How to Sell Things on eBay : Options for eBay Listings

This is Kate and I’m here giving you some
tips on how to buy and sell on eBay. Also if you would look you would see there is 2
listings that I have the little camera and the rest have tweety bird pictures. That picture
is your gallery photo. If you also notice the little P over to the edge before the buy
it now that means that they accept pay pal which is something that you definitely need
to sign up before getting started with selling. Cause pay pal takes about 4 days to get your
account confirmed and to make sure all the information is correct. So now we are going
to look at one of the items the tweety bird. Whenever the people are searching through
these would be listed well actually they have several options how they can do it. Buy items
ending or the highest price, different things like that.

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