How To Rank Keywords On Amazon | Create Storefront Super URL (Tutorial)

hi everyone welcome back to my channel
in this video I want to talk about store front super URLs and why you should be
using them a store front super URL is basically a product link that you give
to people to search your product if you want to rank for specific keywords so
sometimes when you try to search your own product on Amazon you cannot find it
it’s because that it’s super competitive so instead you will need to attach those
keywords to your storefront and send that link to whoever is going to buy your
product either for a purchase or if you want to get a review or you’re doing a
giveaway you want to use that link thats attached to those keywords
that’s called a storefront super URL it’s a little confusing and it is
different than just a super URL because a super URL is simply just the
product link so if you click on any product on Amazon and you click on that
product and that link that shows up in your search bar that would be your super
URL it comes with a timestamp so every time someone clicks on it it will
leave a timestamp and Amazon will know that you’re trying to do something
so you don’t want to use a super URL they no longer are effective you want to
use a storefront super URL attached to the keywords that you want to rank for
and you want to use that link to give to your customer sorry not your customers
whoever’s doing a review for you or whoever is doing your product launch for
you so you will creep up on the pages that you are trying to rank for that
specific keyword it’s a little confusing with me just talking about it verbally
so we are going to go into my computer and I want to show you exactly how you
can produce your own storefront super URL to attach to your product in order
to rank for those specific keywords so let’s jump in right now ok everyone we
are now inside of my computer and I am going to show you step by step how to
create your own storefront super URL so just to refresh your memory storefront
URLs are good to use to rank for a specific
keyword you will be using this link to give to whoever you want to do your
reviews so you can rank for a keyword to make your product creep up to page one
or if you are using a launch service like Viral Launch then you will need
your storefront super URL so they know which keywords that you want to rank for
so we are going to be using the garlic press everyone’s favourite product as an
example so I’m going to explain to you what a super URL is if you just click on
this product and you see this link right here in blue this is a super URL not a
storefront super URL but just a super URL that leaves a timestamp and you do
not want to leave a timestamp every time when someone clicks on your product to
rank it on to page one because Amazon will know that you are trying to do
something because there’s a timestamp so instead if you want to rank for a
specific keyword you need to go into your storefront which is right here and
you need to create a storefront super URL so we’re gonna go to storefront
right here and see now this is my storefront name and I am going to type
in garlic press so now garlic press is attached to my URL up here in blue so
every time that someone clicks on this link they will be directed to your
storefront and every time they purchase here to buy that means that your product
is going to get ranked for the keywords garlic press and that’s pretty much it I
suggest using this link if you cannot find your product because lots of times
for new sellers they go on and they search let’s just say that they
searched garlic press their own product and it’s nowhere to be seen they go
through all these pages and they go to the last page on page 41 and they’re
like okay well I can’t find my product so what you would need to do is
actually go into your seller central account click on your own product
listing and go through the steps that I just told you to create your storefront
URL with those keywords and just start sending it to people for them to
purchase your product so that’s why your product is not showing up on
when you type it in because there’s just too much competition so again just
simply create your own storefront super URL and you should be good to go
I hope you found this video useful if you have any questions please comment
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