How To Slim A Hoodie In 8 Minutes!

Raise your hand if you’re like me and
you love slim-fitting hoodies and you’re so tired of picking one up at the store
and it looks like this? Well what if I told you that you no longer have to look
for a manufacturer who actually makes good ones, because you could just make
one yourself and it’s gonna look like this! I’m SD, it takes about 20 minutes and I
hate long intros let’s do this! First things first, we have to measure our
shirt and you can do this in one of two ways.
If you have never ever tailored anything before and you’ve never measured
anything before what you got to do is you’re going to gather all your
materials you’re gonna need some pins and you’re gonna need a measuring tape.
And you’re gonna measure the side of your sweatshirt and you’re gonna put
some pins in there and in the very beginning you can just kind of ballpark
it a little bit. You can figure out how much you think you want to take off and
you can kind of move from there. Now let me explain imagine a rectangle for a
second and that rectangle represents every single t-shirt and dress shirt and
sweatshirt that you’ve ever bought. And now divide that rectangle into four
equal parts. You want to give that rectangle a nice V taper. So that it’s
more narrow in the waist and then it’s a little bit wider in the hips and the
chest. Well all you got to do is move those two middle pins in by about a half
an inch to maybe three inches depending on how big or small you are. And how big
or small your garment is. Do you like it? Yeah?
Alright good take it off and we’re gonna we’re gonna go sew it. Oh you don’t
like it? Mmm okay well just move the pins around a little bit and then just
kind of kind of go from there. Try it on again and see if you like it. If your
face looks like this don’t panic you can learn everything you need to learn down
there in the description. Where to find a sewing machine,
what kind of thread do you need, what kind of needles do you use, all of that.
Now I hate this step I hate doing this because what ends up happening is it is
inevitable. It is 100% inevitable. You will stab yourself with the pins.
Seriously, every single time. I promise you it’s gonna happen. I just had to
accept that I just went with it and finally I said no there has to be a better way!
And there there is. A much better way. You can use this. It’s a template. Oh crap. That
is a template of the measurements of my favorite t-shirt in the entire world. And
all I do now is I transfer those measurements onto every single shirt
that I tailor. Including this one. I made a video on that too I’ll give you one
guess as to where you can find it. Now since we are doing a hoodie instead of a
t-shirt I don’t want it to fit exactly the same way. I want it to be a little
bit looser than that so what I do is I end up moving the pins out just just a
little maybe about a half of an inch. But nonetheless that template gives me a
great baseline for what it is that I want to do to that hoodie. And now? Now
it’s time to sew. Step one, what did we have to do? We had to make a new bobbin
because for the first time ever you finally weren’t too lazy to go to the
store and get some green thread that actually matched what you were sewing.
What kind of thread are we using? Polyester. Why are we using polyester
thread? Well because despite the fact that this
hoodie is a cotton poly blend, I’m gonna use polyester thread because it’s gonna
be able to stretch and move with me and that way I don’t have to worry about any
rips or tears if I’m taking it off or putting it on. What kind of needle are we
using? A universal needle size 80 – 12. Good job you got everything right! But we
actually had to change our needle, we didn’t use a different type of needle we
had to switch out our universal needle because they actually don’t last forever.
Change your needle about every eight hours of sewing time or what I usually
do about every eight garments. And if you’re tailoring thicker materials like
denim you’re probably going to change it a lot more often. Now it’s uh. yeah, now
it’s time to sew this bad boy. You know sometimes I wonder so what’s my
plan if I screw this up cuz I still screw up a lot of things. So then I’m
like “so am I gonna like go back and buy another $15 sweatshirt?” or like what’s
what’s the game plan here. Maybe I should take my time and make sure I do it right.
Maybe I can circumvent not making mistakes by not sewing on a stool. You
think I’d get like a table by now or like a desk or even a chair like would
be better as opposed to sitting on a utility ladder but hey you know what are
you buying? No? I didn’t think so! I should probably stop yelling the significant
other is upstairs. She’s on a conference call right now I think so
any minute now I’m gonna get a text saying “hey if you want to not yell while
you make your your tailoring YouTube videos in the basement that’d be nice
thanks!” One side is done. Oh I made a mistake
too, with the way that I pinned everything up what I normally do is I’ll
put the pins on opposite sides so that way I’ll have all of the fabric on this
side of the machine and then I just have the edge of my garment on this side of
the machine. So that it doesn’t get all bunched up down here but I got
distracted, and I didn’t do that. That’s okay Now it’s time for a zig zag stitch. Boom!
I thought that we were done but we are not done because we’ve got a huge major
major major problem. Here’s what happened, those sleeves. I didn’t touch those
sleeves at all because they looked fine they really didn’t bother me that much.
But then after I took in the sides I’m kind of looking at him and I’m like “mm
we gotta we got to do something about that!” So we went back and we had to
measure the sleeves and the sleeves are just as easy to do as the body is. You
can do them separately you can do them together. And I took off a half of an
inch on the sleeves down to about 12 inches down. And then I moved in to an
inch. And I was kind of happy that this ended up happening because now I’m able
to actually give my sleeve a taper. And do this, give yourself the Flex test. If
you’re ever tailoring the sleeves of anything do the Flex test because you
might pin it up and you’ll just kind of holds your arm like that “yeah okay cool
it fits right?” Well, when do you ever walk around like this? You’re just gonna walk
around with your arms straight out like this? No? I didn’t think so!
Do the Flex test move your arms around see how it feels. It might feel fine like
this, but if you go like that and all those pins just start popping out all
over the place and you’re like “ah my arm!” Alright so it passed? Good! Okay so start
at that arm seam and then just sew all the way down through your wrist. And now
not only one do you have a perfectly fitted hoodie, but you can now make all
of your other hoodies fit and look exactly like that one. That’s all I got
for you SD out! Oh I kind of hurt. Oww, deuces.


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