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Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales, how to spot Amazon
Fake Reviews and what you can do about it, and Can you Trust HealMyTech? Coming up, roll
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Friday, starts midnight Pacific Time, and 8AM British Standard Time on Monday 15th July 2019 and lasts for
48 hours for the first time as opposed to previous tradition of 1 day only. In the midst
of all those wonderful Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales, a growing number of fake amazon reviews
have been plaguing the site for a while. Whilst there are methods in place to block and remove
inauthentic reviews with the help of artificial intelligence and an investigating team, fake
reviews are still rampant and may even be growing, and the situation worsened in 2015
with the expansion of international sellers to places like the Chinese market. When we say review, we really mean stars first
and foremost, as the brilliant marketing strategy by Amazon is so simple yet so effective, that
most people won’t even look at the actual written review. Instead, a glowing yellow
5-star is shun in your face, and we have been programmed, or some would say hypnotised,
to blindly trust these stars. In and of itself this strategy is not a negative, but unscrupulous
merchants have found ways to populate the platform with fake 5-star reviews. But I also want to do this disclaimer, just
because a review is given a fake 5-star does not necessarily mean the product is fake and
doesn’t deserve a 5-star. So how can you spot fake amazon reviews? Your
biggest tool is going to be your common sense, unfortunately. Take a look at the product
itself, beyond the 5-star reviews, and google search at other trusted websites and from
trusted independent reviewers including here on YouTube. One liners like “great” and “fantastic” and
“amazing” without further description should ring alarm bells, even from verified purchases,
as well as several postings in one day from the same reviewer. You can click on the poster’s
profile and if you see they only have 5-star reviews or a single review, then that’s also
suspicious. Additionally you can also visit a couple of
websites like and where you can insert a product url link to
get an independent star review grade, resulting in a rating recalculation if necessary. You
can report those fake reviews and the dodgy sellers directly to Amazon. On the flip side, also don’t be dissuaded
by some really moronic 1 star reviews by people who should not be allowed anywhere near any
review feature, ever. Every product line has a small acceptable negligible defective number
of SKU, it is a normal part of the whole production process. You and I have had dead on arrival
items, right, simply return it and you will be provided with a new working one. There is no need to
leave a 1 star review because of that, but I guess you can’t teach common sense. Sure
if you receive another dead product then maybe a 1 star is deserved, but please! Still, take all these tips and tricks with
a grain of salt and if you really want to make a difference, start making your own honest
reviews. There is a vine program from Amazon which will enable you to receive genuine free
products in exchange for honest reviews. Some people have even turned it into a full time
occupation. It’s not an easy access group but if you start by reviewing the products
you have already bought, it should give you a higher chance of being invited to join the
Amazon Vine program. Having said that, despite all the tips and
tricks that anyone can provide you, including yours truly, the reality is that you can only
be absolutely certain once you have the product in hand and test out for yourself. Well thankfully
Amazon has one of the best, if not the best, return policies and customer services I have
ever come across, they have never failed me so far, and I cover one example of that with
this video about an empty box return also involving the courier company Hermes, watch
it above and in link below. So worry not too much, as its okay to take
a little risk every now and then, as long as you make good use of that return policy
under the distant selling regulations. Apart from a little time and effort to physically
return the product, the process is relatively simple and straightforward, at least it should
be for the most part. Despite the fact that I am a small channel,
here on HealMyTech, I have been approached numerous times by many chinese sellers on
Amazon to give 5-star reviews in exchange for free products. These sellers can contact
you on any platform including facebook with more targeted user groups. This has worked
in 3 ways so far. 1- They send a product directly to me for free and request a 5-star review.
2 They send part of the money for me to order the product and after the 5-star review they
will refund the rest. 3- They ask me to order the product and provide proof of order and
then refund me fully through paypal. Some people even get an extra commission on top
of the product price, that has not been my experience so far, unfortunately or fortunately. Let’s take a look at one typical contact;
this is an email and I’ve blanked out their company info. FYI, I have had lots of different
contacts from all kinds of companies, some are of course scams, others are legit companies
but only looking for 5-star reviews, irrespective of the quality of their products. This is
an example of one of those legit companies which I am investigating before making a decision. Hello, I am X from Y, a company focusing on
the research and development of high-quality digital accessories. I will introduce two
products for you. After a few email exchanges, they finally
lay down the conditions. This is cooperation steps,
1.give me your Amazon profile like this 2.If your Profile is fit for us. then I give
you a product link. 3. You order on Amazon and give me your order
ID. 4. I refund you!
5. Finally, this is the most important thing for us! Leave a 5 stars review!
If you think you can cooperate with us. please let me know!
I think our product will not let you down! Yours,
X Decision made! Rejected! Suffice is to say that as a small channel,
being approached by your first sponsor-ish (I’m not sure a free product qualifies as
a proper sponsor), means everything to the small content creator. Many would be very
tempted to flush their integrity down the toilet and bow to the sponsor’s every request
at this stage. So did I fall into the same trap; i.e Can You Trust HealMyTech? I stole
this one from Painfully Honest Tech, go to his channel and show him some love. I’ve done a total of 3 sponsor-ish request
so far on this channel. You can watch all these reviews by clicking the link in the
description below or the card above. Let’s take a look. First one was this USB Microphone
Fifine K669B, next was the WIndows 10 Key for £20 video, then the Comica CVM-V30 Pro
Shotgun Microphone review. The Windows 10 key video is now taken down because they are
closed for business, you can watch the video up here on click the link below in the description. I gave the USB Microphone Fifine K669B a 4-star
review, but I mention on Amazon that the “Final verdict would be 3.5 out of 5, no ability
to put 0.5 review here, hence 4 stars.” As for the Comica CVM-V30 Pro Shotgun Microphone,
again a well deserved 4 star review, but not a 5 star in any case. I’m going to leave you to be the judge whether
you can trust HealMyTech. As a consumer like yourself, before I started this YouTube channel,
I relied heavily on reviews to make an informed purchase decision, I still do. I would hate
to manipulate someone into buying a falsely advertised product of inferior quality or
not fit for its purpose just to advance my YouTube channel or for pure monetary gains. Do you have any idea how many YouTubers have
sold their souls to these companies for the green? I have lost trust in so many review
channels, and I would hate to be part of the same creed. Some of them don’t even mention
their sponsorship contract or any other types of affiliation with said products or companies,
which is illegal and also against YouTube’s own rules, but hey, it still goes on. Of course its easier to wave the integrity
flag when one is small, but as soon as the numbers go up and the celebrity syndrome kicks
in, one might easily be swayed. So I’m hoping that you guys will keep me in check as I continue
to bring you honest and transparent reviews and tutorials. This is one reason why I have refused so many
sponsored requests from a long time ago; I started getting these contact emails early
on and I decided not to follow through. I will only work with brands and products which
I personally can test and stamp approve to the best of my ability. Back to my previous sponsor, after I gave
a 3.5 to 4 star review both on Amazon and on YouTube, I thought I would never hear from
them again, but to my surprise they have approached me once more and requested for a professional
grade Wireless Microphone review. I’m really chuffed, I ain’t refusing, so watch out for
that upcoming review. Now I’d like to hear from you, do you trust reviews
blindly or are you more savvy than that? And if there are any other tips which I have glossed
over, feel free to jot them down in the comments below. Don’t forget to also support the channel by
using my amazon affiliate links for US and UK. I am looking forward to Amazon Prime Day 2019 sales, so maybe I will do a
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