How to start make $50+ for Free with Affiliate Marketing

what’s going on YouTube it’s John here
with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna show you how to start
making anywhere between fifty to a hundred to a thousand dollars per day
with affiliate marketing for free so as you can see here this is my
Facebook page if you scroll down to the bottom just about a week ago I had
actually made 50 bucks for free with affiliate marketing off one of the
affiliate networks that I’m working with jvzoo and I got that with organic
traffic as you can see here so what I’m gonna do is jump over to my
whiteboard that’s right behind me to break down this exact pretty marketing
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into this training so let me jump over to my whiteboard alright guys so the way
I was able to make this money for free is by using email marketing if you’re
doing affiliate marketing though number one rule if you don’t already know is to
start building your email list if you’re not building an email list it’s likely
that you’re not making any money so if you maybe you’ve been wondering
why you’re not getting any results I want to ask you right now are you
building your email list alright so hopefully you are and if you’ve been
following this channel guys you already know the exact formula to start building
an online brand and online business the first thing you want to do is go ahead
and select a platform a social media platform either Facebook YouTube
Instagram Twitter any of those platform right there and start building your
brand on their platform your affiliate marketing brand whatever offer you’re
gonna promote so for example you might make a fitness channel or a fitness
Facebook page if you’re promoting fitness and health offers and then just
start building that page or that channel or whatever ever platform you decide to
choose start building it up by posting daily valuable content you want to make
sure you’re posting our daily valuable content so people people start to find
your page people start to you know recognize who you are who your brand is
and start to build that trust factor with you once they’re able to build that
trust factor with you that’s when you’re able to collect their email address buy
one of your landing pages or your squeeze pages that you that they click
on and so any content that you create on your page or your channel or you know
your Instagram page whatever platform you choose you always want to make sure
you add in your call-to-action which is usually gonna lead people to your
landing page and Satre your landing pages where you collect their email
address so you can start sending them daily emails and start building that
relationship through email marketing and so a lot of people have a hard time with
email marketing and setting it up and guys it’s really not that difficult what
I like to follow is a simple formula made by Gary B I’m sure you already know
who Gary Vee is which is Jab Jab Jab right hook it’s basically a boxing
reference or a fighting reference where you’re giving a jab a jab or jab and
boom you give your big a shot all right I won’t do that again
anyways what it gave me is basically trying to say is Jab Jab Jab means
you’re giving valuable content you’re giving value you’re building that trust
the right hook is that offer you’re gonna present so inside of your emails
you’re always gonna send your welcome email right that’s always your first one
right and in your welcome email all you’re gonna do is introduce yourself
introduce yourself your brand whatever brand you decide to build introduce it
let people know what they could be expecting in the next few emails maybe
you gave away a free ebook or a free training that’s always gonna be inside
of the welcome email after that is where the jabs come in so the next couple of
emails at least the next three emails all you’re gonna do is add a value
you’re going to be adding valuable emails so you
you can send an email for example we were using the weight and fitness one
again you know you can send somebody an email on 10 key steps 10 key things to
do every morning to start losing weight or you know 10 key foods to eat every
morning so you can start losing weight that could be your first email the next
one again another jab more value so you’re gonna send somebody out maybe
another couple tips you know the best five exercises to do every single
morning and all you’re doing is giving them value giving them as much value so
that way they can start to trust in your brand start to trust in you your
business and get to know you a little bit more so again all you’re doing is
providing value and in the third email same thing again just a valuable email
again giving them tips giving them advice giving them you know maybe it’s
things that you’ve learned with your own experiences just sharing your story you
know starting to build that connection with people you don’t always have to be
selling selling selling because that’s actually what comes next after the third
one what you’re gonna do is start warming them up to the offer you’re
gonna present so the next one is gonna be a warm up email so inside of this
warm up one where you can do is just prepare your audience for the offer
you’re about to present to them so you can say something like I got something
very special I want to show you and tomorrow’s email so make sure you pay
attention to that email you know or I put together this really cool case study
that I’m going to be showing you in tomorrow’s email so make sure you pay
attention are you gonna do a start warming them up to the offer and finally
in the last email that’s when you actually present your offer to them so
right here this is where you’re gonna make that sale after the six day seven
days usually between a five to seven day email sequence when somebody Bernie opts
into your email lists so again what you’re gonna do is always give the
welcome email introducing your brand introducing yourself giving letting
people know a little bit of who you are next you’re gonna send out three value
emails you know showing people something new maybe giving people something of
value that they can actually learn from giving them tips tricks strategies
anything that you can actually teach them help them out with you want to add
that into those three emails the fifth email is gonna be a warm up email to
your offer so there again you’re gonna warming them up
by you know letting them know that you got something special for them or you
know the check out tomorrow’s email when I had something very special for you a
free case study or maybe even just a real good deal you know maybe you have a
special going on right now that you don’t want people to miss out on so just
add that inside that email and finally the last one is an actual offer where
you generate the sale and that’s exactly how you start making sales and start
building relationship through email marketing because once you start
building up your email list you can second start sending them out daily
emails as many emails as you want obviously you don’t want all of their
inbox or anything but you have a list that that’s in your control you know you
have full control over your list you could you know send them values really
start building up a relationship so you can start presenting offers email
marketing is definitely one of the strongest marketing strategies out there
so if you want to make sure you’re implementing it inside of your brand or
you know your online business and now a lot of people get confused on what to do
after this so maybe people went through your entire email sequence maybe they
didn’t buy so what happens next what do you do next
well after that guy’s really all the next emails after that are really just
going to take people back to your page or to your YouTube channel or Instagram
page all the emails after that so let’s say you’ve already made a couple post on
helping people lose weight or helping people eat the right foods the next
emails after this it’s just going to be sending people back to those articles or
back to those posts or videos that you created sending them back to your brand
and send them back to your business so that way they’re getting more familiar
with you because if you send them back to your business thing that’s what they
start this all over again and if they get taken through the process all over
again then again they’re gonna see your offer again that’s a statistic guys that
you know people honestly need to see your offer between 7 or 12 times I’ve
even heard up to 20 times before they actually buy so after you send out these
emails the next emails are gonna be sending them back to your page or to
your profile over your channel whatever ever platform you’re trying to build
that way they get more familiar with your page they get more familiar with
your band and start trusting you which is gonna start building your authority
which is that’s exactly what you want to be doing you know start building
leadership and authority inside of your marketplace and that’s basically it for
this training guys I hope you some value from this video if you did
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