How to Sell Amazon Affiliate Website Earning $500 for $11,000?

Hey guys. Do you want to know how to sell your website
for 20x – 30x the monthly income in this video. I am going to show you exactly how to flip
your websites for more profit. And I’m gonna also present you in this case
study of how I sold my website that was earning $500 per month for $11,000. So before we dive into the case study, we
want to know why website flipping is such a hot business and what’s the rationale behind
it. So why to sell websites the first reason is
website flipping helps combat plateau phase if you are in a highly competitive niche no
matter how much content you put on your site your site won’t grow your traffic will remain
consistent that’s called plateau phase. So if you sell your website, it helps effectively
combat the plateau phase and thereby you can focus on your other sites the second reason
If your earnings per dollar is declining then it may be the right time for you to flip your
website. So if the returns that you were getting for
every dollar you spent on your site is declining it’s time to flip and the third one is future
proofing your site SEO comes with an inherent risk Google updates or content quality stuff
like that, right? So in website flipping you will be securing
your 2 to 3 years worth of income on a big payday It’s like a time machine where you
travel forward in the future and collect all your future revenue on a big payday and website
flipping also helps you to double down on your existing business. If you have multiple websites then consider
flipping one of them so that you will get some money that you can reinvest on your existing
sites and double down on them and turn them to authority sites. And also the opportunity cost especially if
you are in a very high competitive niche and the growth is limited there. So it make sense for it to flip the website
and get the money and invest in a very low competitive niche instead of incurring opportunity
cost. Now, you may be asking what kind of sites
sell well the first kind of sites that sell well are Amazon affiliate sites and the second
one is lead gen sites and the third one is e-commerce sites for dropshipping and you
know Shopify eCommerce sites added to this the site should have a steady stream of traffic
and revenue because it makes it more lucrative for the buyer. Now you know the sites that sell well, right. So who are the people who are gonna buy your
site there are three kinds of people the first one is investors these people are looking
for passive income generating assets that help them earn money with little or no effort
write in entirely based on systems and the second type of people are equity companies
these companies invest a large sum of money on authority sites a portfolio of sites and
they get profit out of it pay their investors in the form of dividends and the third type
of investors are Website flippers who will be buying under-optimised sites optimize them
do conversion rate optimisation and again flip them for higher price keeping the difference
in profit When catering to any of these three kind of audience you need to showcase hands-off
nature of your site. If you have any system processes or SOPs in
place you need to showcase them and advertise how easy is it to run your site, especially
those investors for looking for passive income for them automated sites are very lucrative
and also the traffic and earnings of your site should be consistent over time. for selling it at a higher multiple and also
it should get a good ROI so if you are spending a lot of money in content and if the site
is not generating a good income a positive ROI it may sell at a much lower price. So you need to also keep your expenditures
in mind prior to selling off your website. Now, let me show you all the statistics of
the site that a sold previously it was a fitness related Amazon affiliate site where I was
reviewing treadmill spin bikes above very high competitive niche, but still I manage
to make around $500 per month and sell it off for $11,000 here you can see month by
month income report of the site that I sold on its best month that is on December 2017. It earned $1,181. That’s exactly 12 months after starting it
on January 2017. You can also see the decline in earnings in
the month of August and September of 2018 because I was not consistent enough in posting
content because you know, the niche is very high competitive and I neglected posting consistent
content. It was a mistake on my end still I managed
to get back the traffic to a consistent $500 per month and manage to sell it off in the
month of March 2019 for $11,000 and here’s the month by month revenue and pageviews report
of the site. You can overall the total revenue that the
site earned is $11,768 and the total pageviews is 106 thousand as you saw in the previous
screenshots the site made a total of $11,768 in the span of 2 years and 3 months and it
attained its first thousand dollars per month mark in the 11th or 12th month of starting
when I add this earnings to $11,000 the price to which I sold the website it comes to $22,768. That’s the total revenue the site made including
the monthly earnings. And also the big payday on my fitness site
I spent a total of $719 including SEO content writing and all those things and the net profit
would be 22049 dollars and ROI would be 3,067% that’s a very good ROI. if you consider any
online business, so the website I sold for 22x the monthly income I could have a sold
it for 25x – 30x Here are some of the things that I could have improved on first before
selling my website. I would have upgraded my content and saw an
increase in traffic and then sold it off and the second one is I overlooked doing conversion
rate optimization for my site and at least have increased revenue by 20% and then sell
off my site and the third mistake I did is overlooked the brandability and attractiveness
of the site I perhaps would have packaged the site beautifully and sold it off for a
much higher multiple after my experience selling multiple sites. Here are some of the tips for maximizing your
profit whenever you are selling your website. The first tip is you need to get into the
hands of the buyer you need to determine who your buyer is whether he is an investor whether
he is another flipper or whether it is an equity company that is acquiring your blog. So once you determine that you need to identify
what are the things that matters the most to the buyer whether they are looking for
passive income or whether they are looking for potentially hands-off business so that
you can advertise your site so that it appeals to their psyche and the second one is that
have some content scheduled ahead of time buyer will be more eager to buy it because
they don’t need to worry about content generation the moment they buy the site and the third
tip is you need to have a brandable website the website that I sold previously had a very
good brandable domain that may be one of the reason why it sold for good 22 x multiple
if you have a brandable website with brandable design, then you will be maximizing on the
profit, and the fourth one is you need to do conversion rate optimization people overlook
the power of conversion rate optimisation or CRO you need to test different layouts
you need to test different call to action buttons and test which one performs the best
which one gives you the maximum revenue, right? So when you do conversion rate Optimisation
it will be easy for your site to earn at least 20% more income that it is earning now and
you can sell it at a much higher multiple and the fifth one is you need to leverage
QDF algorithm query deserves freshness algorithm. It means that you need to have a periodic
content upgradation strategy in place for your site. Every content especially affiliate content
has a shelf life after which the content will be deemed as not fresh right you need to upgrade
the content periodically so that it sends a signal to Google and it gives you a boost
in rankings and traffic and you can maximize upon the profit flipping your site sixth one
is you should not use PBNs or any blackhat links on your site, right? Whenever you are selling your site for a value
investor. He will be looking at potential riskiness
of your site when it comes to SEO so if your site has lots of PBN links and spam links,
then he will not be very eager to invest in your site at a much higher multiple. Fifth one is you need to start building your
email list when you package your site along with the email list and sell it off for the
buyer. It will be much more lucrative and you will
attract much more profit for your site the 8th strategy is you can consider offering
after sales support. It can be as simple as you know, after selling
your site you can offer you buyer to replace the affiliate links you can run better search
and replace plugin for wordpress and replace all their affiliate links for a small fee
or else you can also offer a SEO Services through your agency or outsource give them
any reference of when it comes to content writing so like this you can also offer after
sales support thus maximizing your profit the 9th one is you should not fake your metrics
the buyers are very informed. And if your faking your metrics that can easily
figure it out and the 10th one is don’t get into emotion. Don’t attach emotionally to your business
I can see many people like when they encounter the times that is the perfect time for them
to sell their website they get into emotion like oh this is my site Oh my god. This is my first site. I can’t afford to sell it like they get into
emotion they end up hanging onto their site till it bites the dust don’t commit this mistake. So now let’s look at the top three marketplaces
for selling your sites the first one is Flippa. This is the most popular one there. You can sell your you know all digital assets
including Android apps Flippa charges you an initial fee for getting listed on their
website and one the site gets sold they will charge you a success fee listing your website
on Flippa is relatively easier than any other marketplace second one is Empire Flippers
the most common problem with Flippa are low quality listings and poor buyer protection. Empire Flippers combats this very effectively
they have a really good vetting process where the thoroughly walk though the sites and then
accept it into the market place and they accept sites that are earning good money not only
beginner sites and third one is FE International if your site is earning at least thousand
dollars per month and has very high quality content. FE International is the way to go they have
the most strict you know validation or vetting process when it comes to quality of the sites
The sites that get sold on FE International are sites that are making more than thousand
dollars per month hope you guys found this video helpful. If you liked the video, please hit the Thumbs
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