How To Set Your Youtube Channel The DIY Affiliate Way

Hello and Welcome to my channel I am so
glad that you’re here thank you for the opportunity to allow me to be able to
teach you how to set up your channel right I am going to show you all of the
detailed information that I did not know when I first started in my channel and I
sometimes had to learn the hard way I had zero experience and everything that
I have learned has been hands-on and that is a reason why I call myself a
self-proclaimed Marketing Strategist because of everything that I learned This
video tutorial is going to is going to be in two parts the first part today we
are going to be learning all about the Settings in YouTube Studio Beta the
General Settings the Channel Settings the Upload Defaults the Community
Settings and the Advanced Settings but by the end of this video you will be
ready to start using the Sharing Icons or the Sharing Buttons in order to start
creating your organic traffic so without further ado let’s dive right in very
important go into your settings you will see you general here these are your
defaults so we obeyed up for the channel this is where you would add key the
keywords would be relevant to what your channel is about okay and you could add
as many keywords as you like what I do is I will go into the actual YouTube
search engine here and type in a keyword and see how it is
remember these are channel keywords now as you type in you’re going to see
you’re going to see your keywords come up okay so what are we looking at right
here for YouTube we’re looking at YouTube YouTube tips YouTube channel
YouTube subscribers YouTube views so what we’re going to do
is we’re going to use those keywords that we just saw for YouTube
those are the top keywords right there that people are typing in YouTube subscribers and now if we look
over here at the vid IQ these are the top phrase key words that people type in
when they are looking to build a for me to build a youtube channel for you it’ll
be something that’s relevant to your channel so I’m just gonna copy these and
this is why you need to have vid IQ because you would have this feature
you’ll be able to copy these tags just copy them go over back over to setting
up your channel and just paste them in here so now you have the most relevant
keywords 🗝🔑🔑 you have to wait sometimes for this box these boxes to come but
don’t over click it because then you will lose your place where you’re at and
then you can save this information I usually save each one just to be sure
you don’t have to you can wait and go into your Advanced and here is the Branding and this is
where you can choose an image so I already have an image that I have for my
other channel I’m just going to click in here and choose another image there’s
just another one that I made I’m going to use this one and then you can save
everything go back into settings channel in the the branding you want it to
either start at the end of the video start at a custom time or the entire
video let’s go with the entire video now I did a tutorial on the branding I will
put it in the description save back into your settings upload defaults okay so
now why is this important this is important because these are going to be
the defaults of what your channel is basically going to be about so your
title is gonna change all the time your description is gonna change but you can
put your hashtags in so let’s use the same hashtags so this information is
going to come up every time you upload it’s not going to be that in capitals
see this is pretty generic here so I usually add my channel this is a way of you being able to
create your own phrase and keywords for your search engine optimization okay so
I’m just going to have that and then this is the way that you want
you can also put in as a place on the Internet where your you are also found
and this is my best choice here at the DIY affiliate and this is the reason why
I say when you create your gmail and you create all the other social media sites
which we’re going to get into later to do it with the same keywords this is the
reason why when I look up at the DIY affiliate I will find me there
the DIY affiliate on Pinterest the DIY affiliate YouTube the DIY
affiliate YouTube discussion the DIY affiliate interactive views which is
another one of my websites so this would give people more information about you
your your videos to come up all the time you just I would just click private so
then that way you can change it to public or you can change it to unlisted
and then save go back into settings now I tend to save everything all at once
because then or I save everything not at once but one at a time so that I know it
gets saved so let’s go into extras okay so that was the essential this is the
extras here you can do the same thing I don’t know if I still have the tags that
I copied but I think I do there no I got the tags from here so you want to have
tags that are relevant how to grow a youtube channel how to start a YouTube
channel how to start a YouTube channel for beginners and grow your YouTube
channel and I’ve got another one that I’d like to put and actually sometimes
that goes up wrong so in a way you’re making your own
keywords okay and then if you want to go into the advanced there again this is
the way that it is going to be coming up all the time so you have well for me
it’s creative comments license which will allow you to be able to download
this video and upload it reuse it as your own my video language is English
community contributions is off at the moment my category this is important
what is the category that this this is going to go in what do I want to be
known as which category the how-to and style one that I’ve chosen and captions
her to a certification right so basically I just choose this content as
never aired on television in the US and then save and here are your comments hold potentially inappropriate comments
for reviews and users can view ratings for this video yes because you want to
be able to show people that you are not hiding anything save back into settings community now this is where you can add moderators
and I will do another tutorial on that approved users and it tells you what to
do to paste the channel URL the users to add as an approved user and also hidden
users and you can enter words that you don’t want to see and then here is the
default this is comments on your discussion tab
hold potentially inappropriate comments yes you definitely don’t want to have
inappropriate comments anywhere on your channel and messages that are in live
chat hold potential okay so then save now each time you save you are going to
lose the the pop-up box so you need to go back in other settings so this will
take you into the advanced channel settings and this is still in the
creator studio hey there are my channel keywords that I
created the country inner de buddy that wants to know how to
associate their website site even I will get back to you I just
finished verifying mind allow other channels to appear allow my channel to
appear on other channels recommendations click yes display the number of people
subscribe to my channel it’s up to you I always click yes because I like to be
transparent and I don’t like when people think that you are hiding something okay so that is the information right
now that you need to have all my changes are saved go back to my channel that information was for the advanced
settings of your channel so that’s where you find that in the other settings and
the advanced ok so cancel not since that is all done so now we have our channels
set up properly it’s just the basics I am going to be uploading a video and
showing you and going through the steps of creating your organic traffic now because this is a new channel you
will see at the bottom want to upload videos longer than 15 minutes increase
your limit so we’re going to click into increase your limit remember this is a new channel so if you
are starting a new channel you are going to see this so this is account verification you will have to you have to verify your account so you
select your country mine’s Canada this is a drop-down box call with an automated voice message or
text me with a verification code so I’m just going to say text me what language
should we use to send your verification code – English you can change the
language please choose a different language phoning the bottom so this is
the language area right here this is where you can change your languages then
you choose the language that you would like to have your verification code in and then you put your phone number this
number is very important without your six digit verification code
you will not be able to upload videos more than 15 minutes and also you will
not be able to use a customized thumbnail so the account verification is
very important make sure that when you put your phone number in that you have
your phone ready in front of you you will get a six digit verification code
if it is a call you will get a phone call and it’ll say this is your six
digit verification code and it is necessary for you to have okay or you
will get a text then you just click Submit it’ll say congratulations your YouTube
account is now verified continue so then you will now see your avatar you will
see the your channel and you will see verified and this is what it means by
verified that you are a verified partner from the beginning you are a verified
partner the only difference is YouTube is not giving you money and not making
money from your channel here you will see all of your information that you are
allowed to do and things that you may not be allowed to do so let’s just go
through this briefly uploading is enabled a live streaming you are
eligible for it and you can enable it your not enabled yet for live streams
which is different than live streaming now here it says you can upload videos
longer than 15 minutes so that is now enabled you can have unlisted or private
videos that’s now enabled and you can have custom thumbnails that is now
enabled you can also link annotations to external sites or merge partners that is
enabled all the rest are not enabled yet so now we’re going to return to you type
we’re just going to go through this very briefly okay your first video that you
upload is going to be your introductory channel trailer now this is all
important to your organic traffic and creating
a greater online presence to be able to do these very important elements in the
beginning okay so I have this video here I have it uploaded now I want to go to other features customize my channel okay so here now
what I showed you in the first video for new visitors and I’ve already done that
for new visitors and as you can see I’ve already put that in there but I am just
going to show you let’s click on this pencil and here I can remove this or I
can change this if I remove it this is what you will see this right here and
all you do is just click in there your video will come up and you just choose
it and there you go you have your channel trailer there is more search
engine optimization that needs to be done with it and I will be covering that
in another tutorial for returning subscribers and here it says feature
content so if you just click in your future content you will then see a box
come up and this is where you would have your second video so I’m just going to
save that whoops sorry I’m just going to cancel
that and now let’s get to the organic traffic so we’re going to click on this
camcorder right here up at the top you have a choice public unlisted private or
scheduled we’re just going to pick private for now you
and drop your video in and this is the easiest you can drop your video in and
this is the easiest way as I put my video here up on the desktop I am just
going to take my video from this window right here and see when it gets to at night so there you go that is the
first way this that is the easiest way is to know where your file is and then
to just drop it in the second way is when you go to your
camcorder upload a video now instead of just dropping it in we’re going to go
right into the computer to get it so let’s go right
into the computer I’m just gonna upload this one and it’s
coming up in private and then it will then be load it to your dashboard and here you can see what I did when I set
up my channel there are my tags that have come up there are the hash tags and
there is the other information that I put in
it should say follow me at the DIY affiliate and it has come up at an in
private everything else is all set up so let’s just wait for that okay so now as
the file is uploading we’re going to give it a title now we’re not doing a
full tutorial today on the processing and just this is just the basics
I copy my title and I put my title in the first line of the description this
helps with your search engine optimization you would then give a
little bit of a description as to what you want for your the description of
your feature video and I am just going to take that okay this is where I show you one of my
tips and tricks that I have learned I don’t know if you’ve ever lost a video
but I have and I’ve also lost information so what I do is I open up a
Google Doc and I take all the information from the video and I put it
into the Google Doc the title the description and the keywords okay so you
have your title your description and now custom thumbnail so let’s just click on
that it’s gonna grab one of my thumbnails just use this one for now next here since you don’t have any playlists
yet because you’ve just uploaded your introductory channel trailer and now you
are uploading your feature video you create a playlist so just click on new
playlist add your title and you would have done some research
for your title for your playlist mine is how to create a YouTube channel yours
can be anything and for now the visibility is private end screen this is
the 20 the last 20 seconds of your video promote your content on mobile and
desktop build your viewership with powerful and screens on your video so
here it says 5 new end of video elements to promote videos playlists channels
websites and call to subscribe elements that show across desktop and mobile
devices easy to use grid and snap to functionality – Pro editing ok got it now for the demonstration okay so if I
click use a template it shows me the different templates that I can use so I
choose the one that I like the best select so here I can choose a video or playlist most recent upload and the only choice I really have here
is best for the viewer so this is what shows up in the last 20 seconds of your
video and you can also change it so that it looks different like for instance I
can move this over here or I can bring this up here and put me in the middle so
you have best for the viewer most recent upload and a subscribe if you wanted to
add an element by itself you can do that two ways one way is from here and the
other way is through the editor which I will show you in another tutorial
return to YouTube studio may not be saved save your changes all changes saved when
you are finish using this feature return to YouTube studio now it’s important
that you follow this direction about returning to YouTube studio because
otherwise you too could get confused and end up not saving your video or freezing now if you go back into your videos your
you will see that you are still in draft so you want to click Edit draft this will then take you back into your
video the next step would be to go to the advanced settings okay so we’ve already added an end
screen we want to add the card so we would click into here and then that
would take us into the another screen for adding cards now you can create a
template and use this template with your other videos so let’s just create a
small template right now okay so we’re going to add a video and playlist and
this is where you can customize your text I’m just gonna put and you want to try to have teaser texts
this is important that people are going to when they look at it they’re going to
be interested or intrigued and they’re going to want to find out more so
important do this first and then create your card now you will see this little eye pop up
there and it says from the new DIY channel if you click into it you will
see your video in the form of a little video card and this is what pops up for
when you create your cards okay and this is the timing this is where you want it
to end up or you want to you want people to start seeing your card okay so for me
this is the future video so I want people to start seeing the card 3
minutes and 36 seconds so this is my first card now I am going to create
another card playlist here since it actually has not been created yet I am
NOT going to be able to do that and you cannot use the same card so we will not
be able to do that right now so we will only be able to create this card with a
playlist you can also create a promote another channel and then the channel
information the user name or their the or your URL and then it costs the message and then create your card so now this is going to come in to show
in my video at another day different time okay so this one here is going to
show in my video around 13 minutes and 22 seconds into my video and this is
what it’s going to be my main channel learn all my secrets that is the teaser
text okay next you can create a poll now this hat will help with your engagement
especially if you have a channel where you are interacting with your
subscribers on a certain topic so for instance I usually use what are you
struggling with what do whoops sorry okay so I’m just gonna copy this go into
my Google Translate and you see here I am translating from English to English
so I do want to change that so I’m going to open up a Google Translate and it’s a
good idea to always have your Google Translate open when you are working on
your computer is to always have Google Translate open especially when you are
working and you are talking with people of different languages okay so say I
wanted to change that to I’m just gonna click in here to show you
okay so say I wanted to change that to Hindi for the people who speak the Hindi
language and there’s a lot of people that speak different languages but
understand and write a different language okay so what can I help you
with there it is in Hindi I’m gonna put a star on that because I want to save it
and then I’m going to copy it and this is an example I am just gonna go back
into my poll where I was and I am going to do it in Hindi there we go that is
one way here is another if you click into the Google Translate you can go
translate this page and while it’s working you do have to be
patient sometimes you may have to click it twice
or sometimes it just takes a bit sometimes I just wait for a couple
seconds and when I click it again in the mean time and do you hear that
music in the background this is 528 Hertz and I always create my
videos using one of the it’s called vocal tones so this particular tone is
for transportation and miracles DNA repair it is called tone my which is
used to return human DNA to its original perfect state the reason that I listen
to it when I’m creating my videos is because it helps to increase the amount
of life energy clarity of mind awareness and to be able to be awakened or
activated in a creative way it helps you to feel inner peace and those are just a
few this is this is taking the left so I’m going to click into it again it was almost like the universe said oh
excuse me but you need to tell people about this ancient sofa throw tone so
that they can use it when they’re creating for the video and I keep it in
this Google Doc I’m going to be copying all of the information that I use so I
went I translated some information from Hindi or from English to Hindi the thing
that I do in case I lose my information and then I don’t have to do it over
again okay and then this is the the one that I used for the English to make sure
that pop it hey to add your cards and your the
second way to add your n screens and your cards is to go into your editor a
to add your cards and your end screen is your editor today I am just showing you about the
cards in the end screen I am going to do a full tutorial on the editor so because
this is a new channel this is what you will see and YouTube is really good with showing
you what you need to do okay so this is your end screens I’m just going to click
in here to show you apply a template because I’ve already
added some end screens so I’m just going to click apply a template now the same
templates come up we’ll choose this one apply this is what it’s going to look
like you can again change it around if you want I and I have the most recent
upload and best for the viewer and a subscribe that is how you can add your
end screens this is if you wanted to add an element just by itself but this video
can only contain up to three end screen elements so I’m going to take one off
here okay so I’m going to take off the best from the viewer so now I can add an element it seems to
have deleted the ho template okay so now we can add an element you can add a
video a playlist a subscribe button or a channel just the same as you could add
it the other way and it’s very easy to do the same way if you click add video
you will see your videos come up most recent upload best for the viewer or
choose a specific if you choose a specific video then your videos will
come up and also any video that’s on YouTube so if we chose another video
that was on YouTube as well from maybe your another one of your channels or
another channel you could do that as well let’s just choose this one for now
and then that will then come up here and then you will then see it subscribe button so then the subscribe
button will come up so your video you’re subscribed and then if you wanted to add
a channel it would be the same it would just click in here you could search for
a channel or you could choose a specific channel okay so I’m just going to search hey so this is me right here and I have
the same picture so that’s silly but yes that is me with the same picture
but it is two different channels okay then when you are finished missing it’ll
tell you a channel element is missing a custom message so that is right here
this one here custom message and they’re always changing things
around okay here you could see that you can use sixty characters just gonna add that for now but you can
add up to sixty characters okay and now when you see this blue box
come up with the save you can then save they will be doing a full tutorial on
the editor but this is just the basics of just getting started right now is the video this is where it shows up now the second part of the video I will
be showing you how to share your video in order to create your organic traffic
so this video is going to follow this video that I’ve just done so stay tuned
and make sure that you watch it so that you get the full information that you
need in order to create your organic traffic is the video this is where it
shows up now the second part of the video I will be showing you how to share
your video in order to create your organic traffic so this video is going
to follow this video that I’ve just done so stay tuned and make sure that you
watch it so that you get the full information that you need in order to
create your organic traffic for sharing knowledge is free and we can all share
our knowledge and help to build a community of like-minded people who are
willing and able to help each other grow online this is a DIY affiliate wishing
everybody a wonderful evening and looking forward to hanging out
you soon

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