How To Receive Amazon Affiliate Payment via Payoneer

Hey Guys! Harsh here and welcome to another
video episode of ShoutMeLoud. And in the last video I told you about Payoneer,
what they do, how they can benefit you and in this video you will learn how you can receive
Amazon payment using Payoneer. So, if you are an affiliate of Amazon US and
since I’m sure many of you are, you can receive your payment via Payoneer. So, let me quickly show you how to do that
and if you have any question after that you can ask them in the comment section below.
I have also added the Payoneer sign up link ah!in the description. You can use that to sign up. And let’s go ahead with our tutorial. So what you need to do is to login to your
Amazon affiliate dashbaord. And once you are inside the dashbaord, this
is how your dashboard would look like. Click on the account settings. So basically
we are going to ah! Setting page where we need to update our payment details. This is
very important if you have not received Amazon payment so far. Ah, ensure that this section, our section
over here your current tax status should be completed. If it’s incomplete ah! most of the times your
payment will be on hold and it would take ah you know few months for you to receive
payments. So make sure that you have added ah! you have
completed the tax information. Now click on the change payment method. So I have already done that. I have already
done this but you know it’s good to see. So here you have few options like “Pay Me
By Gift Card” or you can “Pay by Cheque.” Cheque is something which I completely hate.
Aweber send you payment via Cheque and it’s pain because imagine number one that it would
take a lot of time for chick to come to your door and then when you, you know submit that
Cheque to bank it usually takes about 20 days for Cheque to you know, money to get loaded
into your account that’s pretty, pretty sad. Anyways, so in this case what you need to
look at is “Pay Me By Direct Deposit” United State based associate only and what you need
to do is, you need to back to your Payoneer account, of course you need to log into your
Payoneer account. This is my Payoneer dashboard click on “Receive
and Global” payment service and here you need to click on USD. Alright! Oh so this is for,
this will, this will work like your own chequing account in United States. So here is the Detail Bank, Bank Name, Routing,
Account Number, Account Type and Beneficiary Name. So you just need to fill all this detail
over here exactly same to same, click on submit and that’s it. You start receiving your Amazon
payment. Let me quickly show you the last payment which
I have received by Amazon. So I have received one payment on 26th Feb. So, I can’t see the total amount but yeah
I have received one payment by Amazon a verified tested this, this works pretty amazing. Especially
if you are living in country like India and or Bangladesh or Nepal or Pakistan where you
know, you have no other option than receiving payment via Cheque. So, Payoneer is the service that will help
you a lot and if you know of any other people, any other friend who might be benefit benefit
by knowing about this trick to receive payment from Amazon. Do send this video to them, do share this
video with them. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me in the comment section
below. I’ve added the Payoneer signup link in the
description and if you like this video do click like and share it definitely helps video
to be seen by others and I’ll see you in the next video.


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