How To Start And Make Money With Amazon’s Affiliate Program (New Updated 2019)

how to start and make money with
Amazon’s affiliate program. What’s going on everyone Attan here and that’s
exactly what we are going to cover in today’s video
how you can get started to promote Amazon affiliate offers and make money
with. To find out all the details all you have to do is stay with me but first if
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on your video alright before we get started here I actually did a video when
I got started with YouTube channel a few years back here and it was exactly with
the same topic but a few things has happened since then has changed so I
thought it would be a good idea to actually update that video and that’s
exactly why I wanted to cover it in today’s video so make sure you stick to
the end of the video here because I’m gonna share with you how you can find
offers to promote how to grab the links there and also a few methods on how you
can get started to promote your Amazon affiliate links for free alright make
sure you also check out my number one recommendation at the end of this video
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in-depth actually so make sure you check that out after I finished the video here
but for now let’s get started to have a look at how we can make money with
Amazon’s associate program let’s get started okay so Amazon first why Amazon
well really simple because they have probably millions of products that you
can promote there now the cool thing with Amazon is that you don’t need to
hassle with shipping or anything like all you need to do is promote the
products you get a commission and you don’t have to do anything with shipping
or send an invoice or something like that another really cool thing is that
Amazon has a 24-hour cookie which means that let’s say for example that you are
promoting thermometer if as I can see right here right now
and I click that link as a viewer but I don’t purchase that thermometer but I
found out that I saw a camera instead so you actually make a commission on that
camera if I purchase it within the 24 hours there so that is really super nice
and I seen in my affiliate program there that I made some Commission’s on stuff
that I didn’t promote never promoted actually so in the beginning I was
curious I thought it was something wrong then I discovered that it was the 24
hour cook either so really a nice way to make money you
never know how much you can earn there you just wake up one day and someone
might have purchased five or six cameras or something like that so there is a
great opportunity with Amazon now before we get to order you of course you need
to sign up there I’m not going to go into details you just need to fill up
fill in the details as any other affiliate program of course a good tip
would be that make sure let me show you here make sure you actually sign up for
Amazon UK Canada Italy France Spain Germany Japan and so on because there is
something called the one link solution that means that you get one link for
let’s say a camera for example and depending on where they purchase it
because someone might purchase from United Kingdom Kingdom I’m sorry and if
you’re not have an affiliate account there you will not make a commission so
you will miss on that so I mean why miss on those Commission’s when you already
spent time and money and effort of course to
grab the affiliate link and of course driving traffic to that link so this is
another good tip to be aware of and get started with as soon as possible if not
get started with which is probably the most common there so apply
and when you get the prove you can get started to promote offers there now
there is a few ways that you can get started to promote so basically if I go
to the main site you can actually grab a link for the main site and send actually
people to this and whenever someone purchase from the main site here in 24
hours you will get a commission but we want to be a little bit more specific so
I don’t know you I don’t know what niche you are involved in but as I said there
is millions of products that you can promote books there is a let’s have a
quick look here watches I mean there are so many products you phones clothes so
it really depends if you have a niche that you’re interested and you’re
writing a blog about or something like that you should definitely grab
something that is related to your niche there and of course promote it so a few
ways you can actually get stored to promote I just took this camera as an
example okay you can actually let’s say that you have this interesting cameras
you can see here that it cost twenty five and ninety eight now depending on
the products it depends on the Commission’s they’re on an average it is
around four percent but it can be anywhere from three up to ten percent in
commissions that you earn there so it’s not much but it is actually the amount
and as I said earlier if someone purchase something that is expensive
then you definitely make a good Commission on that too if we just
proceed with the camera here there is a way you can use the side stripe you can
see here you can get a text link you can get a text plus image or
you can get only the image link there so the responsive way and variations if you
have a blog you want to use your text loss image there or you can actually you
can see in here if you want to grab the shortened link just grab it I think this
is the most popular way to do it and another way could be actually that you
go into your associate account you search for the product and then you can
actually customize it so you can see I just played around a little bit here
let’s say that you want red color for example let’s say that the title color
should be white look at this do you see the changes and the price color let’s do
them green how cool is that okay so now all I have to do is basically just grab
this link insert the HTML code in my site sir and I’m ready to promote it
this way so I mean check out my number one recommendation will be four cameras
these etc and so on so there you have it okay so tons of ways that you can
promote it you can go straight as I said from the side stripe there or you can
search via the product or you can actually also prod promote the category
as itself I mean you can just type fitness products and promote that site
okay so everything that is shown up so let me give you a quick example here
fitness let’s say we take Fitness watch for example so Fitness watch I’m sorry
it was misspelling a bit there there you have it I can actually grab a link and
promote this page so you can have you can tell people that my most popular
what’s this most popular time Fitness watch is on this side so you can use
this link and you see it shows up here so whatever people are purchasing here
you will make a commission so that is super nice also
all right let’s move on and proceed a little bit on how you can actually
promote your Amazon affiliate links there so one way could be that let’s say
you’re writing a blog for example you can either of course I have it’s a
self-hosted or you can go the roads like a blogger blog or why not even a
wordpress blog so if you’re good at article writing let’s say you’re writing
about Fitness and you can do this totally free it doesn’t cost you
anything to get started with a blog like this and as soon as it gets ranked for
the keyword that you are actually targeting it should be a longtail
keyword the longer the easier it will be ranked so a good tip would be that
camera with a description and let’s say for example a review you’re going to get
ranked quickly so when people are searching for that they will see your
blog that will read it and they will also check out for the best price you
need to have some kind of a call-to-action there also okay another
opportunity if you’re involved in Twitter you can actually go and tweet or
why not even Pinterest Pinterest doesn’t work for all the niches so it totally
depends as I said in the beginning on what niche you’re involved in actually I
mean for example fitness products might be good for Pinterest but something else
they might be totally unrelated there so you have to test and try and see what is
most popular for your niche there to get started for free another good
opportunity could be actually to do a YouTube video so you can see here I just
fight took the same title I just type review there and look at this three
hundred and seventy three thousand views in one year the first place the second
place is actually sixty-four thousand views and you can clearly see here that
by the on Amazon here and there is an Amazon
affiliate link as here I think actually let me scroll down a little bit so if
you don’t want to use the Amazon shortened link you can use something
like bitly which is a URL shortener but you can also use the Amazon shortened
links and if you don’t want to show up on camera you can actually take a few
pictures and put an article just record on a microphone or something like that
there are no limits and the longer actually the keyword is here the easier
it will be to rank for you so don’t go for competitive keywords like a camera
with night vision okay but go for the specific title okay why the cam thousand
ad HD wireless smart home camera with night vision review add something here
and you can get ranked pretty quick actually so you start to get videos and
when people that you can have a call to action get the best price here click
here for the best price for this camera and people will check it out on Amazon
if they don’t purchase it and purchase something else you will still get the
Commission within 24 hours after they click and that is usually they usually
actually buy I’m sorry they actually buy something within the 24 hours because
they already in Amazon and say oh I need this so I let’s say one of these for
example it could be a razor blade or something like that so it doesn’t really
matter so there you have it how to get stored there to make money with Amazon
affiliate program I think I basically I covered all the basics for you here to
get started there are no limits as I said millions of products to promote and
so many ways that you can get started to promote Amazon’s products there now if
you’re interested in making a full time passive income online build a real
sustainable online business with affiliate marketing and much more you
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