How To Sign Up for a Wealthy Affiliate WordPress Niche Website [Link in Description]

This is Lori Ballen. I’m so excited to be
starting this new series for affiliate marketers and for the niche websites that
are looking to make more money on the internet from Amazon Associates, Google
Ads affiliate products etc. I myself earned six figures per year on
affiliate marketing with a primary focus on software and I do a lot of that
through influencer marketing as well as your blogs and my Youtube channel and
now I have moved on to Pinterest. I kind of like to master one platform at
a time and then bring on the next one as we go. I have found a really cool new
platform. A lot of you guys know me already as a web developer. I do own a
marketing company called BallenBrands and we build websites for real
estate agents and for people that want to own their own platform and be able to
have a certain level of functionality. Well as I have been entering into this
affiliate marketing world I have begun exploring other platforms that
specialize in specific niches. In this training video we’re going to take a look
at and we’re going be talking all about this this
software through and this membership through my video channels I’m going to
be doing training on it. I do have a link for you to check it out so there’s a
link in this description it is an affiliate link and it does benefit me.
Today we are going to upgrade to the premium membership. The main reason I always upgrade almost always. One reason I’m doing this besides
that the initial discount is that I want to own my own domain name so I’m looking
to build a website and I want to own my own domain name and in order to do that
through wealthy affiliate I need to register. I need to have the
premium version so let’s go ahead and click build a website and I’m going to
build this on a domain I already own. Now, I’ve gotta upgrade to premium. I’m a believer in owning your own domain now
you can still do that through wealthy affiliate. I just have a ton of domains
already registered through a third-party domain registrar and I’d rather manage
them all in one platform so you can go ahead and follow this all the way
through and do it here or in my case, I’m going to go ahead and upgrade to premium so
that I can do that. So here are my options today we have a $49 a month, $19 the first month, we have six months if we pay in advance we’re gonna save 20% and
if we pay by the year we’re going to save 39%. Now this is very tricky because
I have not driven this yet but I love to save and not really sure
if this one will be going re-billed at $49 a month and this one is at $29. I’m
going to go for it you guys I’m just going to go do the whole kit.

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