How To Add Affiliate To Your Product Inside ClickFunnels How To Add Affiliate To Your Product Inside ClickFunnels what’s going on Ichi boy look man it’s
another one of those clickfunnels tutorials in this video I’m
going to be showing you how you can add a village to your products inside of the
forum so your affiliate can get paid How To Add Affiliate To Your Product Inside ClickFunnels automatically without any headache right
I’m going to show you how you can set up such that way you have a products
inkling is our click for knows and you want some people to promote that that
product for you those people are known as affiliates right how do they get paid
and how do you set it up such that when they when they make a purchase using the
affiliate link or when someone’s making purchase using the affiliate link then
they can get paid through you how do you make sure that happens
I’m gonna show that to you if you hang on before I go do not forget to give me
that like and of course hit the subscribe button so and of course the
Bell button as well so when I released feels like this you can be the first of
those people to be to be notifying all right so just hang on I’m gonna show it
to you right now alright guys so let’s log it into my
click for those account and again this is the way that I do it so I have a lot
of friends and you know associates we just like to have the things thrown all
over the place I do not really do that I try to keep my things in one place and
that’s why I like it click follows a lot because everything that I need is in one
place right I have if I wanna send emails is right in there if I want to
send up you know set up like segmentations to my emails is right in
there I only set up my affiliates is right
there I want to create a membership site is right there so I do not series is why
you will have all these other things using click photos have MailChimp and
all these things I’m not bashing those or the person I’m just saying I like to
keep my headache in just one place so if I have problem I know where to go so
before I show you this of course you’ve got to have the let me show you our so
your click photos you’ve got to have the the package there is two $97 that it’s
the action Eric package that has the backpack in it because that is what
you’re going to be making use of as I’m showing these videos
you just have the $97.00 is not gonna work it’s gotta be the $297 package so
right now I have a pro that I’m promoting right it’s called SCO secrets
which of course you can grab the link in the are in the bottom and I guarantee
you are gonna learn a lot from that and if you choose to pick it up today I’m
gonna cut the price in more than have about 45 percent of the price will be
good it’s usually 697 I’m gonna sell it for a steep
that’s 297 of course I’m gonna give you a whole lot of other bonuses that I
listed below these are this video so but let me show this to you so let’s assume
all the promote that my products which is this time around SCO secret I’m gonna
have to I already said that wraps I’m gonna have to show you using another
photo so the first thing we’re gonna have to do of course is to go to our for
now we’ll go inside of our click funnels and we go over here come over here to
backpack when we go to backpack we want to set up what is known as commissions
right all right so when you come to your
Commission’s you want to click on your commission plan right here when you
click on Commission plan you will add Commission you give it a name I’m going
to call this one test tests commission whatever you want to call it to make
sure this one says United States of course mixture it’s active if you want
your commission to expire at some point you can you know I put that right here
if you don’t want it to expire just leave it off and of course in your own
case you may want to set this as you know default commissions in my own case
I’m not gonna do that because I already have one
there is my default Commission all right and default Commission means if you want
to just keep paying the same percentage to people all the time they promote your
product that may not be the case so in my own case I’m just gonna leave it off
because I already have a default Commission set up so I’m gonna go ahead
and click on create Commission plan alright so when I say create commission
plan so the next thing I’m gonna do right now alright and of course you know
that’s that’s the test Commission right there I’m gonna go back over here to my I’m gonna go inside of my funnel which
ever further I wanted like promote so let’s say the funnel is this one
right here let me try to find one with other page okay you know what though
we’re just gonna use the affiliate offer secrets they’re already used so I’m
gonna go over here and of course let’s go let’s come over here do not forget
though to make sure that you create your product so let’s say we’re picking up or
picking up an order form just use any one for the purpose of this
demonstration I’m gonna pick this one let’s just pick whichever one it doesn’t
matter because you want to name your product you want to give your product a
name you want to add product in this case I must also stress that this is
only allowed with stripe alright so I’m gonna say I’m choosing stripe and
there’s just one-time payments you know all those things that you have to go
through a you creating like the products inside of click for those tests our
products I’m going to call it that name and of course the price this time run we
say two dollars or whatever it is 20 dollars whatever you know okay so of
course so you garden save it when she said that now you want to go
over to you set up all these other pages you know just keep going say same same
same until you get to this part way says I feel it options right I feel it
options this is optional because not every product requires that and a finish
you promote it so I’m going to click on the affiliate options I just keep all
these other areas you can always just go back in and fill those out so I’m gonna
say these products is commissionable right and I say yes and I’ll pick the
products that I want I’m gonna call it tests Commission right and I’m gonna say
save the next thing you’re gonna do once we do that is to now go back inside that
very phone oh all right in my own case I’m just gonna go back over here to the
for now you can just go back to return to products lists it does without you
want to go go back to this for now and just click on overview you guys not to
get back on there anyway so we inside of this one and there are two steps we have
to we have to add in this one all right the first step is gonna call that one I
feel it’s access let’s call it to fill it access all right whichever way you
wanna whichever we want to name that path I’ll call it affiliate access fill
it access all right the other step you wanna add right now is gonna be the
affiliate members area right there’s a feel it members area so this way your
affiliates will come in and you know give them that link for them to sign up
as an affiliate of course they can come in and check their affiliate Commission
and they will don’t have they don’t have to be using click photos for them to be
able to promote your products anyone you know that wanna promote your product can
do that so we’re gonna call this one affiliates members area alright and
we’re gonna create our step so the next thing we want to do right
now is to go ahead and create our Philly type so we’ll go back to buy backpack
and want to create want to click on a commission plans click on affiliate type and add it this
time around it’s the tests I feel it right you want to say this as default
affiliate ID not necessarily you can just call it okay let’s call it 30% and
feel it 40% of each whenever you want to
whatever you want to call it so I want to create that so once out now that
you’ve set up your commission plans and of course you have Phillips type so you
want to go back into your commission plans and just click next to that one
that you just created which is in this case our 20% Commission affiliate when
ad put the amount you want over there you can put like a dollar amount it just
percentage in this case let’s say 30 I want to make it percentages I’ll mix
okay so this one is asking you like how many months before payouts so in my own
case I’m going to say one month you know people very crazy they promote your
products they go back and have all this bunch of chat back you want to make sure
you protect against that so you want to say one month before payout then add
affiliate schedule all right so the next thing you want to do you want to go back
inside that follow go back inside that for now look for
that particular for now which in this case is this one all right here and come
back over here to your affiliate access I’m sorry will you come to our affiliate
access you come over here choose a feeling access is going to give
you templates that you can use just choose any one that you want to use once
you do that you want to go ahead and edit there’s no big deal here all you have to
do is just go ahead and change this text to whatever you want you know change it
to this way your affiliates will be able to log in does the access area and of
course the affiliate member so this right here this link is what you want to
say – whatever you want to be affiliates right so you want to copy this link you
can you know in this case I’m not I did not attach this particular fan out to
any domain so it’s the same my name they’ll click photos whatever so but
this is the link you want to send to I feel it so when you come over here let’s
let’s preview this together so say for How To Add Affiliate To Your Product Inside ClickFunnels instance someone wants to promote your
offer send them this affiliate link let them fill out all this information and
of course they become a village once they do that next time they come around
they’re gonna find themselves in the affiliate members area and do not forget
to add the affiliate members area you do the same thing like you did go over here
to affiliates add affiliate members do not complicate things I’m just gonna add
this to it so now whenever they log in and they come over here this is what
they’re gonna see when someone becomes in a Phoenix was it
signing they’ll be able to get the link over here and then we’re able to see how
much they’ve sold Orion of course you can add your swap files but for the
email for the promotion you can add it on the year just like Russell proceeded
over here with 10x so this would be they will have their affiliate link attached
to this and that’s how this is done I hope this answered all the questions
you guys have about creating affiliates access inside of pitfalls but if you’re
confused or you have any questions please let me know and of course do not
forget you can always go back to your settings put your phone out put it on
test mode and of course test this out and when someone’s you know tested out
your servers in a fiat once you do that you’re gonna see that it works and
hopefully that helps you again if you guys have any questions let me know
leave it below the video alright so I hope you find values in that if you guys
have questions if it’s confusing to you just let me know send me an email
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do not stop selling otherwise you’re gonna be a salt see you later you How To Add Affiliate To Your Product Inside ClickFunnels

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