How To Use Amazon FBA To Find Winning T-Shirt Designs – Print on Demand

What is up hustlers, I’m going to show
you in this video how to use Amazon and how to use Amazon tools to create your
own t-shirt designs that are going to sell and make you money
so let’s go so this morning it’s really cold here in Sydney hence the beanie and
the tea drinking tea too if you’re wondering I don’t know why this is on my
desk it’s not like I have a kettle here but anyway jumps on that jumped onto my
laptop start researching as I do every week every month to find some winning
designs for my print-on-demand store which is hosted on Shopify just if
you’re wondering because you know I need to refresh my t-shirts and their designs
so I’m going to show you step by step what I do and and how you can implement
my research on Amazon to inform you of what does t-shirt designs to go for so
let’s jump up to my laptop right now and let’s take a look by the way this is a
new microphone it’s blue Yeti I probably need a pop filter so excuse me for all
the popping that happens in this video mmm okay so let’s start off right on
Amazon obviously the first thing you need to do is head up onto clothing I’m
just gonna go with men for now just as an example clothing and obviously with
print-on-demand you can create hoodies sweatshirts
t-shirts whatever it is for the sake of this example I’m gonna go with t-shirts
just show you what I’m doing here and you know from here you just select a
niche and I’m gonna show you a few more tools that is gonna inform you of which
niche to go with and if you’ve got a general store works perfectly if you’ve
got an itch store then there we go you’ve got your niche already but for
the sake of this video I’m gonna input something really random in here let’s
just say funny t-shirts now this is going to give you some this is gonna
give you an idea of what is selling so as you can see here you know without
using any tools or just using Amazon just by itself you can see what is
selling just by going off reviews okay so for example world’s okay it’s brother
it’s got 77 reviews clear it’s selling profit don’t know what the profit looks
like because it’s only selling at six dollars eighty seven which isn’t much at
all this this t-shirt t-shirt here you’re killing me smalls almost thirty
dollars in price it’s got 14 reviews now don’t know how well that’s selling but
profit margins are pretty good so a lot of you people are sleeping on Amazon FBA
tools I’m talking about jungle scout here for example because a lot of people
think hey jungle Scout Amazon FBA drop shipping could put completely different
things no it’s not it is the same thing it’s still ecommerce you are selling
products online okay and that’s e-commerce so you’re gonna go ahead and
use jungle Scout or unicorn smasher whatever it is I’m gonna use this tool
here and it’s gonna start analyzing the amount of sales the ranking estimated
revenue etc so I’m gonna show you you know what’s selling so let’s sort by
estimated revenue here and you know this is really exciting because this really
informs you of what designs to go for and I’m going to show you more tools
like I said to you know go from research all the way to implementation so anyway
let’s sort by estimated revenue where is that funny t-shirt that I was looking at
so this you’re killing me t-shirt right here you can see that it’s selling for
obviously $27 $28 estimated revenue right here five thousand six hundred
almost five thousand six hundred a month and so obviously you know that blows
away the misconception that nowadays in 2018-2019 you need a crazy t-shirt
design with graphics with you know a really professional-looking t-shirt you
really don’t it can be really simple witty and
gonna sell so from here I recommend place it this specific page here will
give you pop popular t-shirt designs every single week and it’s updated now
I’ve recommend a place at before if we gone to my channel I’m just going to
show you the video that you should watch if you haven’t already especially if
you’re doing print under man okay this video here do this and increase
print on demand sales by up to 25 percent this video right here this is a
killer video that I highly recommend okay let’s exit out of that that video
is going to tell you how to create or place your t-shirt design onto any
lifestyle image without any copyright issues and they have a blog that I use
we tweak to inform me what’s selling basically what it does is collate every
winning design off a bunch of print-on-demand platforms and shows you
hey this is what is winning if there’s any trends if there’s any niches now as
you can see he TT public Threadless you’ve also got teespring and you know
of teespring itself we can see here that you know almost basically all of these
t-shirt designs that are winning this week they’re all text now that goes
against a misconception that you need graphics to win not necessarily okay so
these t-shirt designs are winning what I like to scroll down to is this the word
cloud which changes every single weekend this is going to inform you of what
t-shirt keywords a winning week to week and this is invaluable I don’t know why
this is free but hey wishing complain right so ramen is clearly winning you
know science Wildcat ramen you know unicorn universe all these keywords are
popular and this is gonna easily inform you of which niche to go with especially
if you’re running a general print-on-demand store so the next tool
that you want to use is Facebook now this is a demo account
and let’s pick ramen as so obviously if you don’t know how Whitecloud works by
the way the bigger the word the more popular the keyword so the more searches
are being thatthat so in other words ramen is being searched for quite
regularly when it comes to t-shirt designs so we’re gonna go here use your
Facebook account and type in the search ramen t-shirt now Facebook and Amazon
both really good tools to use when it comes to t-shirt designs and research
now you’re gonna click on photos videos work – depends how many videos there are
based on these t-shirt designs you’re gonna go in to see all when it comes to
public photos now this is just gonna give you a rough idea of you know some
t-shirt t-shirt designs that you can go for s maybe some funny bunny words that
is gonna work so you know stuff like this ramen in progress now that’s you
know that’s a pretty cool design and you know simple stuff like that now you’re
not gonna plagiarize and just pull out the exact same design that’s not what
you want to do that’s not what I recommend that’s blatant stealing from
people what you want to do though is create something similar you can take
that idea and transform it make it better now that’s what’s gonna sell
because these proven – so anyway so if you go back into again let’s go ramen
t-shirt for example on Amazon see just basically see what selling give you some
ideas here you can see here there’s a cat eating ramen and that is very
popular and no surprise there 124 reviews so in 10 bucks a pop because if
you go back to our word cloud here cat ramen two biggest words here it’s
clearly selling this week okay and as you can tell it is a winning design such
a simple way guys to inform your decision on what to sell
unlike aliexpress drop shipping which is you know this is the perk of
print-on-demand which I really like now not taking anything away from drop
shipping I obviously dropship and I make another video on how to drop
ship n sell print-on-demand t-shirts or custom t-shirts together and
that is the secret to winning and when you sell pray on the man anyway go back
into the go back into the tool here just to see how much revenue its generating
just give you a better idea here this is what I do every morning basically not
every morning I mean every morning when I’m researching designs and this is this
works really really well but of course it’s how you market your own products
and it’s how you push paid media on to your product designs now this is taking
a while so I’m gonna let’s let’s forget that anyway as you can tell it’s winning
it’s got a lot of reviews I mean the profit margins probably aren’t that high
but you know it’s a very popular design so what you’re gonna do here is you know
take a similar design and here’s the thing if you’re really bad with
Photoshop you don’t have any experience that is fine again another the other
thing with printing the man and drop shipping as a whole the beauty of it is
you don’t need to be you don’t need to execute on all of this you can outsource
it and I recommend things like upwork and anything that has
freelance opportunities outsource it out to freelancers now this is gonna cost
you five ten twenty dollars depending on the design but these guys are gonna get
you a pretty decent design that could easily cover the initial cost up front I
can easily make you thousands of dollars if you’ve got a winning design so in a
sense it’s kind of like Amazon FBA you’re testing products but it’s much
more accessible than you know ordering 500 units from China and then if it
fails you’re stuck with 500 products so you know again another perk of drop
shipping so from here once you’ve got that design you’ve informed your
decision okay let’s just say it’s ramen with cats
ramen with cats you’ve found that it’s working on a face book as well so that’s
just doubling up you’re just basically opening each other you’re going to go
into Shopify here basically and go ahead and
put it into print full and now I can see that my battery my camera is about to
die here so just quickly to end it off I was about to run you through how to
insert it into print fool but since I don’t have that much time and you can
watch another video I’m gonna link it around here that shows you how to use
print for my print and demand series completely free shows you how to set
everything up but that is my research process and hopefully that helps you out
and anyway guys keep thanks for watching obviously rushing this out because it is
gonna die my camera is gonna die but hopefully this helped if you if it did
hit that thumbs up follow me on instagram subscribe this channel if you
haven’t already as always thanks for watching and keep on hustling


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