How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners 2019 | Explained in Minutes!

are you looking to get started affiliate
marketing if so watch this video to find out how what’s happening guys
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marketing for beginners it’s the first things first what is affiliate marketing
affiliate marketing is when you promote and sell a product or a service from a
company in return for a commission of the sale price the main thing in
affiliate marketing is finding a product you actually want to promote it so I’ve
made a little list of network so don’t require a lot to get signed up to and
some you can just sign up on yourself no up no approval needed first one Amazon
affiliates lead you up to the page Amazon affiliates in my opinion is
probably one of the easiest just because you get so products that you yourself
could probably use in real life so sign up here and what amazon affiliates does
it can earn you up to 12% in advertising fees on any product that is on Amazon on
the Amazon site so literally anything on here you could sell and earn a
commission on so that’s the first platform in which could start the next
affiliate platform that can be used as Clickbank Clickbank is also one that
doesn’t require much for sign up single Idrees put your email address and create
a password and then you can get in Clickbank is one of the largest
affiliate programs so you have access to all these different categories however I
would be careful when using it because some of them are quite spammy just
because anybody can use it so make sure you choosing the right offers if you’d
like a video on how to choose the right offers leave a comment down in comments
and I’ll make sure to do that another platform that I personally find the best
for me anyway is, max bounces a CPA affiliate network
which you basically get paid per lead rather than per purchase so if we go to
max bouncy you can see you have access to all of these sorts of campaigns
getting paid per leads some of which you only need single Upton’s so all you need
to do is get emails however so they’re ideal so what we’ll do next is go into
how you can promote these offers as you can see on this document I’ve made a
diagram to sort of simplify the whole process of affiliate marketing so
obviously you want to find a product which you feel comfortable promoting you
can do that through any of these networks I’ve recommended or a network
of your choice and then you go into how you’re going to promote the products you
can do there’s many advertisement techniques both paid and free examples
of paid is you know your Facebook Ads solo ads anything like that and your
examples are free is Facebook groups YouTube videos all and sorts of things as a beginner
I’d recommend sticking and focusing on one sort of advertisement technique just
so you can master and really get the most out of your time so once you
desired traffic source how you gonna get traffic to an offer you wanted to make a
landing page or an opt-in page this is sort of a page in between the acts as a
bridge between your advertisement and the actual sales or offer page so you do
this because most of these platforms don’t actually allow direct linking if
you do direct link and you’ll get banned or whatever so your landing page what
you’re gonna do on there you’re gonna sort of pre sell whatever you are
promoting get the traffic warmed up to purchasing when you start an hour and
then for the forever future what you want to be doing on your landing page is
collecting emails collecting emails is probably one of the most valuable things
you can do in affiliate marketing as it’s an asset to you which you wouldn’t
have many as an affiliate marketer what an email list is one of them and large
email lists you can charge thousands for them so you want to be building that up
as soon as possible so once you’ve got people in your landing page and they’ve
opted in you want to send them straight over to your off page just in case they
do happen to sign up straight away however this often isn’t the case so
that’s why there’s a diagram come down to email we want to do after they’ve
opted in you want to sell pan email sequence through an autoresponder
something like that autoresponder many chat anything like that if you’d like a
video on how to do any of that stuff leave a comment and I’ll get around to
it so in the email is what you want to be doing you want to be doing follow-up
emails sort of keeping the offer in there – making sure it doesn’t leave
them the whole point of this whole process is keeping customers close to
you and keep them close to the offer to increase the likelihood of you selling a
product for whoever you’re selling it for and getting that Commission okay
guys I know this is a very simplified version but this is more so for the
beginners just so they get a sort of an idea what they’re what they need to go
out and do so I’m gonna call this video here thanks for watching make sure to
comment like subscribe to all of that and thank you

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