How To Target Interest Properly When Advertising On FaceBook

Is welcome Today’s video Make sure you Visit Podcast for Marketers dot-Com For more Information Over there i have a Really Kick-Ass Course on how you? can Make At Least a Few Grand a Month on Simple reoccurring revenue Right and That’s Called Freedom Funnels and Make sure that you like This video and subscribe to my Channel Man I’m Put out videos Every day So you don’t want To miss What i put up cuz i put on some Pretty Kick-Ass content and Man i always want you guys to comment Below Man I Love Absolutely Love All The comments you Guys Bring Let me know What you’re Thinking if you have any questions i’M always in the comment Section i Really Love The community Let’s get into the video our Guys so it’s mail Bag Monday i Haven’t done one of These in White wow mail? Bag Monday Even Alright so i had a question on My website and the guy was Really asking about targeting interest on Facebook and There’s some Confusion going on about how you should Be Doing your interest based targeting okay so first of all That Shouldn’t Be Your first level of line of defense Now in my class and freedom Funnels i Actually teach you The Levels of How you should Be targeting and Actually i have a free class that i do as Well so if You’d like to sign Up for That you can Sign Up Below and You can Sign Up for my free class it’s like a quick Facebook Bootcamp Right No Money no Upsells no nothing it’s Just like i didn’t want To Just post it up on my YouTube Channel so if you want to sign Up for it and you can Get the free class so anyways With Your targeting first of all you Shouldn’t Be like interest based targeting first right The first Thing You Should Be like is targeting website Visitors Your email list if Things The People that you know right so That’s the first Thing that you Should Know but since we’re Dealing With Interest Based targeting Right so the question was Should You stack Your targeting up When you’re doing It and no you Should Not Stack Your targeting So first of all Let me tell you that you want your data Granular and What i mean that is One target per ad set okay so when you have a Campaign first of All Mobile Will Sit By itself Desktop Will Sit Sit By itself And Like Let’s Just Say I Just did this to other day trying to trust Facebook and They Fucked me right in the ass Instagram Will Sit By itself Do Not even Facebook will weight a preference for mobile and Not serve your Ads to desktop or instagram the other day They Served No Ads on mobile for me one on the desktop and all The rest on instagram and i totally Got Hosed Trying to tread trust Facebook so don’t do that so this is What your Campaign structure will look like It Should be for placement okay The Next day down if you’re Doing Things are gonna be your ad sets and Here’s Where People get Funky with stacking Up interest so let’s Just Say for instance That you’re talking about Yoga Right Cuz yoga Is a Big subject in my Household Right Now okay so Yoga Pants’ Where Everybody Uses Yoga so you would not want to target the author of a Yoga. Book and Then target People That Just Like Um i Don’t know Who’s that Who’s the Guru and Yoga Who’s the guru in yoga i Asked You my wife huh Like Jane Fonda Some right so Let’s Just Say Jane fonda right so who Susan Dyson all right so Susan Dyson right so That’s a Guru you don’t want to target Susan Susan Even i think right How do you Spell Susan s uSan Susan did look Right Alright so Anyways you Wouldn’t want to target Susan and book Author in the same ad set and i’m gonna show you why okay Bear with me i got news all right so Here’s Why you don’t want. To do that So let’s Just Say for instance your ad cost with the book is doing Really Well and you’re Paying Let’s Just Say Sixty Cents a Click okay But Susan Dyson is really Doing Crappy and with her you’re paying a dollar a Click Okay Now What’s gonna Happen is when you average this out it’s gonna look like something like Ninety Cents a Click were you getting Fucked But how do you know because you got it all Jumbled Up here right so there’s no Way to separate it out well you can Kind of But Why do that That’s Just ridiculous and It Makes me cringe well sonny i Thought or i Heard Well I’m telling You that it’s wrong You want to be as Granular as possible Oh yeah sq up after you have about this Right? Just Go with Susan Here okay Just go with the book here and Just go with the Matt Designer Here okay now how you do that then is you would go with three different Ads and i’m gonna give you my real Nitty Gritty Shit Right Now okay so Here’s What you do now What most People do is they Will Go with one Three and Then The ad Sets to come here right so i don’t do that i Go as Granular As i Possibly can But When we Get to the ad set point what you do here is you put Out a Few different Ads cuz Facebook Kind of Figures Out that When you do your ads It’s only gonna Be a few minutes before They figure out you know What we’re only gonna show this amount of People The Ads and if These Amount of People don’t start clicking and Liking This Shit Then we’re gonna dump It right we’re gonna give them Crappy Placements okay so you don’t want to do that so what i do here is i Actually Take Three if i special going on a small budget and i Just duplicate It right the same ad But This ad Right Here is gonna have? One Photo Same Copy this One’s gonna have another Photo Same Copy this will have Another Photo Same Copy? but I’m gonna triplicate them right in the same ad set Right in the same ad for All My Ass so you end up with Nine Ads right Here right and Soon you’re gonna see one take off Right it’s gonna take off and then you’re gonna cut all the rest of these off okay but you Need to be Granular With your data okay do Not and i Mean this do not Stack your interest at all unless you Find Out That Susan and the book interest do well okay and so then You say okay well you know What and never erase these Right But You can Lower the ad cost on these so they don’t deliver all right But you never want To stop an ad and then You can start a New ad set okay iF you want. To that has has these two stacked-up? Because You Already Know that both of these are performing well so if you wanted to do that You could But You definitely want to keep Everything in What i mean by Granular I’m gonna Say This again before i take Hough Guys Right What i mean by Granular is that You don’t want your data to be Will You Call It diluted okay so If you had mobile and desktop Here well you don’t know Which one is performing Better you can find that Out but why fuck Around Alright don’t even do that Right Just Run It on mobile Number one is Facebook we’ll wait i’ll Say this again Facebook Will Wait something They look Because They like mobile so like hey we’re gonna send it all to mobile well no because to give you an Example The People That Watch my shit i Don’t know What it is It Got about my squad but you Guys like Desktop Right and a Lot of You Guys are on desktop so When i serve my ass to mobile Only a Lot of You guys don’t See it so i have to separate my data and so I can serve It on mobile and desktop and Facebook has no choice but To serve the Ads like i want them to be served remember Facebook is nothing but a big ass computer and you Have to tell computers what to do alright So separate and grant Have Granular data right and when You do your ad sets You don’t want Any Funkiness Going on right You want to know exactly What interest Works Best for Your product and how you find it is by telling Facebook Only serve it to this audience Period if They don’t like It i’ll Know Very quickly within you know 24 to 48 hours i’ll know this Sucks and we’ll Go with This one Then and this One Sucks right and then You’ll Know shut down this Right And then we’ll Run This on mobile as Well and on Instead as Well and They Will no Have to get down to the Actual like Ads so They Say we don’t like This one And we Don’t like This we Like This one so now we Know run this ad Over Here so you can See how you have to break It down right so i hope that Answers Your question on how to become Granular Now i do have The guy that Was asking The question about this i’m he’s in my Facebook Strategies course and he wanted to know because i really Break down how to find interest When you’re first starting out You don’t have any data right you Which means you Should Get started Now and Put Your Facebook pixel on Everything Man Everything and Even if You don’t Get any Sales Facebook Just did an update Just Recently Well Now it’s okay first It Says we Need 15 to 25 Sales per day from you for a Few Days straight Until we can Optimize for Conversions Okay so what Facebook has done now is they Say okay first What we’re gonna do is we’re gonna optimize for clicks to website Until We Find Out What these Conversions Look Like and then we’ll optimized for conversions Which is really awesome right so This Kind of Fixes a Lot of problems for People That don’t have any data yet But What i suggest you do with all of Your website’s Now is make sure you Place Your Pixel on Every page that you can Possibly put it on because anytime somebody Lands on that page Facebook Is going to profile them and if They end up purchasing a product at least you have one person That? Facebook Can Say okay That’s What Somebody Looks Like That Converts and Then When you have another one in another One another One another One another One they can go okay let me look at all these? People and Compare them to everybody on Facebook and see who else Looks Like That That’s what we want to know who else looks like This okay so all of These People Visit these websites They Click on these web Pages They Visit These Groups Okay so now i’m starting to see these are data points right I’m starting to see what these People Look Like This is their data point Makeup right and so they look on Facebook and Say okay with these guys Kind of Look Like These Guys too So what they do is they start Saying well Let’s start sending The Ads over here and see What happens and if You start getting? more conversions Facebook Goes ah i see now So now so What’s really cool about Facebook is they’re gonna Say Optimize for clicks to your website And we’re gonna find People That Will click to your website and then we’re gonna Look and see the People that Actually convert then You will start automatically optimizing to start optimizing For conversions Now so That’s really What’s cool about Facebook but Facebook Will Get Confused if you Dilute your data so don’t pollute your data with bullshit make sure you give Facebook Granular Information so they Know exactly What it is that you want and they won’t think it’s a magma coffee break


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