How to use Eight TV to Make Money Online Selling Affiliate Products on Amazon Ebay Poshmark

Welcome to a quick tutorial. Today, I’m
going to show you how to use the 8 app from to make some extra cash. It’s a really awesome app, check
it out so go to the App Store. Unfortunately, it’s only
for iPhones right now. So go to the App Store,
search for eight TV. When it comes up, it should
be the first result. Click download or in my case
open and when the app opens you should be taken to this screen.
You might not be taken to, this a little bit of phone ception, but
you might not be taken to this screen. You might be taken to this screen
which you swipe to the right to get to the left panel and then
you can also swipe top to bottom to go to the top panel which is where your content lives
that you have created, so that’s all your content
that you’ve created. This is the main screen, the content
creation screen. Similar to Snapchat, so there’s a screen above this and
there’s a screen to the left of this. The screen to the left is the discovery
and you can see from top to bottom people that you follow from the order
of content posted most recently. If you press the magnifying
glass in the top, you can search for content creators. On the top, you see Jason T
Smith from thrift hunters. Rachel Grant, Tay Cardoso, Arnelle
Lozada, your boy Reezy Resells, Carl Ellis Grant, Rachel Arac, Tony Moze
and then underneath that Nicole State. So you can search for people,
add them right there. The check mark means that
you’ve added persons. I see I haven’t added Arnelle Lozada
here so let me go ahead and add him. Boom, I just added him. So X back out of that,
swipe right to left. Swiping left to get back
to the center screen. This is the content creation screen. There is a button here on the
left of the content creation which you guys should be
familiar as the record button, the white circle on the bottom and
the arrow to the left takes you back to that screen over there,
the discovery screen. And the little infinity looking sign
to the right or the sideways eight that’s a link sign so that’s how you
attach your links to the content you create and just to give you a
quick rundown of how the app works. You create short pieces of
content for your channel and then you can attach links to
them to eBay to Amazon to Poshmark and when people view your content. If they like that item, they can swipe
up to purchase it and then if they go and purchase it, you make a commission
on the item. It’s actually pretty cool. Don’t worry about this video, it’s
delayed as far as the sync is concerned. But let’s go ahead and create
some content for my channel and show you guys just
how it exactly works. So the first item that I have up
is this Stikky Stock Charts book. Let’s go ahead and press the
link button and what comes up is the barcode screens
so we’re going to scan the barcode of the book right here,
see if we can get it to scan. This barcode could be better, I’m sure.
Let’s get it to scan. Come on guys, let’s scan the
second… oh okay got it. So there’s Stikky Stock
Chart, it’s added. I mean I have to press the plus
button to add it, so let’s add it. Now the link is attached and I’m
ready to create a piece of content. Now like I said, this video that
you’re about to see me creating, the audio will be out of sync so just…
out of sync with the video so just… just take it for what it’s worth. If you want to see the content not out
of sync then go to my 8 TV channel and check it out but let’s go
ahead and film some content. So let me get this all ready. Ahh 20% battery, hopefully
we can get this done guys. What’s up guys, I want to tell you
about this book Stikky Stock Charts. This book is super amazing. Actually this company makes several
different books and they’re all amazing. This company unfortunately,
I think is out of business but the thing that’s great about this
book is it teaches you a subject in about an hour so you read
the book and in 1 hour, you know a good amount
about this subject. They have one about identifying trees. My personal favourite about
identifying constellations and there’s at least one
more but this one is great. If you don’t know jack about stocks like
me this is great to just freshen up and get a grasp on it. Highly
recommend it, Stikky Stock Charts. So right there, I created a
piece of content for 8 TV. Now we’re going to add a title for it.
Let’s add it, sticky let’s see. Books with Reezy or let’s
just go recommended reading. Recommended reading, Stikky Stock Charts. They can see the product so
I’m not going to put it… I’m just going to put… actually I’ll
put it, here we go Stikky Stock Charts. The thing is nobody really
knows how to use it yet. There’s no right way or wrong way to
use the app so you can get creative. You can do a lot of different stuff. Hopefully, I’m spelling
recommended right. Oh well. Anyways, so then you’re done and
you press the arrow up button to broadcast it, now your clip is
playing back. Let’s broadcast it. So the clip has now been broadcasted
and now you can take it and share it to your Instagram. Let’s go ahead and share
this clip to my Instagram. Let’s press the Instagram button
and now it says creating video. Takes a couple seconds here
while it creates the video. You’re going to really… you’re going
to like this, watch what happens guys. So now it says tap expand icon and
Instagram, open it in Instagram so let’s press the button.
Open it in Instagram. It opens up, let’s press the
expand button just like it says and let’s see what it looks like. (playing video) Looks pretty good. Notice the little
logo in the bottom right corner. Just waiting to see the end part
here I want to show you guys this, check it out. So here’s the end of the video. Boom
and if someone screenshots that while they also have the
8 TV app installed. When they go back into the 8 TV app,
they will be ready to buy that item so let’s go ahead and
post this real quick. I’m probably going to delete this later but let’s just throw it
up there real quick. Yeah, there we go. Stikky Stock Charts,
boom #stocks. Boom posted. Share. Alright, so let’s go and create a couple
more pieces of content real quick. So let’s go back. Let’s go actually
go see, so let’s swipe top to bottom to go see what our content looks like.
There’s our content right there and if you want to see
what it looks like to other people to shop it, swipe up.
Swipe up, boom. That’s how you can shop it
and if you press buy it. It wants to open the Amazon app. Let’s let it open the
Amazon app and presto, you’re presented with a
purchasing option to Amazon. So let’s go back to the 8 TV app
and create some more content because it’s just super fun. Let’s stay on the topic of recommended
books. So let’s go, here we go. I got another book I want to
recommend here. Let’s see. Trash that link. Add a new link,
boom, Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. This is genuine American
history right here guys. Add to video, now let’s
make some content. Hey guys, if you are into American
history, psychedelic research, the 60s, all that kind of stuff,
this book is a must read, The Electric Kool-Aid
Acid Test by Tom Wolfe. This will blow your
mind on so many levels. Definitely recommend you guys checking
this out Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, know about it. Definitely a good read.
Recommended for any adventurous soul. So now I’m going to post that and
it still has my last thing I wrote which is great because
that’s helping me out, whoops shouldn’t have
taken that part out. Recommended reading – Electric Kool-Aid
Acid Test. Know about it guys. (playing video) Boom, posted another piece of content.
Here’s the thing that you guys… this is going to really trip you guys
out, watch the Snapchat integration. So now let’s press the Snapchat button. It’s creating a custom
filter for Snapchat. This is literally going to
blow your freaking mind. Look it says paste filter into snap. Open Snapchat, record a snap
and paste the filter directly into the black text strip. Filter
has been copied into the clipboard so let’s open Snapchat. This is
seriously next level stuff guys. What’s up snap fam, check it out guys.
I’m doing an 8 TV piece and I want you guys to know
about this book by Tom Wolfe, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test.
Major key. Let’s redo that one real quick. What’s up guys, I want you guys to
know about this book right here, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test. This is
genuine American history, know about it. So now that your clip is done, let me turn the volume down
on the laptop real quick. So press the text button and
then hold and paste in there. Boom, does that not
blow your mind guys? Now if someone screenshots this in
Snapchat and they also have the 8 TV app it will open the 8 TV app
for purchasing this. Does that not blow your mind
or what guys? Blows my mind. Literally, when they showed me this,
I had to walk away from the table and come back like walk out
the room and come back. This blew my mind so I just
added that to my snap story. Follow me on snap if you guys don’t. Let me see if it throw my ghost
on the screen even though it’s already on the
screen like everywhere. There it is, add me up on Snapchat. Let’s get back to doing a couple more
pieces of content for 8 TV for you guys. Let’s get back into 8, close
it out and grab another book. Let’s do a another topic.
Let’s see here. Go to the link thing,
delete the old link. Go back to the link, time to add
a barcode. Scan it up, boom. This book is amazing, Your
Body’s Many Cries For Water. Check it out, you’re
about to hear about it. What’s up guys, I got a book I
want you to know about right here. Surprise, another book.
Recommended reading by Reezy. Your Body’s Many Cries For Water. This book right here, it will tell
you everything that you think is wrong with you for all these weird
reasons, it’s all because of water. Not just you, a lot
of people in America, a lot of problems in the Western
world and it can all be solved by staying hydrated and
drinking more water. So like I said this book is
about how water can cure you. You’re not sick, you’re thirsty okay
guys. Staying hydrated is a major key. I am a lifelong asthmatic and
staying hydrated is one of the ways I finally kicked it, so check
this book out highly recommended. So now, let me go and
add that back on here. Let’s see, Your Body’s
Many Cries For Water. Boom, Your Body’s Many Cries
not across, Cries For Water. Your Body’s Many Cries
For Water, boom, posted. Created another piece of content. Are you guys getting the picture yet.
This is a utility. This is allowing you to create content
super fast and it’s super useful. You can recommend good stuff to
your audience or you can use this just to create content that you
are already going to put on your other channels but it can live
here and it’s also monetisable. So let’s go add another link. I think
this is going to be the last one guys. I love this book. You’re going to love
it too. Delivering Happiness by Zappos. This book, this book’s amazing guys. What’s up guys, I’m back with
another book recommendation. Recommended reading, Delivering
Happiness by Zappos. If you haven’t read this book, you
should read it. It’s really good. If you’re an entrepreneur, you’re into
business, you’re into dreaming big, you’re into making things happen. The
story of how the business of Zappos was built is incredibly
inspiring and motivating. You should definitely, definitely read
it. It’s a story, it’s a great story. Highly recommended. Alright guys, let me throw the…
throw the title on this one. Delivering Happiness… Delivering Happiness, boom done. Post it up like a sticky note,
post it up like a sticky note. Let’s see how much more
phone battery I have because I did get the 10% warning. Ahh
we got 12%, let’s do one more guys. One more, one more, only because I
really enjoy sharing these books with you guys through this content. Let’s see. Let’s see if it will
get this one, I’m curious. Oooh product not found. So this
book has a different barcode and it’s not going to work so let me
go and open it up on Amazon real quick and search for it. Let’s see, A People’s History of
the United States by Howard Zinn. Yep, that’s it. Oh I’m not in
the browser, I’m in the app. Let’s see, here we go. That
link from the app is not good, so you got to use the
link from the browser. A People’s History of the
United States, get here. Just when it comes up, get the link.
Copy, go back to 8 TV, hit the link button, paste your
link instead of scanning a barcode. Click validate, says
it’s good, add it up and now you’re ready to create content. Hey guys, back with another
book recommendation, A People’s History of the United States.
Every American should read this book and probably everyone everywhere
but this is super recommended. Everything I learned about history
in high school is completely wrong and super whitewashed as it should
be right because the victors are going to tell the stories of the
history in the way that benefits them. They’re not going to tell you about
the dirty things they had to do to get there so Howard Zinn does the
dirty job and tells you everything. Highly, highly, can’t
even recommend this… like I’ve read this
book like four times. Everybody should read it check it out. Alright that’s the last
one that I’m going to do. Let’s see… delete this go A
People’s, nope not a popies, A People’s History of
the United States done. And then we’re going to post it and it’s
going to go live to my 8 TV audience. Now let’s go see if anyone even
checked out any of my videos yet. So you can see right here, I did the
Stikky Stock Charts one that already has 27 views and the other ones
don’t have any views yet but I’m guessing they’re
going to go through. Some of the other ones I have, have 100
views. Different amounts of views. I like to do videos with Luna.
Luna jumping on the trampoline. Luna playing Minecraft. Me making
coffee. I did someone’s showing… showing the equipment.
Luna on the trampoline. I did someone’s showing the equipment…
let me go all the way back here, geez. I did couple Gary V ones. Here’s the
ones I did showing all the equipment that we use in our warehouse to run our
Amazon business, that was pretty fun. Some of the cameras and stuff
that I used to do my vlogging. Anyways guys, the 8 TV app is
really awesome and I highly, looking like it’s time
for me to check out, but I highly recommend you guys going
and checking out the 8 TV app. It’s going to be something amazing. It’s going to be a force
to be reckoned with. I think shopping with
pictures is done guys. We’re going to be shopping with
videos and I don’t think people are going to be going to eBay
or Amazon or whatever website. They’re going to be going to a place
like this that allows influencers and ambassadors to deliver
content to their audience and expose them to new
products and stuff. So people who are selling
products through this marketplace or through this portal, as it could
be called a portal to shopping, you’re going to be able to
sell your items for more because your customers aren’t
going to be shopping around. They’re going to shop the item
that you directed them to. So I highly recommend
you to check out 8 TV. People always ask me, ‘what should I do?
How should I make some money, I have no money?’ This is a way that
you can make some money go to Amazon. Go to Google, google
affiliate program Amazon. Sign up, get your affiliate link. You
put it in the settings of the 8 TV app and then you just paste regular Amazon
links in there and you’re ready to go and if people click and
buy or swipe up on 8 TV, the commission goes to your
Amazon referral account and really it’s just super genius. It’s too good of an idea
for me not to back it, that’s really why I
like it so much guys. It just fits everything
that we’re going into. We’re going into the era
of the personal brand and what could be
better than this right? We know that shopping on
television works right. We know that works but we know
that TV doesn’t work anymore so this is that on the very least
and it’s so much more like I said it’s a utility and it makes your
life easier as a content creator. So highly recommend you
guys going to check it out. If you do, please follow me and
check out some of my content. I will check out some of your content. As always guys, have a great day and
thank you for watching my broadcast.


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