How to Sell Affiliate Products 2018 online internationally in 100 Countries

you have with only three clicks you’ll
be able to tap into 75% of marketplace that’s ignored by everybody else and get
targeted traffic overnight but before I do that let me ask you this did you know
that 75% the search is made on the Internet are not in English but still
you try to rank only for English keywords did you know that YouTube has
over 3 billion searches a month 75% are not even in English doing the math
that’s 2.2 billion searches each month in foreign languages they’re searching
each day after your often after product reviews ecomp honest local business
reviews discounts coupons you can even imagine how much money you’re leaving on
the proverbial table what would happen if we could tap into the rest of the 75
s in the market what if you could start ranking for all the top foreign
languages well prepare to be amazed and don’t think that we work day and
night for this nope with only a few clicks we ranked in Spanish French even
German you never seen target traffic coming in this fast to your websites
again don’t worry foreign traffic is quite used to buying from English
websites check out our affiliate sales our product sales and you re calm
results I’ll tell you right from the start that we have an unfair advantage
we found a way to break the language barrier we found a way to make our
videos change the titles and descriptions depending on the foreign
language of the viewer more than that we found a way to make a single video start
ranking for all the foreign languages that we want yeah you heard me right one
single video check out the title of this video when I watch it from New York how
to repair your drone but when my partner Stojko from romania watches it and he’s
not a native english speaker comes a robbery or drona and that’s Romanian and
check out the title the same video when I check it out from here in Berlin
Germany so riparian Sierra Drona and this is the
only a tip of the iceberg I can’t in showing you this for the most popular
100 foreign languages around the world now you can understand why while testing
this method we got a 90% increase in click-through rate and three times more
views and more traffic from one single video I’m sure this has you intrigued
and the truth is I only speak English I didn’t translate anything on my own I
told you a bit earlier that I have a unfair advantage introducing lingo
blaster the only software that with only three clicks will translate and rank
your videos for the most popular 100 languages and triple your traffic
overnight and tap into the seventy five percent of market that’s not targeted by
any other marketer until now to rank from multiple languages you have to
create a new video for each language write the title and description on your
own or hire translator and after that upload each video to YouTube that
process would take days if not weeks it would be ultra expensive but don’t worry
what used to take weeks now takes seconds three clicks and you’ll dominate
any niche you just have to open our cloud-based software and
number one you select the video from your YouTube account let’s choose this
one the video we just selected will be translated and ranked for foreign
languages click number to select the languages that you want let’s go with
the German Spanish Russian Chinese and Hindi as soon as you click the next step
button lingo blaster will automatically start translating your video no need to
pay for translating services everything is automated and click number three just
hit publish and Lingle blaster will start working its magic I already have
this video open you see it has the original english title but now after we
targeted german in lingo blaster when i refresh the page boom magically now it
shows with the german title because right now i’m in germany and the same
thing applies for all the other languages easy as that
like I said just three clicks and now you’re a video marketing rock song but
the power to drive free targeted traffic from anywhere in the world to your
offers it’s a hundred times easier to rank for say Samsung phone review in
German than in English or Bulgarian or Spanish or Portuguese Cantonese on the
hundred of the languages your video will stand out from your competitors because
you will be the only one who will address to your viewers in their native
languages and because of that your traffic will be converting ten times
better I want you to take a moment to imagine if starting tomorrow all the
videos that you’ve ever uploaded online would start delivering you highly
targeted traffic from all around the world can you imagine that do you want
to make that a reality well here’s the thing I don’t want you to struggle
suffer and spend a fortune trying to do this manually paying for translations
for a single video will cost at least two thousand dollars but don’t worry you
won’t have to pay that I’m offering everything you need on a silver platter
all you’ve got to do is take action so for that reason you don’t have to pay
two thousand dollars for a limited time you’re gonna get the deal of a lifetime
you can get lingo blaster for a ridiculously low one-time fee so all you
need to do now is take action and click the Buy button below this video even for
beginners and newbies I’ll give you our thirty
minute ranking machine training series and show you how in 30 minutes you will
have your first video created from scratch uploaded and ranked on the first
page of YouTube guaranteed imagine what it would be like in one week from today
all your traffic worries were gone think about Pedro from Mexico searching
after a new join to buy for his kid when he will see your video in Spanish he
will click it and buy through your affiliate link you can imagine that well
now do you want to make it a reality if so what are you gonna do keep doing what
you’ve been doing keep getting the results that you’ve been getting or are
you ready to take the shortcut to free traffic success if there’s 20 people in the room and I’m
trying to sell something why should i limit myself to just trying to sell to
fiber I want to sell to all 20 associate you to Linda plaster
it’s the fastest quickest way I know of doing this
okay guys thanks but I’ll get back to making a video I live here in Southern California
there’s a very large spanish-speaking population that I’ve completely
there’s a very large Vietnamese community here in Southern California
and my videos are you know not reaching them a lot of these people do online
searches in their own native language even though they can read English so I
am going to be paying a lot more attention to this and I thank you for
the opportunity to take a look at lingo blaster and I and I would encourage
others to take seriously the opportunity to extend your reach okay anyway be good
we’ll see you later bye


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