How to use graffiti to beautify your business | SRIL Art and Mountain America

(lively music) – [Announcer] We are here
to watch Sril Art paint some of the boxes that are outside
our new Farmington branch. – [Sril] I’ve been doing mural work or commission-based stuff with
spray paint for three years now full-time, professionally.
– Yeah. – [Sril] But I’ve been
painting with spray paint since I was 11 years old. I did a big one downtown fairly recently at Hardware Apartments, and it’s the largest mural in Utah, so I’m kinda proud of that one. I have a bunch of cool clients, and now you guys are one of
them that I’m proud of, so. – [Interviewer] What is
your Instagram handle? Just so the people back home know– – [Sril] SrilArt and it’s S-R-I-L-A-R-T.

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