How To Start Selling On Amazon For Beginners | Live Q&A

– What’s goin’ on guys? So for those of you that are new, I wanted to do a live Q and A, kinda answer any questions,
so we’ve had probably, 15,000 new subscribers in the last month, so it’s been crazy. So I just wanted to take time to be able to answer anyone’s questions, if you’re watching the replay,
skip ahead a minute or two, and then we’ll get to the questions. What’s goin’ on guys? What’s up Luke? RC Investments was first. There you go, got first. If you guys don’t already, turn on, well you guys probably all
do, ’cause you’re here first, but I was gonna say turn on notifications so you know when I go live. So we can get some people in here. I’m hoping we can get 300
people in here today, we’ll see. Last live stream was
terrible, we had like 150. Most I’ve ever had was probably like 280. So we gotta break that 300. We just hit, let’s see
if I can show you guys, well, last night, if
you can see, 30K subs. So that’s pretty cool. (thudding) Oh, breakin’ things. What’s goin’ on Trent? How am I doin’? I’m doin’ good. Who you got, Mayweather and McGregor? I honestly don’t know,
I haven’t followed it, I’m watching it, I want McGregor to win, but I have no clue, I
don’t think, I don’t know. I don’t think he’ll win, but I haven’t done any
research or anything, so I have no clue. Both gonna win? Yeah, when you make 30 million and 100 million, you always win. 18 what’s the first step? Looking into YouTube
videos, learn stuff online, look into my courses. I would obviously recommend my course, that’s why I made them. Does this work in Japan? Yes it does, works anywhere. So, the kinda structure
for this today guys, will be just any questions you guys have, I just wanted to come and answer them, because we have a lot of new subscribers, so instead of just having to comment or message everyone back, live
streams are the easiest way, and we get to hang out, so. Let me just answer the
basic questions as always. You can do this from
anywhere in the world, you can sell it on any
marketplace in the world you want. You need about $1,000 to start. You need to be 18 to
sign up for an account, but if your parents will sign up, sign you up for one, then you’re fine. First live stream, buying
the course, two days ago. Bought the course two days ago? Awesome. Can I take your course as a 14 year old? Yes. Show me how to do it. I have videos that help, and
if you want more information, also, it’s what the course is for. Do I just need the Chrome extension? You need the Chrome
extension and the web app. Best time of year to start selling? September to December,
so right now, honestly. Don’t forget about me, where I can be successful
with the new 15K subs. You have 15K already? Oh, oh, Anthony, okay, I was gonna say, no way you’re at 15K. Yeah, just keep growin’
it Anthony it takes time, but then it will explode eventually. Already at 102 it’s good starting live streams in my channel. Awesome Luke. Where’d you get that sub counter? Amazon. Forgot what it’s called,
it’s like LaMetric’s. It’s like 200 bucks though. You can download an app so
it shows different things, it shows like, it’s a clock, it’s a radio, it shows weather, timers, and I can set up other apps with it, it’s pretty cool, I should
get an affiliate link for it. How long do you usually stream for? Usually 30 to 45 minutes, it depends. A lot of times I’ll do case studies live. I didn’t have time to do it today, I only have about 30 minutes. So this one will probably
be a half an hour. But I go live probably
three or four times a week. I might start posting and
going live every single day. Doing both, so. (laughing) I was about to visit your
channel and then boom, your live video notification popped up. See? I was reading your mind already. Is it okay to start FBA
with just savings account? Yes, that’s all I had when I was doin’ it. Let’s see. How does sales tax work? Amazon is implementing a thing where they collect it for you, but as of now it’s
wherever you have Nexus, so wherever your inventory is held. What shampoo do you use? Head and Shoulders. Do you need any insurance? You don’t have to, I have it. Do you really make 300K a month or 30K? 300K. I hear Japan is a different
beast, what are your thoughts? I mean, the same
principles apply no matter what marketplace you’re on. Can you pay and be paid only using PayPal? Not on Amazon, you need a bank account. First product has been shipped. Congrats. Let’s see, what do you think of Shopify? If you know what you’re doing
you can make money on it. I think FBA’s a better opportunity. But you can make money doing
both, there’s people that do. Yes, you can do this from India, you can go from anywhere in the world. I’m not English and my English is bad, can your course still help me? Yes, you can always pay people to write your listing as well, if you’re not good at writing it. Or just have someone check it for you. How’s your failing student
doing these days, Nikko? I haven’t heard from him in a while, he’s been pretty busy, but as of last time I think he was selling like three to five units a day. ‘Cause it started to pick
back up a little bit, but. You need 1K to start Amazon Affiliate? No, to start Amazon selling
you need about $1,000 to start affiliate
marketing you need zero, so, I was talking about Amazon. How much do you pay in taxes? I’m working with a tax guy. If I didn’t get any write-offs
or move money or invest, it would be about 55%. And I’ve made almost 1.6, 1.7? Hold on, let me see. 1.7 million this year. Gotta check my Excel sheets, hold on. I’ve made 1,686,000 this year. What happened to the case study? It’s still happening, I
just didn’t have time today. I have a meeting at noon, so I didn’t wanna rush it
and go through it quick and not explain it will to you guys. So I figured just answering
questions today would be better. Then we can jump on that tomorrow. Does the grace period
start from your first sale, or when your listing goes live? When your listing goes live. Gone, huh? I’m confused. I’m pooping, good to know, good to know. By a Tesla, I’m not a retired dad yet, so. Maybe in 40 years. Going to enroll on your
course on Monday, awesome. Taxes are different for every country. Yeah, different for every
country, every state. What does a typical day
of work involve as an S, Amazon FBA business owner,
assuming it’s mostly passive. So, upfront, it is a
decent amount of work, you gotta find your product, do all that, create your listing, you gotta go through, find the keywords,
optimize it, get images, so that’s a little bit of work. But a normal day is me checking, okay, how many sales did I get? What’s my PPC doing? And do I need more inventory yet? So less than. If I didn’t wanna check on a bunch it could be an hour a month. But all the work, if you’re not looking to start new products after you get goin’, is ordering inventory and checking on PPC. Can you pay and get
paid using only PayPal? No. You need a credit card. How much time do you spend
researching products? It varies. I found a product in half an hour, and it took me a month
to find one one time. It depends. I have a bunch of new techniques though that I put in the course
that have helped though, so it’s never taken me
more than two weeks now. But I haven’t been
looking super super often. Not all my focus has been on that. That’s kinda on the back burner, because right now growing
my YouTube channel is what makes me the most money. So that’s what I gotta focus on most. Still have Amazon going,
but it’s not my main focus. How high is the probability
of being hijacked if I don’t white label? Pretty high. You’ll probably get hijacked if you don’t put your
logo on your product. What’s a good return on
investment for your Amazon sales? Let’s say I order 500 units, it costs me $2,000, I would
expect at least $4,000 back, so 200% return over, will just
say, two months with that. Do you recommend buying
from AliExpress first instead of buying lots of inventory? No, the reason you can’t kinda
just test small on Amazon is their ranking
algorithm’s based off sales. If it takes you 30 days for your product to get from your supplier, it’s in to Amazon and you start selling well and you sell out in 10 days. You’re gonna lose all your ranking that you just got from selling and more competition could
come in when that happens, and you won’t be able to rank. So if you play scared
on Amazon you’ll lose. Is LLC and insurance needed? No you don’t have to have ’em, I started without both of ’em. 55%, yes. Can you buy FBA shops, curious? Yes, there are FBA accounts
for sale that you can, so. 16, really wanna get started, but it’s hard to legally
sell things at my age. Yeah, you’d have to get your parents to sign you up for an account. Look into affiliate marketing. Are all your products
around the same thing? No, mine are all in different niches, I have two in the same niche, but they’re all kinda different. What’s the biggest barriers
students face in your course? It’s probably the amount
to start, the $1,000. But the hardest thing is product research, so it just takes time. So, how much do you pay
for your car insurance? So, for my Lambo, GTR and
Raptor, it’s $9,000 a year. Most of that goes, when
it was just the Lambo, it was about, 5,000 a year. Do you still have the GTR? Yes I do. How many products
realistically do you think I would need to be selling
in order to make 10K? It’s hard to say. I have people selling one
product doing more than that. Is that kinda realistic
to expect on everyone? No. If you’re playing really really
conservative, three to five. What category should I start selling in? On Amazon it’s not
really about the category it’s about the numbers you’re looking at, so how many sales, how many reviews, you can’t really go by category. Can you make a credit course? What do you mean credit course,
like building your credit? Did you drop Dan with
the recent course update? No I did not. Do you avoid paying taxes? No I’d be in jail. There’s way to work around
where you move money around, invest it here, put it into this, do this, where you can lower your taxes a ton. For example, if I put, well and
I wrote it down, am I in LA? No, I’m in Orange County. So, if I put, it depends on income, and what not, a bunch of
other things, not advice. If I put $100,000 into
a defined benefit plan, which that defined benefit
plan can then invest in stocks and other things that’s non-taxed. And if I was older, I could probably put a couple
100 into there and do that. That’s just one of the many examples. Are there any import taxes or fees you need to pay
ordering from Alibaba? Spire normally handles all those, and that’s included in the
shipping price normally. Do you pay sales tax in all 22 states with Amazon Warehouses? No, just wherever your inventory is. I never even really had
to do sales tax much, Amazon’s starting to
collect it now anyway, so. Are there any import taxes? I already read that. How much does air
shipping cost on average? It depends how many units, how big it is. I’ve had it anywhere for 500 units, $600, or no, $300, all the
way ’til 2,000, it depends. Usually a couple 100 bucks. Difference between private labeling and your Amazon Selling Course. It’s the same thing. My course teaches private labeling. So, private labeling just
means putting your brand on a generic product
and labeling it as that. FBA is the method of private labeling through Amazon’s fulfillment warehouses. So it is private labeling,
white labeling, same thing. That is what my course teaches. Have you looked into any
alternatives to Alibaba? Not really, I like it, I’ve been using it. I’ve looked but I didn’t
have really any luck. Drop shipping right now making
sales, start my YouTube. Any tips if you feel weird
in front of the camera? It’s weird until you feel like
you’re talking to an audience like right now I’m talking to
a computer and no ones here, and there’s just comments on a screen, but I feel like I’m talking to you. So, it’s always weird to start. Does the supplier provide stock photos until you can hire a professional? Yes. Question regarding affiliate marketing, what’s a quick description of what it is? It’s pretty much getting
commission for sending them someone who buys their product. Now with affiliate
marketing you can get paid per email sign up, so it’s
based off of an action. Action could mean email sign
up, a phone call, a sale. So normally, let’s say, and I
get like a large commission. Let’s say I’m selling a beauty product, and I run Facebook ads to it or put it in a beauty Facebook group, and I get paid $30 per sale,
the sale is a free trial, and then they get billed monthly,
and it gets sent to them, then they pay $50 bucks a month. If I get someone to sign up
for that free trial and get it, I get paid $30. It’s kinda commissioned based for leads, is the best way to put it. So, you’re giving them traffic. How’d you find and come up with
your brand for your product? Is it the same for all? Yes, mine is the same for
all, it’s just a generic one. Took me about a month just to
come up with a random name, ’cause I’m not creative at all. What category should I start sellin’? Oh, I already read that. From India, thanks for
your videos, motivates me. Is it okay with just a debit account? I do believe you need a
credit account as well, for– No, no, no, I’ve had people
sign up with just debit. What’s your biggest barrier students face, product research. What do you think of black people? I have nothing against anyone. If you’re nice to me I’ll be nice to you. You’ve made 1.6 million this
year from just a Amazon? So it’s not affiliate Amazon. Affiliate marketing is one thing, Amazon selling is one thing, and no, that’s all my sources of income. What’s better to start,
affiliate marketing or Amazon, your honest opinion, which
one has a bigger return? If you have the money, I would say Amazon. If you don’t have the
money, to risk the $1,000, I would say affiliate marketing. You can make millions with both. Amazon you can scale kinda slowly, but it’s higher returns once you get in, but it takes a little bit of time. Affiliate marketing you can
be stuck at zero for a while, or you can be making $100 a day. But again, you can scale that and get a campaign to $2000
a day, it just depends. If you are low on money, I would
say do affiliate marketing, because you don’t need any to start. Do you have anything on the course about banking accounts
for people outside the US? No, I mean, just sell
in your market place. If you wanna sell in the US there’s other things you have to go through, but you can just look ’em up. What’s the risk of only paying
sales tax in your home state or none at all? They would just come give you a penalty, if they they audit you and
you didn’t pay sales tax. As far as I know, I don’t know. How long does it take for
your listing to go live? From the moment your product
arrives at the warehouse? It’s live as soon as it gets there. 16 and really wanna start
but it’s hard, I read that. Why do I feel like I’m
seeing the same comments? What’s the most common, oh my god, these are all the same
comments, what, did I scroll up? Does your new house have
any cool custom features? No, has an outlet on the deck. I don’t know. It’s just nice, I like
kinda the modern new look. So that’s what I wanted. So it should be pretty cool,
I’ll give you guys a tour, in probably late October when it comes. Probably the same time I get my Lambo. Just kidding. Haven’t started anything or done anything in regard with Amazon, I was browsing the web for different stuff and I think I’m gonna commit to the stuff. Do it, I mean there’s no reason to wait. I had someone message me like, why shouldn’t I wait ’til June
to see if I wanna do this? Well by that time, you could
easily be over six figures. So, there’s no reason to wait. If you wanna figure out if it’s
for you or not, just do it. Can you write off private
label expenses off taxes? Yes, anything that’s business
expense, if you buy products, if I buy a whiteboard,
if I buy office supplies, my gas to go pick that up, anything. Any business expense. I missed you answering this question, same seller account for RA and PL? Yes. For those of you that don’t know, it’s retail arbitrage
and private labeling. When did you create your company, before or after you made money? A couple months after I saw Amazon, when I was making like 1,000 a month. Should I do jump send if I only have 180 units of inventory left? I wouldn’t. Let me see, let me scroll
back up, let’s see. Can I try it at Turkey? Yes. Works anywhere guys. With how much you make you
probably live in New Port Beach. I’m like 40 minutes from New Port Beach. I don’t like beach cities, I don’t ever see having a beach house. When’s the tax curbing course? (laughing) I’ll just keep you guys updated with what’s goin’ on on my taxes, ’cause I always find it interesting. For ClickBank do you build a website? Yeah, a landing page. How risky is it launching
a product on the market, like a new invention you could call it? You gotta make sure it’s not patented, and it’s risky when there’s no sales to confirm that’s gonna sell well. You want it to have search
volume, people looking for it. If it’s new people aren’t
looking for it yet. So, I never do it. What’s your Amazon name? I cannot tell you. How much money do I need to start? $1,000 for Amazon, zero for
the affiliate marketing. One off track question,
how can I shift in USA? Is it easy? Yeah, it’s pretty easy. I’d look up, I had a link
to one, I don’t have it now, but there’s a bunch of
things, just Google it. All the international stuff. Do you recommend TaxJar for sales tax? I don’t think you need them. What would be the maximum investment you would put into a product to keep the risk down a little in case it flops? It depends how much you can risk. I’m willing to risk more, so it, I wouldn’t do more than 500
units ever to begin, period. Are keywords in your listing the most important aspect besides PPC? Choosing the product
is the most important, and then after that I’d say your images. And keywords are pretty important though. From Monaco to Africa we
love you man keep going. Well thank you, is it
smart if I can program and I wanna make a business selling stuff, should I make my own website
and app to sell it through? Or use Amazon? Use Amazon, otherwise you’re gonna have to pay for 100% of your traffic. You can utilize all of Amazon’s million and millions of customers
if you know how to use the keywords and get wrecked like I teach. Do you ever go for a
product that is doing good, rank 316, 22, 34? If it’s not too competitive, yeah. Can you explain what a DBA is? DBA is doing business as. So if I have an LLC, let’s
say I have Tanner Fox LLC. And I wanna operate
under Fox, Fox Products. I need to create a DBA, which
you’re doing business as, saying this LLC is working as that name. Otherwise, I’m not covered
and protected under my LLC. Easiest platform to use ClickBank Links? HostGator. How do I get un-gated
categories on Amazon, what categories can I sell
in if I’m a new seller? Google Amazon gated categories list. That’ll tell you and I kinda
explain all that in the course I have a whole section on that. It’s kinda complicated to explain here. Amazon FBA or nine to
five, just can’t decide. (laughing) Exactly Andrea, I don’t
know which one I want. Can you show us your bank account? Sure, give me one second. There’s one I can’t show you, it doesn’t have a lot of money in it, but it’s my LLC’s name, I have two of ’em. And I can’t show you those. I’ll show you my personal one though. Hold on. There you go, that’s my personal one. Can you see? I can’t tell if you can see. There you go. I also have two others for businesses that have money in them but not a lot. A couple 10’s of thousands. How do I get, let me see,
if I run PPC on a whole sale item with other sellers
and buy box L triple, will I have buy box potential
when customers click my ad? Let’s see, whole sale, buy box option, yeah you should. As long as you’re lowest price. Could you guys even see
that, was that blurry? I don’t know, I can’t tell. Average product return percentage would you recommend to take into account when doing profit calculations, 2%, 5%? If you’re going based
off sale price profit, I want at least 30%, if
you’re going return on money, I want at least 100%. How many products do you think will it take to make 10K after taxes? Realistically probably,
I’d say three to four. Which makes you more
money, YouTube or Amazon? If you count my courses,
under YouTube, then YouTube. Amazon’s my second
biggest source of income after my courses,
courses are a lot higher, which is why I’m focusing
on building my YouTube, because that’s what drive
traffic to my courses. I make like, here, I’ll show you guys, you guys always like seeing this. Hold on, I’ll show you how
much I make on YouTube. It’s gotten up substantially, because of how fast mu channel’s growing. Here let me show you guys,
this is actually kinda cool. So let me show you Social Blade first. So if you look how fast we’re growing, we’ll do a little YouTube talk real quick. So you can see my subscribers daily here, which is crazy for how
small my channel is, how fast this growth is, 1% a day plus. That’s insane, and then views
right here, per day, 1500. I make about eight to nine
dollars per thousand views, which is very high for YouTube. Most people make three to four, it depends on your niche guys, so for different advertisers
they run in different spots. So, I’ll show you an example. So here’s what I make, you
can kinda see my subscribers, I have almost 15,000, how many views this is the last 28 days. So you can see kinda how
the income’s gone up. Let me show you guys real quick. So, here is when my videos
started to go viral, I had on go viral, which
is this big spike here. Slowed down, and then now
we kinda leveled back out, going up and down, so right here Amazon, or Amazon, YouTube, was messing with my videos
with monetizing ’em, but now you can see we’re kinda
around 130 to 150 a day now. However, if you look at
certain videos in here, oh no, that’s the wrong thing. If you look at certain videos,
why is this not working? The ones about Amazon, because that’s what my
channel is focused around, make me more money per view. It might be because of
the type of advertisers and how much they pay per ad and what not, and the engagement might be better. But, I mean, here, I’ll click
on one and show you guys. I’ll show you the difference
between, let’s see, let me find one. Eh, I’ll show you guys
on a different video. I don’t wanna make this about
YouTube, it’s about Amazon. Anthony, I see your 10, Anthony says. Hold on, that’s not the right thing. Sorry Anthony, give me one second. But yeah, so right now
on track to do about 4500 a month from YouTube,
so that’s pretty cool. Anthony with 10 says, affiliate marketing and FBA are both great income streams, Tanner have you ever used Facebook marketing to promote
your channel webinars? Hey everyone, buy the course it’s lit. (laughing) Thank you Anthony. I’m actually in the process,
we just made an email funnel, and a funnel to go into a
webinar to promote the course, so I’ll keep you guys updated on that. Expect to see it too, you’ll
probably see the ads running, but we’re going hard on Facebook ads soon. Which is why Dan is on my team now. I’m 14, can I start? Yes, but you need parents to sign you up. Possible to make some money online when you don’t have much money, I mean less than an hour a day? Yes, look into affiliate marketing. This guy is not rich, just smart, he is selling his course
by saying he is rich. Yeah I know, I definitely didn’t
just show my bank account. Definitely, good one, got me. Does ClickBank work? Yes. Are most suppliers trustworthy? Yeah. How much is the affiliate course? It’s 497, it’s the second
link in the description, additional fees for longterm storage, yes. You can look those up. Sorry you misunderstood, I meant average percent of product returns like– Oh, sorry, sorry! You wanna be under 2%, I shoot for 1%. What do you do with your money? I have a bunch in savings,
that’s why I have that much. I don’t wanna have that much,
I’d be comfortable with, here’s my game plan, I wanna invest a lot. I wanna invest 500 to a million, have about 200 in my bank,
the rest is getting invested. I wanna make at least $8,000
a month from my investments, which I think I could do
with a million dollars. Another cool Amazon guy Matt
Loberstein, ever hear of him? Yeah, he’s always in here. He’s a cool guy. Sick video edits, yeah,
I watch his videos. How long would you take, how long would it take
you to buy a Lamborghini? Depends how much you’re making, depends on your expenses
a ton of other things, I would say you need to be, it depends where you are in
your life, it really depends. For me, I mean, I put $130,000 down on it, and my payments 1600 a month. So there’s no worry on my
mind I can afford that. Should invest this
money, yeah I’m going to. I can’t get in to real estate yet guys, that’s what most people don’t get, like oh, you buy cars and
you hold all this money, it’s stupid. Yeah, I can’t get into real estate, I’m not gonna rush other investments because I have to wait six months. When you’re self employed,
it’s hard to get loans, especially mortgages when
you have less than two years self employment history. That’s a minimum for getting a mortgage without putting 40 plus percent down. I looked at a million dollar house, couldn’t get approved period,
even if I put 50% down. So on just a $500,000 loan, so I got a decent sized townhouse, a $650,000 one I had to put, so after a while of going back and forth I have to put 20% down
and pay off all my debt AKA my loan on the Lambo,
which is like 80,000. What’s your favorite affiliate program? Mine. Is Profit Phoenix as good as Jungle Scout? Never heard of it. Why not Shop Five, pros and cons? I have a whole video on
that, look at my video, it’s called Amazon FBA
Versus Drop Shipping. What’s up with the fitness
course folder on that. Oh, I made a fitness course a while ago, I just don’t promote it. I had a couple people ask me for it. Landing pages versus click funnels? I mean, you can use both. Good luck with the live
stream, I’ll see ya Anthony. Thank you for the 10. Serious question, I want
to be content creator but I have no idea what to do. Why did you start? I started as a business decision, because I knew the power of YouTube, and how much money can
be made off of YouTube, and having a following. I mean, just, it’s all
about providing value and entertainment at the same time. Call it “valuetainment”. So you gotta be interesting, and you gotta provide a value for people. So I just posted tips on
Amazon and what I was doing, a lot of it is like now
I could vlog every day, and people would watch me if they want, because they feel like they know you. So you gotta be, you gotta
be like very personal, let ’em know you and what not. If I jump into your course do
you teach affiliate marketing? And would it be able to help
me grow my affiliate business? Yes, I do have a course
on affiliate marketing, and can help you with that, and a private Facebook group
would help you a lot too. How long does it take to ship something? It depends, I’ve had anywhere
from five days to a month. So, air shipping or sea
shipping for Amazon UK? I like air shipping still. When’s the last time you missed the gym? When I shot videos with John Crestani. Oh no, I didn’t miss the gym. I don’t know, a long time ago. I get addiction headaches
if I don’t go to the gym, because I go every day and if
I don’t go by like one or two, I get a really bad headache
the rest of the day, almost like when you don’t have caffeine. And it’s not ’cause I don’t have caffeine, ’cause I still drink
Monster and other things, I’ve even taken pre-workout just to see if it was stuff in the pre-workout, I legitimately get addiction headaches if I don’t go to the gym. I just got here, how do I start the affiliate marketing course? It’s the second link in the description. Thanks for doing live on Saturday. No problem. Why pick up loan, why not just
pay in cash the whole amount? That’s a waste of money, I can use that money to make more money. So I never wanna put a
lot of cash into anything. Can you sell on Amazon FBA from Europe? Yes guys, you can sell
from anywhere in the world. 1K enough to start with shipping cost PPC? Yes. Which is better, Roth IRA or 401K? Probably Roth IRA. When placing, I hate retirement accounts, I’ve never put money into
a retirement account. Scott here, so let’s see, let’s see. Can you sell different
products on the same LLC? Yes, everything’s on the same LLC for me. How much money would you
need to actually start, including your program
and all your software? Including the course, 1500. Let’s see. What’s the dumbest thing you
spent money on you regret? I don’t really regret any of it. If anything it would be the cars, but they’re not like,
so I bought a Stingray. I shot too low, I bought a
Stingray instead of a ZO6 first, and then two months
later I was making more and I was like, oh, like I
shouldn’t have done that. So I lost the money on taxes. I probably lost $10,000
on that car in taxes and how much I lost to
upgrade two months later. But the thing is, if I didn’t get the loan on that car at a lower amount, I wouldn’t have been able
to get the loan on the ZO6. If I didn’t get the loan on the Z06, I wouldn’t have been
able to get the Lambo, even though I still
barely got it when I did, and that’s what grew my channel. I don’t buy stupid things
other than just cars, but they all have made money, so. Will you help me choose my first product if I purchase your course? Yes, that’s what I do
in the Facebook group, I’m very active in there. Some other YouTuber said
that Junk Scout’s outdated and doesn’t help, what’s your opinion? Opinion is they probably have an affiliate link for another course. Test it out! Test Jungle Scout versus other tools. I mean, I’m an affiliate for Jungle Scout, but that’s only because that’s what I use. So if you wanna try out the other ones, I’ve found Jungle Scout to
be the most accurate, so. Other sources of income do you have? So I have my courses, I have Amazon, I have affiliate
marketing, I have YouTube, I have my Mastermind group. And soon to be investments. Have you influenced any of your friends to start selling on Amazon? Yeah, I think I have like
five or six people doing it. Someone just graduated
college and he’s selling, so now he doesn’t have to get a job, and he just plays video
games with me all day. This is what you do all day? This and video games, hard life. Have you ever loaded, what? I’m so confused. Got a lot of trolls in here today. How do you start selling items? How do you rank new items? I go over all that in the course. How’s it a waste to pay in full? If I buy a $600,000 house in cash instead of putting $120,000 down, I am now not having that
$480,000 I can invest. If I can get, let’s say 10%,
which is pretty reasonable, on my investment per year, I am making $48,000 off that money which I wouldn’t be making
if it’s sitting in a house. Now, you’re gonna say, oh,
what about interest rates? Interest rates aren’t
10%, maybe three or four. So if I can get a higher
return on my money then what my interest rate is, let’s say interest rates 3%,
and I can make 5% in return, I should never put that money
down and buy it in cash. I will never buy anything in cash. When should we create? You gotta make your money work for you, you leverage the money, I mean, I don’t care about
having a monthly payment, I don’t care about
paying a 3% interest rate when I can get a 10% return
per year on my money. When should we create the company? You can do it before
if you have the money. I didn’t have the money so
I waited a month or two. Is real estate where you
should invest in the moment, why not index funds, for example? Higher returns, less risk. Longer term, also. How do you know when to
launch a new product? When I have the money to, and
I just start doing research. Have you heard about Jungle Scout being somewhat inaccurate on products? No, people just don’t know how to read or think about products. People will be like, oh
this one shows that it gets 1,000 sales a month but I’m tracking it, it’s only getting 10. Okay, you gotta think,
it’s averaging for 30 days, if they did a big giveaway at the start of 100 units in one day and then have maybe
been selling five units or 10 units a day it’s gonna scew it and show it higher until
they’ve sold more in 30 days, they just don’t know how it
works or how to problem solved. They’re like, I pressed the button and the numbers aren’t right. They don’t, you gotta think about it. Have you read Rich Dad Poor Dad? In high school, yes. How many listings do I have? I have five. Best place to make your logo? Fiverr. Congrats on 30K, thank you. What video games? Rainbow Six, Rocket League. Same products on the same LLC? Yes you can. Run a fitness group, could
I sneak protein powder and nutrition in the group
or is that out of place? Don’t put anything in the
group like that please. Has YouTube contacted
you for their higher subs YouTube creator perks? YouTube hasn’t, I’ve gotten
about 10 messages from studios who think they can help
me, but I don’t need help, and don’t wanna give ’em
a percent of my revenue. Who sends out your Amazon products? Amazon fulfills all my
products that I sell. What do your parents think
of you making so much money? They think it’s cool. See, been here when you had 300 subs, I wanna see you and
Tanner Fox make a video. Well thank you. Do I play GTA Five, no. Hey, if you wanna hook him up with me I mean I’ll make a video. How old do you have to
be to start all this? Affiliate marketing you can be any age. Amazon, technically 18, but if your parents sign
you up, you’re good. How much do I need to start? I want to use a freight forwarder and ship by air for my first product. Do air door to door, you don’t need a freight forwarder then. Alright guys, I’m gonna
start wrappin’ up here. Leave me any questions real quick. This will be posted also. So if you are new, please
hit that subscribe button and give me some likes guys, I wanna see if we can get 200 for once. Did you place a bet on the boxing match? No. Get tired of repeating yourself? That’s my job pretty much, answer the same questions everyday. Can you give me an example
of a past successful product? My oldest, my first successful
product is still selling. So I mean, I sold fidget spinners and they did well for a
little but then they died, and I lost some money of
ordering too much inventory. So, that’s a fad product though,
I don’t normally do those, I just got in real early on those. Do you know what the
course success rate is? It’s a little over 50%, but
the people that are struggling are selling the same two
products 90% of ’em are. The hard part is? It’s gonna be different for each person, ’cause you gotta remember, there’s really smart people,
there’s really stupid people. There’s people in my course
that are gonna be like, not listen to anything, like
the amount of times I’ve heard like, oh I did this, and I’m like, I say the opposite in the course. They’re like, oh yeah, but I thought. So, I mean, 50% is
amazing for a course too. What are clip funnels,
what’s a landing page? (laughing) That’s a whole different story, that’s not Amazon, you
don’t need it, don’t worry. Doing like three to four K per
month, awesome, glad to hear. Can you talk about Chrome
extension on Jungle Scout? Like pro versus lite version? You can just get the lite, you don’t need, a pro just shows FBA fees. Can you get away with startup version? I’d buy the lite and then buy the standard or business version. Going alone about 2,000,
get everything going. Awesome, glad to hear. I don’t have any other
successful products I can name that I’m not still selling. Who wins the big fight? I don’t know, I don’t follow it that much. Minimum amount to start, $1,000. Hearing horror stories
of shipping from China costing way too much, and
it’s a nightmare by sea. It’s difficult by sea, but
how is it a horror story if you know how much it’s gonna be and you agree to order it? It’s not that much, you just
gotta find the right supplier, and not have a huge heavy product. That’s why small and
light products are best. How many hours do you work a week? Probably three to four hours
a day, every single day. Why do you say 50% success rate? Is that people making or people making a certain amount a month? Over $1,000 a month. Play the same games as me, I do. Yeah, have me an Xbox. Amazon sales today? Let’s see. Hold on, I got a bunch of notifications. We are at 25. How can I get started? You can get started with
this link right here. So this is the Amazon course guys. First link in the description too. Price did just go down $250. Love the videos, thank you. Thoughts about clothing brands? I would never start one
unless you have a following. How many products have
you ever sold on Amazon? Like total, I don’t know total, most I’ve sold in a day was about 200. If I do an affiliate group on Facebook based on like fitness, is it
a, sell workout machine things, can seek nutrition in it? Yeah, definitely, definitely. How many products do you sell and how much net profit do you generate? Last month I made 32,000 in
profit off of five products. Any thoughts on Rich Piana? I never met him, heard he’s a good dude. That’s what happens when you abuse drugs. I don’t know how people
didn’t see it coming, when you’re on seven, eight
different steroids at once for 30 some years and then
do cocaine and other things, I’m honestly surprised
he didn’t die sooner. It’s sad, yes, but, he did it to himself. Same with Dallas McCarver. Well did he? Well I would assume he’s same thing when you’re on six,
seven different steroids taking growth hormone 24/7. You’re not gonna live past 50. If you do, I mean, it’s
just so much stress being 300 pounds on
your heart and whatnot. But it’s sad, yeah, they
were both good guys I heard. Next vehicle, private jet. Today’s revenue? I didn’t look at revenue,
I just looked at sales. If I wanted to make 10K profit, estimated revenue on
Jungle Scout would be 20K? Yeah, probably about 20, 25K. How long does it typically
take to find a good product? Normally a week or two. How many units should I
get for my first product especially with the
holiday season coming up? 250 to 500. Can you name a product
we get ready to and sell? No, if I knew a product
like that I’d be selling it, ’cause I’d make more than giving you it. You gotta do your own research. Mayweather or McGregor? I like McGregor better, I
don’t know who will win, I have no idea. Price range for your Amazon product, do you have an expensive
one like over 100? I don’t. I want one though. Can you review my channel? I will next video, I’ll
do somethin’ like that. How much is your one on one? It is 250 an hour, you can
do a minimum, 1500 minutes. Dallas didn’t die because of drugs. It was choking on food. Everyone says that, but
I don’t think it was. I thought he had some
issue shooting insulin. So, I don’t believe the
choking on food thing. PBC competition costs way too much, default big five six, then
your products too competitive. What do I do, spent too
much on getting sales? Try Facebook ads out then. When placing brands do you need it on both packaging or item? Just one. Other than Jungle Scout, how
can I check product sales? You need Jungle Scout. How many hours do you think it
takes to find a good product? I’d say 10 to 20 hours. It can be quicker though,
it varies too much. Alright guys, I need to wrap it up here, I will see you guys tomorrow. If you are new, please
hit the subscribe button, give me some likes and again, Amazon course, first
link in the description. We just dropped the price $250. Make sure you join the
private Facebook group, if you do join. And affiliate marketing
course is the second one. You don’t need any money to begin that. Show bank account again. Alright, one more time. I don’t know why everyone
wants to see this. Hold on, I gotta sign in again. My units are FC transfer right now, it’s not available, any ideas yet? Just give it time. Hold on. Can you see it this time? I don’t know if you can see. I’ll just hold it there for a while. You can use Unicorn Smasher. It’s not very accurate. There you go. We’ll wait and see if you can see it. Average price of your Amazon listings? Usually 20, $25. Alright guys, I will wrap it up here. I will see you guys tomorrow. How should I ask you
to approve my products? In the Facebook group. Again, first link in the
description, Amazon course. Second is the affiliate marketing, and I will see you guys tomorrow.


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