How To Start Making Money Online With Affiliate Marketing

hey hello everyone this is the Diana Castillo from and in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you how
to start making money online with affiliate marketing even if you have no
experience no audience and no results okay how you can make your first
thousand dollars even ten thousand dollars but before you get into the
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mentioned before I’m gonna be sharing with you how to start making money
online with affiliate marketing even if you have no experience no audience not
resold there is no excuse you can start making money if you put the work the
very first thing that you need to take into consideration is that you need to
have a product okay you need to have a product if you are not promoting any
product you are not gonna be making any money okay the other thing is that you
need to own the product that you promote okay I know a lot of people are telling
them out there like you can make money online without any kind of investment
right but to be honest if you don’t own the product if you haven’t tested out
how are you gonna become the expert why people are gonna jump into the product
you know it can be a curse it can be a software y-you know it’s like me likes
let’s say that I’m referring you to a restaurant tell me like hey hey go ahead
to the restaurant XYZ the best food ever and you decide to go ahead and you know
have a great dinner with your special someone and then you text me like hey
Lee and I’m here do you know what’s the I don’t know what’s the best dessert I
don’t like I don’t really don’t have any I do
which the search that they have available if they do have any you know
so it is a saying here except that this is gonna be digitally right so do you
need to own the product you need to test it out you need to learn it I mean I
really learn it not just scan it but learn it inside out yeah to be honest
sometimes you need to invest a little bit money to make money okay if you do
not have the confidence to buy the product why do you think that someone
else is gonna buy it for you people knows you know so you need to take that
into consideration you need to own the product Hey you need to own the course
that you’re gonna be referring you’re gonna need to own the software that
you’re gonna really prefering test it learn it and promote it okay you need to
go to the product okay what I mean by this is that you need to be asking
questions if there is some doubts you need to get knowledgeable about the
product you need to understood it and you need to take into consideration that
since you’re gonna be the expert people are gonna start asking questions to you
about the product it you can have a blog you can have a YouTube channel you can
have your own Facebook group even on your Instagram account people are gonna
be asking like hey I want to know is this product worked for this can you
give me a little bit more feedback about these course let’s say that your is
selling a supplement right I want to know if I can achieve this goal by
taking this supplement people are gonna be asking questions so you need to be
the expert the go-to person also this was kind of difficult to me but you need
to be on the social networks okay you need to be on the social networks if you
don’t have a Facebook profile go ahead and create a Facebook profile if you
don’t have an Instagram account go ahead and create an Instagram account even if
you love Twitter go ahead and use Twitter start adding friends that are
your niche right what are you gonna put here you’re gonna
start documenting your yearning cake that’s it we’re gonna start documenting
your journey hey let’s say today I’m gonna be
building a landing page today I’m took the first you know the
first scoop this first class for this supplement this is how I feel you know
what you have learn you can share your story really important like hey what did
you start this journey maybe I start I don’t know this business
opportunity because I want to earn another extra another $1,000 extra per
month or you know I’m actually taking this course because I want to master
this skill and with this skill what I’m thinking about doing is maybe I’m gonna
I don’t know open a digital agency so people can benefit from my service or
you know I am roll into this membership area because they have the best work out
and actually I want to lose some waves I want to you know burn fat I don’t know I
want to get rip it I don’t know you know it’s gonna be your story what happens if
you have a MP finding epi funny moment go ahead and share it if you have some
struggles you know be real be real we are all human we are all real and or
life is not perfect really really important as I mentioned what’s your
goal what are you trying to achieve when are you trying to achieve people will
love this kind of things because people relate with people this also helped you
know create the love like and trust factor because there might be someone
right who’s gonna be related related to you because maybe you are on the same
level or maybe that person it’s one step below to you and he or she is looking
into you as a role model maybe that person so I’m not gonna be identified
with the Guru right with a person with a hundred thousand followers a million
followers but he or she is gonna identify with you with your chart with
your character right like why are you trying to do
really really important employment you need to implement the course you need to
use the software and create something okay again how are you going to how are
you going to refer someone to a product or service if you haven’t use it show
people what you are doing right really what they can you know they can achieve
be real be an open book do not be a scare to share your
struggles even here in my youtube channel
I challenge myself not so long ago to write to reach 1000 subscribers on a
week it at that time if I’m not wrong I was missing 400 subscribers or something
like that to reach 1000 subscribers I was honest I’ve created another video
sharing my results what did I learn I failed drastically on that video well
on that goal I shared drastically but I learned a lot of things I share what I
learned I shared the system that works and the other methods that did not work
so people you know can apply what I learned and they can avoid my mistakes
so be honest again be real we are not perfect okay we are not perfect and
that’s okay share your results with other people’s is their good is their
bad if they’re so so you need to go ahead and share your results if you
don’t have any kind of result don’t worry you can share others people’s
result okay and you can share your results when you get them let’s say that
you’re in the weight loss industry and you’re just starting out I don’t know
this kind of workout routine you something that people say that they can
lose I don’t know 5 pounds per week or every two weeks I’m just making it up
okay so if you’re not getting any result because
you are getting assorted today is day one you can explain them like hey let’s
say hey today my name is danica CEO how you guys doing I’m actually I don’t know
testing out this magic called shake I’m also testing out this workout routines
people actually says that they you know they’re able to lose up to 5 pounds per
week and I want to see if that’s actually working on because my goal it’s
to lose I don’t know 20 pounds or in the next three months again I’m just making
it up right so I don’t have results right because today is my first day so
I’m gonna do like hey let me show you here some results some testimonials for
other people who are using this right or they have used this in the past so you
can check it out boom boom boom and put them the video I put the images
depending on what the products has right also it can be any kind of results any
kind of transformation maybe you change your mindset maybe right now you don’t
have like unless corseting mindset maybe you learn a lot of things let’s say that
you’re using a software you learn how to create your first landing page that’s
your result hey Here I am I create my first landing page it took me a week but
he’s here it’s working I’m getting leads you’re not getting sales but you’re
getting leads you know hey I’m getting leads I got I don’t know one leads per
day it can be any results in transformation again shares what work
and share what doesn’t work keep it real people love that you need more social
proof so you were gonna keep sharing your results you can do this on a daily
basis that depending on the product that you’re promoting you can do this on a
daily basis or maybe you can do this once a week you
can also do interviews you can leverage others people’s authorities right it
there is someone in your niche that you are admire that you have been following
and he or she is a reason why did you decide to purchase it right hey don’t be
scared don’t be afraid to ask them for an interview okay take action the worst
scenario is then they’re gonna say no but you’re gonna be impressed this
happens to me you’re gonna impress people are actually real and they’re
gonna say yes they’re gonna be really happy to help you right so you can do
interviews maybe you can try to reach people if you have facebook groups you
have a youtube channel it’s gonna work great
keep it real share your wings and share your loss what it’s worth but it doesn’t
work what is your journey what’s this stage you know that you are it’s really
really really important again you’re gonna be impressive how everything
changed quote/unquote overnight but it doesn’t
happen overnight yes it’s way faster than a regular
offline business right but if you keep being consistent if you put the hours
you know if you’re passionate about what you’re doing you’re gonna get results
and you’re gonna be really really impressed okay
so follow this and I can guarantee you that you’re gonna be getting results
even if you don’t have any sales and experience any audience and take into
consideration that results can be anything from creating your first funnel
creating your first email sequence decide which product are you gonna
promote you can document everything right you can document everything from
how did you decide the niche that you’re gonna go with how did you decide the
product if you’re gonna create the landing page you’re going to do the
email sequence maybe you’re gonna use the email sequence that you know the
affiliate program provides you maybe you are gonna create your own right how do
you do the follow ups if you’re getting leads the first lead is it can be you
know a win maybe you were you know impasse on paid traffic but things did
not go as you plan maybe you go and do some tweaks and
everything seems to be you know getting better when you get your fair sale
that’s for itself it’s magically it’s changed everything
I always mentioned this when I got my first sale I was Wonder Woman again I
was Wonder Woman and it’s really excited it’s really excited you know people like
to see these kind of things people like to watch what other peoples are you’re
doing how’s their journey you know maybe there are a little bit of septic all
about you know buying the product that you’re promoting or jump into the
business opportunity that you are in but because you are sharing all this
information right and at the end of the day this is content people have students
incomes and people buy the content that you put out there people are gonna
create a relationship with you right so you know you never know who isn’t the
fans you never know who is they’re watching but you need to take action you
need to believe that this is possible and this is possible right and by the
ways you want to learn more about this more about the field of marketing I’m
going to leave a link below to it’s gonna be my number one recommendation
the course that actually helped me with everything – Fran changing my mindset to
create winners landing pages email sequence everything’s I’m gonna leave
the link below again you need to believe this is possible don’t quit take action
be committed with your success well I hope you find this information helpful
please give me a thumbs up if you like this video if you have some comments
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