How to Promote Amazon Products as An Affiliate How to Make $1000 Per Day with Affiliate Marketing

we have we’re gonna be launching out a
funnel I told you okay you’ll be a public funnel for the one of the courses
that we have from our marketplace a product instead traffic mastery a lot of
you guys have it right later on we’re developing actually so we got a Facebook
group here okay we’re also building out a network
private network okay private network for members now
preceding that obviously we have pre-launch sequence okay which is a
training stick training video videos there’s three videos leading to the
sales video the you know where people can purchase this proceeding that and
again just you know the drill here preceding that there is a landing page
that you send traffic to okay landing okay this is where you build your list
okay we will allow you like I like I know preaching all the time allow you to
build your list so that you keep your prospects list with this okay as great
as this is one way to do it is to just camera with traffic another way to do it
is to is to hammer okay is to is to hammer your ads big thing is obviously
you know you can go to the Facebook and you can do specific targeting which will
teach you how to do with that okay but you pre frame these pieces can become
pre frame okay leading to the landing page leading through that okay so you
run ads these can be ads okay think of them as ads or you can run even outside
traffic source to ads you can target him you can even run email if you if you
want to you know consider that to be traffic
this can be your Facebook ad here okay or Instagram ads or blogs
okay pre frame this can make all the difference in your conversion here okay
big big big thing if this is done correctly okay and again this is how you
can make yourself be different because how you proof
people okay your your conversion here even though it’s the identical funnel
you can have like two people running the same thing one person can be you know
maybe the conversion rate is gonna be 5% and somebody else can be getting a
twenty percent conversion rate on the sale of the same product going through
the same funnel everything what’s the difference
pre framing is the difference okay very very important so I’m going to play let
me play a couple videos for you example of what I’m talking about pre framing
videos you guys want to see some examples so they’re anywhere from you
know there can be annual from from three minutes up to you know even up to ten
minute videos where you deliver value the thing about pre framing is this okay
you don’t come across selling stuff you don’t come across start talking about
the product this is really really relevant like if I wanted to promote
this product right here walking you through the strategy that you will see
an action here in a few days but this right here okay if I’m selling a product
I do not talk about the product in my pre framing ever okay what I am selling
can anybody guess what am i selling in my pre framing what am i selling okay I
this is a stake right this is a stake I am selling the sizzle which is this this
is a sizzle right here okay this is a free training series which is done it’s
really really good by the way okay this is what I’m selling and this is free
okay easy easy easy to pre frame it’s easy to sell okay understanding how to
pre frame and communicate is the big thing here okay so oh the three things
you need in pre framing you might want to write this down okay
is a grab attention okay grab attention and this can be like if everybody like
people expecting videos to be like super professional or like there is like a way
like a like you gotta be like a video camera guy right we got to be like a you
turn into this like news anchor guy or gal or whatever right you gonna
everybody this is Vick blah blah blah blah that stuff doesn’t work okay you
got to grab their attention how can you grab their attention maybe
you are you know if you got a you know a good phone with a good camera which
is really really simple a lot of phones you know have that you can be outside
maybe you can be in a very like an interesting area to where as soon as
people see your your video autoplay on Facebook he grabs their attention right
you’re like I want to check this out it can be your environment okay
it can be the way you start off your video you can be like just something
goofy right you can start it out how else can you grab attention okay be
creative with this you don’t want to come across as like a goof head or
anything you know depend on your style but you want to be within your you know
within your boundaries of how you want to be perceived as a brand right so like
for example for me I’ll show you you know some of the videos and I’ll kind of
walk you through that some of the examples but you want to grab attention
okay so that people can you know they won’t they will want to they’ll be
intrigued enough to watch the video step number one is to get them to watch the
video number two okay is you address a problem okay address problem okay
spotlight spotlight problem and even magnify okay spotlight or magnify if you
can explain people’s problem better than they can explain it themselves they’ll
follow you okay and then you offer irresistible though irresistible
solution and it’s got to be friction free frictionless slippery slope eg right so that’s the
big formula easy easy peasy you guys okay that’s the formula so I’m gonna
walk you through grab attention address a problem spotlight magnify the problem
make sure that they realize how big it is okay and on a grander scale offer an
irresistible solution which will be this okay here is an example here is an
example of what I’m talking about let me see here okay check this out
so this is going to be one of the videos that we’re releasing I’m gonna I’m gonna
cue it up I’m gonna play here for you in a minute
one of the videos that we’re releasing that you will be able to everybody it’s
gonna be available to everybody okay you guys will be able to download it okay
and you’ll be able to you’ll be able to run it on Facebook
okay these are about three to three to five minute videos or so okay you’ll be
able to run it on Facebook on your own account as Facebook ads or sponsor just
you know just run it to your Facebook as well I want you to be able to use these
initially and we have like I think we have like six that’s already done
already created for you guys you will use these as your training wheels on a
bicycle okay I want you to understand understand the strategy behind them and
again as you watch him keep in mind these things and see if you can identify
okay each one of these things right here okay the big thing is you do not get
attached to the outcome you’re not selling anything so you don’t have to
have your you know you don’t have to have a sweaty palm you know like
thinking you gotta try to do something you’re just there to have fun hang out
connect or something that’s free so there should be no pressure okay it’s a
very good thing for you to practice on to create so watch this and then see how
if you can identify these things cool I’ll be right back here is one of the
one of the preframe videos that’s pre framing this training that Tim recorded
Tim and I recorded that will lead him to the landing page that you’ll be able to

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