How To Start A Successful Affiliate Marketing Business

so how can you start a successful
affiliate marketing business hey what’s going on my friends Millard Barredo here
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description so how can you make how hard can you start successful affiliate
marketing business and and then we’re gonna be talking about right now so
first off I want you to sign up for the three major affiliate marketing
marketplace right so one is warrior plus jvzoo and click back so what I like
about this tree is that they are all the top affiliates out there or successful
marketers are actually tapping into this market where they can find products to
promote right and for me I think the best way or the most fastest way or a
little bit easier way for you to make money to affiliate marketing is through
the process of launch jacking so I’m going to be showing you the business
model here right so if you go to this website munch Icom you will see here all
the affiliates that are launching products so every month right multiple
times a month a lot of affiliate actor or Preda creators are launching products
and all of them are actually good or most of them are actually really really
good and and they they they have sales and sales page that will help you sell
these products for you so if you sign up as an affiliate they will actually help
you you know sell their products like this – say
say this is a good one so if you open this one you will see here there’s a JV
page right if you click that this is the affiliate page you can sign
up as an affiliate here and they will give you you know email email swipes sales page that you can use right so
they will actually help you to sell their products right so that’s it so how
so what that’s it mrs. mother look like so we’re gonna here on pain right so
let’s say if you pick your product right so it seems you pick your products let’s
say with the product here so you have your product right so what you’re gonna
do is now you’re gonna drive traffic right but this is what you call traffic
so traffic you know there’s a tons of traffic out there so you can use YouTube
right or Facebook I think this is are the top two that I will start out with
and then what you’re gonna do is that you’re gonna create a video review right
of the product so usually what do if you sign up as an affiliate it will give you
a early access to the video or you have to request for that right so I’m just
gonna give you a quick overview so I’ll if you pick up product right then you
can make a video promoting a product so like right now it’s gone on YouTube and
you see this one iver extra view but you know I’m strong John Armstrong is one of
the super affiliates that I’m modeling after and it’s really he’s really really
good right so if you go to his channel you see here that he has product
launches right he does that he this is one of his source of income right this
is how he make a full-time income from home is just by launch jacking so if you
see the video look makes a video hey what’s going on in the review right if
you see his video he makes a review of the product and then he put his
affiliate link here right so that is launch jacking so you can
basically if you start this out if you if you see this model just find a
product just drive traffic to it right to your video review and then all right because what what happens here
because of this type of affiliates people there’s tons of people there are
hundreds and thousands of people who are are tapping into this market right
because not only John Armstrong there are tons of super affiliates out there
they’re actually promoting the same product so the the majority of the
people that actually watch the review they don’t just watch the review of one
person they actually search for that on the goo on Google and on YouTube so like
this one right this one right a viral X review so we’re gonna search that on
YouTube if you see here there’s a lot of people out there that are also promoting
the same product and all of them are having the same review right bonuses and
stuff so so most people are just are not gonna you know I’m not gonna just stay
there and watch the same video they’re gonna actually look for other people’s
videos on that one so once you create the video and what what you will have it
was separate you from all of them are our bonuses right so bonuses are example
but then you don’t have to worry about that for first first off I just you just
have to learn how to pick a product right so this is the website map I just
pick a product here and sign up for an affiliate page for your field link but
then you have to be a member of what your plus it’s free I guarantee it’s
free right it’s free to join warrior + JV zoo and Clickbank and then once you
pick your product you create a video review and then you will get that sale
so there’s a tons of many great details about launch jacking if you’re another
and how to learn locking there’s gonna be a free training that I’m gonna offer
you much more detailed on this YouTube video then you’re going to check that on
down in the description right so so it’s free you can check that out it’s a good
it’s a very good training on launch jacking so but this is one affiliate
marketing business that you can start I mean you’re not gonna make money right
away right because you do have to to get the technical side of this just
putting all together right but for me this is one of the easiest a favorite
mining business you can do and when and then once you you you get it right once
you get it once you put everything together you can make this like one
business model yes you can you can do for years and years and years and then
most of the top affiliates here they’re actually making $1,000 per day just on
this business model right and that is through launch jacking and this is
totally free you don’t have to you know you don’t have to be a member or buy the
product in order to promote it you can just sign up and especially here on
Clickbank where if you create a link you don’t have to I mean if you create an
account with could Bank you don’t have to apply as an affiliate because once
you remember Clickbank you aren’t already an affiliate so all of these
products so if you go here on munch I you see the symbol here these are
products in Clickbank so if you promote this product you don’t have to apply for
an affiliate ring except for where you Plus and JV zoo where you have to apply
for affiliate link right so there’s tons of more deed a little bit
more details that I have that you need to learn but if you get the general idea
right just product traffic review and then your affiliate link right going to
the sales page right so this is your let’s say this is your space and this is
your affiliate link all right so this is don’t waste this model that I highly
suggest you start with Raina Prada learn how to drive traffic to the video review
and then when they click your affiliate link they will go to the sales page and
then they will purchase a product right so again if you want to learn launch
jacking with the with every details that you need to learn there’s going to be a
free training down in description and make sure to check that out and if you
have any questions about the launch jacking let me know in the comment
section down below and if you’re from a loose video give
this video a thumbs up if not give this video a thumbs down
okay so Millard ready here thank you for watching my video I’ll catch you next
time bye for now

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