How to Promote Amazon Products as An Affiliate The Affiliate Marketing for Beginner Tutorial 2019

I’ll tell you the secret what’s the
secret you know a lot of people come to me they’re like you know they’re like
Zig we’re doing e-commerce right there is ecommerce ecommerce is a huge
industry booming industry right billions and billions and billions of dollars you
know in sales in volume in activities going on there right ecommerce has
surpassed like Cyber Monday I think it was a couple years ago for the first
time ever cyber monday sales have surpassed Black Friday sales which has
never ever happened in the history of the world okay we’ve got you know
companies like Amazon right now and you know a lot of people are in e-commerce
doing e-commerce right a lot of these folks having their own chapo Feist or or
their online store building their brand or you know local mom-and-pop shop
owners and and and whatnot right these guys are like dude how do we compete
with the Goliath which is the big a right how do we compete with the big
Amazon okay that’s a good question for you how do you compete with Amazon right
so if I have an e-commerce store okay if I have an e-commerce if this is my site
over here okay and and this is Amazon over here a
trillion dollar company man okay a big T I’m not a trillion dollar company yet
you’re not I mean you might be just a start-up you might be somebody working
from your basement in your home from your kitchen table how do you compete
with this guy right here would this you know with with the big gorilla out there
I truly another company how do you do that good question right now I’m gonna
talk about this what’s your number one secret I’ll tell you there is a way to
compete with Amazon right most people they don’t they don’t understand this
concept and they’re like they don’t stand a chance right if you are in you
know if you’re if you’re a real estate agent okay and you are a part of a
whatever you know agency or company that you’re in you know how do you compete
with with all these other guys you know in a real estate industry okay how do
you stand out if you are in a particular information marketing company if you’re
a network marketing company right if you’re a network marketer a lot of
people watching this show their network marketers if you’re in a you know I know
there’s a company called drop any names doesn’t matter but you know travel
company it trillions I think travel is like a what is that six or eight
trillion dollar a year industry travel as a general right so the opportunities
are absolutely tremendous absolutely tremendous right so we need to be we
need to understand key lever key levers you know small hinges open huge doors
right huge doors so if you can figure out that small hinge right and if you
can if you can focus on that you know it’s it’s the whole concept of that for
not you know 496 right the ninety six percent of people are doing you know are
doing things that that are just you know making them go in circles in circles so
we got to figure out what what are those four key for you know handful of
activities that we focus on and crafting we can go and we can compete with all
these right and you know what that is okay anybody know you guys are watching
this let me know in the comments I’ll be checking the comments a little bit later
on I don’t have my computer here with me right now
okay but please let me know okay how do you compete with Amazon okay you know
what the factor is okay is is going to be your edge okay
this is your big secret okay let me explain to you what I mean by that very
very simplest so I can have right I can help my little Shopify store over here
okay and this is Amazon okay and this is me okay so if a consumer is looking okay
if a consumer if I’m looking for something okay if I’m looking for for a
particular product okay but actually people are being conditioned because
these guys are everywhere right everybody knows Amazon for example and
again you can apply this to any industry in your niche you know we’ll just keep
it super simple here right now once you understand this concept and you
understand what I’m trying to you know to portray to you here you’ll be able to
dominate so you gotta you gotta understand you really gotta get very
clear on this okay it’s your edge really what we’re
talking about is is is is there’s three components
okay if I want a goal and and I want to compete with Amazon in you know in
e-commerce space in every transaction there is three things okay number one
you got the product okay there’s three components to transaction you got you
got the product okay number two you’ve got the consumer right somebody who’s
gonna buy the product number three is you’ve got a you got a you got a person
who is going to connect the product to consumer okay which is a seller okay so
or a distributor okay I guess I could probably you know switch these around
here you know you’ve got the product you got the distributor in the center and
you got the consumer okay so this is this is a distributor okay this is this
is the the this is the product here okay whatever that product might be that I’m
selling for money okay and then we’ve got the consumer I’ll put it simply here
for you okay and then we’ve got the we’ve got the
consumer okay okay so this is our target market here okay what I need to
understand is very very basic thing what I need to do is I’ve got to understand
there is something happening between the consumer and the product okay so if I go
to if I have a website okay and I can put myself here okay
my business is going to be a direct reflection I always talk about this my
business I don’t have a business it’s all one of the key rules of being a
four-percent marketer right bean bean that’s that top you know
top of the top cream of the crop as far as marketing goes right you gotta
understand some basic rules some key fundamental rules and that and one of
those rules is I don’t have the business I am a business right so I am a business
so this product that I am offering okay it basically it’s part of what I do it’s
an extension of what my business is it’s an extension of my world okay I this is
not my business but an extension of my business it’s like a it’s like one of
those things that I do okay so so my consumer I got understood so if you’re
thinking about this if you’re thinking about how do I get my consumer to buy
the product okay then you’re dealing on a very very shallow and on a very
shallow you know you were swimming in a very shallow waters and you know you
don’t stand a chance because consumers can go out there they can go to Amazon
they can they can just buy a product from anybody they just really wanted to
buy a product right but what I need to understand is when it comes to me being
a distributor and us being marketers number one secret to success in
marketing is creating your conversion machine okay you’re creating your
conversion machine your conversion machine will be your edge to the degree
okay that and how good your conversion machine is will you be successful okay
now this is not what most people want to hear when they starting out because
they’re like well do it I just you know I thought this this marketing stuff is
easy and and you know I think you know just to walk in the park and do nothing
and make millions and sometimes very very rarely that might be the case for a
very short period of time right but most of the time or in most cases almost
almost a hundred percent of the time right or only a hundred percent of the
time what happens here is those people find out the hard way that that short
timeframe that they might have their you know flash in the pan type success it
passes and then they’re back to square one so us marketers right now you guys
especially in this day and age where you have companies like Amazon right trying
to sell products and they’re selling products and a trillion dollar company
okay you’ve got another trillion dollar company which is Apple right now and
there’s gonna be more and more and more companies that are
now how do we compete you compete by having a an edge in your marketing
machine now what am i what am I talking about when I say an edge okay so there
is there is a when you’re talking about marketing machine you gotta understand
this okay so there’s a there was a market over here let’s have this market
okay so this cloud represents a market here and so what we do okay is we need
to generate interest okay how do we generate interest in the market we get
attention number one is to get attention so I don’t even have to think about
competition okay so if I’m if I if I if you have an e-commerce store if you have
you know your own you know online business or internet business or you’re
selling insurance you’re selling real estate doesn’t matter what it is you’ve
got and you gotta create attention so so how do you create attention here okay
you create attention you grab attention through your through your advertisements
and through the ads that you put out there very very simply okay you can
create attention through the value to the content that you put out there you
create attention so basically there’s two kinds of attention there was an
attention of like okay whoever can scream the loudest
okay whoever can can put out more ads and pay more money for the ads that’s
okay you know that’s one kind of attention you can probably do that to
another kind of attention is how do you how do you communicate to your to your
potential to your potential customer over here okay how do you put a
communicate to your potential customer based on what they’re looking for which
is the result okay and then try to talk to them about those results over here in
your ads okay where is every ad that you put out there write this down if you can
if you can do this it will change your game every piece of advertisement you
put out there okay if you can engineer that ad to be a value driven ad okay
value driven ad it’s very very easy to compete in that department because
almost nobody’s doing that very very few people are doing that kind of stuff
right so most people put out an ad that that talks about the product okay that
talks about just just like generic stuff what everybody else in their market is
doing right if you’re competing within a huge big
market it’s kind of difficult okay very few marketers right now anyways
it’s gonna get you know this is this is probably going to change you know the
way I see it it’s probably gonna change and the landscaping is gonna change over
the next you know maybe a year or two right however right now I can go and I
can I can put up a net now when it comes to creating an attention right now it’s
easier than ever before to go out there and get attention a lot of people
naturally will be thinking like well where do I advertise how do I advertise
and so naturally a lot of people because of what’s going on in the market right
now and what everybody’s teaching out there you know every almost everybody
seems to be teaching like Facebook advertisement right go to Facebook ads
and so you gotta understand what happens there and say I’m not you know dissing
Facebook or anything like that it’s a great medium of you know that we can
harness the power of that social media to advertise to get in front of people
super targeting abilities right I mean just insane stuff that we can do on
Facebook there and so I’m not discounting that so we can use that but
still apply there are other a lot easier ways to advertise right so such as for
example influencer marketing right now I’m telling you guys influencer
marketing is is insanely under under priced okay so I can go whereas you know
Facebook is changing their algorithms almost on a daily basis right so
advertising you know a guidelines are being changed pricing models are being
changed you know advertising algorithms are
being changed and all that stuff and so a lot of people are just kind of trying
to catch up with the wave right I’m telling you smart marketers right
now what we need to do is we need to understand where see if everybody’s
going to the everybody’s going to the left you’ve got to go to the right right
so if you follow the masses and and when you look at what the masses are doing
right now the masses currently are going towards Facebook wide because every
single guru and their dog or preaching Facebook advertisement you’re not I mean
now you can do that and and and so and and in doing so you have to be really
extra creative nowadays like a year ago it was easier two years ago even even
easier right to advertise on Facebook get attention on Facebook super easy one
phase book lives came out dude you could do a
facebook live you can sell anything doesn’t matter right now not so much
right so they limit your reach you have to pay money and you know you have to
pay a lot of money a lot of money to do that you know to be able to reach your
people that follow you and again you can still do this but this is what the big
masses are doing okay so what I can do now is I can go to people that that have
big influencers we’re talking if you guys are not utilizing YouTube
influencers it’s crazy see I you can you can sponsor a video I
teach all of this stuff you know in you know internet traffic master if you guys
have it obviously check out the master quads that I’m doing but I’m giving you
I want you to start thinking a little bit differently about you know how do
you get attention right now okay because that’s step number one is you
understanding how to get attention if you can successfully get attention and I
don’t have to I don’t have to like wrap my brains and try to you know figure out
okay what do I where do I go you look the the the easiest thing for me to do
now like today how would I go about advertising today currently you’ve got
you’ve got a product whatever you’re promoting the product produces a
particular result okay so what you need to do is you need to create an ad okay
you need to identify your market so so message to market-match right i think we
talked about it you know on the last episode of the of the four percent
entrepreneur show so my message which is my my ad okay message to market-match
and my message is connected to my result at my market once okay so if i have that
not i simply go to like an influencer youtube influence you to bring
influencers right now we’re very very underpriced super underpriced social
media influencers right super underpriced and so what I’m gonna do is
I’m gonna leverage somebody else’s brand I’m gonna leverage somebody else’s pool
of people pool of audience I can just tap into them right and by being smart
talking about your product doesn’t matter cuz like a thousand people might
be promoting your product okay so what I need to do is the stuff that I’ve been
talking about over and over and over again okay is you need to have your own
door okay which is your landing page where people can opt-in okay and so this
page should be generic should not be product-centric I see so
many are people out there promoting you know advertising their landing pages but
they’re they’re talking about their product on the landing page okay so for
example if you are in a competitive company if you are in network marketing
company for example right see a lot of people contact me they’re like Vic I’m
promoting this company what you know how do I stand out how do I do that first
and foremost if you’re promoting something that’s very very competitive
that other people in your space are promoting utilizing the same you know
similar strategies as you are such as Facebook or whatever else that you’re
doing including influencer marketing if your people are you know very very few
people doing influencer marketing right now but if they do that right so what I
need to do is I need to understand how do i how do i how do I approach this
whole thing by being smarter right how can you outsmart and out cool your
competition and he–and step number one in that it would be this your landing
page should be generic it should not be company centric okay so if you’re
promoting a network marketing company or direct sales company or insurance it
doesn’t matter right unless the company absolutely requires you to I would keep
this page this landing page generic meaning no logos right you don’t want to
really you know gotta because if somebody already if your potential
customer or your potential prospect already saw that a landing page with a
company’s logo previously by somebody else and they had a less than awesome
experience okay they will associate that less than awesome experience with their
you know with that with that landing page that they you know could have seen
before or the logo or something like that right and so that could be you know
that could repel them okay so I want to eliminate points of resistance write
this down take a look at your funnel take a look at your process right
everything has a process we’re talking about that on this show and also in 4%
and all that stuff so every single thing has a process
you got a layout your process very few people do this okay if you lay out your
process your case a point number one somebody clicks on my ad before even
that what my ad looks like okay so ad can be generic okay at you have no logos
no brand for the company if it’s a competitive company right cuz I want to
gain and I want to take him into my world because
what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna take him into my machine over here okay once
they come into my world this landing page talks about the result and that’s
why you gotta know your market you gotta know what you’re talking about
okay or the people are you talking about but then I’m gonna I’m gonna drop them
in here and this right here is going to be is going to be my machine it’s gonna
be my conversion machine okay so every single lead that comes here I don’t
expect them to buy right away this is the world we live in right now my
friends okay don’t expect for every single person on your list who opts in
to automatically be excited to buy your product people don’t do that okay same
thing in you know you know same thing with like e-commerce or other industries
you know real estate or a painters roofers anything like on a first contact
right because people have options now there is a lot of noise going on so what
I need to do is I need to figure out I need to engineer specific okay specific
flow so I don’t have it here but you guys know you know the blueprint I have
it in my other office the blueprint we talked about right that is your secret
key okay so you take him into your machine over here which is your
conversion mechanism okay it will consist of you know so when they when
they opt in here two things happen right they go to my list and then they go to
retargeting okay and then you know and then they go through some sort of a
funnel okay then they go to my hub okay then that funnel goes to the product I’m
selling okay and then my hub redirects them over here
but then again what I want to do is I wanna open up channels and doors for me
to promote other things that I might gain competitive advantage and at the
same time okay this positions me and this gives me tremendous edge okay
tremendous edge over anybody else it’s that that I’m competing with okay so
this way the only way that I can win competing
with Amazon is through personal interaction okay like this personal
interaction I’m saying so if I can you know if you’re having an e-commerce
store okay when somebody comes into your store you gotta figure out and this is
this is a conversation we can have like a master class on this one alone okay
but I’m telling you eliminate points of resistance right and then get closer to
your potential customer not by being this somebody who you know pretends to
be you know somebody that you’re not really but you can literally be working
from your kitchen table but the the the process that you put out right the
process that you create an engineer it can make you look like a billion dollar
company you not I mean and so the easiest ways to through
personal interaction so for example one of the things that I see that that’s
some of the things that were also you know working on implementing some water
funnels right now and if you haven’t seen that you will see that a lot right
is you know do like you know ask people questions so when they get on your site
you know ask them a question about you know what it is that they’re looking for
maybe given my one of the things that we’re really going to do is like a
little a little mini walkthrough process finding out exactly what they’re looking
for so in four percent right somebody comes into the four percent and you guys
will see this being implemented because we have a lot of people coming in from
different different you know directions and with different you know desired
outcomes and whatnot right so I want to know because everybody’s gonna be
different if somebody’s coming in here looking to learn copywriting right if
somebody is coming in here looking for traffic generation if somebody’s coming
in here looking for marketing ideas or you know funnel building or anything
like that and as we grow it one of the things that we’re doing in four percent
that you guys will see okay and again I’m telling you what we’re
doing yeah this is not me teaching you theory you know we’re actually taught
you know I’m telling you what what exactly what’s happening in our business
is we’re going to have a little pop quiz or a little survey or a little assessment right or or or a guide that’s
automated right it will basically say hey please select what you’re looking
for and it will give him a list right so they select what they’re looking for and
it’ll take him to that next step I’ll talk to you more about this maybe in
another segment okay but that will basically allow you to step closer with
your prospect and then what you do okay is you have these people on your list
okay so I can send them emails like email segmentation is huge okay so if I
don’t segment my emails if I don’t know okay
that person who came comes in here especially if you’re selling multiple
products or if you’re selling if you just sell in one product okay and you
don’t know exactly what this person is looking for like if they did not tell
you exactly what they’re looking for it will be very difficult for you to talk
to them specifically based on the result that they’re looking for right because
you will just be you you’ll just send out your you know your your message is
being kind of blanketed out across the the audience and it’s it’s not really
going to make you stand out that much okay
so what I want to do here is I want to be very precise and that can be
engineered so surveying your people is really important segmenting your people
is really important if somebody says you know what I’m looking for for you know
copywriting I want to become better copywriters so then I know that this
person okay I’m gonna put him in a bucket over here a little sub list okay
list a okay and a lot of autoresponders you know they can tag nowadays yeah I
think most major autoresponders they can allow you to tag people right based on
what they’re looking for so I’m gonna put them in I’m gonna put this guy in
this list a over here and this might be all about copywriting okay somebody is
looking for you know traffic I’m gonna put him in the latest B and that made me
traffic right so then what happens here is every single you know tag or every
single list has its own set of autoresponder emails okay that might be
going out to that person talking to them specifically about what it is that
they’re looking for does that make sense okay same thing so basically I’m
segmenting so this is one way of of getting
and creating your edge because if I’m coming in to something right and again
you guys aesthetics and all that stuff again remember you’re not if you if
you’re going to compete with the big giants out there in your in your
industry you’ve got to understand that everything matters okay people right now
that say that well aesthetics don’t matter and the uglier the side the
better it’s not always the case okay I’m gonna argue with that because
you know you don’t win by being sloppy right you don’t win by being just
slapping something together and your formatting is all off and your your
website looks you know ugly and whatnot right right now everything matters
aesthetics to how things look on mobile you know devices that’s why it’s really
important for you to if you’re creating pages hang on one sec here if you’re
creating you know websites or funnels or whatnot you know yourself you want to
make sure that everything is mobile responsive most of your consumers right
now will be on mobile okay apps you know we’re gonna be a lot of
what’s happening now we’ll be moving to apps and so engaging people maybe I want
to give them an app maybe when they come into my world here I want to take him to
an app which is one of the things that we’re gonna be doing with four percent
as well so I want to I want to remove them from this noisy market over here
and I want to put them into my world which is my machine over here okay and
that will include all these things that I’m talking about and this is just a few
of many many many things that we can do so how can you remove points of
resistance number one okay have that message to market-match point number two
point number three segment and get closer to your prospect based on their
core desire there’s a surface desire right I want to have a marker but my
core desire really why do I want to have this market because I’m I just want to
be able to write so so if I’m selling markers right yeah I don’t I don’t want
to be married to this marker quote-unquote married right I don’t want
to be dependent on this marker for my existence in a financial space right I
don’t want to like my business to depend on just one marker but I want to be the
person who can sell then you know marker a marker B marker C different brands
right and maybe you can become that that somebody who will educate your consumer
through your machine over here on the best
markers for what they need so what are you looking for are you looking to write
on paper are you looking to write on whiteboard are you looking to write on
the wall on a car you know what are you looking for to use that marker on you
see I’m saying and so that will allow your consumer to bond with you okay and
so the coolest experience over here and if I get if you guys are in 4% just kind
of really pay close attention to what you will see coming out you know what
we’re doing here and then see if you can model that a lot of you guys have a
stage we have e stage product right and it’s called your hub and as you’re
developing that we have specifically created that product each stage to allow
you to have a home on the internet so that you can have this going on in your
business whatever industry whatever market you’re in even if you’re beginner
okay you can leverage okay so if you don’t have products that you have
created or whatever your affiliate marketer you know you can you can still
create this situation here okay that allows you to have your edge in whatever
it is you do you can do this with with e-commerce digital marketing online
businesses network marketing anything like that right so I’m accent everybody
yes make sure that hang on one sec okay now what’s what’s the next thing okay so
the next thing is this is you got to understand that there is a gestation
period to everything okay if I plant the seed in the inner in the ground it takes
a certain amount of time for that seed to grow okay and so what I see a lot of
people are are getting impatient with is that you know if I spend a dollar over
here and if I don’t make $2.00 in two minutes over here then oh my goodness
this business doesn’t work okay so what happens is you’ve gotta understand that
that right now it might not be as easy for you to break even like it was before
let’s say three years ago or five years ago okay so like five years ago I could
really literally run an ad on face but you know Google I can run a Google
AdWords campaign and I can be selling a product I did not even have
to have this right here this was not even needed you know fight like eight
years ago okay I could go directly from the ad to the
product and I would my conversions might be five six seven eight ten percent okay
so I would be profitable just like that it was like printing money man
right now things changed okay right now competition that bigger right now we’ve
got all these technologies that are that are working and so right now that the
market got a lot noisier okay there is a lot more noise in the market there’s a
lot more movement there’s a lot more moving parts so what I need to do now is
I gotta be smart I got understand that my competition if I’m gonna run an ad
okay and I don’t you know and I don’t turn profit immediately on that one
single product sale right away like you know first you know day or two or a week
you gotta have a back end okay that’s why I’m a huge proponent okay why am I
keep talking about this thing called multiple streams of income right you if
you want to sustain your business if you want to you know if you want to create
an edge you you wanna you want to make sure that you have enough financial
stability right that allows you to strategically out market your
competition okay yet somebody says I think then Kennedy said this he said if
you can spend more money to acquire a customer you can win okay I think I
think it was done Kennedy if not we’ll just give him a credit anyway he’s a
smart dude I learned a lot from him you know in for the you know in direct sales
world so so how do I spend more money here is big is I can I can have multiple
streams of income these can be you know symbiotic products these can be tools
and picks and showers based on what I’m looking for and what I’m doing and again
if you guys watched you know the previous episode we had you know we
talked a little about that but look think about your your situation what is
it you’re doing and you’re you’re number one you’re number one secret to your
success is going to be your edge your edge what that means is it means this is
how you create your your marketing machine over here okay
and how do you how do you stack in them how do you stack in the marketing world
so that it allows you to write to go out there and get the attention have
multiple streams of or have multiple channels of revenue coming in so that
you cannot you can you can afford to pay more money okay to acquire a customer
but then understand that there’s a gestation period so your customers
coming into your into your world here your job and and the my right now what
we’re doing guys this is like this is a place where people get indoctrinated
into your way of just who you are okay again you don’t have a business okay I
don’t have a business I am a business this is a reflection of me in case
you’re thinking it’s your behavior it’s how you act it’s how you how you
communicate so that’s why everything matters right now

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