How to Write SEO FRIENDLY ARTICLE on WordPress in 2019

I have mastered the writing of SEO-friendly
articles. Even without backlinks, my articles are driving
tons of traffic. Yes, I know that creating backlinks are extremely
important for getting your article ranked number 1 for your target keywords. But in 2019 creating high-quality backlinks
is extremely difficult. But as you can see in the image on the screen
that many if my articles are ranking number one even with very few backlinks. So make sure you watch this video until the
end because I will be sharing the exact strategy on how I write a perfect SEO-friendly article. And you can replicate the same process for
yourself, so that you can drive free traffic, even without backlinks. Also I’ve created a checklist in which I
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I show you the exact process that you can replicate for yourself. Hey guys, make sure you watch this video until
the end because I’ll be sharing a lot of strategies on what makes a perfect SEO-friendly
article. So if you’ve seen my niche research video
and the keyword research video then you’ll know that yes, you need to be very cautious
about the niche that you need to choose and also how to find a low competition keyword. Because SEO is 2 ways, it’s on-page SEO
and off-page SEO. Yes, you can build a lot of backlinks, but
still you need to have that power of on-page SEO, so that even without backlinks you can
get your article ranked number 1. In my keyword research video, I showed you
the example of best washing machines in India. So let me search for this, and if we add the
URL of the number 1 ranking page… let’s say… Bijili Bachao, this page is ranking number
1. We add it here, go to search and go to top
pages. And click here, on “view all” for the
article that we targeting like “best washing machines in India”, this gives us the list
of all the keywords for which this article is ranking. Now we have to see that for this particular
keyword, “best washing machine in India”, this has the highest search volume of 14,800
and the position for this article, for this keyword is 2nd position, it is driving a massive
2,300 people to his website, right? So our primary keyword becomes “best washing
machine in India”, right? And our secondary keyword for which we have
to optimize the same article is “washing machine best brands, best washing machine
brand…” because the search volume for these keywords are lesser than this one. And also the intent of our article is similar,
because this is our direct competitor and Google is already loving it. Then this guy must be doing something right. So we’ll keep our primary keyword as “best
washing machine in India” If you are using Ubersuggest which is a free tool to find keywords,
you can use that. Otherwise you can use ahrefs, I’ve added
the same article on ahrefs. You can go to the organic keyword section. Again we found the same keyword, “best washing
machine in India” with the same 14,000 volume, approximately. And similar traffic… so our primary keyword
becomes “best washing machine in India”, right? So the first step of writing an SEO-friendly
article is choosing the main keyword for which you want your article ranked. In this case, we are choosing our main primary
keyword as “best washing machine in India”. So let’s go back to our WordPress dashboard,
we’ll add a new article. And we’ll add the title as the main keyword,
which is “Best Washing Machine in India”. Now you have to understand, this title is
only for our blog, right? So the title that will be shown on the search
result. This title is shown which we add here in the
meta description and the meta title. This is the title here. So if you add the “best washing machine
in India” here, in the Yoast SEO plugin, this is the Yoast SEO plugin. And whatever we write here, like… right
now the month is April 2019 and let’s say we write “Review and Comparison” because
you are doing a complete review and comparison- okay, we can also add a “Top 10”. We are doing a “Top 10 Best Washing Machine
in India (April 2019) – Review and Comparison”. Now the title here might be “best washing
machine in India”, this is only for your blog. But the title here, is the title which will
be shown on the Google search results, right? And you have to make sure it is green here. If it goes red, that means the length of the
title is higher than what is allowed. So make sure the bar is green. Okay… and the second step, is to have your
main keyword, which is the “best washing machine in India” in the URL as well. And the URL must contain only the main keyword. That is this… “best washing machine in
India”. And it should not have anything else. This is the SEO tactic that I use, where I
keep the URL with only the primary keyword. Now I must tell you that we registered the
domain name as “” but this website I’ve created just for the dummy
purpose, just to show you exactly how I write my articles, for my affiliate website. I know it is not related, but this is just
for the general purpose. Okay guys, now comes the meta description. So now we have added the meta title, we have
our main keyword in the URL structure, now we must add a description which is enticing,
and will give a reason for people to click. Because this part of Yoast SEO is extremely
important. The title should be something for which the
people would want to click. Now we have added like, “Top 10 Best Washing
Machine”. So someone who’s searching for best washing
machine like here we can see that majority of the results that are ranking are either
top 5 or top 9 or top 10. So we know this is the type of query and this
is the kind of intent a person has when someone is searching for best washing machine in India. So we’ll try to follow. Don’t try to come up with something new,
rather follow what is working and do better than your competition. So majority of the people have Top 10 article,
so we have done the top 10 thing. We have added our main keyword, and we have
also added the month and the year. Because everyone wants to keep themselves
updated with the latest information. So by adding the word April 2019, will increase
the rate of people clicking on our result compared to our competitor. This will help in getting us better ranking. And also adding review and comparison, we
are again telling the person who is searching that we have done a detailed review and comparison. Now we can add our very rich, meta description
as well. “We did comprehensive research on the best
washing machines in India and came up with our final recommendations.” Or we can add something like, “If you are
planning to buy a washing machine…” Okay so now the bar is orange, make sure it
is only green. So we have our main keyword “best washing
machines in India” here, in our URL as well as our title. Our title is very nice, it follows what is
already working in the Google search results. We have also added month and the year, so
that our click-through rate increases. And also we have added the “review & comparison”
so that more and more people click on our title. Okay? So this is the part of the Yoast SEO. Now, let’s come- now let’s check our competitors. What kind of content they are writing. So whatever your target keyword is, so make
sure you search for it, and look at the articles of the top 5 people who are ranking for your
target keyword. So this is the research process. Whenever you are thinking an SEO-friendly
article, doesn’t mean that you’ll just think of an article and then write the article
yourself. You’ll have to do proper research first,
you have to look at your competition, what they are writing. How they are writing the article, what is
working, what is not working. So that you can write an article, better than
your competitor. The ultimate goal of writing an SEO-friendly
article is writing an article that is 10x better than all your competitions So we’ll try to find troubles in each of
the articles here, and try to write a better article than that. So let’s go to the first article here. We can see that, he has a very long paragraph. Now the thing is, no one wants to read a huge
paragraph. People prefer single-line answers. Something like- something which has paragraphs. Something which has indentation, like a one
line or two line paragraph. So one thing we can do is, we can add proper
spacing. Okay, so here is a little table of contents. So that is good for navigation purpose. So he has the keyword in the title, he has
proper links, and he has shown the images. And see again the paragraphs are too long,
so it becomes boring. So what we can do is, we can write the articles
which has proper indentation and formatting. Also I can see there’s no pros and cons…okay,
so here we have pros and cons… but then again, they are not properly segmented. So we can improve on that. And also I can see, there are no videos here. So if you can find some YouTube videos, reviewing
the images, that will really help in increasing the on-page time of our website. And that will really help us get better rankings. So let’s go to the 2nd article. Okay, so this article looks really nice because
you can see there, the proper formatting, proper indentation, it also has table of contents. And also proper- see the- he has the main
keyword in the title of the article. Like “best washing machine in India 2019”. Also he has really done- also he has really
done good formatting. Like he has blue boxes, with proper bullet
points. Proper indentation. Also you can see that there’s this “view
on Amazon” on the image. So this really help in increasing the total
number of clicks towards Amazon. Also the pros and cons look really nice…
with the green checkmark and the red bar. And… so this article is really nice, it
looks really good. But also this article doesn’t have any videos. So maybe that is the only improvement that
we can do from this competition. And one thing that you’ll see that majority
of the articles are really long. So this means, that you will also have to
write a very long article because people who are looking for best washing machines may
be looking for very comprehensive information. So, we’ll also have to write a buyer’s
guide. Like everyone else is doing, like… where
we’ll be explaining all the things related to washing machine. Like, inverter technology, bubble wash…
whatever it is- exactly it is. And this person has also written a buyer’s
guide, like front load vs top load machines, etc. So very nice written article, I really like
this particular article. Let’s go to the next competitor. Again, we have proper images, sources… and
detail again top 10 type of article. And information again on each one of them-
each of the machine. And this article, doesn’t have- it also
has a buyer’s guide. So we now have a general idea of what kind
of article is working on Google. That for the top 10 best washing machine query,
majority of the people are writing a top 10 article, with proper indentation, images,
pros-cons and a buyer’s guide. So what you can do is- now you have 2 options. Either you can write the article yourself,
or you can outsource it. Now if you are writing the article yourself,
it will take a lot of time. Because again we can see that majority of
the competitors have written at least 4.000 or 5,000 words per article. This is easily a 4,000-word article. So you’ll have to write at least 4 or 5,000
words. And that too about a topic that is not too
interesting. So either you can write the article yourself,
or you can outsource it. If you’re thinking of outsourcing it, then
the company I recommend is definitely “iWriter”. Okay, so you’re writing an article about
“Top 10 Best Washing Machines In India”, right? So make sure- what would you like? An article… it’s more like informational
article. I guess… let’s see… might be in home
improvement. I guess… we can select the category. The category really doesn’t matter. Article enter keyword… you can write, “best
washing machine in India” the keyword, for which the article will be optimized. The word length, as you can see the competitors
has almost 3,000 – 4,000 words. So make sure you, at least select 4,000. And writer level… the- Now this is where the quality of the article
comes. If you go for the standard, the pricing will
be much cheaper. And if you go for the premium, it will be
somewhere- somewhat fine. So, if you go for elite, it will again be
more expensive. So I’ve seen that the premium articles are
somewhat nicer, so you can go for a premium article, which will cost you around $66. And here comes the project instructions. Make sure you give detailed project instructions. Don’t be lazy on this, because the content
writer which you’ll be hiring, the more details you give him about the article, the
better it is for him. So I usually write my product instructions
very carefully and very detailed. So that the other person who’s writing the
article he has exact information about what kind of article, I have in my mind. So also enable whatever option you think is-
will be relevant for the type of article like the objective, things to mention, sourcing
requirements etc. Like the tone of writing. Okay… so let’s say the company information..
it’s not really required, so you don’t need the company information. But for the objective- like the sourcing requirements,
you can mention here all the different URLs, like he must do comprehensive research on not because we are targeting only the Indian audience. And also on YouTube to make the final list,
right? And you can also list all the URLs for reference. Like the URLs of these, the competing domains. You can add these URLs for reference as well,
for the person to have a better idea. Things to mention. You can mention anything that is mandatory
like you should also add YouTube links of all products. Because that will really help us increase
the on-page time of our website, by embedding the YouTube videos. And things to mention, “also have proper
formatting” and “write shorter paragraphs”. This will really help us increase the on-page
time of our website, because no one wants to read a huge paragraph, everyone wants proper
indentation, like the article I showed you here for this particular website This article looks really nice, because it
has proper formatting, proper images, indentation etc., right? Similarly you must also add the inform- objective
like- inform and educate. But our objective is “motivate and purchase”
because we want people to- you know, go to the article and then they should buy the product
from I’ll also add an objective that “you are
promoting affiliate links in this article, so make sure people are motivated enough to
buy”, right? So make sure you fill up all these boxes with
the detailed information so that the content writer doesn’t get confused. Otherwise, the content quality won’t be
that good. The more information you give, the better
the content-quality will be. There… so once you do all of these, you
have to load the funds. Once you add money to your account and then
you can go to place the order. And within a couple of days, the content writer
will give you the article. And… then you have 2 options, it’s not
like the content writer delivers the article and you have to accept it. You have 2 options, either you can accept
the article if you like it, or you can give it for review as well. Like if the content writer, maybe missed something. Or you are not happy with the article, or
you want something to be changed. Then you can again give it back to the content
writer, to edit it and give it back to you. If you want to outsource your article, or
if you want to write the article yourself, then we can do that as well. So for writing the article yourself, I have
already mentioned multiple things that… first of all there should be proper indentation,
you should have images and also for all the images that you are adding to your article,
make sure you compress them. So for that, there’s a website called “Compressjpeg”
Go to the website, open the website… and whatever images you are uploading, let’s
say… okay, so let’s download this particular image. Keep it in the downloads folder. And upload the image, and it is getting compressed. So the image is compressed by 28%. So the lighter your webpage is, the faster
it will load and hence the better ranking you will get. Because Google always wants a fast website. Like if you’ve seen our how to set up the
blog video, of this affiliate marketing playlist, when I gave you the WP Rocket plugin for free,
right? That plugin also increases the loading speed
of your website, right? Similarly, if you’re compressing the images,
there’ll be less load on the server and hence your website will load faster. So make sure you compress all the images that
you are, uploading. Apart from that whenever you are uploading
an image, so let’s say you download it, right? And you add the image. Upload… and this one is the downloaded one. So make sure you also add the “Alt Text”. So this is a washing machine and we can also
add a keyword here, like we can just copy the keyword from here and add the alt text. This will also help in getting ranking in
the Google image search, right? You can also decrease the size like the medium
size, as well as the indentation, as well. Okay. If you’re writing an article about the “best
type” query, then I highly recommend you guys that your article should look something
like this, right? It has proper indentation, table of contents,
it has the main word in bold as well. And also look at how he has added the main
keyword for which he is targeting, in bold and in H2 heading. So let’s delete it. So… le’s say whatever you’re writing. “Today, I will help you find the best washing
machine in India”. So one thing that you have to keep in mind,
is that the main keyword should be in the intro. That is should in the first 100 words of your
article. This will really help in the SEO of your website. Okay. Apart from that, your article must be 4,000
words or at least 3,000 words if you want to rank. Because the competition is increasing day-by-day,
so if you really want to rank, you need to write an article, which is very comprehensive,
which contains all the information that the person is looking for. And then you have to look at the intent of
the person. If the intent is getting fulfilled, he’ll
be happy, he’ll be spending more time in your website and he won’t be leaving it. And then this gives the indication to Google,
okay, this article is perfect. This article is giving all the information
that a person is looking for. So this article must be good, so it will give
you a better ranking on the Google search result. Also guys, if you’re using the GeneratePress
theme, or if you’re new to WordPress, I highly recommend you guys to play with all
the options and- to be able to familiarize yourself with all the functionalities that
WordPress has to offer. Like you click here on + sign and see, there’s
so many options. Like you can add a gallery, you can add a
paragraph, image, list, quote, file… layout elements as well. You can add a page break. You can add a button. You can add formatting, you can add comment
blocks, and also add… like there’s so many options. So if you want your article to look something
like this, you can easily create that in your WordPress, along with your GeneratePress theme. You don’t have to buy any expensive plugins
or any expensive template, everything can be done through your WordPress or GeneratePress
theme itself. One more tip guys that I can give you about
writing an SEO-friendly article is that you should not have any grammatical mistakes. Because, whenever someone is searching for
information, they come through an article which has a grammatical mistake, they end
up not trusting the website. And when the website is making grammatical
mistakes, the person doesn’t trust the website. What will end up happening is, they’ll hit
the back button and they’ll go to some other website. So the best way to remove grammatical mistakes,
is to go to “Grammarly”. Go to grammarly, it’s a free writing assistant. You don’t have to pay anything to get your
articles checked. All you have to do is, once your article is
done, copy the entire text, paste it here… it will give you all the recommendation about
the grammatical mistakes you have, it will also show you the answer, how to improve it,
how to correct it- So make sure you use Grammarly before publishing your article. So this is another tip I have for you. Apart from that guys, make sure you use proper
heading structure. Like this article, it has proper H2 headings,
and H1 headings. It has proper H3 headings… it has bullet
points, it has pros-cons, beautiful colors. And also if you look at the buyer’s guide
here, like here it is the H2 heading, again, there’s an H3 heading. Then H4 heading. Again, H3 heading… Similarly, make sure you sure you use a proper
heading structure as well to get higher rankings. And if you have any other questions regarding
writing an SEO-friendly article, guys I- I highly recommend you guys to ask your questions
in the comment section below, and I’ll reply to you within 6 hours to 12 hours. And I really want all of you guys to succeed
with your Amazon affiliate sites and I really want you guys to reach the $1,000/month mark,
form your first Amazon affiliate website. So share your first article, whatever article
you are writing, make sure you share it in the Facebook group, which is in the form of
“Learn Digital Marketing with Ankur Aggarwal”. And I will review your article. I will tell you what other mistakes and that,
how you can improve it, and another very important thing guys, since we are doing Amazon affiliate,
and we are writing article so that we can make money from Amazon affiliate, Amazon Associate
Account wants that a website should have at least 5 – 10 articles, otherwise they won’t
approve your account. So this is why I was telling you about the
service, which is the iWriter. Because- to join iWriter. The link to this website is in the description
section of this video. And if you don’t want to write the article
yourself, you can give the contractor 5 – 10 articles here. And within a couple of days, you’ll have
5 – 10 articles. Which you can then optimize and do SEO on,
build the backlinks… Watch our SEO videos of this playlist. And build the backlinks and get it ranked. Because, like for myself. I don’t have a very good writing skill. So instead of doing it myself- so I have a
50+ content writing team. Two whom I outsource my content requirements. So that- because my expertise lie in SEO,
and building backlinks and getting my websites ranked. So I know my strengths. So that is why I outsource the work. And focus entirely on building backlinks,
doing the SEO of my website, and making money. I have one more tip for you guys, which will
really help in getting the article ranked number 1. Is to do internal linking. Once you follow the entire process that I
just shared with you, on writing the perfect article… once the article is done, all you
have to do is, internally link the article. Let’s say you want another link for this
article. So whichever article that you have that is
related to washing machine on your website, all you have to do is… like after a couple
of paragraphs, write a line like, “Make sure you also check our other amazing article
on best washing machine in India”, right? And you can use this keyword, as the internal
link to the article that you’re targeting. This will also help in getting a better ranking,
because internal linking also passes on the link juice. And it is not exactly powerful as backlink,
but it will still really help you in getting your articles ranked. So guys, this was it. So I’ll just give you a brief overview. You have to write an article which is around
3 – 4,000 words. The article structure should be something
like this article from Kitchenarena, best washing machine… you can- even if you’re
writing an article about DSLR or any other category from Amazon, I highly recommend you
guys to check this website for the article structure. And your article should be something like
this. And you should have proper formatting, you
should have proper heading, proper images, the images should be compressed, you should
also add YouTube videos, and embed the videos for an increase on the on-page time. And focus entirely on the user intent. You should be able to fulfill the user intent. Whenever someone is searching for best washing
machine in India, they are looking to buy a washing machine. So whenever they are going to an article,
they want complete information. Exactly what are the different kinds of washing
machine, which is the best one that I recommend, if I am recommending something, why am I recommending
something, what are the best features about the washing machine. So once all your articles are done, all you
have to do is add the links to Amazon. Just like this guy is doing. All you have to do is, add the links here
it is the affiliate link. All you have to do is “buy at Amazon…” After every product that you are recommending. Add the link, buy at Amazon, or “check price
at Amazon”. All these are affiliate links, whenever someone
is clicking here they are going to Amazon for the affiliate link. We will be talking about how to sign up on
Amazon Associate, what are the approval process, how not to get banned on the next video. So until then, I highly recommend you guys
to at least get you 5 – 10 articles written. So we will be talking about how to sign up
on Amazon Associate, how to get approved, how to not get banned, so until then, I highly
recommend you guys to publish at least 5 – 10 articles on your website. So the process will be choosing a niche, doing
keyword research, and writing and publishing the articles. And share everything in our Facebook group. I’ll give you the review, for the website
and for your articles. And from there in the next video I’ll tell
you how to create an Amazon Associate account. So what are your next steps? Click here to watch the next lesson, and click
here if you want to watch our complete affiliate marketing mastery course, where I share how
to scale a website from $0 – $1,000/month.


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