How to Start Affiliate Marketing Results as a Beginner

hey what’s going on guys it’s John here
with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna show you how you can
start doing affiliate marketing as a beginning your brand new you just got
kind of started with affiliate marketing you’re kind of learning about it and you
know obviously you know you’re not an expert you’re not making tons of money
with it so far right now right so I’m gonna show you exactly how to get
started how to start succeeding the exact strategy that you should start
implement to start seeing results with affiliate marketing because so many
people honestly make your heart and the one thing I do love about affiliate
marketing is that there’s these want few basic key steps that you had to
establish and get down to start having success in any market any niche that
you’re in with affiliate marketing these few basic steps and strategies that you
have to establish to start seeing success and again it works for any niche
or any offer that you’re trying to trying to promote so I’m going to go
ahead and teach it to you right now but before we dive in just want to say if
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alright so let’s get into this strategy real quick so the way of philia
marketing works is you know obviously when you’re getting started with it all
you’re doing is learning right you just kind of discovered about affiliate
marketing you discovered how it works and all you’re doing right now is
learning that’s always step number one you want to start learning and whatever
nature or market you’re getting getting in to learn everything you can about it
learn all the first basic steps learned a few even of the advanced strategies
right you’re gonna be learning as much as you possibly can so that’s always
number one right you first you want to take a second to start learning the
materials start learning your niche start kind of you know becoming a little
mini expert on it so then you can start doing number
so first let’s go ahead and get into number one number one again you’re just
gonna be doing learning just learning all the possible material you can or
whatever niche or market you want to get into and then you’re gonna move into
implementing step number two and this is the step that everyone has the biggest
hardest time with you know the hardest time with they don’t know exactly you
know how kind of how it works or why to do it or what you know why why even go
with this step right here which is step number two which is teaching teaching
you’re gonna start teaching everything that you’ve learned already you’re gonna
start an online brand and put it on any platform that you want either Facebook
YouTube Instagram whatever platform that you want to put your brand on you’re
gonna stablish your brand on that platform and start teaching everything
that you’ve learned and this is the thing that people have the biggest the
hardest time with because you know obviously you know the Ratana is still
going through that learning stage you know they kind of have their monster on
that learning stage where they’re thinking that you know eventually you’re
gonna learn a huge secret of the market or a huge you know unknown fact of the
market that’s gonna make you a ton of money but that’s really not the way it
works first you want to learn everything you can about the market and afterwards
you want to turn it on and start teaching inside of that same market that
you’re in start teaching inside of that same niche establish your brand so
people can start finding your band and start seeing the things that you
recommending because again the biggest problem people have is the teaching you
know their life they say things like you know I’m not really an expert you know
what am I going to be teaching to somebody especially if the materials
already out there right if there’s already a YouTube video on it there’s
already a blog post on it why do I need to teach it why should I put my content
out there and again that’s the biggest mistake that new affiliate marketers
make they feel like since they’re brand new they can’t really teach anything
they can’t provide any value in the market space but I’ll tell you this
right now your income is going to be based on the value you bring to whatever
market you’re in so if you’re not bringing any value through whatever
market you’re in whether it’s the fitness the health you know the weight
loss market whatever niche or market urine as an affiliate you’re not going
to make any money from it unless you’re providing value inside of that market
so again step number one to start learning as much as you possibly can
inside of that market and step through and start turning around and teaching
what you can anything that you can because you got to think about it if
somebody that just discovered affiliate marketing or is brand new to you know
whatever niche that you’re in they don’t know anything about it
so you even given them you know the top first three tips they could use you’ve
given him any little advice that you can since you already went through the
learning there’s gonna be a ton of help for them it’s gonna be things that they
didn’t know before things that they haven’t seen before and so when you
actually recommend one of your affiliate products after teaching them something
and establishing those four minor relationship with them it’s more likely
that they’ll buy off you because now they know you actually know what you’re
talking about you’ve actually learned something you’ve educated yourself and
you’re able to actually turn around and teach it to somebody else and again and
again the biggest problem people have with with it you know thinking that you
know why should I teach here why should I put content out if it’s already out
there there’s already a YouTube video on it if there’s already a blog with a blog
post on it and again that’s the biggest mistake you can make inside of your
affiliate marketing business it’s just because it’s already out there before
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put your own add your own touch to it put your own
your own brand inside of the market because again you know somebody
brand-new today is gonna wake up and say hey I want to learn a little bit more
about weight loss I want to learn a little bit more about fitness or
whatever niche that you’re in I guarantee there’s so many people in this
world that one day someone’s gonna wake up right now and want to learn more
about what you’re already learning so what you can do is turn around and start
teaching it and after you’re teaching again that’s when you recommend your
offers that’s when you can actually recommend the offer you know and uh a
complete solution to whatever problem they’re going through or their learning
or getting some more information about you could actually offer them something
after you teach them what you what you’ve learned already and again the
biggest key to this really is that you’re your own unique person I’m unique
to myself you’re unique to yourself to whoever you are
so just because again somebody else put it out there already doesn’t mean
somebody brand new is gonna choose that other person over you your unique you
know people are gonna see you and relate to you more than
other people so that’s why it’s very important that you first you go through
the learning process then number two you establish your own brand on a platform
and you start teaching it to new people coming into the market so that’s exactly
the people that you want to start targeting there’s new people that are
coming into the market or people that haven’t already seen your brand or your
your brand or your company before somebody somebody that’s brand new to
you because those are the people that are going to be your future customers
for your offer once they once they build their connection with you once they see
that they can relate to you they can trust you you actually know what you’re
talking about because you already went through the learning process and you’re
actually turning around and teaching them you want to help other people again
you want to start to get what you want you want to help other people get what
they want and that’s exactly how you start making money with affiliate
marketing so I hope this video made sense to you right here because this is
exactly how you could get started if you’re completely brand new in affiliate
marketing you haven’t made any money and again you know when you’re attending
around and teaching people you don’t have to say that you know all I mean you
don’t have to talk about results all you want to do is talk about value you know
give value to talk about your content show people they actually know what
you’re talking about most people were in affiliate marketing
think that they already need to be making a ton of money to put all value
they already need to be making the forty five thousand dollars in seven days like
ODI or something like that but that’s not the truth at all that’s actually for
this from the truth just as long as you’re providing value and establishing
a relationship with your audience you’re going to start you know getting people
to buy from your offer so that’s really exactly how you can start with affiliate
marketing as a complete beginner and start generating some real income with
it so one more time make sure you learn apply what you learn and start making
some money that’s exactly how affiliate marketing works in any niche so I hope
you guys enjoyed this quick little video again if you want my recommendation on a
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