. Number seven promote your video. Promote your video across social media sites
as well as embed it on your own website if you have one. If you have an email list of people that may
be interested in your product recommend the product to your list. Here’s a bonus tip. if this product begins
making money for you on a continuous basis make more of the same type of videos. Alternatively choose different products to
promote so you can create a snowball effect from YouTube channel. When you have multiple videos generating revenue
for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week you can build up a great passive income online. If you want alternative ways to ClickBank
to generate revenue from YouTube channel click the link in the top. Let me ask you an important question. Would you like 10 high converting ClickBank
products DONE4U? My friend Clive has done all the heavy lifting
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access to built-in tools. You get 10 high converting ClickBank products
in all different niches. You also get these built-in bonus tools and
resources. Video rank checker, video script app, video
libraries, Quick Start SEO mind map and a private Facebook group. The entire video creation process has been
done for you. No video creation required. The products have been sourced and the search
terms have been found for you. No hours spent on research. You simply upload to YouTube channel or embed
on your website and optimize for your chosen search term using the video SEO training mind
map that’s included. You also get a 30-day rock-solid guarantee. Click the link in the description below this
video to get your copy now.


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