How to Start Making 1k Per Week with Affiliate Marketing

hey what’s going on guys it’s John here
with non stop affiliate and in this video I’m gonna teach you my 1k per week
affiliate marketing strategy now if you’re brand new to my channel it’s all
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passive income online alright let’s get into this training so to have success
with affiliate marketing it always comes down to a few simple steps a few biggest
basic steps you know people always make it so complicated with our ads and you
know other thing is offers and really just mixing so much into it where they
don’t make any money at all but really guys it’s a few basic steps that you had
to establish to have long-term success with affiliate marketing and the first
step that I always recommend and start and building your brand so number one is
always build your brand alright start building your brand start creating you
know valuable content on a platform when you build your brand you want to put it
on a platform so you’re either gonna put it on YouTube
Facebook Instagram Twitter you know start establishing your brand start
growing your audience by creating valuable content right so that’s always
number two we’ll start creating valuable content start creating valuable content
and like I always mentioned number three is make sure you have a good offer on
your back end so when people actually want to buy from you and you actually
you know you give them a lot of recommendation you want to make sure
it’s a good offer it’s something that works and you know they’re actually
gonna it’s actually gonna help them solve their problem so always number
three is you have make sure you have a good offer on your back end alright guys so so this strategy has to
do with email marketing right here if you want to be successful with affiliate
marketing the number one thing you always want to make sure you do is that
you’re building your list always always always build your list make sure you’re building up your email
list so that way you’re able to retarget back to the email you know whatever
offer you’re promoting because let’s say for example a lot of times when people
see your offer the first time they’re most likely not going to buy you know
they don’t they might not really know your brand they might not really know
who you are or you know follow you too much so they might not want to buy from
you at first but I think they’re you establish the connection and trust with
your audience I guarantee they will start buying from you and so how does
that happen so number one like I mentioned start
building your brand on youtube or on Google or on Facebook right the number
two is start creating valuable content so let’s say for example right now you
created a Facebook page on weight loss right your offer has to do with weight
loss weight loss is a big niche online you know fitness hell that’s a big niche
online so let’s say you created a Facebook page on weight loss right we’re
inside their Facebook page you know you created valuable content you start
building counting on it where people could actually read your articles you
know click on your links and once they finally click on one of your links from
reading your content they go through one of your landing pages right inside of
your landing page you’re gonna give them something of value for free so you’re
either gonna give them free tips on losing weight or our free our free guide
or a free ebook free training all on losing weight you know all on what your
offer has to do with which in this case it’s weight loss right so you give them
your free your free training guide in exchange for their email address right
so this is going to be an opt-in page so this is your opt-in page where you know
you collect their email address because again you know the number one thing with
you know becoming a long-term successful affiliate marketer is building your list
so inside of here you’re gonna collect an email so again
after you know you created a valuable content they clicked on one of your
links for your free guide your free training whatever you’re giving away for
free or you collector email at this after you collect their email address
and they go to your offer page right right here they go to your sales page
where they’re actually gonna see what your offer is and hey guess what maybe
they don’t buy from your offer maybe they seen your offer you know they know
you’re trying to make a sale and they decided not to buy from it right and
this is where most people mess up with affiliate marketing you know they didn’t
get the sale so they’re like screw it it doesn’t work people you know they opted
in they didn’t buy affiliate marketing doesn’t work but that’s exactly where
they’re wrong because what you did at least is you collected the email which
is so so important because hey guess what now you’re gonna get to send them
email number one email number two email number three and so here’s where people
mainly mess up even more because they think once they start sending an email
out that’s where you send your offer again you know you send them an offer
hey don’t forget to buy this again don’t forget to buy this again don’t forget to
buy it but that’s exactly what you don’t want to do what you want to do inside
your email marketing is refer people back to your content back to your brand
all every single time so as you continue to make valuable content on your brand
you know on your Facebook page start putting that inside your emails so when
when somebody opens up an email if they see that you’re actually trying to help
him by giving him again and you get invaluable content through your emails
because what’s this going to do so once you have people going back to your
content going back to your brand on Facebook again they’re gonna click on
your link and again go through the process again when you collect their
email again and again they see your offer again so that’s when the people
start seeing your offer another five six seven times where actually entices them
to buy because now you’re actually building a relationship with them by a
given and valuable content and you’re actually making them more familiar
your ban by reminding them who you are bringing them back to your Facebook page
and letting people see that you actually know what you’re talking about and
that’s exactly how successful affiliate marketing works and if you want to have
long-term success with affiliate marketing again you want to establish a
brand start creating valuable content and start building out your email list
so once again once you start building your email list you can send emails to
your subscribers reminding them that you’re building out more valuable
content which is gonna make them go back to your Facebook page where they could
see your offer again by going through the process again in the next article or
in the next video that you put out because every single article and all the
valuable content you put out obviously is 2mr generating audience to eventually
see your offer right eventually they’re gonna see your offer but they have to go
through the steps first and when you start collecting the email from them
you’re able to remarket your valuable content to them and again a key
component to being are successful marketers learning how to remark it to
your audience they start building a relationship with you and your brand
they start recognizing your brand you know you start building an audience
where you can present to them your offer again and again and again eventually
like my studies have shown you know somebody needs to see an offer between 7
or 12 times before they’re actually committed to buying and so how do you do
it again establish a brand create valuable content collect the email
address and eventually send them emails back to your content back to your brand
back to your Facebook page so that way they go through the process again and
see your offer again and that’s exactly how you start generating a thousand
dollars per week with affiliate marketing I’ve used this exact strategy
to make over five thousand dollars per week with affiliate marketing because it
actually works build some valuable content establish your brand and start
building your audience to see your offer again and again through this building
and email marketing but your remarketing back to an audience that’s already
starting to trust you that it’s already building a relationship with you so
eventually they’re gonna want to buy from you knowing that you’re
recommending something good I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope you
enjoyed this training again if you guys want to see my number
recommended online business system then just click on the first link in my
description I’m gonna be sending it over to you for you guys to see exactly how
I’m making a full time passive income online so I hope you guys enjoyed this
training and I’ll see you guys on the next video

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