How Virtual Reality Is Going to Affect Digital Marketing

You see these virtual reality headsets everywhere. Samsung, Facebook, Google, everyone’s getting
in the virtual reality race. So much so that these companies are even spending
a billion dollars acquiring people within this space. Hey everyone my name’s Neil Patel and today
I’m going to teach you how virtual reality is going to affect online marketing. You know Red Bull? Everyone’s seen him, the crazy company that
does all these stunts. They sponsor like the X Game, they jump from
outer space back down into earth. They have really amazing videos. What’s going to happen is, as you start watching
these videos it’s not going to be where you’re just seeing a YouTube clip. It’s going to start turning into, you yourself
can experience the same thing as that person jumping out from outer space. How are they going to do this? Through virtual reality. That’s just the example of how companies are
going to integrate virtual reality into their marketing. On a flip side, if you think about eCommerce,
there’s all these products. Why can’t it be where you actually see these
products or see yourself trying them on? That’s what’s going to happen with virtual
reality. You’re going to be able to go there, look
at the products, feel, touch them. You may not get the same sensation that you
would in real life, but eventually some of those feelings will start coming over through
the web as they develop these technologies. That’s how virtual reality is going to effect
online marketing. In essence, their going to take real life
experiences and show them to you online. That way in your home, you can experience
skydiving over Abu Dhabi or wherever it is in the world, right. That’s just how virtual reality is going to
affect online marketing. It’s here to stay. Companies are investing billions of dollars
into it. The real question is, when are you going to
start leveraging it for your business?


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