How to Turn your eBay Store’s Vacation Mode On

It’s Donna with Resale Tips & Tales
and today I wanted to bring you a special video about vacations. So I am
currently spending some time in my old stomping grounds of Virginia over the
Easter break. I brought my girls down here to visit some family and so while
I’m here of course I have to figure out what I want to do with my eBay business.
About a year ago I found out that if you have an eBay store you can place your
eBay store on vacation mode. But at that time I thought I still want to get some
sales. I don’t want to stop myself (my daughter might join us here in a second)
so what I found out last year is you can actually put your store on vacation mode
and still sell your item. So you don’t have to stop your business completely.
Now when you come back from vacation of course you have usually a lot of things
that you have to ship out that’s not a bad thing and so in this video I want to
show you guys how to set your stores on vacation mode. I also want to show you
guys how to change your handling time so that you don’t get dinged for late
shipments and it also will notify your buyers when they buy things that it has
a delayed shipment so they’re not expecting it in two days when you’re
actually gonna ship it a week later. And so let me go ahead I’m gonna do some
screenshots and show you how to place your store on vacation mode. Okay from
your main screen you want to click the top left corner and select your Store
icon. This will take you to your feedback page for your store. Alright then
you’re gonna click visit store this takes you to your storefront. And then
again click manage my store on the right side scroll down all the way. It’s gonna
have a store vacation settings on the left this will take you there. Scroll
down to about the middle of the screen for your vacation settings turn them on
and then in the box I always leave a comment that says when I’m going on
vacation when I’ll resume shipping. Then you want to make sure you click the box
that tells your buyers the date you’re returning and make sure you do not click
the box that says to close your fixed prices. You want to make sure you
continue your sales while you’re on vacation so do not click that box and at
the bottom you’re gonna click active and you’re good to go.
Okay the next the next thing you want to do is you wanted bulk edit your listing.
so go to your all of your active listings and click Edit
all. Just gonna take a minute to load all of my listings. I have quite a few so
give it just a second. Now you’re handling times gonna depend on when
you’re coming back and how quickly you’re gonna be shipping items out and
that’s what we’re gonna be changing here. You want to click the box to the
left on top of all of the boxes and that will select all. Click that box okay and
then you were to say edit and then you’re gonna go to handling time and
you’re gonna do the drop down box and you’re gonna click change to select the
handling time. I’m only gonna do five days because that’s how long I’m going
to be gone. Alright and then we’re gonna hit submit change. It’s gonna take
just a minute to load all of those changes to all of my listings. Alright and then we’re gonna hit the
submit changes and it’s gonna ask us to confirm. That says confirm and submit
again it takes just a few minutes to upload everything. It doesn’t really take
that long it just takes a few seconds just feels like forever. And then we
should be getting a confirmation page, there we go so we successfully changed
all of our handling claims for our listings and then click OK.
It’s gonna take you back to your listing page so that’s as simple as it is. Now
remember that if you have auctions make sure they do not end while you’re on
vacation because you’re still obligated to ship those items. So plan your
auctions wisely. I typically only do Buy It Now so it doesn’t really affect me
too much but the great thing about this is it’s gonna notify your customers when
they purchase that it has a longer than normal handling time. In addition to this
I also send them a private message to let them know that their items gonna be
shipped and what day it’s going to be shipped just in case they have a problem
with it I’d rather head that off. So it’s kind of a three-step process but it’s
totally worth it and that way you don’t have to lose your sales while you’re on
vacation. Alright so just remember that when you get back from your vacation and
you’ve shipped everything out make sure you turn your vacation settings back off.
You do the same procedure you just click the button off and then you also want to
make sure that you change your handling times the same process back to your
normal handling time which mine is only one day. So make sure you fix everything
back when you return. Make sure that you comment below if you have any questions
about the process. Also make sure you like the videos and subscribe so you can
see all of my upcoming videos as well. Alright guys until next time happy

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