How to Start a Product Review Channel and Make Money — 7 Tips

– So how do you start a product
review channel on YouTube? In this video, I share
seven of my biggest tips for creating a product channel
that doesn’t just get views, but also builds your income, coming up. (upbeat music) Hey, what’s up guys? Sean here with THiNK Media TV helping you go further faster in media, and on this channel we
do tech gear reviews, video gear reviews, but also tips and strategy videos just like this one, so if you’re new here,
consider subscribing. Twitter question from
@DIYpins, and they ask how do you get started with
a product review channel? Thanks so much for the question, here are my seven best tips. Tip number one, is you
need to just start one. Now, I know that sounds kind of basic, but that is the reality. You have to start a YouTube
channel, and I’ll link to how to set up a YouTube channel, but you set up your Gmail email address, start a brand new channel,
YouTube walks you through those steps, maybe you
already have a YouTube channel but you gotta just start one, right? That’s the first step. And I always encourage people to also start before you’re ready. Like, don’t try to get everything perfect, just start posting videos, in fact, you can check out this video from 2010. This is Sean with THiNK Media
TV, our video camera set up. We’ve got the Canon Vixia, Shotgun mic. This right here is a non-negotiable item. So thanks for checking out THiNK Media TV helping you move further faster in media. So, I look at that video now
and I’m like, why was I sitting in front of a window
without good lighting? So I was back lit, it went
really long, I was just rambling. But I’m so glad I started, right? And that’s the thing, you gotta just get your first video done, and what’s cool is that video still helped people. Ultimately, what you’re doing
with a product review channel is you’re sharing the pros,
the cons, the comparisons, you’re helping people make a decision and define good products
that they’re looking for. And so, you gotta start
because there’s people that want to see your product reviews. Tip number two is to
post your first video, and I recommend reviewing a
product that you already have. When I did that first video years ago I was doing video production, I was a freelance videographer,
so I bought a Canon Vixia and a fisheye lens and some other things, and so I was like hey, let
me just review this stuff that I already have, let me
put that review on YouTube. And so I recommend, you
probably have something around your house, in your garage, something you use all the
time, something that you love and you know a little bit about because you’ve put some time into it, just get your first video
up, don’t overthink it, get one video done and
get it posted on YouTube. Tip number three is to niche down. Bring focus to your channel. You could just review random
stuff that’s unrelated, but I think that that makes
it a little bit harder to really get traction on YouTube, and so what I recommend is
treating your YouTube channel and product review channel
kinda like a magazine. For instance, Success Magazine is one of the magazines I love,
and you could try to go to a grocery store or a book store and maybe look at all the
magazines, my question to you is what magazine is most like your channel? So, if it was Success, it’d
be personal development stuff, right? And so in this case, a lot
of books would be relevant. It could be personal development books, it could be books by
different authors on success, on leadership, but then it also could be like audio programs, affiliate promotions for other personal development gurus. A lot of people in this
space have programs that you can be an affiliate for, so you could review their program. But then, a whole other way to go would be to have kind of like, maybe
an athletics focused channel, or like a running channel,
and think about it. This is Runner’s Magazine,
you could review shoes, you could review
smartwatches, GPS trackers, running trackers, you
could review supplements, you could review, you
could do videos about food, about a service like Blue Apron
which is subscription boxes for runners or athletics,
or like Blue Apron is food and for staying healthy
maybe meal prep, right? Makes sense, it all fits
under the banner, though, of a theme like runners,
or even like Men’s Health, or Women’s Health, or something like that. And so, what is the cohesive theme? Once you get your first couple reviews up, try to bring some structure and a cohesion in the overall branding of your channel, so that way when people subscribe they are interested in
potentially everything. Okay, what shoe should I get? How about this fitness tracker? And all these different things, but it all stacks on the
same brand and theme. Tip number four is to keep
posting videos, try to get five to 10 videos posted on your
YouTube channel, and maybe hold yourself to posting them once a week. Your goal here is to kinda
treat your YouTube channel like a portfolio, and you’re building
out almost like a resume, ’cause we’re gonna talk about
monetization in a second and how to build your income,
but I think it’s important that you get your videos posted first, you get some experiments posted first, you build your experience
by posting a few videos. You’re kinda finding your
voice, so don’t worry, I think, at first about even making money, try to just get some reviews out. You could still be reviewing
things you already have, and building up that library
of videos for the next step. And that brings us to tip number five. Which is now work on the
branding of your channel. And what I specifically mean is make sure that you’ve got a nice
YouTube cover image, we’ll post some links to a
template that you could use to set up your cover, hook up
all your social media accounts to your YouTube channel,
set up your home page, this is a great place where
you can put playlists, where you can organize your
content on the home page of your YouTube channel,
fill out your about page that talks about what
your channel’s all about, maybe what types of
products you’re reviewing, how often you’re posting videos. Make sure to connect your business email, ’cause now we’re getting
into a little bit more of how you’re gonna monetize this, and this will allow for brands
and companies to reach out to you by using that business
email on that page as well. And just think about the overall
impression of your channel. At this point, you have videos posted, and now you kinda wanna
bring some organization and set up your channel so it’s clean, it’s clear, and it has solid branding. Now, for tip number six, monetize. Now, I know this is where
everybody wants to get, you wanna start building your income, but I actually recommend that
you hold off on monetizing, and if you followed this framework, you’d have 10 videos posted already, you might’ve already had your
channel up for ten weeks, you’re posting one a week. I don’t recommend turning
on YouTube ads right away, ’cause you don’t really
have an audience yet, or necessarily even doing
affiliate marketing yet, which is where if you review
a product that’s on Amazon and then you include a
link to that product, because you’re an affiliate,
an associate of Amazon. If someone buys the
product you get credit. But, a challenge that a lot
of people have is you have to get approved for the
Amazon affiliate program. And so if you follow these steps in order, it’s gonna make it a lot
easier to get approved for that program, or any program because you’ve got videos posted
so they can see a history, because your channel
branding is set up and clean, and you wanna treat your application for an affiliate program
kinda like a job interview. Like, what is the
impression of your channel? Is it professional, is
it clean, is it clear? You know, maybe you have a home
and garden type of channel, or a real simple lifestyle
and home products, and on the magazine theme
we’re still talking about here that’s reviewing all kinds of home decor and these types of things. If they have that vibe, they
go, “Okay, this channel looks, “it’s got clear branding,
it’s set up nice, “I see that they’re consistent.” You have a much higher
likelihood of getting approved, and you’ve already built
your audience a little bit. So now, begin to shift
into monetizing your videos with YouTube ads, as well
as monetizing your videos with affiliate marketing, and
for more on that I’ll link up a playlist to my biggest tips on how to set up affiliate marketing, what it is on the YouTube card as well
as in the description below. And then tip number seven
is then stay consistent. Great things take time,
and little by little a little can become a lot,
and so try to hold yourself to that once a week
schedule, and you’ll notice that your views will increase,
subscribers will increase, and also your income will continue to build as you explore
more monetization options. And actually, if you wanna dive deeper into a kind of exclusive
training video I have, you can go to, or there’s a link in
the description below, I’ll link it up on the YouTube card, and it’s a training video
where I actually share three more tips to really help you take product review
videos to the next level and you can grab that free training video, I’ll link it up in the description. Question of the Day, what are your tips for starting a product review channel? Let me know in the comments section below, and remember that some of the
best tips and feedback come from you, the THiNK Media
TV community, so definitely connect with everybody
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in a deeper dive training, on really getting results,
getting views, subscribers, and building your income
with product review videos. Until next time, THiNK
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media, keep crushing it, and we will talk soon.


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