How To Properly Anchor A Trampoline – Don’t Let It Fly Away!

We have had our trampoline for three years
now, and it has never left the ground. Let me show you how we keep it where it belongs. Welcome to The Hippie Geeks. If you enjoy this video, be sure to subscribe
and hit the bell notification icon to catch all our new content! We have all seen the videos of trampolines
flying away in a storm. If you haven�t, just search for it on Youtube
and let the thought of that happening to your trampoline sink in. I did not want to be that person, so when
we bought our trampoline I was determined to keep the trampoline on the ground where
it belongs. After searching around for a bit, I decided
to use these corkscrew severe weather tie downs. Now, one tie down would keep a trampoline
from flying away, but it wouldn�t keep it from shifting around. I REALLY wanted to make sure that it wasn�t
going to go anywhere and used three. This is a pretty straight forward process
really, to get these corkscrew anchors into the ground you just twirl them around and
around and around until they are sunk all of the way to the ground. If you have a dirt or clay soil like we do
this will be fairly easy, and a lot harder if you have rocky soil. Ours went in fine however, and I put all three
of them in the ground under the trampoline equally spaced around the circumference. Now that the anchors are all in, it is time
to connect them to the trampoline. I used a ratchet strap for each anchor, wrapped
up and around the frame of the trampoline. String it thru, tighten it up and wrap the
extra strap around and around until it is all tucked out of the way. Again do this on all of the anchors around
the trampoline, and you are ready to go. With three anchors, i have never seen our
trampoline move, period. Once a year you should check each of the ratchet
straps to see if they need to be tightened, which is what I was doing when I decided to
make this video. Keeping them tightened down means that you
will never have to be those poor folks that lose their trampoline in a storm. I will put an affiliate link in the description
below to the closest thing that I can find to what I am using, which should do the job
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