How To Start An Affiliate Marketing Business From Scratch

hey there Rachel esli here and in this
video I’m going to share with you how you can start an affiliate marketing
business from scratch and the things that you’re gonna need so number one you
will need a computer or a laptop the whole point of having an online business
is so you’re not glued to the computer or the laptop all the time and you can
take breaks from it and maybe even check some things on your phone if you want I
actually went on an entire week with a broken computer and I still actually was
able to get some stuff done with a phone and an iPad but having the computer
really really helped and then of course you’re gonna need internet seriously
though a lot of times I am just using my hotspot from my cell phone and
connecting that to the laptop if I’m out traveling or just wanting to work from a
coffee shop in the coffee shop has slow Wi-Fi or a restaurant
yeah I’ve even pulled over on the side of the road into a gas station before to
get some stuff done lock the car doors another thing that you’re gonna mean is
a niche what kind of affiliate marketing do you want to do is it going to be like
weight loss niche or sleeping niche or like medical thing a health thing
fitness I guess those are all a little different there’s so many kinds and I
like you could do different things with Amazon or different you could do real
estate niche I prefer personally online marketing
tools natch like the online marketing niche just because I’m using the tools
anyway so I would just prefer it just makes more sense to me to promote what I
like what I like and what I’m into and what I’m learning about every single day
as I’m using these programs so oftentimes this is also like the make
money online niche or the business opportunity niche and then you get into
micro niches but for me I prefer to stick with like the online marketing
tools and education niche and then you will need an offer what are you going to
promote within that niche and you could get some different offers
I like offers that work with each other so promoting a landing page software but
hey you guys you’re also gonna need an email software or hey you’re also gonna
need link tracking and hey you also might like this tool to go with it or
this of course to go with it and they all like go together and don’t really
compete with each other they complement each other so you can find different
offers like that some of my favorite are click funnels because it’s 40% affiliate
Commission I’m on it like every day it’s super cool so many functions so many
features to use they even have email marketing in it and it just pays big
commissions that come out of it it’s not even just the monthly recurring
commissions that you can make but there’s even higher ticket offers where
you can like make a one-time $400 Commission and then other tools like
click magic that starts to add up and pays out once you hit the threshold so
that pays out every couple days there’s a bunch of cool offers it’s fun so
you’ll also this is optional depending on what kind of affiliate
marketing you’re doing but a list like email list an audience with the make
money online email or online marketing tools and only marketing niche yeah you
want to list you want an email list you want to be collecting people’s emails
you want to be emailing them you want to take that email list and use it for
advertising and retargeting and creating look-alike audiences of more people so
that list is so valuable but now you can also like even your YouTube subscribers
they’re your lips like a type of list your audience and your Facebook people
connected with you on Facebook and the Facebook Likes and the Facebook friends
and followers and people in the Facebook group that also somewhat becomes a list
when you track people and your pixel in them and cooking them on your your pixel
in them and tracking them on your different landing pages that you have
it’s kind of a list too so vitalist I guess I mean audience you for
sure what an audience but I would say you want to also have an email list so
you need a landing page to be collecting those emails for the different offers
before they hit the offer you don’t just want them to see the offer right away
you want to collect their email and then they can see the offer so then when they
don’t buy the offer right away you can keep sending them to offer presented in
different ways and then you are also going to need traffic let’s say you find
the perfect offer and you set up the perfect landing page to it and it’s all
connected to the list how are people going to get there so you need traffic
and different types of affiliate marketing teach different types of ways
of getting traffic there’s so many ways I would not suggest doing all the ways
at first you’re going to just like spend or extend your energy and your
brainpower into many different to many different places and then you’re never
gonna like master one way of driving traffic so so many ways but for make
money online niche something called solo ads is a cool way to get traffic because
it’s you’re like renting out email space from other people’s email lists that are
have make money online people on it and Facebook I found works well for me and
YouTube I found works well for me but then I have a lot of colleagues killing
it with Google Ads and with SEO which YouTube is the type of SEO so there’s
there’s different ways I would say start with like what I teach my people I have
a duplicatable system it’s called affiliate business in a box comm it is
free system I give out free training the only thing that you have to pay for is
the tools to make it work like the landing page software in the link
tracking software and then pay for some traffic so when you do get trial free
two-week free trials of the software’s though so you can try it out at least so
the way though that I teach people at first is start with the solo ad traffic
because you can quickly lit build your list
people interested in the things that you that I teach you and give you to promote
and then start once you like mastered that and you really get it and you’re
comfortable with it then move on to YouTube and the solo ad traffic is going
to drive traffic back to your YouTube and then the youtubes are going to drive
traffic back to your list and that works together and then when you’re
comfortable with that and start working more on Facebook and that’s they’re all
gonna work with each other and it starts compounding and it’s super amazing so
that’s my tip if you’re starting from scratch
keep doing some research and you’re probably watching this video right now
because you’re doing some research and thinking okay which should I even get
into affiliate marketing or what type of affiliate marketing should I get to or
what niche should I get into do your due diligence do research but if you want to
learn more about making money with affiliate marketing in the online
marketing space with the way I teach it check out more of my videos and then
check below in the description for links there’s a link to that free training and
system that I was talking about and I’m gonna be pumping out so many more videos
lots of good stuff so make sure to subscribe notification but leave a
comment I’ll comment back if you got a channel let me know and I’ll talk to you


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