How To Set Up Facebook Ads For Amazon FBA

everyone welcome back to my channel so
today what I want to do is show you how to set up Facebook ads for Amazon FBA as I was
fortunate enough to have learned a lot about Facebook ads Pride senator and
Amazon so I feel my knowledge will hopefully provide you some value and at
the end of this video you’ll be able to competently go away and run your own
Facebook ads to your own Amazon products if it’s all content you’re interested in
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post weekly videos and you don’t want to miss them right so we’re in facebook
business manager now if you don’t know it face business manager and just type
it in the URL Facebook business manager calm and just use your Facebook account
to log into it and sign up and then you’ll come to here and if you just
click on ads manager cause you’ve got a drop-down here and you click on ads
manager then you’ve got all your this would be where your ads are displayed
but what I’m gonna do I’m just going to go through creating an ad so if we click
on create an ad now these are all the different types of ads that you can run
now you’re a little bit limited when it comes to Amazon because it’s not your
website and you haven’t actually got the full pixel code on there as a did show
in a previous video if you use pixel drop me you can use the Facebook pixel
and use it would only work the pageviews though is the problem but anyway the
reason why I’m saying is basically you can’t use conversions there’s no point
you’re using conversions for Amazon because it can’t track conversions now
what conversions are is it could be Add to Cart they can be a purchase or a lead
there can be lots of things but you can’t really run up conversions I’ve
tried conversions just for page views and they don’t work too well you can do
customer versions and stuff but I won’t go into that so the main ones that I’m
going to show you is traffic because this is the main one I found that works
the best for Amazon now the other one you want to use
engagement and I’ll come back to it later but anyway let’s go and click on
traffic and then you just you can call the campaign anything you want I would
as you’re probably if you’re just using Amazon you’re not gonna have that many
ads running if you had a Shopify store tonight you probably have quite a lot of
campaigns you want to be really on top of what you’re naming stuff because it
can get really complicated when you’re running a lot of different ads but if
anything just call it what the product is but anyway for now I’m just going to
leave it as traffic that’s fine and then what it does this is the ad set program
in one word oh I’m just jump over actually I’m going to show you drawing
drawing lines out how these the campaign ad set and then ad go together so this
is just a little quite crude draw and I’ve done really but they’re just to
explain it the campaign’s at the top level and then you get the ad or the ad
set which is all you’re targeting and what you want it to do and then you get
the image which they could add but it is basically the image be creative so the
ad the ad itself what someone’s seen on the other end this drawing here what
I’ve done here is is really the best way to be split testing now again this
depends if you’re gonna really go at Facebook ads and you’re gonna be driving
a lot of traffic and it’s really hard on Amazon because you can’t work out the
conversion rates that easily you can do it you’ve got you can’t see all in all
in Facebook you’d have to go maybe using coupons or something you can try and
reverse engineer it but you will see especially we’ve got a new product
you’ll see the changes quite drastically the straight weights is quite easy with
a new product with an existing product if you’ve had constant sales and they go
up you can obviously see your averages change and again that’s a bit easier but
if you’re sort of playing about a lot of different things it’s harder to work out
what’s working and what isn’t so you need to work out a system the best one
the way I’ve worked out is actually using many chat
on the back end of this and then I actually use men chat and I go back to
the customer automatically and it will confirm on many chat if the customers
purchased or not and obviously I’ve got a coupon code so I can see how many
coupon codes have been redeemed through through Amazon again the problem is you
can’t see it all on Facebook so you have to go on different systems but you can
work out exactly what sales have come from what so but this is this is
actually what I would do if I was gonna run a full campaign and split test it
all because the main thing is Obama’s with the story on Amazon with Facebook
is testing and everyone’s gonna say oh now I’ve got this system I’ve got that
system but no the only true way to find out what’s working is by testing there’s
there’s no there’s no secret remedy for for facebook let’s set the testing and
now I can obviously tell you what you should do and what not to do you were
averages you’re looking for and but this this here so what I would do if I had a
new product and what I have done is act exactly this this format here money for
Shopify stores before but you run a campaign and you have different ad sets
now in each ad set what I would have is I would have different targeting in that
ad set so this targeting would be I don’t know let’s say for PlayStation
games this would be people that like PlayStation games and this would be for
people that like Xbox games and people that like PC games and maybe I’m selling
some do gaming so this one here I would then run four different images
or four different ads I mean it could be different copy and a different ad I
probably just run four different images in the same copy now I probably what the
best thing to do is have image one the same as image one over here and the same
as image one here so you’re doing a true split test then and what you’ll see is
when you start running these you’ll see all the analytics coming back and you’ll
see what’s converting the best now the only real analytics you can look at on
Amazon or for Amazon ads on on Facebook is the click-through
rate and how much that’s costing you there are some other things that you can
look at is well but we’re going to that all right so let’s let’s just have a
look at this then so again you got your ad set name I would call this again it’s
it’s entirely up to you what you call it but I would try to have some ink about
what the targeting is and what you’ve actually how you’ve actually set it up
in here because it’s gonna be a lot easier tracking back on especially if
you’re doing split testing now traffic website yet we want to do a website
we’re not do a messenger or an app or any of that so we run it to a website
and then you come down here you’ve got custom audiences now you’re not going to
have any custom audiences at the moment but this is some look-alikes I’ve set up
before just testing but you can actually create look like audiences and audiences
off of and people engage with your post or people that have clicked through to
your to your Amazon listing to pay for you that sort of so you have to use
pixel fire dot me for that but I’ve used that before which you can use
retargeting which is very very helpful so here now what I’ll do with this is if
you are in the UK obviously when a UK but up here quite important this is
everyone in this location now wouldn’t use this because what that’s going to do
is that will actually select holidaymakers and everything like that
that probably won’t have an Amazon account in the UK so what you want to do
is go down people who live in this location so they’re more like to have an
Amazon account and what you can do I always is put in English unless it is
obviously for an English in english-speaking country of trying a
target then the ad would have to be obviously in different language as well
so again age it depends you we’re gonna come I’m gonna show you how to work this
out but first of all I just start with 18 to 65 unless you know your product is
for a young age group but it’s really hard to really know because it’s crazy
you could be buying you could be trying to
market a child’s toy and you think oh yeah yeah are marketed to younger people
or younger children but you ended up finding it’s Nan’s and stuff and and
granddad’s that actually buy the product for younger people so you’ve got be
quite careful with the age again men and women if it’s a a man’s product or a
man’s t-shirt let’s say now you below what do men now what happens if her
husband buys a husband or wife wife buys it for her husband you know or a woman
buys it for a man so you’ve got to be you’ve got to be a good bit clever with
this you really you know like I said the only way to do it is by testing and see
what you’re getting the best conversion on now this is this is the this is the
most important bit the detailed targeting I’m gonna do is jump over to
audience insights which is here and as open it in there another page load up
okay so we’re gonna just want to choose everyone on Facebook so what this is
this is a tallit facebook provide you that basically gives you insight into
the audience that you will be using or that you can use so you get an idea of
the demographic of your audience now it’s United States which is fine let’s
just do United Kingdom cuz that’s where we are at the moment but it’s worse so
United Kingdom that’s a location that’s where we’re looking for an audience and
interests I’m gonna do let’s call it a product is gonna be a running belt let’s
say let’s assume rainy Belkis nice easy one so first of all I’m just going to
type in run they go so run let’s do running they go running so that’s the
audience says the interest so people are interested in running now people do
you’re interested running so it’s gonna show you lots of stats for this audience
it says there’s six million to seven million people in that audience has a
huge audience and it will show you the demographics of 58 percent women 42
percent men even shows your relationship status education level job so what sort
of jobs they’re in but be honest I don’t you worry about is maybe the age stuff I
do but the rest of it I don’t really use it you can do if you really getting into
it but I mean I wouldn’t worry about it so the might wanna remain things that I
would be using what you’ll be using is page likes so you click on that and my
main reason for using this is trying to see if the audience actually makes sense
now which I’ll show you what I mean in a minute because sometimes you might have
a tough mudder now people aren’t from You Cal maybe at them I don’t know what
that is so if we do see this try tough mudder
let’s see if we can actually target that yet so you go tough mudder now I might
not know what that is I’ll go tough mudder okay well that’s has come up
because it’s recommended under underneath running now I type in Tough
Mudder now if I have a look under here okay so what’s tough mudder got to do
with anything so go sports recreational you get an idea that’s around the sport
in niche because of but because of what’s coming up now what you’ve got
down here you you want to be looking at is the affinity score so this is what
Facebook say is that is how lightly your audience is to like a given page
compared to the compared to everyone on Facebook so basically how much they are
likely to like the page that’s the same as that but if we go back to running to
do so well what I’d use this for mainly is one
getting ideas of what audiences I can use and what page likes but mainly just
to try and see that the audience makes sense that I’m trying to target so I
hope that’s helped a bit and that I be honest sometimes you don’t even need to
use this it’s more just of just to confirm and what you’re gonna find is
well is you’re going to type audience is in in the Facebook ads and you’re going
to find they’d only mash-up in here more they used to all show up but
nowadays they doubt not all of them sharp so it it always got not as good as
it used to be as such but it’s a good talk still you can still use it so this
is jump back to here and we will do running them so running should just come
up big I said run let’s do running so run so it’s gonna now show you
suggestions of audience is that it thinks are in conjunction with run so
there you go so the Color Run 10k run you can see the audience size on the
right hand side here so 5 million now that’s the whole Ian size on Facebook
that’s not the audience size in the UK so when you click on some of these what
you’re going to find it so we click on 10k run but is 717 million so let’s
click on that and you’re gonna see it’s gonna it’s gonna drop here look 1.4
million because for the 10k run audience only 1.4 million of them are in United
Kingdom and are between these ages and speak English so if you remove them
filters you’ll find that a go that should go right up to 17 so if we just
do 10k run for instance now you can click on suggestions and you get more
suggestions all these different audiences you can do now the only true
way to if you’re really really trying to get your ad spend down and what I would
do if I was going to do a full campaign to break down and and really proven dupe
and Amazon because it would take me too long to actually go free analytics and
actually try and work out well what’s converting and what’s not but I would
actually run each one of these individually on their own ad and I’d
break it right down that far because then I know exactly what’s converting
got what’s converting and what’s not what you’re gonna see is some people
will say right okay let’s put 5k together you can do this and I would
recommend doing this for Amazon put the ones together that you think are most
likely to be affiliate with your product so if you know that I
don’t know you’re saying you said and running about well people are gonna do
they’re interested in marathons well probably I’ll put interest in in in a
running back belt now the DP you go into that so people
that do marathons let’s go down so physical fitness
probably not as likely as a person that would be interested in marathons to buy
a running belt so again keep going down is that you bit of mind sectors and
you’ve got to really think about what the customer is thinking and what their
what pages would they have would they like so we’re going to look to go right
down here look business opportunities for instance now they’re not going to
someone that likes running that’s got nothing to do with them so you know this
is where you’ve got to really do a bit of bit of work on on your audience’s so
running so runner people run up now these might be Facebook pages they might
be Facebook groups that people have made they might be websites that have made
that where where Facebook have got these or buildings or they might be Facebook
audiences that people that Facebook has built as well but that’s where all these
come from and so what your ego look rustic calm so
what’s quite what’s good with a website and then all really good is what you can
actually do is just go straight on to it type it in and see what it is there you
go straightaway it’s about running so you know straightaway where you go it is
a run an app so that would probably be a really good one to target now Jordan
size five million that would be a great one target but the problem is what
you’ve got straightaway is look it’s gone down to ninety three thousand
people I would normally try to keep it a lot higher than that same I mean the
recommended is is from half a million to a million that’s that’s the recommended
but if the audience is working really well for you and it’s converting and you
need to convert at a there’s 90,000 people there now you
don’t need to sell it’s not necessary shout to 90,000 people because we’re not
going to run it that wrong long you’re just gonna run it for a launch most
likely and and that’s it so potentially you only need it maybe to 300 people to
buy it depending on how competitive the product is so that’s that’s all you need
now what I would always do for Amazon though is narrow down your audience to
and then type in Amazon so Amazon so if you just type in that what you’ll find
is though you should find as well hey Scott UK hey guys so to coat UK
so this know that’s the employer so they changed it they never quit though it
used to be you can do calm but don’t know if you can still do coat you okay
what you’re fine with Facebook they do have a habit of changing or deleting
audiences okay I don’t like we’re gonna bet do dot curry UK because your see if
you go long here it’s employee employers which is not what you wanna do you want
you want an audience like this which is for cotton where it’s an interest but
for instance okay but UK you’re not going to do that the for the US I would
always put they’re interested also so there it means that their interest is so it means they’re probably gone on Amazon Khan once in a while you
can see how big yet the audience sizes so most likely they’re getting these
analytics from Amazon themself I would guess from people that are actually
going onto Amazon because most likely Amazon will have a Facebook pixel on
their website so this is this is where Facebook will be getting that
information from and it means that they have to they have to be interest in and and whatever this is this audience or whatever you put in here so
I would build this audience up a bit because 41,000 is quite low so you are
gonna have to put make out that’s another app as well pretty sure
what you want to do is grab some of these if you’re not too short they are
and just google them google what they are and just to make sure that they make
sense for your product so they would go look at building the audience up a bit
more now and we’re at Naik in there this is what you’re gonna have to do for
before your Amazon you won’t be have to break it right down so sometimes you’ll
see Facebook does is it goes a bit school with sometimes you have to just
refresh it and start again but should just should be okay that you’ll find it
sometimes it there they go the 2.4 million it’s probably bit over what we
need really so I want to come back down try it like I said try and keep it
between half a million and million which is a good audience size but look you’re
gonna you have to play around this and you have to test and like I said at the
start the only way to know we’re Facebook is by testing and running ads
and seeing what what stats come out but anyway I’m gonna move on now so what
this is is placements now you can use automatic I wouldn’t recommend that what
I would actually recommend that converts the best because again you’re only gonna
be running for a short period of time for a launch is I would only do mobile
and I would only do Facebook feed so I turn Instagram off all its networks and
messenger turn all these off and I’d only do face with the feet so you go you
can actually highlight it show you where the ads are but that it means it’s gonna
show up right in someone’s actual feet when they’re scrolling parse it’s gonna
be in the nice big act straight in front of someone I wouldn’t bother with any of
these that you can test them you can test Instagram ads I would say Instagram
ads do convert before some products it depends what the product is if it’s a
very picturesque product and being as if you’ve got really good pictures and
stuff I would say Instagram can work better than a Facebook but you can split
test them as well and then come down here and one of the main things you’ll
see is make sure it’s elected four-link clicks so you want to
optimize for link clicks and then also really sneaky what Facebook have they
always have it on impressions so you will pay per impression so you will pay
per how many people it shows your ad to now you don’t want to do that you want
to pay per link click so come down here and always select that you’ll find
you’ll get a lower ad spend per link click if you do that so you will only
pay when your ad is actually clicked so we’re going to show it to as many people
as it wants to put it will only you’ll you will only pay when you do a link
rate and with the budget I would actually run them a 10 pound a day
personally you can be 5-pound I know everyone says I’ll do 5 panel day ads
but as ads been ad spend has generally increased on Facebook fire pan a day to
start it takes ages to get any any data back and the faster you want to get some
sales I mean spend more basically the more money you pump into Facebook the
more traffic you’re going to get through the more clicks you’re gonna get through
I have a look on the on the right-hand side here and you’ll see it changes so 5
pound a day these are just averages taken and these
averages do get more accurate than more the Facebook because it’s machine
learning more that you send traffic through your pixel to to Amazon it
learns what address short or what URL you’re sending it to and it works out
how many link clicks so they’re mass distance will get more accurate the more
you use your account may Co use your pixel so I’ve just run that let us leave
at a 10 pound a day I’d leave all the other settings how I’ve out on you set
them and then you select your Facebook page you would need to set up a Facebook
page for your brand and maybe you want to do something right now if you are
doing some deep discounts it can sometimes work in your favor to set up a
page that might be called I don’t know Amazon discounts maybe don’t Amazon but
super discounts whatever it does something
being a discount page so people know that it’s a discount page if you are
doing deep discounts now reason why I say that is because sometimes you don’t
want people to be coming to your brand because of the deep discounts and you
don’t want them to be affiliates affiliated with your brand too much and
maybe making comments on your brand page saying oh look what a nice discount I
got you want to keep them away from that so it can work out is a good idea if you
are doing deep discounts to run a separate page it’s entirely up to you
and then you can add your Instagram page only if you’re running an Instagram ads
and then you select what talk about you’re doing if you’re doing a single
image or a video add video ads are they baked avert a lot better basically it
obviously if is a good good effort it needs to really grab someone’s attention
but images work just as well and your point is going to image good it’s gonna
be nice and easy for you and you just add or upload the image here and then
you come down here and this is where you write with a copy and you’d write the
website URL this is where you put the pixel find me link in sometimes it
doesn’t let you find some of the Facebook’s a bit funny it doesn’t let
you put the pixel dot me link directly in here so just use bitly or your
anything core URL shortener and then put that in here and that’ll work that gets
around that problem and then you got a headline and then you can select what
the actual button what you want the button to me
I’ve actually for doing an offer obviously just use get offer it they all
work people say that most people seem to say that learn more works the best I’ve
tested most of them and to be honest I think it’s just whatever makes sense and
I don’t really see a huge difference in that but yes some it’s something really
simple with the copy if it’s an offer say obviously do you shop do shop at
Amazon and say oh well we’re doing this offer on so-and-so product get this off
and now down below and then have a picture of the product and that’s it
confirm make sure you’ve got your pixel selected if you are using pixel drachma
if you’re not don’t worry about it it doesn’t matter so your hip can confirmed
and it will take your first ad can take up to 24 hours to actually start running
because Facebook normally to use the algorithm and stuff and it a go through
and it just checks a page but sometimes when it’s your first ad it will go for
manual verification so it actually goes off to a person and they just check the
ads okay make sure there’s no profanity on it or anything against Facebook Terms
of Service so that’s another thing as well recommend reading through the
Amazon sorry the Facebook Terms of Service because you don’t want to break
any rules because ad counts do get banned on a regular basis so I really
hope that is all helped you and I’m hoping that from all that information
though it’s been a huge amount of information in there and be honest
there’s there’s more information there’s so much more with Facebook but that
should be enough for you now to go away be confident with Facebook ads and
hopefully be profitable with Facebook ads running them for your launch but
anyway if you if you really liked that video make sure you subscribe to my
channel give me a thumbs up and leave a comment let me know what you thought
about it because that obviously is really nice to hear comments back on
these videos because it’d take me a lot of time and a lot of effort and your
support is greatly appreciated anyway I see our next one


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