How to Reduce High Ecommerce Bounce Rate? (Proven Strategies)

Imagine this: Someone saw your wonderful AdWords ad and
clicked it, came to your website, looked at how beautiful it is and theeeeen… …puked, hit the back button and left. Not the most desirable scenario is it? That’s why today I’m going to show you
how to reduce your bounce rate. Hi everyone! My name is Pawel Ogonowski and
I’m the Ecommerce Optimization Guy. Why should you even care about bounce rate? What’s the difference whether it’s high
or low? Well first, with lower bounce rate you get
a bigger pool of users that can convert. And that means more sales and revenue. Second, with lower bounce rate your site should
rank higher in Google. And that means more free traffic. So what should you do to lower your ecommerce
bounce rate? First, make sure your users know that they’re
in the right place. The first thing your users do when they land
on your page after clicking an ad or link is asking this question „Am I in the right
place?”. Make sure that your ad copy, imagery and brand
feeling is cohesive between ads and landing pages. If you show a pic of the product in the ad,
then show it on the landing page. If there was a -20% off sale in the ad, then
show it on the landing page. If there was a particular piece of USP, like
„free shipping”, in the ad, make sure it stands out on the landing page. Remember, make sure your users know that they’re
in the right place. Second, make your website blazing fast. According to Google „As page load time goes
from one second to five seconds, the probability of bounce increases by 90%.” And you know what? Google is always right. So what is the page load time you should aim
for? 3 seconds. Why exactly 3 seconds? Because according to the data from 35,000+
ecommerce sites collected by Pingdom, after this tipping point the bounce rate soars. So off you go to Google
Page Speed Insights or Google Analytics and check what is your page load time. If it is anything more than 3 seconds then
go straight to your IT guys and have them fix that. Three, tell your users what should they do
next. Never let your users meet any dead ends in
your online store where they are not suggested with a new action they should take. If the user likes the dress that you are showing
her, then show her how to order it with that wonderful, eye-catching call to action. But if she doesn’t like it, make sure she
can quickly find something else that is interesting. Show other items in your online store that
she should check out. These might be similar dresses. But these might also be full looks that will
grab her attention. Or products that are currently on sale. Or those wonderful new arrivals. Anything that may captivate your users attention
and make him or her engage. Summing it up — if you want to lower ecommerce
bounce rate then go with these 3 things first: One: make sure your users know that they’re
in the right place. Two: make your website blazing fast. Three: tell your users what should they do
next. Make sure these 3 elements are in place and
you won’t have any problems with high ecommerce bounce rate. Ok, folks, that’s all for today! Remember to subscribe to Bite-size Ecommerce
Optimization and don’t forget to like this video! Have a great day and see you in the next episode!
Ta-ta! And what the heck is that? Give me that mobile phone I need to call our
IT guys now!

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