How to Start Affiliate Marketing: Top 10 Lifestyle Affiliate Program Retailers You Love

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is very exciting episode right now I’m gonna show you how to start affiliate marketing with my top 10 affiliate retailers you’re probably very
familiar with right now and love that can help you start get started with affiliate marketing and put some extra cash in your pocket so hey if you haven’t already definitely
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alright so let’s get down right down to it alright so you’re talking about how
to start affiliate marketing alright top-ten affiliate marketing retailer is
that you just start right now that you know and love to help you make some more
money and your affiliate marketing business alright so when we talk about
getting started with affiliate marketing I find that one of the best ways to do
that and to identify services and products that you already use and you
already love and knowing love and then start from there because then you can
you can easily first of all you can easily start creating content around
promoting it because hey you use it already and you know how to do it so you
can easily recommend it and it’s simple to just find retailers that you already
use to use products and services from them and start to promote from them from
their affiliate programs use their affiliate links and refer your but your
prospects in people are watching your content over to them to make your sales
alright so in this this channel this video we’re gonna go over 10 that I have
found top 10 affiliate marketing retailers that you probably know and
love right now that you can start right now – I’m making some more money with
sign up with their programs easily create content around the products and
services that you use that will help you start making some money alright so let’s
get right down into the deal so the first one is t.j.maxx so if you’re not
familiar with TJ Maxx TJ Maxx is actually a clothing retailer but they
call them they’re more like discount retailer so Marshalls is nothing
our other brands that you that they’re in the same niche they basically are
retailer stores what they do they buy brand-name products and services and
things like that from high-end retailers and they buy them and then they’re like
you know market them in their stores like 40 60 percent off so it’s kind of
like a kinda like an outlet store type thing except they do it for a bunch of
different manufacturers so you can find a whole bunch of different stuff like
clothing women’s wear shoes handbags and all kinds of julie’s and accessories
they even have stuff for men home stuff like home decor pets rugs things like
that all those types of things all right so what’s pretty cool about them is dead
yes they have an affiliate program right and so their affiliate program actually
comes from starts with a big link so viglink is an affiliate network kinda
like a middleman get host their program you can come here get started and sign
up for their affiliate program with t.j.maxx they have about a six percent
commission rate according to Vig link and they don’t mention how long they’re
cookies but I suspect it’s like a couple of days because I know a lot of them is
that since the same way so if you’re wanting if you shop at t.j.maxx then
this will be an awesome program for you to get started with the next one the
next affiliate program that you can easily get started with to start
maximizing affiliate marketing is Verizon so I’m sure you’ve heard of
Verizon right Rison is an a Wireless store they they also have their most a
telecom telecommunications company so you can get phone services from them you
can even buy your phones obviously they have other services as well like
internet and different electronics and different items that you can buy and all
that type of stuff and so it’s pretty cool and most of you probably have some
type of phone cell phone service right guess what you can create you can sign
up for their affiliate program and yes varietal affiliate program is also a big
link I think they made you with other affiliate networks as well but you can
sign up a big link instantly partner up with Verizon they’re obvious they our
nation is most expensive and trustworthy mobile and network
yes they have a 60-day 60-day cookie window for their for their for their
affiliate programs and that’s pretty cool
and you’re looking at about 15% commission rates depending on on the
products and services so that’s a pretty cool program you can consider getting
started with if you want to start dumbing in an affiliate marketing so
number-8 affiliate marketing program it’s the retailer’s you can get started
with right now is walk me so yes you’ve heard of Walgreens as well you know I
love all these details right so Walgreens is a retailer that is a
pharmaceutical health health care beauty products services type of company right
so you can find all types of things and health related information you can shop
here so they got things and beauty which they’re really big on hair care bath and
body fragrances personal care type stuff you can buy all kinds of stuff we need a
medication so allergy cold and flu you know vitamins things like that that
you’re looking for supplements they have it home health care type solutions the
type of thing so that’s what they’re really big on of course they sell other
knick-knack stuff right you know different stuff that you can get there
and guess what Walgreens has their own affiliate program right here alright so
if you click on that it’ll take you to the sign up page we can sign up for the
affiliate program there’s this with CJ affiliate they are also another type of
affiliate network right kind of a middleman to sign up with them and
instantly you can get you can get accepted into it so they don’t really
mention the cookie link here but you can earn up to 8% on sales so that’s not bad
so if you’re into the health health nature or beauty type niche and you want
quickly to be able to get started with affiliate marketing with with that type
of nest and won’t always maybe a place you could start easily sign up to get
started in their affiliate program alright and then number 7 affiliate
marketing program that you can start right now to be you can get into to get
started with that’s a popular retailer Macy’s yeah so you’ve heard Macy’s right
Macy’s is one of the biggest retailer retailers in the country up above 800
plus stores all across the country right and they are big on pretty much
everything right I mean if you’re gonna shop you can find everything oh they
have a holiday gift guides they have women’s clothing and apparel men’s
clothing and apparel things for your kids and your babies stuff for your home
if you want to buy furniture those mattresses home decor
they got shoes they got handbags they got beauty they got furniture they got
it all right so whatever niche that you would want to find get started with you
can easily find something in Macy’s there’s somewhat high-end as well so you
definitely could get paid pretty well and if you come down and see here you
find out that yes they too have an affiliate program that you can get
started with so yeah you can become an amazing feeling today was pretty cool
they had a 10 day cookie for for your affiliates right and then yeah bitch
purchase price about $120 so that’s pretty cool I didn’t really mention the
percentage that you get but I suspect it’s about somewhere 78% and so you can
come here to apply to get started in their affiliate program and their
program their program is with a racket and marketing they are also another type
of affiliate network it handles the middleman stuff so you can fill out the
information here and submit and yeah you could get started right now promoting
Macy’s products and services and things like that if that is an affiliate
program you would like to get started with all right number six program at
Euclid marketing program you can get started with today that’s not high-end
top-end retailer Best Buy yeah Best Buy so you know if you’re
familiar with Best Buy they’re a retailer the huge retailer and
electronics and products and services around that type of stuff so if you’re
looking to buy things like you know TVs and laptops and tablets and video games
things like that they have them they even have appliances as well high-end TV
stereo systems all kinds of good stuff basically all things electronics right
and so if you’re if that’s the type of niche you’re in man this could be a
great affiliate program for you to get started with so you come down here you
see that date to have their affiliate program and
can I share with you how you can get started with it right they tell you
about the about the program a little bit here and then you can just click this
button here they join now I get started and once again their program is also
with racket 10 marketing so you just would fill out the application and wait
for them to come back to you it’s free to get started and you can easily start
promoting best buy products electronics and services start making commissions
and from things you already buy from Best Buy
anyway and it’s a great way to get started in philly marketing alright so
number five top affiliate marketing program you can get started with that is
a top top retailer that you’re probably very familiar with is Apple yes Apple
yes Apple the most I think pretty much they are the largest market cap company
in the world with worth over 1 million dollars yep right because of their
patented and well-known iPhone products right so you got the iPhones
you got the iPads got the eye watches the Mac books I mean there they apples
create the culture around their products which is made them a super popular
product and guess what they got an affiliate program too so if you love to
talk about Apple and got Apple related stuff and that’s how you roll then man I
might be a flip program you might want to consider alright so you can come here
check out their program to get started right and kind of help you answer some
questions about why you should consider Apple and how to how to get started it’s
free to get started with their affiliate program and all the other little
knick-knack things that they give you so once you click on there they give you a
little signup form to get started with and they’re off on your way so if you
like to talk about Apple products if you buy by Apple stuff and you’re just into
that whole culture then there are a few little affiliate program may be a great
way for you to get started in affiliate marketing with stuff that you already
know and love it you can easily talk about and get referrals to to make some
side commissions alright so number for affiliate marketing program that you can
get started with that is a top and retailer that you already know
target yeah i targeted a cantar – a right
Sergei’s actually be number two largest retailer in the country really yeah I
may have tons of stores big-time and they’re really competing real hard
you’ll probably know what number one number one number three the other ones
are in the list but they’re competing real hard to get people’s business right
now right they’re offering two day shipping right to compete with Amazon
obviously but like they got tons of tons of products right I made everything for
women’s men’s kids electronics toys furniture home baby beauty I mean do it
they got it all right so whatever niche you’re looking to even
get you involved you can pretty much finding a target yes they too have an
affiliate program so targets feel it’s an oh by the way I’m going to put the
links for all these in the description below in the video so you can check them
out and it’s you desire to get started in their program what target they have
eight percent Commission’s on fruit on some of their popular categories they’re
cookie is seven day long and guess what is free to sign up so you can just click
hit click here get started and be part of the target affiliate program if
that’s what you want to do is great way to get started in affiliate marketing
because they pretty much have everything right and so now on to number three
number three affiliate marketing program and you can get started with right now
that is a top IDI retailer you already know and love is the home depot didn’t
know that did you yeah that’s right Home Depot is a huge retailer in home
goods and do it yourself home home stuff like that right they got all kinds of
stuff I got home decor actually you didn’t know that furniture beddings and
baths and kitchenware and tabletops all that type of stuff to make it a home
look nice you can shop things for your living room your dining room if you want
to do it yourself projects and beef up your outdoor beef up your bath you know
upgrade your appliances whatever they got it and even got home services to
help you and all kinds of different stuff so Home Depot is a growing
: company I mean a great place to start if you’re into like a fix it yourself
type of person or if you’re like a fix-it dad or if you just love home
tools and things like that if you like home and garden gardening or
whatever don’t you sell projects at home that’s a great niche you can easily
start sending people over to your Home Depot fill it links and make some
Commission sales and that’s what they have an affiliate program so the
affiliate program is pretty simple you get started you start promoting and you
start getting paid right and so you can click here read some of their
information click here to sign up for their program and then that’ll take you
over to their application they will give you 3% on your sales so not a lot but
it’s something and it’s like one day cookie period which is kind of weird
so not the dog is cookie all right out there but Home Depot is the world
trusted brand so that definitely will help you out and so you fill out this
information here and you were pretty much good to go
actually yeah they actually is 2 to 8 percent I’m sorry yeah 2 to 8 percent
depending on what it is that you’re promoting and your offering so there so
the Commission’s are a little bit nicer so if you’re looking to get started in
affiliate marketing and gardening at home do you have DIY is a type of thing
then Home Depot might be a thing you can just look it look to to get started know
by the way if the Home Depot’s on here that means loans is also it is also the
same thing do they have an affiliate program as well I just didn’t put them
on the list but you can consider them as well if you’re more of those person such
as Home Depot alright number 2 Philly marketing that you can
get look to how to get started right now that is a top and retailer that you know
and love Amazon of course Amazon right the largest online marketing retailer
with a ton of products and services that is just too much to count okay you’re
probably already well familiar with them they got all kinds of things that you
can look to that you can look to promote and sell they’re well known well known
program with all kinds of different stuff here games to atronics to books to
whatever it is you want you can find it whatever your needs
the way you started with them let’s do their Amazon Associates Program all
right so it’s free to join you get your links to Amazon advertise whatever
policy you’re you’re promoting and then you can earn up to 10% on your
Commission’s depending on what it is you’re promoting so once again depends
certain things they’ll give you 3% other things they give you 8 to 10 percent it
just depends on what into what items that you’re promoting getting started is
free to join and it’s pretty simple and that right my friend is Amazon’s program
you want to learn more about that I have another video and description below and
then on the channel that you can check out more about how to get started Amazon
but that right there is a very simple and very easy way to get started with
affiliate marketing especially with items that you already know and love and
now for my number one number one affiliate marketing program that you
started with right now that is a top 10 retailer making big money that you can
easily get started with is that’s right Walmart what you didn’t know that right
Walmart the largest multinational retailer in the world is definitely has
an affiliate program of course you’re familiar with Walmart they got all kind
of stuff yeah Ellen’s list of her favorite stuff is with Walmart and chief
another Ellen and I mean I got everything they’re doing right now free
two-day shipping they’re trying to promote as well to compete with Amazon
and I got all kind of stuff right so they got sweaters they got clothing they
got merchandise they got video games outdoors beauty food arts and crafts
anything that you whatever niche you want to get involved in they got it and
guess what they also have an affiliate program as well so their affiliate
programs pretty simply get started right and fly through their online for wait 24
hours for approval and then you get started BAM bamboozles so you click here
to become a member it’ll take you over to this page we can sign up and guess
what there’s with their program affiliate program to get started at ease
with bracket in marketing and so if you’ve already signed up with them it’s
not it’ll be pretty simple you’ll be familiar with that affiliate network
sign up with with the application here and then fill in the information and
then wait for them to come back to you – response and you’re good to go quickly
you already instantly have access to a bajillion different prices and services
if you start promoting right now that you probably already use you already
love that you can easily start promoting right now have people with cook on your
legs and me and by and then receiving affiliate Commission’s from it that my
friend is everything about affiliate marketing that it’s pretty much how you
can get started especially very simply so that’s my dad said my friend hope you
enjoyed it hope you enjoyed it hope that was helpful hey quick question hey what
other really programs can you think of with large retailers that I maybe didn’t
mention that you can make some good money with that people are familiar with
hey leave your comments below with with your thoughts in with the ones that you
know to see it and discuss it so that’s it my friend hope you enjoyed it hope it
was helpful if you did hate getting the video right alright definitely subscribe
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stress least amount of effort and the maximum amount of the cells then hey
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to affiliate marketing fortunes alright so click the link below in the
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until the next exciting episode be blessed stay hungry out there I see on
the next one alright bye now


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