How to Service Mongoose Fat Bike Headset (improved audio)

hey you guys welcome back to the
Mongoose miniseries this will be episode number two in this episode we’re gonna
be discussing the head set on this Mongoose fat but now just like the
bottom bracket that we discussed in episode 1 the headset can suffers from
the exact same problems under lubrication and over-tightening
especially when it’s new from the factory ok so if you just ordered the
bike and it came in a box you’re gonna be in great shape because the bars and
the front wheel are already going to be removed however if you bought it at the
store and it was already preassembled you’re gonna have to pull the wheel off
and the bars off before we can go through and do this project so let’s get
those off right now now to get the wheel off you’re gonna need a 15 millimeter
either socket wrench or regular wrench and for the bars you’re gonna need a 5
millimeter allen key so let’s get the wheel off and you guys will notice I’ve
actually got the stabilized on this jack stand if you don’t have one a block of
wood or work just fine a cinder block whatever you got that’ll hold the bike
up and steady now let’s get the wheel off and past the caliper it takes a
little wiggle but once you get it off no problem and now to pull the bars off
you’re going to need your five millimeter allen I’ve already loosened
most of these bolts so they won’t be too hard to get out ok so there you have it
so the front of the stem comes off with those four bolts and then the bars come
off and these are just gonna hang loose now if you’re going through and
replacing the headset it may be worth your time to take the caliper off I’m
actually going to be painting the bike so the calipers got to come off anyways
so I’ll be taking that off and I’ll be taking the rest of the stuff off
particularly because I’m also replacing these bars alright next step super-easy
we’re gonna pull the fork off and that’s probably the easiest thing you can do to
a bike as far as it goes all you’ve got to do is remove the stem and all you’re
going to need is a five millimeter allen what you’ll do is take the two side
bolts out of the stem and these clamp it on to the fork and you don’t have to
take them off just take them loose and once the stem is loose like that you
should be good to get the fork out take this top pull take it all the way out
it’s gonna have to come completely out once that
hold onto your fork so it doesn’t drop take your stem ah take your spacers and
then drop the fork out super easy alright so at this point if you’re
looking to go back through we greased the original bearings and put the fork
back in without changing your headset I’d like to direct you over to my recent
video on headset repairs it’s going to give you a nice tutorial on how to do
everything go through and grease it and reassemble it I’ll put a link to that
right here now if you’re hanging out and you actually want to see how to remove
the headset so that you can go through an upgrade I’m gonna show you how so the
nice thing about this is I am not worried about these cups at all I’m
gonna be completely replacing everything so I’m just gonna use a hammer and a
long screwdriver to knock them out if for whatever reason you want to conserve
them or try to prevent from any sort of damage to the cups I strongly suggest
actually getting a cup removal tool and I’ll throw that down in the description
as far as taking them out it’s really easy you take your long flat-head
screwdriver you stick it down until it hits the cup and then I told pressure
against the front to do the top all you’re gonna do is flip the bike over
and do the exact same thing alright so let’s talk a second for upgraded
headsets so you guys can get an understanding of what we’re looking at
so right here you’ve got the original headset and right here you’ve got my new
FSA Pig headset and what I want to show you particularly this is the lower Cup
from the original and this is the original bearing now look at the new Cup
by comparison that thing is a tank and when you look at the ball bearings
you’ll see these are massive by comparison and these things can take an
absolute pounding without giving up now the top cups are actually roughly the
same size this one’s actually a little bit taller but the bearings are also
roughly the same size and that’s because the lower bearing tends to take the burr
on of the damage whenever you have a hard
hit or a really hard jolt to the front as far as installing these we’re gonna
need to either utilize a headset cup press or you’re gonna need to make a
special tool just like I have as far as the tool that I’ve made I used an old
2×4 with a three I got this piece of metal it’s actually a cap for a
electrical junction box and I drilled a 3/8 hole in that I got a 3/8 rod to 3/8
nuts and to 3/8 and washers and I’ll show you how to utilize this while it’s
on the bike itself as far as installing the headset Cup is really easy so you
take your rod with the piece of metal already threaded onto it you put a cup
up there just to let touches the metal and you set it down through your head
tube and I just kind of get it to where it’s sort of aligned now you take your
block of wood and your other nut and washer and you put those on the other
side you put the rod through hold it in place and just put on your washer and
your nut okay so once you’re at this point what
you want to do is you want to set it to where it’s going to be just about
perfectly centered and going straight down with the tube and just tighten it
down a little bit so it stays in place take two wrenches and you’re just gonna
tighten down the nuts and they’re gonna pull the cup into the heads heads or
head to here once you’ve got these tightened all the way down and the cups
all the way installed you can flip it over and do the other side now I’m not
going to go any further because I’m actually gonna be painting the bike
before I do this so I don’t want to have to knock that headset out too many times
it’s a super easy process to install a new upgraded headset once you’ve got it
installed the only things you have left are to grease them and to reinstall your
fork and stem and just put everything back together if you don’t know how to
do that please go check out my video on headset repair it’ll show you everything
you need to know to go back together as far as the mini series goes this is our
second episode I’ll be coming to you with a third soon outlining the hubs on
this bike and showing you how to make that paint booth so make sure you hit
that subscribe button go ahead and give it a thumbs up and if you got any
questions or comments throw them down in that comment section thanks again


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