How To Start Affiliate Marketing (YouTube Affiliate Marketing Training)

This is Payton here from profit daylight and today we want to talk about how to start Affiliate Marketing well rather than going through all these results. What I want to do is show you about something called stealth, Commission’s And I’m going to talk about this training program this awesome training program and how you can Start affiliate marketing right now So what is Tilt Commission stela Commission is an over-the-shoulder video training course? which will give you the Creator’s take on how to get traffic by ranking videos on the first page of YouTube So to answer your question how to start or how to get started with affiliate marketing My number one recommendation right now is YouTube why because YouTube is in its prime time it’s easy to Be able to get traffic to your offer with YouTube and it’s free traffic So this is not a course that primarily focuses on making money by targeted product review keywords Although that will be covered Inside this training as well What you are going to learn? inside Tell Commission is an out of the box Keyword method which you can use to rank videos to get traffic and make money in any niche And I’m going to talk about that a little more later in any niche I’m going to tell you the special bonus I have which will give you even more insight more Than what you have gotten with this training program I’m gonna give you a little more insight of how you can do that in any niche and we are gonna be focusing on ranking videos on something called long tail keywords because they are the fastest and the easiest way to hit page number one of YouTube and start getting traffic and money in the bank so what I’m gonna do on this video is to go through stealth Commission so you can see exactly what it’s all about and to Answer your question exactly If you should get started with this if you want to get started with the affiliate marketing may want to consider this program But before we continue I want to talk about The bonuses that you will get if you get self commissioned using the link that I have here in the description of this video I have five custom-made bonuses for stealth commissions and I’m gonna go through those bonuses and tell you exactly What else I am offering so bonus number one I’m going to show you how to create your very first video by recording your screen with a free tool so when you’re getting started you want to focus on You want to make sure that you keep the your cost low, so this is a free tool actually I’m using that tool right now to record this video. I’m gonna show you exactly how you can record your screen You don’t have to necessarily come out on camera If you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want but you can get your screen recorded What is free – you don’t have to buy anything and I’m gonna show you that in bonus number one bonus number two Is you’re gonna watch me find in low competition keywords? in hot niches inside of YouTube I love this second bonus because I teach you how to find not only low competition keywords But I teach you how those keywords are getting searched Right now in this moment in the last 24 hours in the last week in the last month So it’s very important if you’re gonna be targeting keywords in YouTube Yes, low competition is good, but access health acts yourself It’s somebody searching for this right now what I’m going to give you the answer With my second bonus if at any time, you want to pick up so Commission I have as I said You can go to the link below and you can see it for yourself My third bonus for you is four types of keywords that convert best. So These are proven keywords. They have converted big-time for numerous people yes, there are other type of keywords, but I’m giving you four of the keywords that convert in other words you are gonna be able to go to youtube and search for terms like that and create videos with those keywords in the titles and look at this ace buyer keywords, so people will be Literally pulling out their credit cards when they search for those things and here you are creating videos with those same searches what are they stay tuned to my third bonus then my photo bonus here is You learn my little little trick to find hundreds of seed keywords for free There is a method that is shown in video in module number four inside of style Commission but here I am presenting a Second tool that I used to find seed keywords Very very quickly and then I take those keywords to YouTube and do further searches and finally my fifth video bonus for you is two hundred and ninety five proven headlines to Skyrocket your conversions you can use them in your titles as well Just keep in mind that these Headlines have been made by professionals. I’ve You know, I’m just giving them to you right up front you can use them and You can you know improve the way your videos also. These are my five high quality bonus custom-made bonuses for you Which you will get which tell Commission if you purchased what the link in the description of this video Hi, my name is Candace King and I’m a network marketer and I was introduced to Ben Martin stealth commissions program not very long ago and let me tell you that the stealth Commission’s program that he’s developed is amazing Within three weeks. I obtained three sales and I’ve increased my Subscribers on YouTube by following his methods and his training there. I Started out with YouTube and I had zero Subscribers I didn’t have very many views on my videos and now I am getting a lot more views One video that I did in particular has received 51 views already how to start affiliate marketing From coming from you know flat level bottom to getting 51 views obtaining 38 subscribers and getting 3 sales in over 200 leads just from following the stealth Commission’s program is Amazing so Ben. Thank you so much. I look forward to more with your program. I couldn’t thank you enough Hey Sara Gilmore here. I wanted to give a quick testimonial about Ben Martin stuff commission training first off I would like to say that his training is absolutely phenomenal. It is so detailed You learn so much information that it is literally impossible for you not to fail At whatever business you are trying to promote The only way you’re gonna fail is if you don’t apply his training. Okay, let’s just put it that way. I was doing some of the things that he Not necessarily talking about like but some of the strategies that I was doing them in my own way I didn’t really have a direction. I didn’t know how to Use these strategies correctly and the second I learned What he taught in his training. I applied it that night and my Results went out the roof, okay I was getting maybe a couple leads doing the things that I was Doing on my own but as soon as I applied this training, it was just the results were quick They were like that and they just continues to grow and The more you apply this training the better you’re going to do the more successful You’re going to be you’re gonna start You know somewhere and it is going to build and you’re going to have the results as you want. That’s all there is to it This product is just it’s outstanding like I love it and then Martin has so much to offer Stealth commissions. It’s just like I said It’s detailed and it’s phenomenal and it will help anybody be successful with the business that they are wanting to be successful in Hey guys, this is toy Adams here is how to start affiliate marketing And I just wanted to shoot a short video about this Martin stuff commissioned course guys I went through this training which was actually simple to follow keep in mind that I have No YouTube marketing experience. So I actually went through the training. I implemented the training to my youtube channel Over this last week and a half. I mean I’ve been able to get a hundred and twelve clicks from free traffic 32 opt-ins To look at look into what I’m offering and once seen so I am so happy I mean I am so pleased with this course so being part Martin, you know I just can’t thank you enough for the golden nuggets that you drop into this course that I’m looking forward to your next one already Thank you You can finally blast yourself free with stealth Commission and how simple is that? Well, imagine not needing to learn complicated skills You know while I’m gonna take you inside the members area and we’re gonna see module by module What are the videos that are included and what exactly you’ll be learning? I’ve been to Deep training in in internet marketing but this training tells the Commission is nothing near to that and It is not complicated and you can still earn a lot of money by Implementing these strategies imagine not spending days or weeks creating your own products if you want to get started as an affiliate You’re definitely going after all the people’s products and getting commissions from them Imagine making an autopilot income of whatever it doesn’t have to be 120 fifty-three dollars per day It can be two hundred dollars per day. It can be $100 per day by simply What’s in what I do just copy and repeat to grab the same results as you know income claims are something that you know a lot of people do I’m Careful after income claims, but the idea here is that you need to stick to this training? Which is not complicated you need to stick to it and start implementing What you learn day after day, and eventually you will get to a point where you are generating steady income day after day Imagine being able to rinse and repeat and deploy as many campaigns as you like bill a long-term business in absolutely Any niche remember I told you about my bonus video number two. Yeah in any niche I’m gonna tell you exactly there how I get low competition keywords In a niche that is not make money online is actually another type of product which you know I’m really not going after but I show you there how you can you know Get those keywords inside of YouTube and start generating one two, five ten twenty videos around That keyword. That’s a way actually you grow. You start to grow your presence in YouTube imagine not being a rat in that Shiny race everyone else is in Do what you want when you want definitely you’re gonna get that by consistency I urge you if you are planning on how to start affiliate marketing Starting affiliate marketing and you want to get stuff commissioned using the link in the description of this video Just make sure you stick to it There are a lot of objects tiny objects online there a lot of training there A lot of people just make sure that you stick to one thing and do it consistently Until you get results. I Am inside stealth Commission’s this is a welcome video We’re gonna skip that one. We’re gonna go down to the training part here This is an overview video that starts like this Okay, just be careful as you go through the videos you will get that introduction now the course has nine modules plus a bonus video Sorry a bonus module with additional videos. So I’m gonna go through module by module and tell you what you will get Here are the nine modules plus the bonus Video the bonus module so muslim’ Number one talks about longtail keywords and all you need to know like an overview about long tail keywords This video will take you this module will take you eight minutes and three seconds Module number two also has one video It talks about activating your channel and all you need to know in that line module number three Has four videos it will take you about an hour to watch these videos and he basically covers here customizing your YouTube channel alright module number 4 talks about digging for long tail keywords and that module has Exactly five videos which will take you about an hour as well to watch Muslim number four is extremely important for you to understand they are tools that he uses in that module they are specific concepts that he teaches so you want to stay tuned to module number four And module number three as well in this course So that’s module number four digging for long tail goal module number five has only one video it talks about your very first video what you shall say how to structure it and he actually covered that a second example Which he did not cover in module number four digging for long tail goal So he covers another example of that in module number 5 then module number 6 talks about intros and outros You saw his intro? Actually, just putting it again. You saw this awesome intro that he has Now you don’t have to have an intro just like that and it’s not mandatory to have an intro and an outro nevertheless it It puts it differentiates your channel from other channels it makes it look much more professional so just keep an eye on module number 6 as well module number 7 talks about online SEO this module has five videos which will take you about an hour and so to watch as well and What you needed you to start ranking your videos? Module number eight is off page SEO This module has one video and it tells you what you shall continue to do with that video Which has gone through this Different steps inside module 7 in order to continue to help that video to rank even more on YouTube and Finally module number 9 has one video he wraps up everything here and he provides you with Correct expectations, so don’t think that you’re gonna come inside here and maybe in the 30 minutes 40 minutes, you know being generated money He provides you the right expectation what you need to do? in order to start to get start getting consistent income inside with YouTube using the training information provided in this course Next the bonuses are additional four videos Which will take you about an hour and 15 minutes more endless to watch and those videos are Advanced steps in order to Grow as an affiliate. The first nine modules will help you to start as an affiliate marketer but the bonus video information will help you to even more increase as affiliates, so that is exactly What it’s covered it’s tied of stealth, Commission’s Alright, so I know at this time if you are still watching this video You’re probably wondering what is the prize or what still Commission calls how much it costs? Well, when you click on the link in the description of this video it will take you to this page This is my bonus page where I offer my five bonuses If you hit any of these orange buttons, you will get access to self commissions. So here it is $14.95 to get access to all the modules that I show you in the just a while ago $14.95. It’s really not bad to get About five or six hours of trainings. I will even say about seven hours of training it all depends exactly. How you Watch the information. What I will personally suggest you to do is to sit down and Watch all the videos one by one go taking down notes and then I go over from video number one Module number one again and start to implement what you see there. That is my personal recommendation Everybody works different but that is what I will do in order to get started here with stealth Commission in a successful way So, there you go $14.95. Yes there is and I’ll sell upsell number one and upsell number two, but let’s talk about upsell Number one first that is going to cost you twenty seven dollars So what is included inside upsell number one if you are inside? And make money online niche. You might want to go for this first upsell Remember upsells are not mandatory in Theory everything that is needed to succeed should be in the front end product nevertheless They put up cells which have additional information like things that you can get to jumpstart your success in Whatever niche in this case affiliate marketing so a secret list of keywords the product creator in this case Ben Martin already researched and previously ranked four which are proven to get traffic and make money and I can say without a shadow of a doubt I have seen I have gotten those keywords because I did this first upsell as well and Those keywords have low competition like 98% of them have low Competition so you can go for that First upsell with confidence that you will get real good keywords that you can start to generate Start making videos right away That’s used value guaranteed approval to promote all five of his jvzoo products which have Generated a total of two hundred and twenty-two thousand dollars in commissions for JV partners. So he has other products beside Itself the commission he’s gonna give you a prove out to promote those products If you are wondering how to get started in affiliate marketing and you have already Gone to JV zoo trying to get approved for products. You will know that it’s not necessarily easy to get approved Sometimes you get denied or declined, but he’s giving you Approval for his products that he sells on jvzoo and not only that he’s giving you instant access to all of those five Products which is used because the majority of the people of vendors that approve you on Jvzoo, they put you on delayed Commission 30 days of email secret Screenshots, I’m sorry consultancy and I have gotten that from the product creator as well I had a couple of questions. I sent him the questions and he did answer in the period of 30 days so this is you know like Another giveaway. He’s given for being for purchasing upsell number one for $27 and Finally absolute number two is $47 is also optional but is a top secret method used by the creator of stealth commission to rank on first page of Google so not only YouTube but Google as well for keywords that actually make money very Important this method complements the front end offer by giving video rankings and boosts on YouTube as well So you want to rank on YouTube and you want to watch rank on Google you will get that knowledge by getting up cell number Two over the solar case study guide of him using the method to rank on Google You will get to see exactly how he does it including the keywords he uses and where he sends people once they find his content very powerful and Finally third item in up cell number two for $47 video headline debrief bonus video where he Sears how to come up with video titles which grab people’s attention and compel them to click watch and buy if you remember my fifth bonus is 295 video headline so it goes hand to hand with what you will get in Absolute numbers too if you can get access to all these headlines Plus this video Showing you how to come up with headlines like those that would be a powerful and use value a great Jumpstart for action takers. So there you go. That is what stealth Commission is the price Included which tell Commission and upsells Alright so This is exactly what’s tell Commission is all about you can go to that patient the link using the link in the description of this video and you Can click on any one of these? Buttons here any one of these orange buttons that will take you to stuff commission so that you can get all of these five awesome bonuses that I have prepared for action takers which tells the Commission you’ll get all these bonuses and actually, all what you have to do right now is just click on the link in the description of this video you Know if you really want to get started with affiliate marketing and you’re wondering what to do. I will definitely suggest you to Focus on this training only focus on this make sure that you dominate it make sure that you understand it It’s gonna take some time for you to you know, get all the pieces together to create your channel to customize your channel it’s gonna take you some time to go through the The free Tools that he teaches about in module number four and I also teach about those tools in my second bonus video it’s gonna take you some time to go through that and You know start creating these these videos and you want to create one video two videos three videos You want to create a video series and you want to see your channel? growth your channel growth inside of YouTube So that is exactly what you need to do in order to start affiliate Marketing YouTube is in its prime time right now. You should go after YouTube you so start getting You know traffic from YouTube is free traffic so once again go to the link in the description of this video and pick up stealth Commission get started excited to be able to introduce you to something that can definitely You know change your life as I said once more and I’m not gonna get tired of saying it you need to be consistent you Need to stick to this method you need to you know if you can get this just go ahead and make sure that you stick to it day after day after day and You will definitely see results So I want to thank you for watching go ahead and click on the link in the description of this video In order to start your journey with affiliate marketing Thanks for watching my video today

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