How to wear leggings + how to find good quality ones ǀ Justine Leconte

Hi everyone, it’s Justine. How to wear leggings when you are not on your
way to the gym? How should leggings fit anyways? What is proper fitting? How to recognize good-quality leggings among
all the options that you can choose from in a store. We’ll start with the fitting and the quality,
and then we’ll tackle the matter of styling leggings as part of a complete outfit. First point, and probably the most important
one: How should leggings fit? You might think no one cares, it’s elastic
anyways, always works, but actually, no, you can still have ill-fitting or well-fitting
leggings. A good pair is not that easy to find. First, in terms of length, you have different
types of leggings obviously. A capri length is great if you have ballerinas
with it. It’s just stopping below the knee. It’s great if you have long legs. And ankle length is called to extend your
legs if you are smaller, if you are shorter, but then proper ankle length… I have a pair of Benetton leggings, which
are obviously cut for shorter people. They slide up at the hem, so they always seem
too short, or they’re sliding down at the waistband level, so they are not working. And the length is just not matching my body. So leggings like these are not right for my
body. And it’s important to take the length into
consideration when you’re shopping for leggings. Then the next thing to know if the leggings
are actually your correct size is to look at whether the seams are pulling sideways. Typically you see that at the level of the
thighs. When the seams are pulling, you can see the
thread. You see the seam becoming visible, and if
it pulls even more than this, you see the elastane stretching in the fabric. If you see that on your leggings, then it’s
not your real size and you should consider going one size up. Next point is the vertical seam, the one around
your bum. It should be long enough so that when you
sit down you don’t have to hold your leggings up. They don’t slide down when you sit down. If you see that your leggings are sliding
down it means that they’ve been cut. The pattern is made for a body that is leaner…
that has less curve than yours. You need to go for a design that allows for
more curves. Then for comfort, it’s also extremely important
that your leggings aren’t too tight around your belly. Otherwise you get the so-called muffin-top
effect, even if you’re super slim and lean. It’s not a matter of body. It’s a matter of pattern of the leggings. So I’ve got leggings from Halluber. They’re great because the waistband is not
pressing at all onto my body. This one is low waist. And then, this is a second example of high-waisted
leggings. You see the waistband is completely different? The elastic is wider. It’s because it’s for high-waisted leggings. Choose the height of the waistband depending
on your body type and on whether you want or need support for your belly, or not. Now let’s move on to quality, which is important
for leggings as well. First, the thickness of the fabric. It needs to be thick enough. Otherwise you’re going to feel naked and
people will see everything you’re wearing underneath. A good test for this is to sit down. Is it transparent? Can people guess the shape and color of your
underwear under the leggings? If yes, then the fabric is probably too light-weight. Then for aesthetic reasons this time, it’s
important that the leggings contain some elastane. A good value is around five percent. Because if your leggings are cotton-only,
100% cotton, then they will mark around the knee. The fabric will extend and lose its shape
in the course of the day, and also more and more as you wash the leggings. So a bit of elastane is actually a good thing. In terms of fabric composition/fiber content,
I would say a good mix is viscose/elastane or cotton/elastane. It looks good, it’s comfortable. It breathes well. You won’t sweat in it, and it’s stable
fabric, so that’s a good mix to look for. Avoid leggings that are in completely synthetic
fabrics. They are not breathable at all, and the worst
of the worst, that I would avoid always, is faux leather, because that’s completely plastic,
and to have this leather, shiny effect on the surface, that means that it’s completely
opaque. So you’ll get warm in there. Your skin will not breathe, and you will be
sweaty. Here’s an overview of all the pairs of leggings
that I have shown so far. You see two old ones plus three new ones. You see they are different in fit, in fabric,
and in fabric thickness. Clearly. I’m sure you can see the difference. Last but not least: How to style leggings? Once you have found your dream pair, in terms
of fitting and quality, this is how I would wear mine. When I wear leggings I want the top to end
below the crotch. I want my hips to be covered. Unless you’re super body-confident and you’re
sure that your leggings are thick enough, but I feel like leggings are not a replacement
for pants. I always beware of my panty line. I don’t want a panty line to show there,
anywhere, and in this case, seamless underwear is a great option. It solves your problem no matter how much
you’re moving in your leggings. My standard look here is to wear leggings
as tights, with a tunic or a very short dress, but since I’m tall, dresses look like tunics
on me anyways. And to combine that with flat sandals. For a more sporty option, I can combine my
leggings with shorts and sneakers. That’s the very, very casual look. In which case, the leggings could even be
a little bit thinner, because here it really doesn’t matter. For the office, or to go out, I would combine
them with heels… Like proper, high heels. And a purse. So this is how I would wear leggings at least.Whether
its ok or not to wear them as a replacement for trousers depends on the country and the
region of the world you live in really. For example, in the US, I know it’s very
common. People wear leggings everywhere, even in the
workplace. Whereas in Europe, at least in France and
Germany, it’s considered too casual, and you would not see leggings as a replacement
for pants in an office. How about your country? How do people wear leggings? Do they wear something else on top? I’m curious to know. I think it’s a very cultural matter, whether
it’s appropriate or not. Thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and if
you learned something new. Thank you very much. I did previous videos on clothes fitting. One about how a shirt should fit (a business
shirt) and one about how a suit should fit, so I will link both videos here in the corner
for you, on the little i, or down below, under this video, in the description. You’ll find everything there, and you can
watch more if you’re interested in having clothes that fit well. I will see you very soon again for a new video. And until then, take care. Bye!


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