How To Sell (MORE) On Amazon with Email Marketing…

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email marketing is not the sexiest thing in the world but nobody’s talking about
it maybe that’s why you know with your Amazon business guys you can add a ton
of profit to your bottom line by just tweaking a few things so that’s why I
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let’s get this thing kicked off so this is the definitive Brandon nice job this
the definitive email marketing master class guys we’re going to show you how
to double your five-star views add 20% profit or more each and every Amazon
payout okay so that said who the heck am i if you
guys have not been on any of my webinars before a welcome it’s great to have you
here there I am my name is Brian Burt I am a
part of the inner circle I have been on a ton of podcasts talking about all
things Amazon I’m literally obsessed with Amazon it’s just such a cool
lifestyle such a cool way to make money so passive I mean I really love it I was
just on the entrepreneur on fire with John Lee Dumas I was interviewed for
Forbes last month I’m a two-time 2 comma Club Award winner which is a pretty cool
award that you get from Russell Brunson for doing over a million dollars through
one funnel in one year I got that twice this year which is great and I am the
founder of overgrowth also guys this is pretty cool hey what’s up Mike how are
ya this is pretty cool I was just notified by the seller Awards I don’t
know if you guys know what the seller awards are but this is a it’s an award
given to it celebrates Amazon excellence right so people that help and work
inside of Amazon and I won three of them this year which I was really surprised
by and the cool thing is it’s voted on by you guys it’s voted on by real
sellers all my peers so you know it’s not like some some board meeting where
they vote who’s the best it was voted on by real sellers just like you so that’s
awesome so my software overgrowth I was voted best overall software which was
fantastic being that it is our first year in business I was voted the best
private label seller so that’s really cool I only do private label so I’m
happy to be voted the best private label seller and over growth again my software
that best feedback best email autoresponder software so for all those
of you that voted I just wanted to take a quick minute and say thank you so much
that’s really awesome it does mean the world to me that said let’s get to the
good stuff okay the agenda today three things I want to give you the confidence
in email marketing get you excited about email again I think email kind of goes
by the wayside nobody talks about it that
what I’m here for I want to give you that confidence that maybe you’ve lost
okay also I want to clear up the confusion surrounding email marketing
and email follow-up okay a lot of people don’t know how to do it right we’re
gonna clear it up for you today I also want to show you how a few small tweaks
will absolutely make a huge impact in your Amazon business and your bank
account okay so this is not going to be a difficult thing to understand it’s
just like common sense stuff that a lot of people just aren’t talking about the
quote-unquote gurus are not talking about and just so you guys know in no
way shape or form do I consider myself a guru I’m literally in the trenches with
you every day figuring shit out trying to make sure that I’m selling as much
product as I possibly can I am a full-time Amazon seller just like you
guys are if you’re an Amazon seller let me get a 1 if you’re a full-time Amazon
seller let me get one if your part-time let me get into if you’re just
interested in selling on Amazon let me get a three I love seeing the responses
here guys I’m looking over here your chat ok great Brandon part-time
Claudia’s full-time and is full-time Jessica’s full-time guys I love the
interaction I feed off of it to stay interactive you’ll get more out of this
if you do okay by the way guys if nothing else I’m here to make you more
money okay that’s what I’m trying to help you do with a few small strategies
I’m here to make you more money and I love this quote from Tony Robbins
actually in January I got the pleasure to hang out with this guy personally and
talked in quite a bit and you know one of the things that he told me is if you
do what you’ve always done you’ll get what you’ve always gotten right so I
want you guys to do something new today right but I’m gonna need something from
you okay I’m gonna need implementation and I’m going to need engagement right
so I need you guys to stay engaged in this webinar and I want you to implement
what I show you okay because nothing’s worse than seeing one of you guys down
the road somewhere at a conference you’re talking to you online and you’re
on this webinar but now you’re facing the same problems that I’ve already
given you the solution to right that means you didn’t take action it means
you weren’t engaged and I want everyone to get the most the absolute most out of
this webinar okay and you’ve got two choices here guys you can be a passive
learner where you don’t interact right where you do almost nothing on this
webinar or you can be an active listener guys I want you to be an active listener
which means I want you to be active I want you to learn I want you to
participate is that a deal do we have a deal here okay I just want to make sure
Lucas says he’s hungry Mike says okay let’s do it
Lisa Caputo’s full-time that’s awesome okay great you guys are all in let’s go
Nick says deal great okay so the question being how did this training
come about right why am i doing this for free well here’s the thing I’ve been the
email marketing for a long time guys long before I was an Amazon seller okay
and I’ve got a pretty good handle on what it takes to make money with email
okay I’ve been doing it for 12 years um I know what makes people buy right and
I’ve tested almost everything and I didn’t start out good by the way I was
terrible when I first started using email as a marketing strategy I got
better and better and better over time and I’m sure you guys have seen my
emails before right and then as I did become an Amazon seller and started
learning some of these email strategies and other fun strategies that you have
maybe seen me talk about from time to time I started a little Facebook group
right a little Facebook group that many of you may be a part of called
overgrowth right so if you guys are not in this Facebook group I’d love to have
you in we’re just over 8,000 members now and growing like a weed I’m in there all
the time helping out giving tips and hints and tricks and talking about
everything Amazon so you’re not there go go request and I’ll let you in okay and
as I’ve gotten to know a lot of the members like some of you I realized that
although email marketing strategies you know that I understood they seemed to
comment they seemed almost like secondhand to me because I was so close
to the flame a lot of it did you know a lot of the strategies just seemed very
common sense to me but in the Amazon space many many sellers they didn’t
really have a clue how to make money with email right so and worse than that
those that didn’t know how to make money with email and had all the strategies
and all the tricks and and etc right oh quote-unquote gurus they just weren’t
teaching much of it and that was pretty weird to me I didn’t know why nobody was
talking about email to my knowledge there’s no real great
email training out there but don’t worry this isn’t some kind of a ploy to get
you to buy an email training I’m not doing that it’s just the fact that
nobody was talking about it so I thought I would I started sharing a few of my
email strategies with my new friends from the overgrowth community and the
results guys were pretty great actually I helped out this guy you may recognize
a good friend of mine Brian Johnson I helped him out long before we were
actually business partners he said email strategies of Brian B has
helped me and my team have added a truly unbelievable 23% increase to our bottom
line and it’s boosted our four and five star reviews like crazy so that’s Brian
Johnson how many of you guys know Brian Johnson the number one Amazon
pay-per-click guy in the world he’s awesome and then this is my friend David
Zaleski David says Brian Brian email templates and headlines I’m more than
doubled our open rates and best part is that we’re finally getting real good
reviews hashtag I love this hashtag always listen to Brian pretty funny so
that was cool of him to say and then this is Rebecca another friend of mine
she says thank you thank you thank you Brian just a few small tweaks and my
email campaigns are actually starting to work our sales have jumped significantly
in this just the first week after your help amazing and that’s Rebecca toddy
she is fantastic and growing really fast on Amazon I love it you know Amazon is a
place where you can just go from zero to twenty five fifty a hundred thousand
dollars a month faster and then I’ve seen any other business and I love
helping people do that that said I want to share some of these strategies with
you guys today if that’s cool is that cool guys let me get a 1 a 2 let me get
an emoji if you want to see some of these strategies and it’s ok if I share
those with you ok we got okay very cool heck yeah I got Smiley’s I love it guys
I love the interaction got the get the muscles from BR ok so on this webinar
guys you’re to learn how to instantly build goodwill with your customers
exactly when to ask for the review how I regularly get open rates of 40% or more
I’m literally going to give you my top 3 forming email subject lines how many of
you guys are excited for that and spongebob fans like me and then when and
why and how to cross promo your products okay so cross promotion is huge in
adding profit to your bottom line I’m going to show you all of this and more
all with my three simple email strategies okay
does this sound good to you guys does it sound good let me get a good type good
in the box making sure you’re still there still awake and everyone’s ready
good good good good mati Claudia Laura Brandon Mack Mohammed
can’t keep up Jessica Nick very cool okay guys so let’s go through it three
simple email strategies okay the first one is creating customer goodwill okay
the second one is knowing your eh AR ER is what we call it how many of you guys
by the way before we get there how many of you guys printed out the worksheet
and are working from the worksheet that we have for this webinar if you have the
worksheet give me one me I did says Jessica one BR says always listen to
Brian body Mac Laura great guys that you will get a ton more out of this I should
ask you in the beginning but you’ll get a ton more out of this if you do you
know you work from that worksheet that I created for you okay and then also the
third email strategy we’re gonna talk about follow-up sequencing okay it’s
different than a follow-up email we’re gonna talk about full-on sequences we’re
gonna make you a real marketer today a real email marketer okay good so
strategy number one guys creating customer goodwill okay how many of you
know what the law of reciprocity is I mean the guys know what the law of
reciprocity is have you heard this before I’m gonna give you the actual
definition law of reciprocity is when someone does something nice for you you
have a deep-rooted psychological urge to do something nice in return
okay as a matter of fact you may even reciprocate with a gesture far more
generous than the original good deed that is the law of reciprocity it’s a
psychological urge as remember that okay imagine this let’s explain in detail
what this is imagine that your neighbor comes over and without asking he washes
your car okay he hops on his lawnmower after that
knows your lawn for you and he says hey why don’t I just cook you and your
family dinner how would you feel at that point what would you do he washed your
car he mowed your lawn and then he came over and cooked you dinner those two
ways first of all you might be a little suspect right why is he doing all this
but after you kind of got that out of the way you would definitely feel the
urge to do something great for your neighbor wouldn’t you and that by the
way guys is exactly how we want our customers to feel we want to leverage
the law of reciprocity by doing something awesome for them because when
you do that right sales not only your sales but your reviews to your reviews
will skyrocket this is one of the core tenets on how I get more 5-star reviews
how I’ve doubled tripled you know guys I’m in these webinars that I do kind of
as an aside here in these webinars that I do I try not to overestimate things I
try not to blow them out of the water but I have doubled tripled quadrupled
10x the number and velocity of five-star reviews I get with this one with this
one strategy but I never kind of put that out there publicly I only tell you
guys when you’re on the webinar live with me because I don’t want you to
think I’m full of it but really when you do it right when you leverage the law of
reciprocity right that you can get a ton back in return so remember that okay let
me ask you this what’s the best way to leverage that law of reciprocity with
your Amazon customers okay can I want you guys to take a moment okay and
figure out what’s the best way to leverage the law of reciprocity with
your Amazon customers aka called creating customer goodwill everything
I’ve just explained to you here is creating good will and that’s what we
want to do inside of our audience okay so Laura says we want to give something
of value you’re absolutely on the nose there with that one Laura but what can
we give a value right think about it that way what can you give that’s really
valuable to your potential customer or your customers right so why don’t we go
through that a little bit my favorites are some of my favorites now this is an
email this is outside of the email range but free inexpensive box additions or
bag additions right so what can you put into Europe into your package into your
box that will you know surprise your customer right what can you throw in
there that doesn’t cost you much but will start leveraging that law of
reciprocity right a guarantees is an or a free product sure great answers how
about this how about trainings on how to use a best to use your product right so
there are a lot of products out there and why don’t want you guys throw some
of your products and I won’t name your name but I will talk about what the
product coupons are a great idea of Claudia and we can come up with some
ideas on the fly if you guys want to throw some products out there we can
come up with some ideas on the fly as well another great one this is another
favorite of mine is tips and tricks right now these can be delivered via
email right the trainings can be a PDF the trainings can be a video tips and
tricks can be a PDF tits tips and tricks Mia video as well right how about ebooks
– ebooks are a fantastic way to go you know they don’t don’t cost much to put
together they don’t have to be super long they can be 10 15 20 pages you can
call it an e-book right turmeric okay here’s a few good ones matcha tea
turmeric curcumin libido booster and skin complex okay
well let’s let’s go through matcha tea matcha tea I know because I drink matcha
has a ceremony right so there’s ceremonial matcha tea and it comes with
it comes with a little frother it’s like made out of bamboo it’s really cool and
it comes with a bowl a matcha bowl that you actually sip out of like a cereal
ball it’s really fun what if you showed the the proper way to
to the traditional the ceremonial way to produce and to and to make your matcha I
think that would be really interesting for people also you could talk about the
the benefits right of creating or of drinking mantra you could go through a
lot of that right how about can you how to make ice cream how to make other
things with matcha alright so think creatively here guys don’t just think
vertically think laterally you know what else can you do with matcha you know can
you stained t-shirts with it can you make ice cream it doesn’t make for what
kind of shakes can you put matcha into right obviously you think about your
demographic to write your demo or short I’ve already called damn
recently what is your damn what what is damn one that’s weird but anyway the
point being you know what do they want are they in are they drinking it for the
health are they drinking for the energy right and then cater to that audience
sure a recipe book PDF Claudia says it’s a fantastic idea okay so you guys I want
you to think that way think what else you can do I’m always finding new ideas
from my groups and from all you guys so think what else can you do with this
stuff in a word guys you want to over the liver so over deliver and when you
do that it will pay off down the road immensely but only if you understand the
next two strategies okay only if you understand these next two strategies so
strategy number two guys okay I want you to know you’re a hag and I want you to
guess what does he have stand for this is something I’m pretty sure you don’t
know it’s a very it makes a lot of sense but nobody talks about this so an egg is
is one of my own acronyms I wish I had something cooler to call it but this is
what it is it’s an eh Adri okay this is where 99.99999% of
sellers get this flat out wrong okay because they don’t know they’re a hag
right so what the heck is an e hag alright what is it
so finally I’m going to reveal this the e hag is the event horizon of an
actionable result okay it’s the event horizon of an actionable result eh a
jury okay so what is the event horizon how many of
you guys actually know what the event horizon is what it is actually
physically what it is it is a horror flick from the late 90s yes you’re
correct however it is actually the edge of a black hole okay so the event
horizon is the edge of a black hole and once that is crossed nothing gets out
okay so it is it is it is the the line that once it’s crossed
nothing gets out by saying II hag I mean er II har
my apologies guys so the event horizon I’m an actionable result
right so let me explain that a little bit further okay what we as Amazon
sellers what we’re looking for guys is the nearest possible point in time right
as soon as possible point in time what we call the event horizon where our
product produces an actionable result okay we’re looking to identify that
moment where whatever product you’re selling has a result okay that’s the
event horizon of an actionable result er okay
for example guys let’s let’s go through some examples here and can get you
really familiarized with what Nihar is okay duct tape and how quickly after
receiving this would somebody have an actionable result pretty immediately
right so it’s an immediate actionable result right when they get the duct tape
they put it on something and it works that’s it it happens immediately they
know if it works they know if it doesn’t immediately so think about your own
products where’s your heart what with your own products right
so eh AR where is the event horizon of an actionable result with your own
products how about face cream let’s take face cream for an example I know for a
fact that most face creams they say results in 15 days or 30 days most of
them say 30 days right so that has a 30 day actionable result
okay how about matcha tea we were talking about that earlier you may want
to give your customers a week or so right to to get accustomed to drinking
the tea maybe they don’t like flavor at first maybe they they need to drink it
for a few days to see results what are some of the other ones let’s
scroll up here and notice baby bathtubs and other bathing accessories guys I
think I would give if that was my my product I would give my customers
probably three to five days just so that you know they could take it out of the
box and give it to their baby maybe they don’t give the baby a bath that day or
the next day maybe it’s the third day they give their
the toy to the baby or they give the baby the bath so I would wait a bit
right three to five days after to ask for the review right so ask for your
feedback when your product produces a results okay at I don’t know I have a G
here I think it’s a typo but it’s eh AR okay
never sooner never later guys this is kind of an art right but by now you’re
understanding this right you guys are let me get it yes if you understand what
an ER is eh AR let me get a yes okay cool so this is something that’s so
common it’s so it seems so common sense it’s almost stupid but it’s not because
I see so many people get this wrong they have no clue when to ask for their
feedback when to ask for the review right so Gerald says a manual coffee
grinder well I mean I’m a daily coffee drinker as soon as I got the manual
coffee grinder I’d be doing it right away so I’d ask right away a lot of
products are an immediate er right the event horizon of an actionable result is
right away right so you can send it pretty much the day or the day after
they receive it I like to do it the day after if my car is go that that you know
pretty much immediate like a duct-tape style I’ll do it like that but you know
if you’re in supplements or if you’re in skincare or you’re if you’re in anything
that takes a little bit longer to have a result for your customer you want to
wait you don’t want to do until they get that and Lisa asked do I still send an
email the day of delivery we’re gonna get to that so and funny you should ask
strategy number three okay follow-up sequencing guys so this may seem a bit
redundant but I thought it would be good to go through it what is an email
sequence it’s funny I take a lot of this stuff for granted so I don’t realize
that some people don’t know what this is so an email sequence it’s a sequence of
emails that are automatically sent to a specific segment of people on your email
list and that’s triggered by an event right such as joining your list browsing
behavior carta Benham in downloading a PDF or buying up in our case 99.9
percent of the time that’s going to be from them buying our product on Amazon
okay softly that makes sense and if you guys let me ask you a question if you
have an email autoresponder set up on your account now if you’ve got one on
your account let me get a one in the chat box give me a one if you already
have an autoresponder okay give me a zero if you don’t if you don’t let me
get a zero okay Jessica coming after you absolutely at babblin okay ah good point
Laura says my product is mostly given as a gift well you know that I would I
would modified Marco BR I’m coming after you guys
I would modify more if I were you I would modifying my email sync commencing
to ask them you know hey was your product a gift did they enjoy your gift
if so we’d love to hear about it so you want to address where your
customer is in their buying experience okay now let me ask you another question
if your autoresponder everybody that types one okay if your honor responder
has an actual sequence I mean more than just one email going out if you’ve got
three or more emails going out to your customers on a sequence every time they
buy give me a two okay commute too good I like seeing twos guys
I like seeing twos if if you do not have a sequence give me a zero give me a zero
okay Mike it’s alright it’s okay that’s what you’re here for
so yeah everyone let’s type in a zero that’s okay great great
okay let me tell you something I’m not gonna tell you I’m gonna ask you what is
the fortune in the fortune is Indy let’s see it guys the fortune is in the follow
up mati good job good job Craig’s his
relationship Greg says list guys fortunes in the follow-up okay that is
an old saying it’s been around forever but nothing could be more accurate right
you need to have email sequences so it’s an automatic follow-up you don’t have to
worry about it and guys by the way my sequences are typically three to five
emails max okay so and they all happen around the date of the purchase and it
really does depend on the ER right when is the event horizon I’m an actionable
result okay and who wants me to go through I’ll go through a little bit of
my emails here this is going to be top level stuff but it will give you the
structure that I use 90% of the time in all of my emails Greg says heck yeah
okay cool guys go so email number than one totally optional
you know number one here you do not have to do you can do it if you’d like I do
it on the order okay then typically guys this email is simply to let the customer
know the orders have been received and it’s been shit okay alright I’m sorry
will be shipped alright it’s a good opportunity to begin the relationship as
well so that’s where I like to give they’re not so exciting that’s not
necessarily the surprise right that’s not the surprise that we are giving
people to build the goodwill it’s more or less instructions more or less a
warranty if you you know if you want to do a warranty a great way to start
building your own email list is to have people go to a URL to solidify and to
register their product and register for a warranty I think it’s a fantastic
strategy I’d do it myself but there’s nothing fancy about this one it’s just
the start of the relationship remember you know this is it this is something a
lot of people don’t remember they are also getting emails from Amazon right so
when they buy something when they purchase something they immediately get
the email from Amazon you may want to give it some time and give it a few
hours so that they can get that email from Amazon and you’re not overloading
them and then you get your name in front of them you get your brand in front of
them and you say hey man we’re cool we see that you ordered something or you
know and we’ll get it out to you here soon so short sweet to the point ok
email number two also optional for me this is the shift email okay guys so
keep this one short just a quick check in we’re building excitement a little
bit okay also we’re solidifying the relationship and the fact that we care
okay we are sending it out just to show them that shift hey it should be at you
soon get excited this is gonna be fun even if it’s duct tape right guys
there’s always a way to impart fun and excitement and that’s what you’re doing
you’re trying to build that up and then leverage the law of reciprocity then hit
them with some surprise and then ask for the review that’s how you get more
reviews and guys in today’s landscape on Amazon it is super hard to get reviews
you know we’re not allowed to do incentivize reviews anymore and we have
to watch what we do in emails so and all of it by the way everything here I’m
telling you will be TOS compliant I’ve done extensive research into what is and
what is not compliant regarding emails and this is all hundred percent
compliant so I get that question all the time
email number three this is what I call the arrive and surprise okay and this is
typically the day the product is due to arrive or I do it the day after and this
is definitely the goodwill building email okay and this is where we offer
our surprise also don’t ask for feedback yet I mean that’s kind of like giving a
surprise and then saying now what can you do for me have done this for you
what can you do for me remember they actually have done something for you so
at that point you’re just trying to level the law of reciprocity they
already bought your product so they’re above you in terms of the law of
reciprocity you’re down here you’re just trying to get to their plane okay and by
the way here’s how we go above and beyond and how we get you know to
cross-promote our sales we ask for a promotion here on
email number three we’ll say hey and by the way we do this in our PS at the
model and just so you guys know there’s two things that get read the most in
terms of emails the subject line is first and the PS is second which is
funny I don’t know how many guys that know that if you’ve ever gotten an email
from me then then you know that pretty much every single gosh darn email I send
out has a PS how many of you guys have gotten an email from me before we get a
one if you’ve seen my emails personally one one one what’s ones cool Jerald very
cool yeah guys so you and how many of you have noticed that every single one
of them have a PS there’s a real reason behind that because that in terms of the
email body content gets read the most it’s the first line in the last so
that’s what that’s why we put all of our promotions and when we do send out a
promotional offer you know it’s always very kind of like hey and by the way
just as a quick thank you if you want to knock 20 percent off of this a
complementary product you know you can get it here email or four let’s move on
to that okay this is the check-in or the feedback request depending on your dome
I keep calling it a hack my apology you guys it’s a har I think I originally had
a different acronym for it and I switched it which is like I keep calling
an egg but it’s ER okay so depending on your er this is either where you check
in to make sure that everything is cool copacetic and things are going
well with the product rank that you’ve sent down and also this gives you an
opportunity to intercept any negative experience that they may have and this
can come just attending it could come four days five days later it’s up to you
it’s really just a common sense as I said this is bit of an art and it
depends on your product you know your product better than anybody else but
this is the check-in this is the time where you can intercept negative
experience now if your er is more it’s more immediate right if your event
horizon of an actionable result is more experienced or more immediate then I
would ask for it right there email number four okay so you could say hey is
there anything wrong can I help you with anything if you’re having a great
experience we’d love to hear back from you here and that’s email number four
okay an email number five you know this is the maximum that we’ll do and
remember one and two are optional so you know if this is either our email number
three or our email number five depending on our products right so and we’re
always testing guys we’re all and you know I may do another webinar down the
road here six months when I learn something new or something very cool cuz
we’re testing testing testing email number five no this is the special offer
this is where we really specifically go after the promotion it works best in the
dot-com in the US guys okay so I know that there are very strict laws in
Germany and other marketplaces the UK is not as tolerant as the US for cross
promotion I’m very aware of that but in the u.s. it works best take if you’re
not selling in the US and you’re selling the UK or Germany or Japan or whatever
the heck you’re selling right take this into consideration and modify these
strategies to fit those marketplaces you know I sell in the UK and Germany we are
definitely less aggressive than we are in the US but it works well here so
specifically this is where we make any number five we make an offer or discount
on a related product so every time I have a great product write a base hit a
double a triple a homerun product or even a grand slam product we’ve got a
few of those thank gosh we always make a related product offer and that’s in the
fifth email okay so hey you know this would really enhance your experience
with my product a we would love to give you the opportunity to get product B
okay we don’t use by the way most the time we
don’t use codes we get we don’t do that at all
and our thinking on that we don’t use one time codes our thinking on that is
why not get you discount out there if it’s profitable and yes Claudia that’s
allowed it is totally within the Terms of Service so why don’t you just count
out there if it’s profitable okay also deeper discounts guys if you
want to be like a fifty percent or something where you’re just breaking
even and you don’t want that to get out there if you want to do that to drive
rankings or sales velocity we will do one-time offers that’s totally up to you
right so email is another email promotions another great way to drive
rankings on your other products right if you do deeper discounts that are gonna
have a higher uptake but overall here there’s one thing that I want to cut in
part I want you to be cool remember you’re talking to a human I always
picture my avatar you know I’m in my avatar is always my best friend right so
if how am I gonna title my best friend but Tony back a little bit because we’re
pretty inappropriate sometimes but you know what I mean like to talk to them
like first of all I talked to them like they’re younger than me pretty much all
the time it’s not in a condescending way but just in a more it’s it’s odd she
quickly tell you this story I don’t have it in the slides but they did of the
Republican Party this year this election they did an analysis on the speaking
patterns of every one of the potential candidates and I think that Rubio got
like a ninth-grade speaking level he was he was marked at ninth grade you know
where the way he spoke the rest of the field was like seventh grade so they
spoke at a seventh grade level and Trump spoke at a third grade level so take
that for what it’s worth but he got elected so it’s true to this this study
has been done in all kinds of different elections so what I like to do is I like
to li5 I explain things to people like they’re five right and if you in your
copy in the way you speak you want to make things small chunks and easily
digestible right so when you’re writing your copy of the body or your subject
lines you don’t want to be too fancy you don’t wanna be too eloquent or
too verbose you want to make it easy to understand you know I mean I could write
all you guys said you got you’ve got my emails before I can write with the best
of them I’ve got a pretty big vocabulary and I don’t use any of it
really when I send my emails it’s just you know to the point maybe a little
funny i interject fun I always am a huge fan of interjecting fun and humor and
pattern interruption right so you want to break patterns all the time people
are used to getting a ton of crap in their email inbox
I literally just sent out an email how many of you guys got my email today what
was my subject line it was a pretty gnarly one this is I love sending out
this subject line Mac says you suck hey Mac he actually could sell you guys suck
or is that my subject line yeah you suck how many of you guys opened it give me a
one if you opened it yeah lots of ones I’m telling you so that’s the thing
right pattern interrupts are huge and that’s a giant pattern interrupt I
literally you should see my email inbox it’s flooded with people that are like
oh my god best subject line ever I like I’m a marketer I’m an email marketer
I’ve never opened any emails this one got me good etc etc etc so overall guys
just be cool interrupt speak at a third-grade level you will have a lot of
success copywriting is not a rocket science I think it’s more or less just
being authentic and knowing that people need to digest information quickly and
easily nowadays and you gotta break up what they’re doing during the day a
little bit so that’s it hopefully that makes sense how many of you guys are
picking up some knowledge here how many of you guys are I mean even if you just
pick up one golden nugget from this webinar hopefully that’ll make you a ton
more money how many of you guys feel like you’ll make more money just from
hearing this from what I’m saying today let me see it
let me get the 1 the 2 the keyboard head smash yes so cool yes definitely sirs
and Claudia Laura okay great how about we do another bonus who
wants to do another bonus yeah okay let’s do it modest is no doubt sure Mike
okay bonus strategy number four use email subject lines that get opened
duh lol right how many of you guys want to see my top converting subject lines
who wants to see him I’m giving them to you right now
I think I’m gonna give you like 5 or 6 ok here we go these will make you more
money guys I promise use that ok so let me get that keyboard
head smash I’m not gonna do it until I get at least 4 or 5 keyboard head
smashes I need to see people slamming their keyboard to do this thanks Brandon
awesome awesome Nick and Laura and rad nice ok cool let’s do it the first one
so simple always wins always wins and it’s so nice because you can roll this
into any body copy at all hey it’s actually Ari hey that’s it super simple
39.2% on average so just hey how you doing hi ok 39.2% did you get it yet
right so that what we’re doing here is were we’re leveraging curiosity ok and I
like to send this one when we are on the ship I’m typically on the third email
right if you’re going to do and we’ve got your order optional first email and
then shipped the second email you can do this one as your third and we do it
after we’ve got a notification that has been delivered did you get it yet 32.5%
still very very high considering that I think globally the average of email
opens is somewhere in the low teens for most Amazon sellers so we’re kicking
some serious butt here fabulous is why do you always add REI
don’t we test it back and forth the re and not the re on a lot of these and it
doesn’t work on all of them but it does work on some of them so the where I put
it is where I think you should put it surprise okay so everyone likes a good
surprise 41.3% so you can send this one on your reciprocity email okay so your
your your goodwill building email where you’re going to surprise them with
something very very cool is it an e-book is it a tips and tricks video is it what
is it right surprise also if you’re just starting out or if you’ve
got the time or if you’ve got you know a mean attractive character for your brand
something that I’ve started doing recently with some of my companies and
brands is getting in front of the camera and every single customer gets a quick
video from me it’s a personal video if you know I’m see that’s gonna get
difficult if you have hundreds of orders a day but if you’re just starting out
ten orders a day how hard is it for you to get in front of the camera and just
say hey Joe hey Jane hey John thanks so much for buying my XYZ really happy that
you you love our duct tape talk to you later it wouldn’t be that hard right so
you could also make custom videos and that’s a really great surprise people
love that when they get called out by name and after a long enough period of
time whether it’s you or it’s your your brand representative you hire somebody
to be your the face of your brand you will have a database of names that is
big enough to where you don’t have to do it anymore
right because you’ll have almost all the names in there on them at least the most
common names right okay who’s ready for the next one no I’m sorry that’s a good
question Nick do I write them in uppercase No so
typically what I do is I write all the first letters in uppercase so it’s just
this font it’s kind of funky but yeah typically the first letters so here’s
the next one oMG what happened 41% that’s above 40
these are above 40% guys oMG what happened and you know what else I’m well
I want to test on this one just kind of thinking about it now I want to do an
exclamation point after the question mark or before oMG what happened man
that’s a good one I really like that one I’m surprised
it’s not the highest here’s another great one guys do you remember me I
think it’s a song 45% how many that is that is the epitome of curiosity right
that’s the pit that’s almost half of everybody you send it to guys that’s
insanity I don’t know what kind of open race
you’re getting right now but if you’re not using my email subject lines you
should be and if you’re getting higher open rates you need to reach out to me
how long to talk to you and know what they are but we’ve tested a ton so do
you remember me that is curiosity at its peak and secure eásá t based marketing
how to XYZ so what what what problem does your proud
solve what’s the problem that your product solves if you can say how to XYZ
it’s it’s how to solve this problem right how to do this then you will get
huge open rights so I don’t want to tell you what hours exactly is but because it
won’t apply to you but 37.4 on our how to overall we have almost 50 skews so we
test these thousands and thousands of times a day so you know nothing happens
however without a clique right so nothing happens without a clique I’ll
give you guys a second does everyone have those written down now do you guys
take a screenshot of those yes what do you think of the email subject lines are
you going to start using them let me get a 1 if you’re gonna start using my email
subject lines yes very good very good ok lots and lots of ones love it guys love
it your cell interacted it’s so much fun ok so that’s that nothing happens
without a click I click through in the email right so the question being how do
we get that click in the email right you need something the secret is out Lisa
test it I love that you’re trying to come up with your own subject lines test
them test them test them right I’ll try that one too why not
so how do we get the click inside of the email body first the first click we need
is on the email itself we need to be opened that is the most important thing
you can do spend most of your time trying to find great email subject lines
for your audience ok but then the second most important thing that can happen is
the click inside of the email now some of your emails are not going to require
a click so no need to go crazy on the copywriting if you’re just saying hey we
noticed it was shipped let us know if anything changes that’s fine if they’re
saying thanks for the order that’s what your email saying thank you for ordering
this product that’s all you need to say but if you’re asking for feedback
specifically then you need to get that click you need to focus on your copy ok
your body copy needs to have great copy ok so that said guys let’s talk a little
bit about what makes really good email copying what gets the click OK the first
thing I always say is be your authentic self be who you are ok if you’re writing
these and you haven’t hired a copywriter who can be by the way
but he copywriters are insanely expensive if you hire a cheap copywriter
you’re better off just driving on the highway and throwing your business cards
out the window you will get more business that way than hiring a cheap
copywriter they will actually hurt you remember it’s your brand reputation this
is the way you communicate with your audience so make sure you hire good
copywriters but why do you do that if you’re doing that I should say they’re
expensive they are really really really expensive I mean I just paid one of my
copywriters ten thousand dollars so that was for a completely unrelated thing I
did but we paid him ten grand so if you don’t want to do that there
I’m gonna show you a hack around hiring copywriters and that’s the next set of
steps here okay okay be your authentic self to brevity is the soul of wit and
by the way wahoo you’re saying hire the goat farmer for copywriting he’s ten
grand a listing if you want to have him write your emails it’s gonna be more so
and I don’t even think that Dana’s doing that anymore brevity is the soul of it what do I mean
there guys don’t like I was talking about the third grade level of writing
okay so don’t go out there and try to get really verbose and eloquent and show
everyone how big your brain is all right just be short to the point and a little
funny that will get you everywhere okay also you want to test right so text
links versus image links I’ve seen that I so if you’ve got my emails before you
know I put both in my emails I’ve put text and image links in my emails
because some people will click text they’re more on the logic side of the
brain other people are more on the creative side of the brain they will
click images all right so you want to play to both them before be fearless
just right now where II don’t the subtle art of not giving up right so don’t give
anyone you know don’t give in to the fear of writing in front of somebody yes
it’s gonna be going out to thousands of people who cares have fun be fearless
right from your heart and it will connect if you write from your heart it
will connect with other people because you know I think there’s a language
there that we just haven’t figured out yet so without getting all deep
on you right from your heart and right without fear okay now remember there
like I just mentioned there are two types of people out there there are
emotionally based people you know typically the more creative an on logic
based and then there’s a logical people that are looking for details and facts
and numbers so you want to write a little bit for both right but at the end
of the day if you’re looking for a reaction all humans are built the same
we buy based off of emotion maybe we’re buying for a need but at that very last
minute we still purchase based on an emotional gut reaction okay so you want
to write a little bit for both and if you look if you guys go back and look at
some of my emails they typically start out with emotion it’s like hey oh my god
I’m trying to get you into it I’m saying let’s look at this and oh this is a
really cool thing that happened or this is funny or this is stupid or you know
don’t do this or do this or caution or Wow
so you really want to use emotion in the beginning of your emails then I move
typically to bullet points alright so I move to bullet points and that’s moving
towards the more logical based buyer or reader and I go hey here’s what you’re
gonna learn don’t boom boom boom right and that’s where I go to logic so I’m
writing for both and then typically after that and go back to emotion I tell
you get excited this is gonna be good and I’ll see you there and that’s the
way I do it the way I’ve always done it so I learned to do it from some of the
top copywriters in the planet Frank Kern John Carlton Russell Brunson and you
know we have had a lot of success with that and also guys here’s the here’s
something that I think is a little difficult for everyone to understand
don’t talk about the features of your product ok talk about the benefits so
let’s take an example okay guys why let’s do it again we’ll do a real time
throw a product up in the chat box I will talk about the benefits and not the
features okay and I’ll try to break it down for you okay Brendan great a knee
brace okay so protein bar wahoo says probiotic
okay let’s go with Brandon he was first a knee brace okay so what’s the benefit
of a knee brace and what’s the features I’m a knee brace okay so let’s talk
features features of a knee brace copper lined made out of
you know XYZ like neoprene I think a lot of them are made out of
okay so made out of the top top-rated neoprene on the market it will you know
stay secure right on your leg won’t slide things like that however the
benefit of the features is get out of pain finally live a life without pain
lose your limp right walk confidently those are the benefits okay not you know
finally make it back to the gym those are the benefits the features are the
neoprene the copper lining right the fact that it won’t slide the fact that
it is at cetera you know it but the benefits are you’ll get back to the gym
you’ll finally be out of pain you know you’ll walk confidently again stop
worrying about knee pain those are benefits does that make sense
okay Maudie let’s do another one protein bar
okay protein bar taste here’s the features tastes great has you know zero
carbs 21 grams of protein on you know he packs away easily we’ll be there in time
for a snack okay those are all features right but the benefits of a protein bar
is feel great all day lose the guilt right don’t worry about what you’re
eating next you’ve got that covered right save time what’s another benefit
of a protein bar build muscle right right which ultimately speaks the core
needs of humans which is you know security I think you know who goes
through the six of them I think it’s Tony Robbins it goes through the sex but
you know at the end of the day it’s look better feel more confident and a lot of
these benefits all speak to the same six basic banal human meat right Mohammed
let’s see cat flap door I’m sorry cat flap door actually have
it’s funny I and this is my vlogging camera it’s in the way I couldn’t sit
cat flap door okay cat flap door would be let’s this is the last one I’ll do
here will talk benefits of heaters just I’m sticking on this a little bit only
because most people don’t understand the concept and they get it wrong and I
want you guys to get it right okay so catflap door okay
easy to install won’t hurt your your pet right what’s another one we could do
looks great will last forever or whatever infinity
warranty or whatever you want to talk about on that those are the features
okay the benefits are no more opening the
door stay on the couch for your cat right your cat will love it that’s a
benefit right and that’s an that’s a love based benefit you assumptive lee
love your pets that’s a love based benefit that’s another basic human need
is connection and love right so your cat will love it what’s another great one
let’s say it chimes every time you know the cat goes in and out then you could
say know exactly where you know don’t worry anymore where your cat is know
exactly where they are at all times because you’re aware if they’re inside
or outside so these are the benefits again and they’ll all tend to come back
to the same needs so one of you guys I really want you to when you’re writing
your your copy on your listing when you’re writing your copy in your emails
write for the benefits don’t write for the features can you feel me can I get
an amen you guys are with me on that let’s get a
let’s get a one if you’re gonna start writing to the benefits nice okay guys
cool cool so also guys I want to say something
else here this is really cool okay what if I told you this way to actually get
all of my body all my sequences I want to give you all of my head lines and
sequences what if I would give it to you for free how many guys would want that
let me get a – if you guys want all my exact email sequences my headlines my
bodies everything I do that gets me double the five-star views
more actually and adds at minimum 20% to my bottom line just from email let me
get it to lots a lot Christie Craig is Claudia mati
okay guys cool there’s a way to do it okay and it’s with my tool overgrowth so
I know a lot of you guys know what overgrowth is this is the single best
Amazon seller tool on the market as voted
we actually won two awards this year which is really really cool so the first
thing that overgrowth does guys is it’s influencer marketing I know you’ve
probably heard me talk a lot about influencer marketing I just did a huge
webinar on this but guys this is one of the best ways to increase your sales
increase your reviews and if you combine this with email marketing influencer
marketing and email marketing it is exponential you guys absolutely it will
go crazy max is I use overgrowth and love it nice I need to get in and tweak
it more okay well men Mac thank you so much
post-purchase email follow-up guys this is the
smartest and most sophisticated email Auto responder
on the planet here’s the dirty little secret that most of the other guys don’t
want me to tell you most of the autoresponders they have terrible
deliverability rates that’s why we built our own I’m talking six seven eight at
best out of ten of our emails we’re actually making it to our customers guys
that’s a 20% decrease in the opportunity to make more sales and to get more
reviews and I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but that’s huge overgrowth we’ve
got a proven 99.9 percent or it’s eight ninety-nine point eight percent
deliverability rate period the end not only that but here’s the really here’s
the coolest thing about overgrowth let’s say you do get a review from a customer
if you were to send out another email in your sequence remember we talked about
sequencing right you were to send out another email in your sequence asking
for a review again that’s like the worst thing you can do because that person
that if they’ve already left your review the likelihood of them going back and
dropping down their review from a 5 to a 4 or 4 to a 3 is really really high
because you look impersonal you kind of look like a dude right you’re not cool
anymore you’ve lost that personal touch and when you’re communicating with your
customers the thing that makes all the difference is that personal touch man
you’ve got to give your buyers personality and got to give me a
personal touch so overgrowth will modify the sequence based on whether your
customer leaves a review or not and the only thing worse than asking for a
review when somebody’s left a good review is asking for a review when
they’ve left a bad review right because let’s say they’ve wrote a three two star
you know if you ask them for that the likelihood of them going back and saying
oh my gosh I just got a request for feedback I’m gonna drop this down to a
one it reminds them of what a negative X perience that they’ve had and guys were
out there fighting for every last review so that’s why we built in this
sequencing and this is the ability for overgrowth to know if your customer has
left a review and it is super super super powerful so that’s cool also we do
in-depth sales tracking so your exact orders dates trends at a glance from the
dashboard we do keyword rank tracking right so your keywords and you’re
competing competitor keywords right so it’ll track both not just your own
keywords but your competitor keywords too we do highjacker monitoring and
alerts which is really really cool how many of you guys hate hijackers like I
do right how do you on-page analyzing this is cool
all you have to do is throw your Aysen into the on-page analyzer and it’ll show
you exactly how to improve your listing page so that you can rank higher
organically a lot of that comes down to how optimize your listing is a lot of
people don’t know that they’re not optimized also we do event journaling
okay where you can pin a graph a graph note anytime can I’ll just show you that
that’s really cool and review monitoring which I didn’t have on that slide we do
also do review monitoring so we’ve taken a lot of you know all of these different
piecemeal products right that you had to kind of pay for one by one and we’ve put
them all together and we’ve added influencer marketing and a ton of other
features we just improved on everything put it together to save you guys time
and money and there’s a break down here I’m not going to go through the whole
thing but we compared it to all of the other software’s on the market and guys
look at how much more we do than everybody else for like for a lot less
if you were to get all this together it’d be crazy here’s a actually a
breakdown of it okay here’s what it would cost you email following up you
know on average the low-end 50 bucks a month keyword rank tracking 66 sales
tracking a 79 review monitoring 29 I couldn’t find a listing optimizer out
there I couldn’t find a hijacker so I don’t know how much people would charge
for that and live event journaling you know obviously I couldn’t find that
either so in total you’d be paying 224 a month but with overgrowth guys you don’t
pay anything near that also this is hilarious influencer marketing I know a
lot of you aren’t doing it yet you will be soon when you get into overgrowth
it’s a lot easier than you think if you haven’t seen any of my webinars
go back and watch some of them it’s gonna blow your mind but if you were to
hire a team or if you were to you know hire a I’m sorry um pay for a tool to do
this for you it would be at minimum 50 a month at max 500 for an OK tool not the
greatest tool better tool anywhere from 195 a month to 14 ninety-five a month
and then the really really good ones out there contact us for pricing and in fact
we did contact them for pricing it starts at 15,000 a month for these crazy
tools so conservatively guys that’s 1635 in tools alone if you were just to get
in at the base level yes yes Mohammed overgrowth works for yo Gerald I need to
cancel cash cow immediately listen guys I’m gonna give you something this is
just keep paying attention here this is gonna get better so that said guys you
know I don’t want you to wear I’m not I’m not gonna I’m not gonna charge you
anywhere near as much as some of these other ones are charging and in fact I
want to give you 50% off I’ll give you the opportunity at 50% off today
okay so many of you half off of overgrowth today but before I show you
how I want to throw in a few extras okay cuz if you don’t me I love the throwing
bonuses I love to make every offer I ever throw out there awesome just like a
literal cannot say no offer so bonus number one guys I’m gonna give you like
I just talked about my proven email and influence or outreach templates okay
you’re gonna get all my subject lines okay you’re gonna get all of my body
copy everything that I’ve tested incessantly and because guys I am the
founder of this software I not only test my own but I watch everybody else’s
numbers come in and see what’s working best and we add templates and we take
templates away and you know I do well into the millions per year so we sell
hundreds of thousands of Units just to my own accounts and you know I’m gonna
give you all of that you’re gonna get it for free when you jump into that okay so
like I said full access I don’t know what I would charge for that probably
around two thousand dollars which probably should be a lot more but I
didn’t want to go crazy here have you ever been on a webinar before where
people say the value of this is like ninety-two thousand dollars only
it’s probably not so all of my numbers here the estimated values on what I
would charge for something like this very conservative they’re all very
conservative bonus number two guys I want you guys to 3x your reach and what
we’re gonna do for you is we’re going to unlock access to Instagram Pinterest and
Twitter outreach modules inside of overgrowth so this allows you to find
influencers on these three platforms we already have YouTube and blogs baked
into overgrowth right but we’re gonna unlock these three now we haven’t
unlocked this for everybody this is only for this offer so if you’re getting into
influencer marketing now you can also open Instagram Twitter and Pinterest
okay and we would probably charge for the year to have that open right around
six thousand dollars you’re going to get access to all three of those as well for
free so now you can start finding influencers on pretty much all the major
platforms which is way powerful and by the way guys I just want to recap here’s
what you’re gonna get okay you’re gonna get all of this the influencer marketing
the post purchase email follow-up everything we’ve covered here today okay
you’re gonna get all the sales tracking the keyword rank tracking the review
monitoring ok hijacker monitoring on-page analyzer event journaling and a
ton more lucas’s on in I don’t even giving you the link yet dude and you’re
gonna get all these bonuses okay well that’s number one my personal email
templates for influencer outreach and customer email automation bonus number
two I’m gonna Lao you guys that three times you reach and we’re gonna unlock
access to the Instagram Pinterest Twitter outreach modules inside of
overgrowth okay and that’s probably around eight
thousand dollar value if we were to charge but today as I told you we’re
going to give this to you for 50% off any annual overgrowth package and here’s
the best part you could choose any package you can choose any package you
want you will get 50% off and all of the bonuses okay so here’s what it would
break down to our small yearly package is 948 when you jump in today guys
you’ll get it for 474 for the entire year and that breaks down to just $39.50
a month that’s crazy for everything you’re getting and by the way the volume
of emails you can send out the volume of outreach the volume of
keywords that you can track is well above the landscape the competitive
landscape so it’s well above everybody else for like nothing if you need more
right these are most popular the medium size package that would break down 894
year that’s half of 1788 it’s 50% off or just 74 bucks a month if you’re a bigger
seller you need a large package it’s 14.90 for a year one hundred and twenty
four dollars a month guys and that’s insane what you get with this large
package by the way an extra large package would be just under three
thousand dollars a year which would normally be just under six thousand
dollars a year and just 249 a month if you’re a huge seller you know what a
giant saving this is I know because I’m a large seller with any of the other
tools they would have scaled me up through the roof I’d easily be paying
close to a thousand or more dollars a month okay guys so here you go get
started now go to overgrowth com forward slash special – offer use this code og
email 50 you’ll get everything that I just talked about and this is on annual
packages guys you’ll get everything I just talked about as well as all the
bonuses right we’re gonna unlock those new influence or outreach modules that
we have beta tested extensively they’re ready to come out
we haven’t unlocked them for anybody yet you will get first access to that as
well as all of my email outreach templates whether it’s for customers or
for influencers you’re gonna get everything so when you guys jump in do
me a favor go pick it up now come back to the chat box I love you to Marco and
tell me tell me that you’re in type all in okay type all in when you guys get it
if you’re planning on get it getting it type all in but I’m not done yet I’m
gonna keep going you guys know I love giving away bonuses right you guys know
it cool bonus number three you guys know
the ROI with our exclusive URL shortener and click tracking system Mohammed we
will absolutely transfer the emails from the other system if you have them
already written and they’re working for you remember you are getting access to
all of my email templates all of my subject lines the ones that I’ve written
that I extensively so you can use behind or
will transfer yours for you for free and that’s coming up but that said yeah yeah
PPC scope is something completely different that relates to your your paid
advertising but bonus number three here we’re going to give you access to our
link tracking system so this is how you know if your influencers are effective
okay you can also put these links inside of your emails okay so when you’re
sending out emails you’re asking for feedback you can always put this link
inside of there and then direct it through to the feedback link and you’ll
know what emails are effective what’s working and what’s getting clicks right
because we know Amazon’s not gonna tell us that okay and by the way guys if we
were to charge for this would be 1,200 bucks for the year just for this link
tracking system alone and that’s all inside of there and by the way guys to
recap here’s what you’re getting when you join overgrowth today you’re getting
influencer marketing automation nobody’s doing that we’re the only ones doing it
guys the post-purchase email follow-up it’s
everything we talked about today you know we are the most sophisticated
intelligent email fault on the market and we have the highest deliverability
rate guys you work hard to sell every unit that you sell you need to make sure
that your emails that are asking you know building that goodwill and asking
for the feedback are going out because that’s the dirty little secret in the
industry is not all of these software’s have a high deliverability rate
overgrowth does 99.8% deliverability okay also we do sales tracking keyword
rank tracking where we can track your competitors and your keywords guys you
got to know where you rank for your most profitable keywords it’s funny how most
people are not doing that okay also hijacker monitoring and alerts guys if
you hate hijackers the way we hate hijackers they’re literally stealing
your money you know you’ll be alerted immediately when somebody hops on your
listing so that you can get them a cease and desist right the moment that they
hop on so you know they’re still on and they’ll see it okay also the on-page
analyzer guys you’re gonna be able to improve every single one of your
listings by just popping your Aysen into the analyzer and then it’ll print out a
report of eight different criteria and it gives you a score from zero to 100 on
how optimized your listing is event journaling where you can pin a
graph to all right I’m sorry you can pin note to your graph at any time and then
see it historically along a timeline that’s huge it’s allowed me the ability
to get rid of Excel spreadsheets which I hate so that’s good and real-time review
monitoring okay so reviews you got to know where you are
we give you both product and seller feedback and we do a lot more guys don’t
forget I’m throwing in a ton of bonuses here okay bonus number one my personal
email templates for influencer outreaching customer email automation
I’ve written these I’ve tested these you guys are going to get all of my
sequences okay you’re getting all of my personal sequences when you jump in to
overgrowth today at this 50% off offer bonus number two okay
3x your reach so what we’re gonna do this is influencer marketing stuff we’re
gonna unlock access to Instagram Pinterest and Twitter right now you have
access when you jump into YouTube and to bloggers but we’re going to unlock
Instagram Pinterest and Twitter because we’ve had so much success there and
we’ve been testing it incessantly it works really well and it will make you
more money so we’re gonna unlock that for you as well bonus number three we’re
gonna give you the URL shortener link tracking system and so you can know
who’s clicking what whether it’s an influencer in an email
okay guys in total that would be about 90 100 dollars and we’re gonna give this
to you a review for free and to top it off we’re giving you 50% off an
overgrowth annual package it’s amazing okay so go now guys go to overgrowth com
forward slash special – offer use the code oh gee email 50 okay all capitals
og email 50 okay guys I I don’t I don’t think I’ll be offering this again this
is for you know just for the people that are viewing this webinar and I would
highly recommend getting in now I actually had to fight my partner’s to do
this offer they think 50% off is just insane which it is but I want everyone
to get into overgrowth and being that we’re still within our you know first
year and and I just want to have a huge base of all of you awesome guys in there
and and I just I’m just excited about the tool and by the way guys you could
choose any package okay any package you want you get 50%
off here and look at these prices guys $39 a month 74 a month 124 a month 249 a
month and that’s what it breaks down to this is for the annual package go to
overgrowth com forward slash special offer you’ll get all three of the
bonuses and get everything that overgrowth does for half-off use the
code Oh G email 50 okay let’s see Shane I thought post purchase email follow-up
were killed by Amazon new rules we’re gonna sending certain only message note
this is all within terms of service trust me I’ve done a lot of research on
this being that I own the software people can opt out of unsolicited
messages yep we have a blacklist feature inside of overgrowth really easy to use
and the key we’re tracking on-page analyzer are all good yet they are
reviews is another one yeah cool Shane hopefully you jump in and don’t forget
the influencer marketing I mean that is really the magic bullet everyone keeps
own how do i how do i launching new products how do i get better rankings i
don’t get more reviews guys how do i sell more it’s all through influencer
marketing and i’ve done a ton of training on that you guys could check me
out on youtube at most of my webinars up there bonus number four we will and this
is Muhammad for you we will personally set this up for you and we will transfer
any existing campaigns that you have with other softwares that are doing
email follow-up that maybe not so happy with we will transfer that over okay
we’ll bring it from from whatever you’re using into overgrowth absolutely no
charge my personal assistant Logan will do that for you
she’s amazing you’ll love her and we’ll set the whole thing up also if you want
her to give you a live demo we can walk you through so that you can get the
absolute most out of the software okay because when you know how to use this
tool guys it truly is your secret weapon that’s
what we designed it to be you know we were actually going to call it something
along the lines of secret weapon before we came up with overgrowth so we want it
to be your we want to be your partner we want to be your partner in success and
be with you for a long time because hopefully you’re in you’re an Amazon for
the long haul I know I am and also guys this would be a $500 value that’s what
we charge for setup we’re giving it to you today as bonus absolutely free when
you jump into overgrowth plus don’t forget you get influencer marketing
all of the awesome features in the email autoresponder right it’s intelligent it
knows when your customer leaves a review and will change course of messaging when
it does so everyone feels very personally taken care of we do sales
tracking of course right we do the keyword ranked tracking for you and your
competition we’re gonna let you know when a hijacker hops on your listing if
they do immediately you’ve got the on-page analyser which is
going to help you optimize your listing just pop your ace in into that tool
these are all modules inside of overgrowth the event journaling or you
can pin a note to the graph at any time so you can just see what happens to your
sales or to your reviews or to anything you’re tracking from that pin it’s
really great also really good for conversion rate tracking we use it a lot
for that real time review monitoring as well so we do track all of your product
and seller feedback and we do a ton more guys and you’re getting all of these
awesome bonuses okay so bonus number one my personal email templates for
influence our outreach and customer email automation that’s exactly what
we’ve been talking about today I’m going to give you all of my personal sequences
guys these are 3 part 4 part 5 part sequences and we’ve named them you know
ones like the pink dolphin it’s they’re pretty funny names but they’re sequences
that work very very well you can use those modify those for your own brand
for your own product use them because they work and they will make you more
money I mean for the price you’re paying for 50% off a yearly subscription to
overgrowth with all of this I would charge more than that just for this
template you know I mean I would just Ruth bonus number two we’re also going
to unlock access to Instagram Pinterest and Twitter for your influencer
marketing efforts guys this is huge Instagram Pinterest and Twitter are
beasts in the influencer marketing space which is why we developed that inside of
the module it is still technically in beta it works perfectly but we’re not
unlocking it for everybody just yet we’re going to give that to you unlocked
when you pick up overgrowth today at 50% off bonus number three we’re going to
give you the link tracking URL shortener that will track all the clicks I
recommend you put those inside of your emails I recommend you put those with
your influencers let’s say it’s a YouTube unboxing review of your product
give them that link and then track to see if that influencer
is effective and track to see if your emails effective remember you want to
clicks on your email to open and then they’ll click through when you’re asking
for feedback you want to track both so that you can modify your emails
accordingly and then of course you know bonus them before personal setup we’re
gonna do this for you in total guys that would have been about a ten thousand
dollar value but today only you get this for free okay all bonuses no charge and
we’re giving you 50% off an overgrowth annual package go to overgrowth comport
/ special offer special – offer use the code oh gee email fifty you get fifty
percent off any annual package and you can choose any package this is not just
for one package you’re just depending on what you guys
think you need right there you go nice markup the free t-shirt absolutely we’ll
send it to you there you go Lucas trying not working okay let’s see um not sure
what’s going on there brother try to open an incognito window in that’ll work
so look at what you’re getting here at 50% off guys I don’t know what you’re
paying for all these other tools but the idea behind overgrowth was to
conglomerate that’s my twenty dollar word
conglomerate all of these other tools and save you money so you know if you’re
using a rank tracker a keyword rank tracker and you’re using an email
autoresponder over there and you’re using a review monitor over here guys we
put them all together for you and and in efforts to have everything in one place
and to save you a lot of money and guys this is gonna save you a ton I was
paying more than this annually without half off so we’re giving it to you half
off today so going over comport I special – offer use the code oh gee year
fifty and jump in right because we want yen at this incredible deal almost ten
thousand dollars worth of bonuses and just because I’m not going to be outdone
here and I want to make this a literal do not cannot say now offer bonus number
five I wouldn’t give you my top performing and I okay just so you know I
was on the fence about this but bonus number five is my top performing
influence or marketing funnels okay I never shared this before and guys to
be honest I didn’t have any intention of sharing this so you know that ima you
may know that I’m a two comma Club Award winner
see I don’t know if you guys can still see there’s one of my words the only
ones hanging on the wall over there so I know funnels okay that’s one thing I
know really really well and I’ve built these awesome funnels to go from the
influencer funnel them out into Amazon you can collect emails you could pixel
people it does a lot of really cool ninja stuff and this would I would
honestly give that away for probably $3,000 I’m gonna give you today as a
bonus okay and that’s when you pick up overgrowth today a 50% off okay and just
remember it does all of this in one tool influencer marketing post purchase email
follow-up in-depth sales tracking keyword rank tracking hijacker
monitoring on-page analyzing adventuring real-time review monitoring and you’re
getting all of these bonuses my personal email templates which we talked a ton
about today you don’t even have to worry about it because I’ve written them for
you I’ve done all the hard work the testing the writing I’ve really sweated
out what you could do is you could take these email templates both for influence
or outreach and for your customer follow-up and modify them for your brand
for your products okay bonus number two we’re gonna unlock Instagram Pinterest
and Twitter so you can use those in your influencer marketing that is a massive
opportunity to really build a brand and to make a ton more sales rank higher and
get more reviews okay bonus number three we’re going to give you access to the
yet released link tracking URL shortening system you can put those
links inside of your emails you can give them to your influencers so you know
what’s working where okay bonus number four we’re gonna personally set up
overgrowth for you if you’d like us to do that you work with my personal
assistant Logan she’s amazing she’ll walk you through how to get the
most out of overgrowth guys this is the sharpest samurai sword I call it the
Ferrari of of Amazon software because it really really is and then bonus number
five I’m going to give you my top performing influencer marketing funnel
I’m going to give that all to you at no charge even though the value is
almost $13,000 and you get it all for free when you go pick up overgrowth at
50% off an annual package guys it’s for the first year and not not forever and I
mean I Hey look I couldn’t literally give away the farm here I mean I’m
giving you so much already but you know this will be for your first year go use
overgrowth for whatever you want it for I mean I use it for everything what’s up
Lucas okay look it’s just PM me on Facebook and we’ll work it out
so go to overgrow com4 it’s our special – offer and put in the code oh gee email
50 will give you all this and by the way choose any package look at what this
breaks down to this is a truly silly offer guys if you know what all these
other tools would cost you as compared I think we did a really rough estimation
in beginning of this would be about three hundred dollars a month you’re
getting even the largest package with overgrowth for 50 bucks less than that I
mean it can’t do any better and I won’t do any better than that
so go to overgrowth com4 / special – offer and use the code oh gee email 50
and you get everything for free so that said guys thank you so much hopefully
you think this is a really rad offer hopefully you learned a lot about email
marketing and you’re gonna go out there and start kicking some serious butt on
email marketing is one of those things that the gurus don’t talk about I don’t
know why I’m not a guru but I like email marketing and I know how to do it I know
how to do it really really well I mean millions literally have made millions of
dollars from email marketing and that’s not me being cocky that’s me being
honest so you know go out use the software take advantage of this really
insane offer that we’re making that quite honestly I’m not gonna make again
and I don’t know how long I’m gonna keep it open for I haven’t decided you guys
are asking me here but Mike you’re welcome and you’re absolutely welcome
great to see you again my friend do we need to sign up with clickfunnels to in
order to get bonus number 5 no you do not I would recommend you do but no you
do not you can always download the HTML and upload it
and we’ll give you the HTML you can upload it to whatever format you’d like
so you don’t need clickfunnels I’d recommend you do get it though ah let’s
see if we send more emails on our plane miles does it stop setting or charge for
extra meal oh you know why don’t we do this guys I’m gonna come out of here who
wants to actually see overgrowth in action give me one if you guys are still
around who wants to see the software actually in action let’s get a 1 a 2
let’s get the keyboard head smash let’s get back into this people cool
Shane Lucas okay guys so here’s something that I also for though for
everyone still on here and appreciate you guys hanging around by the way I you
know I didn’t send out the link through email cuz with dummy but that means that
there’s like a lot less of us than the normally arc and the I can answer all
your questions pretty much is what that means guys so if you have questions
start throwing them at me but I didn’t announce this but we did a huge redesign
of the entire dashboard and my developers just surprised me with it
and I think it’s beautiful I think it looks so good now um Peter hey Brian for
warranties do you actually leave a web link in the follow-up email and ask them
to sign up or just in the package itself I do both actually do both so my own in
my pack most of my packages I have a card like this about this size has a big
stop sign on it and its face up stop don’t do anything go register first
that’s how I do it so this is the dashboard here guys this is where you
want you’ll see starting at the top okay you could search order ID or by earning
right off the gate right that’s one of the things that as an Amazon seller
I built this I see I’m both a marketer and I’m an email I’m sorry a marketer
and an Amazon seller so I built this with that in mind right I said what do I
want as an Amazon seller and what’s gonna make me more money as a marketer
so one of the first things I wanted was to be able to search by order ID or by
earnings right at the top right also the second thing I asked for is kind of like
a dream made a dream list what would be the perfect Amazon software to be able
to silo by your brand how many of you guys have more than one brand let me get
a one if you’ve got more than one bread I always wanted to see all of my data
parsed by brand so we added the ability to do that here which is
really really cool and then of course you could search by date and here’s your
notifications over there coming to the left and this is the dashboard here
you’ll see all of your orders this is a demo obviously this is not mine
but you see our orders these are orders versus reviews your orders are in blue
reviews here product are in green per day which is great and then all your
products down here at the bottom as well if you were a sort by your brand it
would just show that sales and reviews right here by your brand which is really
fun influencer marketing now this is the fun one right this is really kind of
what sets us apart and this is one of the only tools on the market that will
literally make you more money right I mean a lot of the other tools are just a
need based to all the other software’s out there you need to know your sales
you need to know your rankings you need to know your reviews you know you need
to know your hijackers etc etc guys influencer marketing will make you more
money right that’s why we built it so you’ve got YouTube outreach here and
everything that we do is set up through wizard now that was one of my real beefs
with all the other softwares it is they were kind of complicated how many of you
guys have tried to set up other email autoresponder campaigns and it was just
like trying to figure out like you know the theory of relativity it was
difficult so everything is starts with a wizard and you’ll see here this is how
you create it you just start with this little green button on every single
module and you name your campaign you choose your brand putting your keywords
and overgrowth goes out and finds all the influencers in your market it does
that for YouTube it does it for our bloggers which we call web outreach it
does it here socially which is Instagram Twitter Pinterest and we’ve unlocked
that for you if you pick up overgrowth today on this special offer also link
tracking right remember we talked about the link tracking here so if we send
links out you can create a link super easily just put in your Amazon product
here and then you can put a slug for the the end of your your link whatever you
want to name it name it something original but also want to try to use a
little copywriting there too and then you can make some notes on if it’s the
influencer if it’s an email and then you’ll have it you could track the
effectiveness of whatever you’re doing guys that’s a marketing strategy see a
lot of Amazon’s are not marketers we’re just physical
product sellers learning the platform of Amazon I’m not I’m a marketer I want to
know what effect my efforts have through email everything outside of Amazon
whether it’s email or influence or marketing or if I’m running Facebook Ads
this is another great way to track I want to see my real-time clicks I want
to see what’s working what’s making me money so that’s why we added this you
guys get this of course for free we’re gonna unlock that for you when you jump
in to overgrowth yeah absolutely yeah Shane just answer I know we didn’t cover
influencer marketing on this but yes overgrowth goes out and identifies
influencers in the or nature category and then it automates the ability to do
the outreach and start that relationship something that used to take a staff of
four people full-time for me twelve two hundred forty hours a week not only
takes 20 minutes 30 minutes it’s insane so awesome but I’m not gonna go super
into that because this webinars more about email marketing and I want to talk
about that here is your autoresponder I’m going to show you how beautiful and
easy it is to set up your campaigns by the way guys you just use my templates
that we’re about to give you – all right so as I said everything is set up
through a wizard okay and you guys talked about the blacklist before so
here it is okay see if somebody asks to be added to the do not mail list you can
do it automatically here and stop them from being emailed and that happens
automatically but if you’re creating a email campaign we do nine steps here you
can see them at the top one two three they’re all in the same page you can
scroll or go this way but you name your campaign you select the type as I
mentioned overgrowth is super intelligent it is the what we started
with was an email autoresponder we didn’t add the influencer marketing or
any of the other modules until later the core of what we do is email marketing
and we are the best for the most intelligent on the market and here’s why
right so you can choose a campaign type do you want to send to all your
customers just your new customers or repeat customers to my knowledge we’re
the only ones doing this overgrowth we’ll recognize if it’s a repeat
customer and change the messaging alright so how cool would that be is if
you could somebody that’s buying from you continually gets a different message
hey awesome patty it looks like you’re back again we love repeat customers
here’s something cool gonna do for you right talk about
building reciprocity talk about building goodwill that’s the best way to do it is
by treating people with that personal touch it really does help right and
that’s the way everything is moving and marketing by the way that’s the way
everything’s going in the world all right I mean with social media and the
share ability of everything everyone wants to be treated like an individual
nobody’s a nameless faceless creature they’re all individuals and we have to
treat them that way plus you get better sales better results when you do so we
tried to custom tailor everything that’s what overgrowth does
and here you go you could pick your brand right again we’re siloing by brand
choose your product there drop that down select it and then move forward to step
for your fulfillment channel right you can match all the orders regardless of a
film and channel you can match your orders that are only fulfilled by Amazon
or if you’re doing by merchant fbm you can select that then we could schedule
our campaign by hours and then also after order shipped after it’s delivered
and here’s where it gets really cool only if there is no review that little
box there was really difficult to code because the that the intelligence behind
that is is pretty cool so this is where overgrowth will
recognize if somebody has left a review and then changed the sequencing based on
whether they’ve left overview or not here’s where you can upload your
single-use coupon codes or you can just upload one which is a multi-use it’s up
to you for me if I’m doing a discount that’s still profitable I mean why the
heck wouldn’t we put out codes that you know could quote unquote leak I mean
what’s worse thing the cap and what if it got to like a coupon cabin or if it
got to a discount deal site that’s great you’re still profitable and the more
sales you make the more sales velocity Amazon recognizes the higher you go in
your rankings it’s all good for me if my quote unquote codes get leaked and then
email contents here okay so this is where some of our templates are already
baked in now these templates here we baked in they work very well but they
are not what you’ll be getting as your bonus right so we’ve got really really
great bonuses as well bonus templates as well and you can
modify those as you see fit I’m gonna those are my personal templates I will
send them to you but we do have some baked in here these
are great as well and all you need to do let’s say you want to have this shipped
plus a day you can use that template and there you go
it’s all in there we’ve got the WYSIWYG editor here it will actually import your
product image as well which is great I’ve asked for that for my coders and
they said yes so it’s really happy here’s where you can put your PDFs
alright your instructions any attachment you want to go out you can put here and
then you test your campaign right and create create campaign and it’s off
that’s all you need to do it’s really really easy
it’s a wizard and it’s super super simple moving on do you guys have any
questions about the autoresponder it’s really easy to set up it’s all based off
a wizard and it’s super intelligent do you use all 10 keywords when selecting
influencers no that’s a good question when I select influencers what I do is I
mostly just I go after category level keywords so I’ve gone through this
before but one things you want to do when you’re looking for influencers and
you’re putting your keywords in don’t put the name of your product don’t put
the type of your product if you’re selling a dog collar don’t put dog
collar in as your keyword you want to put in your pet or dog or dog trainers
would be a great see we’re looking for influencers so who are the influencers
in your space use a little common sense there and don’t use the the name of your
product right that’s not a good keyword that’s where a lot of people fall now
yes it does Lukas it works in the UK overgrowth is fully functional 100% in
the UK and Germany good question yet we launched there about five months ago
we’ve got lots of UK sellers lots of I’m a UK and Germany seller so I use it for
both but we’ve got lots of people on board now that are loving it so that’s
great what to see influence our have to gain affiliate Commission’s or some sort
here’s the thing Shane I’ve done a lot of training on this but I’m happy to
answer it for you influencers typically either ask to get
paid which we don’t do very often or we are giving them really great content for
their audience so influencers more than anything else they want engagement so if
you come to an influencer with great content and let’s say you offer them
some of your product to review first of all they get free product second of all
they’ve got a good content strategy that will
get more engagement like for example you could say hey how about you do one
product unboxing on youtube for me give your honest review of my whatever it is
right my duct tape roll let’s go back to that and then why don’t I give you 20
more and you can do a contest with that in a second YouTube video and you know
you can give it away to your followers and it will build your engagement it
will build your subscription base it will build your followership and you can
go out and give that to everybody so we’ve done that influencers love it they
they’re like oh man that’s so cool most people that asked me to do this stuff
they don’t come with an idea they don’t come with content they don’t and when
you do the likelihood of you getting that what we call an endo which is an
endorsement short for endorsement from an influencer is 10x what it would be if
you didn’t have a content strategy ready-made for them and the likelihood
of them doing it for free goes through the roof so that’s just in a nutshell
that’s how we do it hopefully that answers your question no I really so
we’ve got a Q&A over here a question section I’m more in the chat box guys so
if you want to put all your stuff in the chat box Muhammad I highly doubt that
you’ll reach your maximum four monthly emails but if you think that’s an issue
because we give away more emails for our base than most people give away for like
their medium or large packages we just have bigger servers so we can handle it
but what I would do is just bump up to the next level right and we’ll will
prorate it for you but I doubt that you’ll do it or just jump in at a higher
level if you think your guys if you think you’re gonna grow which I from
praying that every one of you think you’re gonna grow in your business here
then you know pick a bigger package you’ll never get this deal again so now
it’s the time to jump in at a larger size package I think that’s what I would
do if I were you okay let’s keep going through here guys so we got the keyword
tracker this is where you’ll track all your keywords super easy to do that you
add a new product here with the new Aysen
through your keywords in there by the way guys we we’re coming out with a
keyword review module – I’m sorry research module – so nobody knows that
it’s the first time I’ve said it publicly because there’s not too many
people on anymore we’ve got under 100 participants now which is what I get
it’s pretty intimate here which so I’ll tell you guys we’re coming out with
keyword research module because we have a grandfathered in API to Google and
Google Shopping it’s very cool so let’s do this let’s come out to Amazon I would
just pick any ole Aysen here’s a couch I was looking for
couches earlier let’s grab this Aysen and there it goes
and we’re gonna go ahead and keep that a scent and we’re going to throw it in
here add the product and you’ll see that the product has been added for tracking
where to go probably on the second page let’s just open this one up here since
it’s on the first page this is the yoga mat an exercise mat and let’s add some
keywords so what would you put in for yoga mat we could do yoga exercise oh
boy you’re gonna make me spell did I spell that right first time Wow amazing
what else can we put in here for a yoga mat guys throw some keywords at me for a
yoga mat yoga exercise we can do a health
how about stretching cheap yoga mat best yoga mat durable yoga mat hot yoga meditation
good one good one portable a meat meditation I’m a terrible speller
portable yoga mat Lululemon you’ll get mad how do I know that I don’t know how
I know that okay great let’s add those keywords and I’m gonna copy these you
can add them or you come over here and hit get suggestions so let’s enter just
start with yoga mat there watch this guys this is really cool and we’re gonna
break this on to its own and add a heck of a lot but we’re breaking it out into
its own module this is where we’ll do our keyword research so this is actually
pulling directly from google shopping which is really really cool and it’s
going to give you the exact search volume on each one of these terms
now here’s the difference if you were to go to Google and use the keyword planner
right now you would not get the search volume you would just get a very
inaccurate inaccurate estimation of what the search volume is this is the exact
search volume coming from Google itself Google Shopping itself because we have a
grandfathered API from back in the day you know I’ve got ten plus years history
as a search engine optimization specialist so I got a relationship with
Google and we’re bringing that to you and this is something that we’ve got
kind of over everyone else and we wanted you to have as well so come in here do
your keyword research we’re gonna break that on into another module here soon if
you get in today at that 50% off or not only 50% off offer not only are you
getting that but you also get any future enhancements for the next year that we
come out with and we are always making it better
it’s a coolest thing about this software and my developers I love them okay so
that’s a keyword tracker review monitor very very simple a lot of this is pulled
in from the wizard that sets you up automatically when you sign up it’s fast
it’s easy and you can see all of your reviews you can silo this by brand of
course I’m on a webinar right now so it’s running a bit more slowly but you
can see here both products reviews and your seller feedback okay and because
this is a demo account there’s not a ton in here but we were just pulling some
random brands but you’ll see here this is um this is where you’ll see your
reviews and this is the live graphing that I was talking about this is where
you can drop a pin click anywhere on the graph and you could drop a pin let’s go
9:21 okay and influencer review add that pin
there drop it you’ll see that it’s gonna hit the graph pretty soon any day I’m on
the webinar so it’s slowing us down but you see here this is one that’s
already been dropped and you can see the effect of that afterwards it should pop
up here in just a second and that’s really neat so that’s pretty simple
self-explanatory but you’ve always got to know your reviews you want to track
the effect of anything you do okay and there’s that pin just running slowly
because we’re on a webinar here hijack our monitoring as well this is where you
be notified you could have text alerts or email alerts to your hijackers really
easy to do you’ve got your on-page analyzer as well
this is where you’ll throw your Aysen in and get the review so this is one we’ve
already done this was a sleeping pad and the review out of 100 had a 76 the title
bullet points it’s eight different categories here that we can improve on
and these are the tips on how to improve right so we want you to improve your
listings use the Aysen monitor or the on-page analyzer to do that and then of
course the event journal here you can see all of your pins at a glance guys
this is really really helpful in so many ways if you hate Excel spreadsheets the
way I hate them you’ll love this so guys this is pretty much everything that
overgrowth does like I said we brought everything together I really want you to
take advantage of this offer because I don’t know how long it’s going to go go
to overgrowth comport slash special offer special – offer use og email 50
and that’s it guys you have any questions I’ll stick around for about
two more minutes but I appreciate everyone staying here for as long as
you’ve been here you know I didn’t expect to go this long but we still have
quite a few people here so that’s great almost two hours on this one mohamad
love the features promises were just over to the 20,000 emails per month
which would force us to bump to the large but hey ma’am I don’t know what
you’re paying with everybody else but I can guarantee you it’s probably cheaper
here if you go with this 50% off offer and not to mention that you will make
more money so think about the opportunity cost of not going with us
right Lucas I will find you on Facebook here just after the webinar mati thank
you guys for sticking around so much you know I love you Peter super stoked on
the influencer marketing feature thank you for jumping in everyone that jumped
in I love you guys thank you very much I will do again another webinar I will
drop a ton of value on you Mike thanks so much all right guys have a great
evening and we’ll talk soon oh and by the way I
will get the recording up here shortly okay thanks guys

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