How To Promote Amazon Products WITHOUT a WEBSITE | making money on amazon

If you don’t have a website or blog to promote
amazon products, its no longer barrier to making money on amazon. It so easy and takes less than 5 mins to setup. In this video, you will see exact steps on
how to promote amazon products without a website. Recently amazon opened up a new platform which
is an extension of their amazon associate account called amazon influencer program. It allows you to join amazon using various
social media accounts. This program was designed with social media
influencers in mind. You simply need an engaged followership on
YouTube, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Keep watching, I will first you give some
background details about the amazon influencer program, how you can get it setup and then
show you some real life examples of how to make money, with amazon affiliate marketing,
without a website. What makes this program really different is
that you aren’t sharing amazon affiliate links to individual products. Instead, Amazon sets you up with a virtual
storefront which is your Amazon Influencer Page. You will get an amazon page with an easy to
remember URL. The username of the selected social media
channel will usually be the URL for your amazon page. You will get paid for every single purchase
made by your followers through your Amazon influencer page. If you apply with Twitter or YouTube, you
will get an immediate response. Instagram and Facebook are personally vetted
and may take up to 5 days. They don’t list any minimum qualifications
on their site, so you can give it a try if even if you have a small following. You don’t need to be approved for each platform. Just one will do. So choose the an account which has the largest
audience and engagement. If you are wondering where you can share your
Amazon influence link Here are some real examples from amazon influences, for your inspiration. Starting with amazon affiliate marketing on
youtube Baily B, has created a video about her favorite
beauty products, and in the description, you see the link to her amazon influencer page. This just like adding an ordinary amazon associates
link on youtube. Another YouTuber, Cocktail chemistry has the
Amazon influencer page url in their about section of the YouTube channel Switching to instagram, you see Grace has
a link in the Instagram bio. If I click this, it goes to this Linktree
page which also features here Amazon Influencer page. Then in her posts, she shows a picture tells
the price and ends by saying, The link to them is in my bio and they are also on my
Amazon Influencer Page, which is also linked in my bio. See how many of her followers have already
bought it via her link! Moving on to Twitter, you see this user having
amazon influencer link in the bio and also promoting it within tweets. On facebook, you can include the link in your
about section. similar to previous platforms you can add
the link to your posts as well. Now you know, how to make money with amazon
affiliate program without a website. Its your turn to add some of those frequently
recommended products or even seasonal gift guides into your amazon influencer page. You can add product recommendations along
with a little note about the product. So let’s look at how you can add products
to the amazon influence page you just created. I’m not a huge fan of the process of adding
products to your Page. You will start by visiting Amazon just as
you would if you were shopping for something. That’s easy enough. But when you find the product you want to
add, you need to click the Add to List box and then select your Influencer Page. You can then add comments to your recommendations
by visiting your Influencer List under the List Section of your Amazon account (still
on the shopping side). Under the product, select Add Comment. This is a great opportunity to explain why
you love the product and how it would benefit your follower. When a follower visits your Page, they will
then see a little note button which they can hover over to see what you had to say. So now you know how to promote amazon products
without a website. If you are active on social media, why not
give it a try?


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