How To Start Affiliate Marketing For FREE In 2018!

What is going on guys my name is Anthony
Villa welcoming you back to in another video here on the channel where take
eyes I’m gonna be showing you how you can started with affiliate marketing
completely for free if you guys don’t want to spend a single dime on tools
products services anything I’m gonna show you guys everything that you’re
gonna need and then how to get each one of those things completely for free
without spending a dime guys if you want to start doing affiliate marketing
online stick around to the end of the video because guys in just a minute
we’re gonna dive into my computer and I’m gonna show you guys exactly what
you’ll need to get started but before that guys if you’re new to the channel
and please subscribe right now for brand new videos every single day with all
that stuff out of the way let’s dive into my
computer right now and start this video off alright guys we don’t in my computer
as you can see on my whiteboard start a flavor marketing for free things you’ll
need of course you gotta see how four things number here and guys these are
the four main things the four core things you’re a hundred and ten percent
I’m gonna need if you want to start doing affiliate marketing but like I
promised guys I’m gonna go down the list and go through every single one of these
and show you guys exactly how you can get all them completely for free without
spending a single dime and how you can get started pretty much today if you
guys take action the first thing guys a course she’s
gonna be affiliate offers this is the course the most important thing because
as an affiliate marketer you guys are gonna need affiliate offers to promote
so guys I recommend using Clickbank Clickbank if you’ve never heard of it is
probably one of the biggest affiliate platforms on the internet right now
listen go over head open a new link and click that tab I’ve actually bring added
to the homepage this is the Clickbank home pane you guys probably won’t see
this that often to be honest but if you want to make a new account just come
over to Clickbank comm you’ll see this homepage and click create account right
there we’re actually using it for the affiliate marketplace because now we’re
in the affiliate marketing place and this is where all the afloat offers
actually are let’s pick a random niche well she was health and fitness and guys
it’ll load up a ton of all-first yes well you guys can choose any one of
these you guys can look through it and it’s picking up pick an offer to promote
pick multiple offers to promote and this is exactly how you’re gonna get your
affiliate offers with that being said guys affiliate offers just pretty easy
to find online so I’m not gonna spend too much time on this one
shei bagging the next thing you’re gonna need which is also gonna be an email
autoresponder guys an email autoresponder is extremely important
because you guys are gonna need this like I said you’re gonna need everything
on this list but an email autoresponder is definitely at the top because this is
exactly how you’re gonna be promoting your offers you’re gonna be sending out
affiliate offers via email to your leads to your potential customers you know to
your big email list so you’re eventually gonna build up and that’s how you’re
actually making sale to show you’ll be making money actually emailing people
they fill it offers all your promise guys I said I’m gonna show you guys how
to get this for free so I mean you can always Google you know free email
autoresponders but I don’t recommend that because a lot of the really free
ones aren’t that great at all but guys I personally was get response I’m gonna
open a link in a new tab I’m gonna get response click on that
it’ll bring us to the home page and guys right at the top you’re gonna see start
your free trial now guys you usually have to pay for get response but if you
click the link in the description it’ll actually bring you to this home page
here we just see right at the top start your free trial and that’ll actually
give you guys 30 days an entire month worth of free email autoresponder
service and guys all you have to to get it is enter email address create a
password and press create an account you don’t have to enter any credit card
information you know have to pay anything guys like I said completely
free for the first 30 days after the 30 days up guys I’m pretty sure the most
basic plan is only like $15 yeah right here the most basic plan for $15
that’s one I recommend guys I highly recommend get response I use myself
brickster I recommend it to you guys as well it’s only 15 dollars a month after
the trials up guys if you guys are looking to build a business that jinnah
generate you hundreds maybe even thousands of dollars every single month
you have to be willing to invest at least fifteen dollars here and there we
get to get the right tools you guys can probably find you know a really really
free email autoresponder somewhere online but a lot of those are gonna be
really bad unfortunately guys you’re gonna need a professional email
autoresponder that response is pretty much the cheapest one out there and guys
like I said if you click the link in the description to sign up you guys can get
a free trial for 30 days no credit card information required all you have to is
entry email address password create an account you guys are all set up moving
on to the next thing guys back to the whiteboard and then guys the number
three thing you’re need is gonna be a lame
page builder because you’re gonna need to set up some sort of landing page that
way you have a way to actually generate leads and collect email addresses that
way you can actually send out email I actually use your email autoresponder
because I’m actually show you really fast an example of a landing page that’s
the landing page I use one of my funnels pretty simple just a simple one page
setup I built this one with click funnels I recommend click funnels again
if you guys click the link in the description and snider click funnels do
that link you guys like I should get a 14-day free trial so again guys no
upfront costs whatsoever completely free to set up for the first two weeks how
you guys gonna set up your landing pages up your funnel and you guys can really
start your marketing business but if you guys don’t want to sign up for click
funnels that response also has their own landing pages they have their own
landing page created their own landing page builder so if you actually sign up
for get response again with the link in the description guys you’ll get a 30-day
free trial that way you can knock out number 2 & 3 you’ll get an email
autoresponder and a landing page builder completely for you for 30 days
now you can knock out both these in one shot with one service and again guys
even once the trial is over it’s still only $15 a month which is fantastic it’s
pretty much the cheapest one that I’ve seen on the internet for an email
autoresponder and a landing page builder most things come separate guys so it’s
either just an email autoresponder or just a landing page builder that’s why I
get response is so fantastic they actually gave me both for the price of
one service and then once you guys sign up for get response or click funnels you
guys will have one two and three completely done and then moving on to
number four the last thing you guys are gonna need to do is generate traffic but
as there are plenty of ways to make traffic online I have an entire video on
my top 3 three ways generic traffic for affiliate marketing it’ll be a link in
the description for that or it’ll be up on the card somewhere like that and
watch that video because that video really details my top 3 favorite free
traffic methods go watch that but if you guys want to watch that I’ll give you a
little bit of a spoiler I’m on the freeway just reconnected generate
traffic is to online web sites like Facebook YouTube reddit tumblr Quora
there are a ton of them out there guys but all you have to do at that point is
generate traffic and what you want to do with that traffic is actually send them
over to the landing page that you set up and
we’ll enter their email address into your landing page once they do that then
you’re now on your email list and you were free to send them emails and at
that point you start something them your affiliate offering emails hopefully they
purchased make some sales and then you guys are in profit and you guys now have
your own affiliate marketing business completely set up completely for free
hopefully you guys enjoyed the video hopefully learned something got some
value out of it if you did drop a like on the video and definitely subscribe
for brand new videos every single day you guys have any questions or comments
and drop them down below in the comment section but if not my name is Anthony
villa I will see you in the next video and I’m out peace


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