How to sell on eBay 2019 [a step-by-step guide]

all right in this video you get to look
over my shoulder as I walk you through step by step how to list and sell
something on eBay alright so let’s get started alright so I got this old iPhone
5 so this is like what few versions back but this has a cracked screen and i
actually have making or what is this packing tape over it so it’s just not in
good shape at all but i’m gonna sell this on eBay and i’m just kind of walk
you through that process of how i list it and just really how simple this is it
is so simple okay so what you’re going to want to do is when you get your phone
if you don’t have the ebay app yet just go to the app store and then you can go
to the search box right here search for that and then this is the
eBay app here so you can just get that and download it in my case I already
have it so I’m just gonna open it up okay so now that you’re over here we can
just kind of type in whatever item you want to sell if you have a barcode if
you have the box of the item you can actually scan that with this barcode
scanner to save yourself even more time but in my case I’m just gonna go ahead
and type in what I got here iPhone 5 let’s just see and then we’ll start Auto
filling the different options here so it’s not a 5s it’s a 5 it is black
iPhone 5 16gb by black Verizon ok so I can just select that and it’s going to
create a draft for me pull in all the details and so if you’re selling a more
obscure item that isn’t that common you might not be able to do this you might
need to manually enter in your title and description but they have a lot of items
in here that’ll kind of pull that for you now if you’re selling a used item
you don’t really want to use a stock photo it’s a lot better if you use your
own photos so I’m gonna go ahead and just kind of pull in my own photos over
here so obviously I’m doing this on an iPhone
it’s going to be a little bit different on an Android but I think you get the
idea so I’m just selecting the photos that I
took of this phone and I’ll just kind of you can drag these around and I’m gonna
put this one of the front screen showing that it’s on there so I just took a
handful of pictures I took about 7 pictures of the phone more is always
better than the last don’t just take one picture and I also took a picture of the
cracked screen because this one has a cracked screen and any kind of flaws or
problems with the item you’re selling you want to make sure you have pictures
of them and let the buyers know because the worst thing you can do is not tell
them and so anyway so we have a handful of images here and we’re going to click
done on the photos this is our title it’s already kind of built in there
nothing really to change there or actually I will change I’m going to add
that as a cracked screen like we’re gonna put this in the description but it
doesn’t hurt to add it other places as well all right so do that say done
category it already did that for us put S in there condition we’re gonna call
this used and then details we can add a few more details
about it so in my case I’m not gonna spend a lot of time because it’s an
iPhone and everybody pretty knows what they’re pretty much knows what they’re
going to get so we’ll just come back out of there
details are done all right format in price so this is what’s great is that
eBay tells you for most items where they think you should price it and so they
suggest starting your auction at 49 bucks in this case two similar items
that’s sold at a starting price between 40 and sixty-five dollars you know and
you could do that sometimes I like to price it lower than that to get more
people bidding on it because the more people who are bidding on it the more
likely the one of them is to buy it and to drive the price up so if you have ten
people bidding on your item becomes a little bit of emotional thing if you’ve
ever been involved in an auction where you really want to win and so that’ll
drive your price up a little bit versus if you price it really really high fewer
people are going to bid on it so you probably won’t get as high of a price in
this case I’m gonna probably split the difference and just go with like a $29
start price on this and then I’m also going to add a Buy It Now price because
I think these are fun so the Buy It Now price is basically somebody can just
bypass the entire auction and pay whatever we want
whatever our price is and they can walk away with it right then and that’s kind
of a fun thing and sometimes it surprises me so what I’m gonna do is
based on here it’s a similar item so we’re sold we’re listed for between $60
and $99 so I’m gonna list a Buy It Now price for $99 so if somebody wants it at
that price they can just come and get it and meanwhile I have the start price at
$29 and starting prices you know you can go with eBay’s recommendation that’s not
at all gonna be bad but I typically tell people whatever the start price is if
set that wherever you would be happy to sell this item so this item only sold if
this phone sold for $5 I would not be happy making you know going through the
work to sell it for $5 but if it sells for $29 it’s worth my time and so I’m
happy to do that so find that point for yourself and that should be your
starting price and then from here shipping is just I typically just use
what they have built-in and just kind of go with that
because if you have this hooked up through PayPal which I recommend you do
very strongly you can just print the shipping right from PayPal throw it in
your mailbox and just be done with it it’s really really simple and the way
they set up shipping is that it’s calculated we just click over here real
quick by default is calculated based on where the buyers location is so it’s
going to be adjusted to every buyer location and then also a really cool
thing they started now to long ago is this International shipping program where or
their global shipping program they call it where you can sell to anyone in the
world but you don’t have to ship outside of the United States so if I sell this
phone to somebody over in Europe I won’t need to ship it over to Europe I will
just need to ship it to ebay hub that might be in Virginia or something like
that and that they will take care of getting it over to Europe for the buyer
so anyway so I recommend having that on and pretty much it’s leaving all this
stuff as it is and then down here is the preferences for payment and stuff like
that and let’s just flip over there real quick and you definitely want to hook up
a PayPal account so if you don’t have one you need to get a PayPal account
it’s just the gold standard for eBay everybody uses it on here it’s a-
I don’t think you have to do that but you’re gonna very few buyers are gonna
work with you if you don’t because there’s just a lot of protections for
the buyers when they use PayPal and so PayPal just makes the whole transaction
process just safer and more convenient for everybody people get paid instantly
and the instances of fraud are pretty much non-existent for most eBay
transactions because everybody’s using PayPal versus if you are mailing checks
or money orders so stuff like that that’s where it gets really shady and
you might run into people trying to scam you and stuff like that so pretty much
use PayPal stay safe and that’s the best way to handle this so from here just hit
continue and then it’s just kind of going through double check and
everything it shows us here our listing fees all this stuff is free I don’t know
the exact seller fee is I believe it’s let’s click here I believe it’s 10% or
something like that and
I’m gonna show it on here or not anyway yeah so it says your first
50 listings per month 10 percent total amount of the sale so that’s what
you’re gonna pay so if this sells for $70 I’m gonna pay them 7 bucks and they
also have an option here to auto relist it so if it happens to not sell the
first time they would automatically just relist it again and do that up to 2 more
times for me and so that’s pretty much it so I can click preview here and just
double check make sure the pictures are right and I’m not anything weird in
there I can read over everything read over the description and all the rules
and then that’s it and then I can click list it and so I’m just gonna go ahead
and click list it and there we go and it says now your item is listed first sale
so what we can do is I can view the list and if I would like and now it’s just
sitting up here on eBay and so it shows out there and then you know you will
probably assuming you have notifications turned on you should get notifications
if somebody bids on it and when it sells or anything like that but you can come
over to this my eBay tab and from here you can always kind of flip down to see
the items that you are selling let’s just see what we got here so here’s the
one active item I have them selling and it’ll show you how many people are
watching it and those are people who are just kind of paying attention and wanted
to see what’s going on but haven’t bid and they’ll also show you the number of
people bidding on it as well and then once this item sells then we can just
kind of move on from there and I can work through that process and show that
to you and that is the listing process alright so it is a few days later now
and our items sold we end up selling for $46 which isn’t bad for a probably i don’t know four-year-old phone with a cracked screen so I will take it and so we got
an email saying what sold you know anytime a long while it’s selling you
can log into eBay and kind of see how many bids are going on and things like
that and so now that it’s sold I want to check and make sure that I actually got
paid and I actually got an email about this as well but we can just go here and
click payment status there we go and then you’ll have this little thing here
so the checkbox means that I believe it means that it’s sold and then
this one this dollar sign means that it was paid and then each one of these kind
of happen as you progress through the process so at this point my job is to
print a shipping label so I can send it but this is what’s really really cool
about this so we’re going to select print shipping label and I’m going to go
ahead and log in here and then we are now kind of logged in
and our shipping label we’re gonna just do USPS I’m just gonna stick with
everything they have here and you know we have the total package weight in the
dimensions and things like that and this is all set by them so it is something
that you might want to check to kind of confirm but if it’s a really common item
like this you probably won’t need to worry about it so in my case you know
I’m trusting that they know when an iphone actually weighs and well and I
just know from holding it that there’s no way it’s going to weigh two pounds
once I get in this package so they’re actually giving us a discount on
shipping so the buyer paid nine forty-five for shipping to get this
shipped over and because you’re doing this through ebay you actually get a
discount so you get to ship it even cheaper and so what I’m gonna do now is
just go ahead and purchase postage and then that’s going to create a postage
label for me that I can just put on the package and then I can literally throw
this in my mailbox because its USPS and I don’t need to go to the UPS Store or
anything like that and yeah so I can throw this on my package throw in the
mailbox and then I am done and so what you’ll see if we come over here we’ll
return to eBay we should see that it’s marked as shipped there we go so yeah so now we have a
little ship to box appearing and that is pretty much all we need to do at this
point leaving a review is something we can do a little bit later once the whole
transaction is complete but as you can see it’s just a very simple streamlined
process and yeah they’ve just worked really hard to make it really really
easy to sell something so your homework now is to go find something do you have
a phone laying around let’s go find that and try to sell it or find something
else and let’s just give this a shot and I want to see how it goes for you on this channel we help you make more money we help you save more money and we help you to give generously so if that’s something interesting you can hit that
subscribe button hit the bell if you want to hear from us as we create more
content like this and a thumbs up would be really appreciated as well if you
enjoyed the video but that is all for today have a great rest of your day and
I will see you later adios


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