How To Smoke Salmon With Masterbuilt Smoker- Dry Brine

how to smoke salmon with masterbuilt electric smoker hi it’s AlaskaGranny today I’m going to smoke salmon with a dry brine
masterbuilt smoker and I thought I would show you my family’s favorite recipe for smoked salmon the way
that we smoke salmon first you want to choose a nice fresh salmon and rinse it
well pat dry with paper towels and feel the salmon carefully to make sure there’s
no bones left in it if there are remove them I like it dry brine salmon salmon has a lot of moisture in it and a lot of the moisture can be
removed ahead of time so I make a dry brine I combine brown sugar kosher salt and
pepper combine 2 cups of brown sugar one-half cup of kosher salt and 1
tablespoon of black pepper stir them together then you need a glass dish with
a layer of your dry brine on the bottom of the dish then a layer of salmon then another layer the dry brine and a layer of salmon pat the brine in good and make sure that all of
the surfaces of the salmon are well covered and then another layer of salmon then top the salmon with the remainder of the dry brine mixture layer of your mixture to draw out the
moisture in your salmon and I cover it well put it in the refrigerator overnight I just got my salmon out of the refrigerator and you can see all of the
moisture that has been drawn out of the salmon meat so you want to pour that out then you
want to carefully rinse your salmon with cool water l lay the salmon on paper towels to dry the meat is now more solid feeling get your smoker racks ready take the racks you need from your Masterbuilt smoker and spray with some kitchen
for it hard to keep the spray from going everywhere when your spray your rack so
I put them in the sink and spray them there cuz it’s easier to clean up the
sink than everywhere else in your house now lay your salmon on the rack and
leave space between them for the smoke to circulate let the salmon sit out for two
hours so that the surface get what’s called a pellicle or film get a little glazy glossy you can
see that it’s kind of shiny tacky and little tacky and that’s when your salmon is ready to smoke get your
smoker ready what I do for easy cleanup is first a little big sheet of foil in
front of the smoker on the ground for any drips and I cover the drip tray in
the bottom with foil and where the water tray goes I like to replace that with a
disposable aluminum pan load up your chips apple chips or some kind of fruit
chips work well with salmon but you use whatever wood chips you have turn the smoker to 200
degrees and bring it up to temperature you can see I’ve got a good smoke going
open the door quickly insert the racks of salmon and close it up again so you don’t lose the
heat and the smoke let the salmon smoke at 200 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour how to tell if your salmon is done after about 45 minutes take out one of the small pieces
and check it out how does it look and it flaky you don’t want it to be squishy and you
don’t want to turn into rubber so you have to keep your eye on it you can see
it has white textured matter on it and that’s just part of the process but that
doesn’t hurt anything if you don’t like it you can do scrape it off my salmon looks done it is
still soft and tender very flaky doesn’t get much better the salmon is done it is time to
take it out smoking salmon is not difficult it just takes a little time
smoking salmon is worth every step it’s moist it’s flaky it’s smoke-filled like you
wouldn’t believe this smoked salmon is delicious try it learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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