How To Waste $100 on Amazon…

Hey guys, this is Austin. Today it is time for yet
another mystery tech. This time at a hundred dollars. The Expendables Kunai Throwers. Is this like from Naruto? Wait, wait. No. (laughs) Hey, I’m glad I at least
immediately recognized the knives. It’s like, wait a minute. I used to want one of these when I was 13. (laughs) I feel like I’m in a GIF right now. (knife sharpening) This looks really bad, doesn’t it? (rock music) The next item, please. The Doogee X53. Ken, is this actually real technology, not some dumb joke to make
me look dumb on camera? The Doogee X53 has a 5.3 inch display with a 18 by 9 aspect ratio, dual rear cameras, and one gig of ram. Uh, okay. How much was this? 70 dollars, of course. Everyone should always take
their phone buying advice from a random weirdo on the internet wearing a Naruto costume. Because, reasons. From the front it actually does look like a much more expensive
phone than 70 dollars. Even if you flip it around to the back, with the dual cameras and the metal build, it doesn’t feel all that bad. Okay, it doesn’t want to power on. It’s got two power buttons. It’s got one which looks
like the power button, it’s grooved. But then there’s another button here that has a little lightning symbol on it, but neither of those
actually turn on the phone. Why don’t we plug this guy in and come back to it a little bit later. Design your own headphones. Street art. Actually, I think Lou did
a video on this, right? Literally just a pair of super
cheap looking headphones. As well as some markers and paint. This is a bad idea. Alright, let’s just see
if we can make a Ken. Oh man, I’m totally going
to slice a finger off. I’m going to make a leaf
to match my headband. This is our stencil. Now, do we want to use
the paint or the marker? Let’s start with the marker and go to the paint for the other side. Oh, look, we have an orange marker to match my awesome jacket. On today’s episode of
art class with Austin, we crudely draw on some headphones, in the attempt to find some “style”. Okay, so that’s one side done. For this side, let me see if I can paint. It just squirts. (grimaces) So, after waiting a little while, the paint is somewhat dry. Let’s see if I can barely peel this back. This is really the look I
was going for the whole time. I think if you take a close look, you’ll see the art that I was inspired by. I really wanted to show my inner artist with these headphones. Let’s just plug them in and
see what they sound like, because I’m sure it’s
going to be just as great as my wonderful art. Okay, I can actually
really clearly describe what these headphones sound like. Imagine you are going to a concert for one of your favorite artists. You spend the entire time with
your fingers in your ears. What is this? Trakk’s? Is this a backpack? Oh, is it a backpack with a speaker? Wait a minute. How much was this? – [Man] One hundred dollars. – This was a hundred dollars? Uh, this better sound pretty decent. Well, okay, so I guess to be fair, there is sort of some extra function, because you do get a
five volt out via USB. So I guess in theory, if you want to not only listen to music, but you could also run a USB cable out through the little hole on the
top, and charge your phone. Well, this isn’t good. Our Doogee phone, after being
plugged in for twenty minutes, still does absolutely
nothing besides bootloop. Alright, so I’ve connected
the Trakk’s to my phone, and the first thing I noticed
is it’s got this cool LED. What I’ve also noticed is
that it just kind of hums. Wait. Talk, talk. What, wait? This is a speaker. Wait, hold on. Talk, talk, one two, one two. Hey guys, this is Austin. Why is this a thing? Okay, so that’s what
the buzzing noise was. I thought that was really bizarre. There’s also some other things. Like, it can control the light. So, you just turn it on and off
with this little controller. (“Black SpiderMan” by Logic) So, it sounds great. Actually, it doesn’t sound that bad. The real problem though is that, how do you not look like the
biggest dork in the world with one of these on your back? Although, I guess I’m one
to talk right now, aren’t I. (laughs) (“AlttA” by 20syl and Mr. J. Medeiros) Okay, I think my new problem with this is that while it sounds decent, it sounds like any kind of
fairly cheap Bluetooth speaker. I don’t hate it. I don’t love it though. It’s weird. We’ll call it weird. Alright, what do we got next? Oh, hey, this doesn’t
look like total garbage. With 20.1 mega pixels,
5 times optical zoom, a 26 millimeter wide angle lens, and HD Movie 720p. This, well, obviously,
it’s not going to be great. What did you say, it was 80 bucks? – [Man] 80. – 80 bucks. Yeah, that’s actually not gonna be crazy. Alright. Oh, okay, that looks like
it’s straight out of 2007. Throw an SD card in here and it actually isn’t
super terrible looking. It makes these wonderful noises. (camera beeps) To be fair, we’re getting a 20 mega pixel sensor, 720p video. It might not be that bad. Let’s see here. Ooh, that takes awhile. Oh, that is incredibly soft. Let’s try some video. We are now recording 720p video, so let’s just kind of see. It actually, considering
that we look at all kinds of terrible phones, this does
actually not look that bad. If it comes in focus. Dude, the stabilization on
this is actually kind of crazy. I mean, I’m like shaking the
camera around a little bit, and it looks a little blurry, but it’s actually not that bad. Is this going to be as good
as say a decent smartphone? Well, in some ways it
actually might be on par. Especially considering that
you have that zoom lens. But, I wouldn’t exactly
go throw your brand new Galaxy S9 out the window. You actually got something
that’s reasonable, Ken. This is actually something
that people might want to buy. I don’t know what to say. What is this? Oh, it’s so heavy. Oh! Why is this so heavy? (laughs) What is in here? Oh, yep. (laughs) Is this a cannon ball? Oh, why is it so oily? Ken, is this a giant bearing? What?! It’s completely coated in oil. I mean, this is cool, but why? What is it? – [Man] It’s a bearing. – It’s just a bearing, that’s it? It’s just a giant bearing
that weighs like 20 pounds. Oh, it’s so coated in oil. And you bought it anyway? Of course you did. Um, how is this tech?

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