How To Use Clickfunnels For Affiliate Marketing

(thundering music) – Hey guys, William Brant back here with another Clickfunnels video for you. And in this video, I’m gonna talk about how you can use ClickFunnels if you’re an affiliate marketer. There’s a couple of different reasons why you would wanna use ClickFunnels or any page builder, really. But if you already have
a ClickFunnels account, then go ahead and use it
or if you don’t have one, here’s another reason
why you should get one. So, here I’ll go ahead and
switch over to my screen. And as you’ve probably seen millions, well I don’t know about millions, but a lot of successful
affiliate marketers, you’ll see when they are
promoting the affiliate products what they’ll do is they’ll offer bonuses. So, how can you do that with ClickFunnels? You can create a bonus page. Here is a promotion I was
running for Affiliate Psycho which was a WSO that
launched a little while ago. And it created Quickpage, just borrowed or grabbed the headlines
basically from the page itself. I recorded a quick video going
through, over the product, what I liked about it and everything, and then it links to it and then also, ‘hey, here’s
my bonuses if you buy,’ and I talk about those
bonuses in the video as well. Here’s all these bonuses you can get. And then all of these buttons
just link to the sales page for Affiliate Psycho, which
is what I was promoting. So, I just made sure, you know, my video covered what was
in product and everything, why the bonuses I was
providing, kind of went along with the product and everything like that. So, that is one reason why to do that, and then you can also
deliver your bonuses as well, with GB Zoo or Warrior Plus if you’re offering bonuses when you log in to your affiliate area, and let me see if I can
bring that up real quick. So, when you are an affiliate… Alright, there we go, so,
say I’m promoting this. When you go to click ‘Get
Your Links’ and get those. And then there’s this ‘Add
Extras’ button next to your link, and you can add a bonus and
then there you can give it the bonus name and you
could give it a bonus URL. What I would use for this bonus
URL is another squeeze page or an opt-in page that
way you’re getting people that have purchased it on a buyer’s list. That way you have your opt-in list and you also have a opt-in list of buyers. These are people that have bought affiliate products from you. They’re gonna be added to your list. And what that all that is, is a simple page like this says ‘hey, enter your information here, so that I can deliver your bonuses.’ They do that and that’s
building your list, and you know these people that
are on this list are buyers. The reason they’re getting to this page is because they’ve purchased, they’ve gone in to GB Zoo or Warrior Plus to pick up their product, they’ve clicked the link
that says ‘Get My Bonus’ and they’ve entered their e-mail, and then you have just
another page like here, which has links to download your bonuses. Now, you may be asking where
do you get these bonuses? A lot of affiliate launches,
if you look at the JV page, they will give you bonuses
that you can give away. That’s why you see there’s
two different sections. One section is bonuses
that the affiliate said ‘hey you can give these bonuses away when you’re promoting this,’ and then these other bonuses
also came from the site, and it was, let me see, do I have it up? I do not, I thought I had this up. Oh, okay, so here we go. Here, I’ll put a link for
this down in the video below, it’s a Bonus Vault, and
here is just 40 different… I think it’s 40 right now. 40 different bonuses you
can add, and it gives you, you can view these products as your own to look at them and get information, or you can get them as
bonus and it will give you different graphics that you
can use on your bonus page, and I’ll give you the link to
download the product itself, and then you can just
come into your bonus page and get the product. When I edit this page, set the action, I can just put in the link to that bonus. So, somebody can come in here and order, can download it directly
once they’ve gotten that. So that is one thing to do
if you’re using ClickFunnels and you’re selling affiliate products. And I would not send these pages out to the general public to cold traffic. I would send this to my
current existing list, people that already know
who I am, and so I would say ‘hey, hey guys, guess what?
This new product is launching, I did a review, and I’m
offering some bonuses, go ahead and check it out.’ And that would be to my warmer traffic. For cold traffic, if I was buying solo ads trying to build my list or
doing some type of paid ads or doing ads on Facebook or whatever, I wouldn’t send them
directly to the bonus page, I would just go ahead and
send them to the sales page, cause that sales page is gonna
sell them, a cold customer, better than I am, than me doing a review if they don’t know who I am. Especially if I’m selling the product by somebody that is well-known. So what I could do though, instead of sending directly
to my affiliate link, so they get that sale, is
build a cold traffic opt-in. And, here I’m just going to go ahead and build this from scratch,
to see how easy it is. I’ll just use this template. I’ll go in and edit the page. Again, I would just go to
the sales page of the product I’m promoting and seeing
what’s their pitch, what are they talking about? And I’ll probably just use their
same headline so they have, ‘How We Make Quick & Easy $304 Daily.’ So, I’ll even leave ‘Discover.’ ‘$304.82 Daily’ And say ‘This Video Reveals Everything.’ Yeah, I’d spend a bit more time on this. Obviously make it a little bit better, make it a little bit more
appealing, but saying ‘hey, go ahead and opt-in. On the next page there’s gonna be a video that’s showing you the number one method for creating $304.82.’ And that video is this
sales video right here, because that’s exactly what
that sales video is doing. It’s showing you what their method is, and it’s trying to get you to purchase that training from them. So, that is that. And then I’m building a list of people that would be interested
in affiliate products. They may not have purchased,
they may have purchased, but I’m building my list in the process. And so, if you’re doing
solo ads or something, not everybody is gonna buy it, but hopefully enough people
are going to buy this that it’s gonna pay for your advertising and basically you’re
just building your list for free at this point. And then from that point,
when you do have your list, you can come back, and on your next promo
is when you would have, you would go ahead and send them your… it would be warmer traffic
cause you send them e-mails. And the next promotion comes up, you can go ahead and send them
your bonus and your review. That also helps warm them up some, cause you go ahead and get on video, talk to them about the product,
what you like about it. Don’t be afraid to tell them
what you don’t like about it. That stands out even better, and then that’s also a
great opportunity for you to present your bonuses like ‘hey this method it was really great, I love the training they did, but they didn’t go into enough detail about this certain aspect, and that is why I’ve added this bonus, because this bonus, I
believe, fits that hole that is missing from the product.’ That way it ties everything together, you’re giving your honest opinion, and you’re offering assistance to people. So, those are how I
would use ClickFunnels, or how I do use ClickFunnels
to promote affiliate products. If you didn’t wanna build a list, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to. I would strongly always advise that you definitely want to
build a list in this process and not send people directly
to the affiliate link. But another option would
be to build a bridge page, where you’re not necessarily
collecting a lead, but it’s along the same
lines as the opt-in page, it’s just instead of having to opt-in to go to the next page, it’s just you’re clicking
the link on the page to go to the next page. And there it’s the same idea, where you’re kind of giving
an introduction to the product before you go into the product. Which is good for, again, for
your warmer traffic people, that are already on your list. But for the colder traffic, I would definitely go
for the opt-in first. So, I hope that helps, if you
have any questions at all, please let me know. Down below in the description,
I’m going to go ahead and paste a share link for this, and if you don’t know
what a share link is, with ClickFunnels if you
have a ClickFunnels account, you click on the share funnel link, and it will automatically
import this into your account. That way you have these pages, and then you can just go in, and if you are doing affiliate marketing, you have the basic template,
and you can just come in and whatever product
it is you’re promoting, change out the headline,
record your own video, I did these colors
because it kind of matched with the colors of the
black and red and white of the sales page. If the sales page was
different, I would just come in maybe it’s a lighter color,
so for the background color, maybe I would do like a blue color, and then the buttons do so, yeah. So, it’s the same exact page,
but it looks a lot different just by changing the colors, and maybe these colors match
more with the next product that I’m promoting. And then, you can fill out
your bonuses down below. I’ll also drop the link down
below in the description, if you want to get access
to that Bonus Vault that has all these bonuses
for you are already in there. Or just create your
own, it can be anything, it could be just jumping
on a video and saying, ‘hey, okay, here’s where
the program fell short, here’s how I would do it.’ Even doing your own case study of, ‘hey this is how I implemented what I learned from the product,’ and do a case study of the product itself and your results from it and show step-by-step
how you did everything. So, hope that helps. If so, go ahead and give me a
like and subscribe down below, and I will see you in the next video. (ominous music)


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