How To Use Amazon Affiliate Product Links In Your Blog 2019

Few ways to use product links with your
Amazon affiliate account when you are wanting to link to a specific item. Now, right here I am creating a blog, a travel blog and I’m creating a
blog post about cruising to Alaska. And here I mention a raincoat. So there are several ways
that I can link to raincoats. Now the first thing I’ll show you
is if I just go over to Amazon, I’m going to go to the regular page here. And let’s just say I want to link
to a full page of rain jackets. So let’s just say I’ve done my research, I liked this page and I want to link here. Maybe I just want to do a
woman’s lightweight rain jacket. Good. That’s cute. So if I have Amazon associates
site stripe installed, I can just click get link text and make
sure that I have the right tracking code where I want to link this
to because I’m doing a blog, I have lots of different websites and
then here’s the full link or the short link. And in my case it really doesn’t
matter because I’m linking out. So I’m going to copy that and go back to my blog. A raincoat possibly waterproof might be advantageous.
Let’s just say I’m going to do this. So I highlight the set of keywords
that I want to link to that. I click here, those little link, this is in wordpress and I just paste
that right there and I click the little arrow. Simple enough, right? Now there’s more I can do
that and I can leave it alone, but maybe I want to put
in one specific product. I can do this. Here’s what I chose for my trip or here’s the raincoat I chose for my trip. Now I need to grab the
picture of the raincoat. So I go back here and I paste in the
exact keyword to the raincoat that I want. And then I already have it pulled up here, so just pretend I typed in
waterproof hooded outdoor. One way I do this as I go into my orders from
Amazon and I will pull up the exact thing that I ordered and then type it
in here and I can go get my links. So here’s the one I ordered. Now there’s lots of things or several
ways we can choose to do this here. Click on get link. So we can choose text in an image
and it looks exactly like this. And we can even change our
colors here to match our blog. So if I wanted to choose the
purple that matches my blog better, I can go here and find my purple,
see how it changes right there. And then same with the price color.
You can make this whatever color you want. Just say we want to make it
green and it changes right there. So just in case you wanted change it, you can also change the background color
to be whatever color you want it to be. Obviously those aren’t great colors.
I’m just showing you an example. And then you can choose it
to open in a new window. If you’d like it to, opening in a new window is a great idea
because then they don’t actually leave your blog.
It opens in another tab or another window. So they still have their place holder.
I personally recommend that. Then you can grab this code
and it’ll look like that. Or you can do a text only. So I could grab this, I could grab that code and it
would pop up in just like that. Those words exactly like that will show
up as a blue link that they can click or you can click image only and I
personally really like this one. And you can choose the
size and medium image, a small image or a large image. So let’s go ahead and grab that code. Go back to our blog and
with wordpress Gutenberg, this is super easy. Now, if
you need a wordpress website, I’ve got a couple options
for you. One, my brothers, over at Ballen Brands
build WordPress websites. So you can check them out. Just go to the search engine and type
in Ballen Brands or find my link in this video Also wealthy affiliate is a affiliate
membership forum that I’m part of and a lot of people are learning how to do
affiliate marketing and they’re building their websites in there.
You can join wealthy affiliate, I’ve got a link in the video below
and they have what’s called site RubiX WordPress websites. And I think it’s for $49.95
you get like 50 niche websites. If you’re going to be building a ton of
niche websites and you need something that has hosted wordpress, with your https certificate, check that out.
And then if you need some design elements, Ballen Brands can help you with that.
So there’s a couple options for you. So here I’m going to add
this little content block. I’m going to choose html and I am going
to paste right in there and I’m going to click preview and then I’ve got
the raincoat pasted in there. So those are a few options for you. Now there’s one more thing I want to show
you and that is how I can add to this by doing a little grid of raincoats. So now I’m going to go over here.
Let me find where I’m at here. I’ve got a lot of tabs open. So what we do is we go
go up to product link. So a minute ago I showed you product
links. Now we’re gonna go grab a grid. So just go down to native shopping ads, click custom ads.
We’re going to create a custom ad, we’re going to do a grid and we’re
going to do women’s raincoats. And I want to make sure
it has a hood on it. And so now you can pick the ones that
match kind of what you’re looking for or or specific brands that
you research in advance. And you could then just grab that code there,
go back to your blog, and now I’m going to put custom html paste that in there. Now you might
want to put a little heading on that. I’m going to add a title so they
know what they’re looking at. So add another content block heading. You might also like now in my experience on my blog so far,
these are doing the best, the textual link, contextual links where you have set
of words and you are referring them to somewhere.
Especially when you say, I use, or this is what I recommend,
or this is a popular choice, and you link it in my experience, I get more sales on Amazon by doing this. Then by doing this or by doing my grid.


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