How to start affiliate marketing with amazon for beginners 2018 part 1

How to start affiliate marketing with amazon for beginners 2018 part 1 So I’m studying for a flight marketing tool new users how to start so first of all I’m trading my site okay, this website already has other assets from studying with them my product with the offline marketing first of all I am Searching for Amazon portal, right? I am in India. I’m setting for India Suppose based on the country can change your and this here This will available only for 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 countries some 30 only for India in Up on everything will be free access. Nothing will be pay for your access China for free He’s asking your email. Id Your password your name and etc So this for my for my login, it is click from login or else Create new appoint Any a fleamarket east asia will be totally free nothing will be charging for your offline marketing your name email password Password again only for simple. It is once the institution will be done you can Activate your email address after registration will be fulfilled Dispose I am logging my afraid not When login any appoint first of all is axiom by your address Next one who is amended under this account pay least able person next one your your stacks person No, I’m not a US taxpayer mean an Indian. Thanks, Princeton Click for next first over the strip add your address Next to one. What is color add your website. Add your mobile apps. Why? So you’re studying for flip marketing which website which a blog how to know people the people no ever waste The frame a great person the mount is your website How many sales done how many purchase done the based on the adding the website? Anything added? but If you are the least in your offline marketing program They can want ace they can show your sales or else they can’t do the properly put If you skip this step we can’t go with the Proper money on your website. So purpose I’m adding for in this menu bar Bobby We got your total website RS and buy some things So next one I’m adding for my blog You You you Papi Everything will be eligible on your team So this code how many reps you can adding add back in number of website next to one? This code we can eligible for mobile apps if you have the mobile of the supply bargain board add by your abs here While we can sales through your mobile apps also So I’m adding 4 to rep selling it click for next so right now how a jido mobile apps so right now I’m not adding for any mobile apps on your offline marketing program money only for website and blog click for next You da one profess idea wish anything you buy here, so I’m searching here Can view them some number so what are they a mobile website or mobile app a watch? I don’t Information new things Which are the following topics best to describe on your website our mobile apps selected So which are you setting for and setting for anyone You Now what type of Amazon items will be ad buy new your website electronics so I’m adding five

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