How to Start a Blog and Make Money

in this video I will show you how to
start a blog that makes money here are some of the examples of the money that I
have made on just one of the networks from my blog here are some of the
examples of some more affiliate earnings that are attributable to my blog that
are made from another network and here are some of the PayPal payments that I
have recently received into my account all of these things are possible because
I have a blog and I’m able to build an audience and then I’m able to promote
various things to that audience what’s up guys this is Brett Curran anchor here
with another video and in this video I’m going to be talking to you about how to
start a blog that is actually making you money as I promised to you in the last
video I’m going to be putting out a series of about five or maybe seven
videos we will see how we go I’m going to break it down for you and this is
video one of the series I’m going to give you an overview of every single
step of what you need to do to start a blog that actually makes you money if
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all right straight into it so in this video as I said this video is the
overview video so I’m going to give you a high-level understanding of the whole
process and then in the next five to seven days I’m going to be releasing
detailed video of every single step okay so bear with me there is a lot of
information there’s a lot of steps that are involved in actually starting your
blog but I will be releasing one video a day so make sure that you follow my
channel and follow all of these videos to get every single step so in this
video we’re going to be talking about each step so the very first step of
course in starting your blog is to choose your niche which is very
important I have spoken to a lot of people who spent one or two years
building their blogs in a niche that is very hard to monetize okay some kind of
a niche about creative writing for example was spoken to another person
who created a blog related to aquariums and it was just a little bit hard to
monetize because there wasn’t a lot of traffic there so overall you know
choosing your niche is a very very important step so what I recommend for
you to do is to generate a list of ideas of things that you’re kind of interested
about okay and then there are also a couple of other things that you can do
I’m going to give it just a brief overview now and build a list of maybe
ten to fifteen maybe even less likely let’s say three five ten ideas it
depends how many you will sort of be able to generate but just write down
things that you’re interested in maybe some things that are quite obvious maybe
you’ve been wanting to start a blog in particular areas okay after you’ve
written down that list just from the top of your mind top of your head then the
next step that I would like you to do is to go into Clickbank and look at various
products with gravity of over 50 okay that will actually give you a really
good idea on some of the products that are selling well might open your eyes to
some of the niches that you perhaps might not have considered before let’s
jump over to Clickbank and I’ll show you exactly what I’m talking about okay so
if you don’t have a Clickbank account just sign up it’s free
Clickbank comm and then log in and then head over to marketplace this button
here at the very top and then scroll down and you will be able to see the
different categories so what you can do is you can just click advanced search
and then put in all categories and hit search and then search results by and
then choose gravity and that will give you let me just zoom in a little bit
that will give you all of the products that are on Clickbank Clickbank is a
marketplace which connects vendors or various digital products for example
things like training courses and various tutorials you know just kind of like
information courses software as well so the sellers of these products come here
lease these products and then affiliates can promote their products for a
commission so basically they refer clients to them but it’s a great way to
research your potential audience as well because it actually gives you a gravity
and what a gravity is this many Athenians have successfully sold a copy
of this product within the last eight weeks okay that’s the simple definition
of it so it means that if 342 people have been able to make sales of this
particular product it means that it’s pretty popular it converts really well
all right so you can open up each of these products and actually find out
what it’s about it says this one is obviously about women’s weight loss okay
hi kid diabetes so diabetes is is a great issue as well you can see that
diabetes is this product is selling extremely well flat belly of course
numerable numerologist who would have thought maybe numerology is not a niche
that you would have can see that okay but it is a very very very good and
profitable niche ketta resources okay and so on as you go through this battery
reconditioning how about that would you have ever thought of battery
reconditioning if you didn’t look on Clickbank I definitely would not have so
you know if this is an excellent way to find out some niches that you didn’t
think about before last tip that I will give you without going into too much
detail is to check income reports if you type in something like blog income
reports into Google you will be able to see a lot of income reports that people
are sharing in terms of how their blogs are doing of course 99% of people don’t
do it but there is a small percentage of people who are happy to share their
reports just to inspire others and so forth and that might give you some ideas
into niches that you know whether it’s a profitable niche or not so on railing
railing tans websites iranian she’s actually published an amazing blog
post which i find very useful and she’s put together a list of 50 blog income
reports of successful bloggers so here you can see how much different people I
did making in different issues okay so travel niche is making 4,000 a
month okay finance seventeen become a VA
twenty thousand forty six thousand and so forth so you can also go through
those and that’s a great way to understand what kind of niches are
profitable there you can see there is a survival
niche James they’re making over a million per month that’s insane that’s
just insane results they’re ultimately the choice of new she’s up to you the
steps that I mentioned before just help you kind of make sure that there are
high converting products that you’re able to promote as an affiliate for a
commission to recommend the products to your audience thereby through a link you
get paid a commission okay you want to have a good selection a high number of
affiliate products to promote the other thing that you want to make sure is that
there are other businesses out there other blogs out there that are making
money in that niche but just in case you’re super stuck I’m gonna give you a
list of permit issues here okay it’s anything that’s got to do with weight
loss Fitness health beauty relationships kids and baby stuff any kind of hobbies
where people buy expensive things so for example things like drones and RC cars
people spend hundreds of dollars on toys ok so that’s a very good niche as well
anything that’s got to do with organic food I’m kind of guilty or spending you
know sometimes quite a lot of money on health kind of things like various seeds
and you know various oils to drink and things like that so that’s a really good
niche as well and of course money making stuff so how to make money online as a
quit niche as well so just think where do people spend the money because if
people spend money and buy things in the niche that’s a good news for you to get
into it step two is to determine your
monetization I kind of touched on it in the previous step but what is important
is to make sure that there is a good number of affiliate offers to promote in
your niche ok you will also probably look at things
like display ads which is Google Adsense these are just little ads so for example
this is an example of one of my travel blogs and you will see there are these
ads that come up here okay so that’s a simple way to monetize pretty much any
website and in addition to I feel it offers and various other ways that
you’re going to be promoting your blog as soon as somebody comes to my blog
here and one of these links I get paid a certain
amount of dollars sometimes a few cents sometimes a dollar sometimes even two
dollars depending on which ad they click a couple of other resources that I
wanted to share with you in terms of determining your monetization whether
there is enough money to be made there is so I’ve already mentioned Clickbank
so making sure that there are some products for you to promote from
Clickbank the other couple are offer ball and ShareASale and CJ comm off the
vault is a great resource it aggregates various affiliate offers from variety of
different sources and you can search kind of a lot of affiliate offers from
one place so if I type in something like weight loss in to offer ball it will
bring up all weight loss related office to me so there are 765 so that gives me
confidence right that there is a good amount of different stuff that I can
promote some hopefully proven kind of offers so here they’re paying 110
dollars per lead again 90 dollars a sale 80 dollars a sale and so forth so there
are lots and lots of offers for me to promote in the weight loss niche to
other resources that are very useful I ShareASale and CJ stands for
Commission Junction once again these are large affiliate networks but they can
give you some extra bit of information they can give you rough conversion
numbers for affiliate offers that are that you can promote from those networks
for example I’m now logged in to share a sell account and if I go into the health
niche that will bring up all of the health related resources and I’m able to
sort by let’s say 30 days eb c e pcs earnings per click so if you’re sending
traffic if you’ve sent a hundred clicks from your blog to a particular offer how
much can you expect to make and this is very useful because this will tell you
for example that these particular offers heart-smart
or hot juice or seed or molecule you can see how much you can expect to make for
each of them for example this here max offer you can see that EPC is 130 119
so the way that this works is these are earnings per 100 clicks so per click
it’s one dollar and 31 cents which is a really good earnings per click if you
decide to promote these particular product on your blog if it is related to
hair this is just a good way for you to understand and to search the offerings
of different products that you will be able to promote later down the track
last thing that you want to do is start a blog build it up and then find out
that there on there is no way for you to actually make money from this blog okay
the whole point of starting the blog is to make money right unless you want to
do it as a hobby but for me blogging is a business so these are various ways for
you to determine if you’re thinking okay which niche should I go into this is a
great way to find there is affiliate offers that you can promote later down
the track for a commission and find out how well they convert so overall I
recommend for you to research five to ten various blogs in your niche and
reverse-engineer how they make money okay combined with the other methods
that we talked about here this will give you really good level of confidence that
the niche that you’re thinking of going into is a good niche and will make your
money down the track step three is to come up with a blog name now don’t over
complicate this this is fairly simple you don’t need to use an exact word
match it’s no longer necessary you might have done this in 2005 okay but it’s
2019 now so if you are thinking of going into a niche that’s related to how to
take care of your hair you don’t have to call it something like how to regrow
hair calm that’s not necessary you can just you can have the word hair in the
name of your blog but you do not have to because Google is now smart enough and
you know just putting the word hair into your domain name is not going to give
you any advantage whatsoever you can call it something like I am NOT
bald calm or normal baldness calm that’s completely fine what I recommend is
actually to up with a two-word name so my travel
blog is travel croc calm the only reason that I recommend at to read calm is
because if you decide to sell your business down the track it actually just
makes it a lot more attractive from a marketing perspective so think about it
you’ve got two websites with exactly the same stats one of them is I want to lose
weight dot beers and the other one is weight loss informant comm so what’s
better I want to lose weight dot B’s or weight loss informer I think personally
from a marketing perspective weight loss informer comm would be a much more
preferable domain name you can also use a tool such as impossibility org
unfortunately it seems to be down at the moment it’s a free tool but it’s usually
is available and it will help you come up and generate some domain name ideas
as well just in case you’re completely stuck step number four would be to buy
the domain now I recommend to use Namecheap ok Namecheap is a really good
service by register all of my domains through Namecheap they are fairly cheap
I mean you know a domain we’re gonna cost you something like nine
or ten dollars per year anyway so it is very very cheap maybe twelve you can use
the link in the description if you want you can use my link or just type in
kevinator slash Namecheap just in case you are completely new and
wondering what the hell I’m talking about when I say domain name it’s this
bit for example from my side it’s caffeinated this is called
the domain name this is something that people will type in to either google or
into the their browser to actually find your site step number five will be to
buy hosting hosting is connected to your domain name and when someone types in
Kakinada blogger com all of this information from your website will be
loaded from your host from the hosting company they store all of those files
and then all of that files are accessed and they served into the browser of your
visitors on your website you can think of it as a hard drive that is connected
to the internet like the hard drive computer and whenever somebody is on the
internet and they’re browsing your website they’re just viewing the files
on that hosting company personally I use SiteGround
I’ve been using side ground for many years now recommend them because they
have great support instant chat that can help you resolve all of your problems
they’re really really really excellent at support tickets get resolved the same
day as well and they are amongst the cheapest so I mean hosting only cost
something like you know four to five dollars a month there is not a lot of
difference if you go to one you know one place you pay 350 to another place you
pay 395 a month you know for the 50 cents a month I seriously would just
recommend for you to go with the company that has the best load speed and the
best support and to me I personally think in my experience its side ground
if you want to check them out you can click the link of course once again in
the description below step number six will be to install a wordpress theme and
in case you’re wondering what is a wordpress theme WordPress theme is a
template that determines how your website actually looks so for example on
the caffeinated blogger calm on the blog I run a theme called smart theme and
this is how that theme actually looks like to my visitors and if so that’s how
a blog post for example looks if I go to my travel blog this is another theme
it’s I should forget the name of it now something something around the magazine
theme and if I if you look at it you know it just looks a little bit
different it’s got a different font different layout different kind of items
on it every website needs to have a theme and there are a couple of themes
that I recommend there is a free theme so it’s completely free you don’t have
to pay for it and it’s called airy so this airy theme you can download it
for free and it comes in a few different setups you can look at the demos what
they look like it’s a very nice clean pretty pretty nice looking theme and all
within one theme it has several settings that you can use and it has different
variations of that same theme for example this logistic theme you can see
this is what your website would look like after you install the theme it
looks pretty nice right and it is 100% so this is what a blog layout would look
like and if you click on it this is how your blogs would actually look so it’s a
great theme great option the premium themes so they do cost a little bit of
money that I recommend that I personally use are flattened and smart theme think
of it this way if you you know you try to base your business you know you’re
trying to of course build a blog that will make you money for years to come if
you do have a few extra dollars lying around I definitely would recommend to
buy a premium theme because you will get support and you will get security
updates and so on in the future from buying this theme generally they cost
you know thirty to forty dollars for a theme airy is a very good theme but you
never know if three themes might just end up not being supported in the future
maybe in six months they decide that they don’t want to update them anymore
and that theme might become unsecured and so on if you’re on a budget airy is
a really good choice right now as I’ve at the moment but if you do have a few
bucks lying around I would recommend to go for a premium theme whether it’s flat
sum or smart theme or another theme because the developers will always
continue developing this theme providing security updates and if you ever get
stuck they’re there to give you technical support as well step number
seven would be to configure all the necessary pages on your blog so the
pages that I’m talking about are privacy terms of service contact about an
homepage these are just the so-called boring
pages right they don’t get you traffic or anything like that but they’re
necessary from the point of view of being either a legal requirement in some
countries or being required by various affiliate programs and google adsense if
you want to run ads on your site you generally are required to have a Terms
of Service privacy policy contact us and sitemap page say for example in the
caffeine and a blog you can see I’ve got this drop-down at the bottom saying
legal Terms of Service privacy policy and a contact page of course is
important because you want people to be able to contact you for example if
someone wants to ask you a question or if someone wants to perhaps buy you some
money to post on your website that’s how they would get
touch with you a lot of people contact me on a weekly basis through this
contact us page step number eight would be to find keywords so by now after all
of the previous steps that we’ve just talked about you will have a website on
its own domain in a good niche ready to go with all of the necessary pages right
so step eight is kind of where the fun starts
that’s where you start finding keywords and researching topics and thinking what
kind of content can you publish so that you can start getting visitors onto your
blog and start making money from your blog one of my favorite ways to find
keywords and find topics that I can write about is to reverse engineer the
competitors there are a couple of tools here that I’ve leased that I’m going to
show you quickly but in the future of course I will put out more detailed
videos about everything that will explain how you can actually find
keywords step-by-step but let me give you a very quick demo here now for
example let’s say that you decided to go with the numerology niche so you will
just type in something like what is numerology and then take one of the
blogs that comes up here one of the websites whether it’s world numerology
calm sage goddess or whatever it is let’s say we take this one the law of
attraction calm and you can then reverse analyze this website and see what kind
of things does this website rank for and what kind of content can you write about
to also have a chance to rank for in Google and start getting traffic so I
would use aircrafts for that and I will type that domain in here click search
and then you can apply a variety of filters because you can see that this
website was only started in 2015 it got really huge within several years and
it’s now ranking for one hundred and fifty nine thousand various keywords
which is crazy so if I click on this 159 K that will actually show me what kind
of keywords these website ranks for and I can apply there as filters here so I
can say KD which is K keyword difficulty I can put a maximum of five okay and I
can put a volume of a minimum of 200 so this will give me the keywords that are
very easy to rank for that also get a considerable amount of
search volume and you can see that even with these filters there are 3000 885
keywords that I can go for so if I now scroll down I can see that there are
some keywords that actually have a keyword difficulty of 0 for example love
affirmations has keyword difficulty of 0 there’s another one called poverty
mindset has a keyword difficulty of 1 so that will give you this kind of reverse
engineering will give you tons and tons and tons of various ideas of topics and
keywords that you can write for which are going to be very easy for you to
rank for on page 1 on page 2 of Google will ideally page 1 so that you can
start getting the traffic to your website and not the tool that you can
use just in case you don’t have the budget for a giraffe’s is ubersuggest
ATF’s costs $7 for a 7-day trial so you can actually batch up all of your
research and just do all of your research at once but you can also check
out over suggest and it has a similar functionality that you can also utilize
step 9 is to create content that’s where you will take those low competition
keywords that we talked about before like love informations and various other
ones that you can find and create content I recommend writing articles of
one and a half to two and a half thousand words long that’s what Google
these days sees as high quality content that is exhaustive and it’s kind of
authoritative material and you would just need to produce content so research
what others write about in the case of numerology you would for example look at
something like love affirmations alright and I’m guessing that yep the law of
attraction is ranking so just see what they have written about so they’ve
written an article about thirty five positive affirmations for love romance
and marriage and then you can kind of just rewrite it in your own words the
content here is not difficult okay it’s not long at all it’s very sure I would
say there’s about 300 words on a page so if you write a great article that’s one
and a half thousand words long then to Google it will look like you have
produced a really high-quality piece on keyword
that doesn’t have a lot of competition out there by doing this you will be
placing yourself in a position to be very likely to start attracting a good
amount of traffic on to your website step 10 and this is kind of optional is
to build links if we go back to the example of the law traction comm you
will see there is a stat here called referring domains and it says 2730
referring domains so that means that on the Internet there are two thousand
seven hundred and thirty web sites that are linking to the law of attraction com
website and that means that this website is seen as a fairly high authority web
site because the whole authority thing on the internet works the way of
counting the links so whichever website has the most number of Link’s is seen as
you know the highest authority website so this particular domain rank is
seventy because they’ve had sermoning referring domains that are linking out
to this website if you want your website to grow over time you need to also try
and kind of market your website and attract as many of these links as
possible that will help you get more search engine traffic over time I’m
going to publish a separate video down the track that will tell you how to
actually build the links but one of the basic ways is kind of like as an example
is to publish posts on other people’s sites so you’ll contact the web site and
you can say hey can I publish this high quality article on your website you know
it’s one and a half thousand words long it’s on this particular topic
and generally you will get a lot of the websites to agree that’s what’s been
working really well for us you can link to your website from the article that
you post on another website and that will add a link on linking out to your
website from another site that will over time help you get more and more traffic
as your website Authority increases okay last step number eleven in this overview
is structure start monetizing your website so once you’ve published some
content it’s time to start monetizing that content and this is where you will
insert links to various internet products you can start showing display
ads and start building your email list for
example when somebody comes to this law of attraction website you will see that
they monetize it in a number of different ways there is a link here
saying tarot reading okay and this is I can see that this is a Google app so if
someone clicks on this Google ad they will get a certain amount of dollars or
cents just from clicking somebody clicking on this ad there is another way
that they’re monetizing it so there is something here called get your free
trial kit now free access to the law of attraction toolkit alright so if I click
that that will open up this thing here and it says download my toolkit now so I
can do that name email so they’re building an email list from all of the
people that are coming to their website they’re building an email list and then
they probably promote various affiliate products like we saw the one on clipping
here called something about this manifestation ear numerologist calm then
they can promote once they’ve got all these people on this email list they can
promote the numerology related offers to that email list you can also of course
insert the links to the affiliate offers straight on your website as well but
building an email list is always a really good idea because that will help
you grow your audience as I mentioned in my previous video the whole point of
blogging in my mind is to get traffic and then capture that traffic onto your
email list because the more people you put onto your email list the more money
you can make over the long term so guys as I mentioned in my last video this is
the first video in a whole series of videos dedicated to me showing you how
to start your own profitable blog this video was an overview video of all of
the steps over the next five to seven days I’ll be putting out detailed videos
about each step alright so subscribe make sure that you keep
watching and keep an eye out for my next video also check the blogging resources
just below in the description of this video so thank you so much for watching
once again my channel name is caffeinated blogger so click that
subscribe button just below this video to stay connected I put out regular
videos related to blogging traffic generation affiliate marketing and very
other ways of making money online thank you so much for watching and I will see
in the next video


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