How to Use Cashbackbase to Get Free Products to Resell Online for 100% Profit Margin

all right so I want to run you through
another cashback arbitrage website that I have not talked about before on this
channel I’m trying to bring a number of new websites a number of new sourcing
techniques and tutorials to you guys to give you a little bit of that you so
today we’re gonna run through cashback base and I’m actually show you an
example of a product I’m about to buy to flip back on Amazon for a profit now if
you’re unfamiliar with what cashback arbitrage is it’s one of the arbitrage
business models that I teach on this channel essentially all it is is you’re
buying it up right so it’s it’s unlike coupon arbitrage where you’re getting a
coupon to purchase an item very very cheap initially cashback arbitrage
you’re basically paying the full retail value and then getting reimbursed by the
seller in a period of time now that period of time is going to depend on the
specific websites I’ve went over a number of different websites on this
channel for cashback arbitrage specifically you can always check out
the arbitrage playlists I’ll link that down in the description if you want to
go ahead and check it out now cashback arbitrage is one of my favorite forms of
arbitrage there are a number of ways to do arbitrage like I’ve talked about on
this channel now if you guys are interested in scaling this up at any
point I am gonna give two more coupon codes because I know a lot of people
that watch these tutorials aren’t necessarily you know pulling the trigger
and hopping in the course so I’m gonna inspire some people to do that I’m gonna
reward two of my youtube subscribers by dropping a coupon link in the actual
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there are like I said only two so if it does for whatever take you to a link
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link in the description online arbitrage Pro if you want to scale this up and
turn this into a full-time income where you can basically fit flip products by
using cashback arbitrage or coupon arbitrage or liquidation arbitrage or
any of the forms of arbitrage that I go over on this channel and really scale it
up so you can make full time income flipping products over and over again so
enough sales pitch let’s jump in the cash back base so I can show you how to
source products with it so here’s an example of one that I just got accepted
to now cash back base actually just recently relaunched they had dropped
their website for a long time and I knew that so I kind of took it out
in my course and the reason being is it seems like they were updating their
course in revamping or updating their course updating their website and
revamping it to add a bunch of new features to it and add a bunch of new
products so it was down for about a month it had previously been up for like
a year and a half that I knew of and this is another great website where you
can get three a lot of free and cheap products to your door for literally
pennies on the dollar if you’re not getting them free and then you can flip
them back and resell them back on Amazon or you can get them for free and resell
them back on em Poshmark eBay or Macari so there’s so many different you know
possibilities here for you to make money flipping products so like I said this is
an example of one that I just got some basically approved for and you can see
here I can buy it on Amazon then I want to come submit the order info and then
they’re gonna reimburse me now on cashback based it is not like the other
ones that I’ve talked about where you can just claim so on cashback base you
have to actually earn points to claim deals so how can you earn points well
you can earn points by basically buying and then you’ll see here like for
example if I buy this one for $12.99 and I get 390 cashback so it doesn’t really
give me a good opportunity to make any money off this and you can go through
these deals and see if these are any ones that you want to go ahead and buy
and get a refund back so for this one example right here 23 24 roughly price
you’re getting about 50 percent cashback so it’s still profit margin of 10 bucks
you could potentially buy this one and then get five hundred seventy-five
points but an easy even easier way to earn points right is if you go right
here and you go to your points you can actually sign up different people you
can refer a friend if you have friends or you can just sign up on a different
IP address and get a thousand points so you can also daily check in and get
thirty points every day and every single time you buy something and then you
review it you’re gonna get 500 points as well so you can start building your
points up and then as you do more and more buys and as you do more and more
reviews you will have more and more points to spend on more and more
products so it’s kind of just like their way to vet and make sure that everybody
has an opportunity to claim products this is by all means not going to be
your be-all end-all sourcing place but you can definitely use this to get a
couple free products to your door every single day right and that’s a great
margin because let’s say hypothetically they’re like $15 or $10 profit margin
that’s a 3:30 or potentially $45 every single day
that you can get by utilizing this website obviously like I said here you
can complete your profile share your review on Amazon for you know more of
those so if you write a review and then you share it on Amazon that’s a thousand
right there and you can use that thousand to claim another product now
you’ll see that I also submitted my Amazon profile URL I have actually two
different cashback base web accounts so little caveat and I say this over and
over and over again you’re gonna hear this in every tutorial that I talked
about this because it is important if you plan to resell these back on Amazon
do not submit your Amazon profile URL because then you potentially run the
risk of getting suspended from cashback base because you’re not supposed to
obviously buy these and then with the intention of reselling you’re not
advertising that you’re doing it that said you can submit your Amazon profile
URL to earn extra points but then don’t resell it back on Amazon okay so in this
particular instance on this account and I have another account under T Jones
which obviously you know is my other one if I were to pull it up right here I
could show you so cashback base pull up on a different
on a different browser and obviously I would do this on a different IP address
if I were buying let me just sign in to show you so T Jones is one of my alter
egos I have many and will sign in really fast and boom there’s another account
you see I just got accepted for this one on T Jones so you don’t always want to
link your account but if you link your Amazon profile then don’t resell it back
on Amazon so all that said this is how you claim products now I’m gonna run
through you know some examples of products that you can get on this
website here in a second but let me show you an example of a good practice I’m
gonna get where I basically can resell this back online for a profit margin of
you know maybe ten to fifteen bucks depending on fees so I’m gonna spend
seventeen dollars to buy this and I’m gonna get seventeen or I’m spent
eighteen dollars to buy this excuse me and I’m gonna spend I’m gonna get
eighteen bucks back so it’s free to my door right here’s the listing right here
of what I’m gonna get it’s a good list thing it’s got good product pictures
which is good important metric if you plan on reselling this back on the site
that’s not Amazon obviously because then you can take the product listing you can
take the pictures and as we know the pictures are about 95 to 99 percent of
what’s gonna actually sell your listing on another website so we’re talking
about eBay talking about Poshmark and we’re talking
about Macari if you try to take your own product pictures you’re gonna have a
hard time or a harder time people can take good product pictures but that’s
probably not the majority of us so you’re gonna have a harder time if you
don’t take the product listing in the Prado pictures but obviously if it has a
good listing you good pictures you can take this and then list it up on another
platform very very easily and it’s gonna sell okay so it does look like this is
dropped in price so I probably will only get $13.99 back for this but I’m only
spending $13.99 to get it so no big deal there so let me show you if I can
potentially resell this back on Amazon which I always check take the ASN taken
in a seller central and you can see here that I can sell it as new and used
conditions boom that’s a good product now I’m gonna buy this as soon as we’re
done here I wanted to bring this to your attention but let me take you to the
main page on cashback base to show you examples of other products that you can
get for free or very very cheap so this is a good product obviously because like
I said it’s 50% off and there’s a $10 part plus profit margin here this is
also a great product because you’re getting it for free you’re getting it
for free and there are a number of other products that you can sort through and
source on this website but let me show you an example of two of them and I’ll
run through an example of testing to see if these are good products to sell back
on Amazon or if I would get them and sell them back on another platform
because clearly if they’re free like you’re seeing here I’m spending 20 49 to
get it I’m getting 20 49 back so it is free to my door once I get the cash back
right then I can resell it back on anywhere we’re a hundred percent profit
margin same thing with this one same thing with a number of the other ones so
let me show you examples of how to actually do that now this is an example
of a product that’s out of stock but that’s okay cuz it might come back and
stock you know the day or two for now so you can like it and reserve it and
basically you know you’ll get notified if you know comes back and stock in a
day or two but if let’s pretend that this wasn’t out of stock and I wanted to
do a product research on this I would basically take the DL listing title take
it into Amazon and search for it right so circa well we’re uptown glass
circular upturn glass set of four that’s the same one set of four so here we are
right here here’s the listing so it’s selling for twenty nine forty nine with
one custom review it’s Amazon Prime it’s got a good listing so obviously I could
take these product pictures if I wanted to and list them back on another
but let’s see if I can sell them back on on Amazon so take the Asin into seller
central and I’m gonna see and I can’t sell this currently in new condition but
I can sell it as collectible and use so because you have two options here so
because you will you really have three because you you you know you’re getting
this for a hundred percent profit margin you’re getting it for free essentially
you could get it for free and then listed as use like new and put a
condition note in there of brand-new never open never used and eventually it
would sell for you know if you listed it for like a dollar or less for like
twenty eight brand new never open never used somebody would buy it eventually
because look there’s only two options here right here they’re both brand new
once 3498 once 2949 so if you listen this for like twenty eight dollars or
like $27.99 and right here you pop up underneath use like new brand new never
open never used if you put a condition out in there eventually somebody would
buy that looking for a bargain because they’re gonna see in the condition note
that it is indeed a brand new listing but you’re just listening as use like
new so that’s a little caveat and if you do do that you can obviously avoid any
IP claims or copyright claims but that’s a little bit beyond the scope of this
video and obviously I go over that in the course so another example of what
you could do or it really is you could request approval okay now there’s a
number of different things that go into whether you get Rikki you can get
accepted when you request approval right off the bat sometimes you get accepted
just immediately because your metrics are good and every once in a while
you’re either gonna need a brand you’re gonna need authorization from the brand
owner which in this case is whoever it is it’s a circle we’re probably or its
alpine enterprises who sells it but so you would either need authorization from
them to sell this on Amazon if you couldn’t get immediately approved or you
would need an invoice proving that you’ve purchased at least ten of these
units from a legitimate manufacturer so let’s request approval and see if we get
accepted immediately let’s just see boom accept it immediately because I metrics
are so good so that may or may not happen for you it all depends but this
happens to me every once in a while it happens to me a lot when I sell
liquidation happens to me a lot when I sell wholesale it also happens to me
fairly frequently when I’m doing private label products that said if it doesn’t
happen to you you can either request brand of approval
from the meant from the actual owner the brand owner you can buy an invoice in
which in this case you obviously wouldn’t because you’re doing coupon
arbitrage or cashback arbitrage on this on these websites or you could simply
lists it as used like new with a condition note and still make 100
percent margin or you could obviously sell back on Poshmark eBay or Macari for
100 percent margin as well so this is a great product because it’s free I mean
there’s literally nothing to lose when you’re getting a free product no matter
where you sell it you’re gonna make money on it so let me show you an
example of another one this one is clearly still in stock so what I would
do I would take this well it’s not what I meant to do I would take the title and
I’m all coffee’d up today guys I’ve this I’m like third cup of coffee so if I’m
talking fast I apologize I’m just excited here you go
1899 we found it seven Sparta seven Sparta that’s the same one so it looks
like it’s a good listing and that’s important because it’s a hundred percent
cash back so we’re getting it for free which means I could take this entire
listing right here and all the product pictures if I wanted to sell it back on
Poshmark eBay or Macari because for whatever exempt for whatever instance I
might not get accepted for it right so just keep that in mind that that is an
option and then I would make potentially maybe fifteen bucks maybe ten bucks
whatever I listed to that because I’m getting it for free right so it’s a
great product to sell back on one of those platforms but let’s see if we can
sell it let’s see if it’s good products so it is 90 mm in pet supplies so if I
run the jungle Scout Chrome extension to show me what the daily sales are and the
monthly sales what might what I always tend to recommend is stay below if you
don’t have the jungle scale Chrome extension stay below a hundred thousand
bestseller rank in the main category which obviously as you see here is right
below a hundred thousand so this is a perfect example of a product that’s good
but it’s just barely good so it’s selling about one a day about thirty
monthly sales so that fits the bill for me usually I say at least one a day or
about thirty monthly sales or if you don’t have the extension below one
hundred thousand so I would probably go ahead and buy this and sell this because
eventually it’s gonna sell and maybe a day or two if I list it as new or you
know maybe a couple of days of iowa’s it as use like new but can I sell it that’s
what I want to know and obviously you see here that I can
sell it as used and new conditions so this is a great product that could buy
this and sell this back on Amazon I could buy this and sell this back on
ebay Macario Poshmark either way it doesn’t matter because I’m
getting it for free on a cash back website like cashback base and then I
can sell it for a hundred percent profit margin so I really hope that you guys
like this utilize these websites this is not the only website thinking that you
can utilize I’ve done countless tutorials on cashback arbitrage
countless tutorials on coupon arbitrage countless tutorials on a wholesale
arbitrage countless tutorials on liquidation arbitrage I’ve done a promo
arbitrage video and the list goes on and on and on so check the arbitrage
playlist down in the description if you guys aren’t interested in learning how
to scale this up but if you are actually interested in taking this seriously and
turning this into a full time income and learning how to multiply your money
every single month with online arbitrage first link in the description will take
you to online arbitrage Pro remember there’s two discount links to this so
there’s only two the first P two people that go through that link and purchase
will get the course at 50% off for the rest of you if you happen to go through
the link and it’s not a 50% off discount link then that means they’ve been
claimed already and there are no more any more discounts so hope you guys
liked the video remember to give it a thumbs up if you appreciate the value in
today’s video and I’ll see in the next one


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