How We Grew to be a $250k Monthly Agency from Scratch in 14 Months | Dee Deng, AWasia 2018

I got the post-lunch crowd.
I got the sleepiest crowd I think, but at least I don’t have the drunk crowd. So
I’m happy there. Hello everyone. Welcome to my talk. I’ve got 30 minutes to talk
about something I’m super passionate about, I could chew everyone’s ear off, which
is how we grew our agency and really, so the 1-2 Combo Client Acquisition
Funnel, which also is known as, “How our agency grew from zero to $250k a month
in 14 months.” No referrals, no friends in high places,
no ex-Google. None of that sh*t. No fancy brands. We haven’t gotten to
work with any fancy brands and we just had one funnel and I’m here to show how
you guys can do it too. Right. It’s super humbling to be here.
I see a lot of giants in the room. It’s super humbling to see that you guys are
even – like, I get to exist in the same room as you guys. So this is super cool
for me. Right, so my only job here today really is to show you our entire funnel,
so you can just swipe our sh*t and crush. As affiliates, I think it’s really
interesting that on the media buying side, you guys are like the mega. Right.
There’s like regular marketers and then there are like, affiliates, who just know
everything about the internet. Pretty much run the internet and then there’s
this other model, which is what we do, which is facing clients and really
having to deal with that of side sales and all that. So if you can apply that skill
on the media buying side and understand how you can transfer it to the other
side. It’s a really good model because you can switch it on real quick and you
get to spend other people’s money, which is kind of dope too, which kind of turns
into your own money, right. So let’s move on real quick. I see a lot of faces out
there right now, a lot of Conor McGregor’s looking at me going,
“Who the f*ck is this guy? I don’t f*cking know him.” Right, so let me
tell my story real quick. I was a tech start-up founder. 2014,
founded my tech startup right. I fell into the whole raise capital, build
a tech start-up, go raise money, and you’ll eventually get some cash because
you got all these other articles coming out of TechCrunch
saying, off the back of the napkin, this one start-up raised this much money from
Sequoia etc. I chased that dream hard. Got to flew myself over Silicon Valley.
Got to pitch Guy Kawasaki, in person, which was kind of cool. That startup
drove me broke. I took this screenshot because I wanted to remind myself of a
position that never wanted to be in ever again, and I’d love to share this story
with you guys. Please, if you guys would oblige me. I took this screenshot sitting
in front of the television at 6:30pm, watching TV with my wife sitting next to
me and my stepson, and I saw a bill come out of our account that was really big,
and then that’s what happened after that bill came out, and I looked to my left and
I thought should I tell them? Yes or no. I didn’t tell them. Until today, honey, I
hope you’re not watching this. Until today, my wife honestly does not know
right. So I just had to figure out a way and the agency way was the way out. So
let me double whammy this. After this week happened, the following week we got
this letter. It’s kind of blanked out there and I know there a lot of words.
Effectively, we got served, right. My Stepson’s dad wanted to do some gnarly
stuff and I had to tell my wife I had no money to fight this.
If he wanted to push, I can’t do anything right. So that’s when I really understood.
With the resources that I have at hand, I know my stuff in certain
ways, how can I spin up money as quick as possible. I’m pretty good on the phone.
Let’s do that. I can provide services. Let’s do that. I know media buying.
I got a co-founder who knows media buying. Let’s do that. So
that’s what I learned. I learned that money equals freedom right.
You like the yellow? I hope that really punches you in the face and wakes
you up a little bit. Money equals freedom. Everyone knows that but for me
personally, money is freedom from fear. I was living in fear for a really long
time and that’s the story that I’m hoping to share now and then be able to
tell you, it’ll all makes sense later, I promise. There’s a funnel. It’s not some
kind of click-bait-y sh*t that I’m telling you a sob story about my life right. So we
started the agency. This was January. Sorry about the nudity on screen.
This was January of this year. We had a team of four and this
is a really humbling experience for me standing on this stage, being able to
talk to you because this was us at the company retreat. That screen I’m
pointing at is actually James van Elswyk, presenting his thing and I sent
that message to him to say, hey man you really inspired me and he replied,
and I now get to be here. So khob khun krab everyone. So anyway, after being
able to start everything up, I was the guy on the phones. Anything you see in
light blue, and this is my actual calendar, you see school pickup, and
violin, like super boring dad sh*t in there. School drop-off in the morning but
everything else you see in blue, those are sales calls, and I was the only guy
on the phone taking all of them sales calls. And after a while that’s how we
started growing. We ran ads, had our funnel, had these
calls coming in, and we started getting results, and then we started getting more
results, and that’s when our confidence grew, and we got more results. I’ve
seen some crazy sh*t. That’s real. That’s a real campaigns by the way right, but
what’s most important is we started seeing growth for our clients right. Nice
and thick to the right in blue, and more there, and that’s how we eventually grew
from a team of two, to a team of four, and then our first year was super awesome.
This was like us going legit or something. That’s a first-year
anniversary. July 3rd, this year and now, as I stand in front of you today, this is
what our team looks like. We straddle a stupid amount of time zones. I’m very
fortunate to have the team that I have, but I run a remote team, and this is the
kind of DNA of the team that we’ve got, and that’s all because of this one funnel.
I kid you not. I remember being in the crowd right, and being one of those
people that went, this f*cker is not gonna show his funnel, like, what are you doing?
He’s only gonna show me the stuff that’s not working anymore.
Funnel hack me right now. If you want. Go on there and actually like use your
ad spend and funnel hack me. It’s all there, right. The amount of cynicism
I think that comes with sitting in whichever seat that you’re at, will reflect
the amount of takings that you have. So the less cynicism you’ve got
the more you’re going to learn. I steal everything. I’m lucky to get to sit there
and be able to steal everything from everyone and get the best stuff and
that’s what we do all right. So let’s move on to the actual meat and potatoes.
Number one, let’s talk about The Formula. So like I said before, no referral
partners, no big brands, and also, when we started the agency, no framework. Like, I
didn’t have an agency mentor, so to speak, to kind of take me through it. So I kind
of had to fumble my way through. Anyone here Harry Potter fans? Any Harry
Potter nerds with me? Oh my god. You nerds don’t watch Harry Potter, okay. In Harry
Potter, there’s this thing called The Deathly Hallows right. They got the spells of
wand thing, the invisibility cloak thing, and there’s something that where you can’t
die. We use that and pretty much broke it down into this. So if you need a sound
business model. You need sales. You need operations fulfillment. For us it’s our
media buyers. For us our account managers etcetera, and you need finance.
You got to keep the money in your business right, and then smack in the
middle, you got systems. The systems hold the whole thing up. If we don’t have
systems, we pretty much don’t have a business because we’re in
there all the fucking time and then finally, we’ve got leadership right. That
is what, at the core of it, any business is. Agency or not. Oh, so you take the photo
but you don’t put your hand up when I asked for Harry Potter. Okay, it’s all
good bro. So listen, once you got this going down, then really all you need is
just consistent, quality leads right and that’s how we were able to grow to where
go, and that’s how I was able to get this volume of calls. Now again, it
was only me on the calls because we don’t need that many clients to be able
to make like enough money for what we need right now and if we get more calls,
we hire more people, and that all works out because we have those Deathly
Hallows. The triangle, the circle, and that line in the middle. Okay, so let’s move on
real quick. Everyone talks about this. Everyone in marketing talks about like
what’s your persona, do you know your persona, and you know, you’ve got to –
if you’ve gone through any type of marketing, they’ll make you do the
“fill in the form” where it’s like, it’s Sandra who lives in
California, who’s this old, and loves these things. She reads these publications but doesn’t do that. She likes this but doesn’t do
that. So we came up at the start with a super robust, like super robust ideal client persona. You do ecom? You got money?
We’ll take you. That’s what we had. That’s literally what we had right, because we
needed cash flow. What are you gonna do? I can’t be picky and this was what we
ended up with. So you saw that calendar, you can kind of do the math here, right.
$40 cost per lead. $53 cost per call, and then $265 cost per new client.
Bringing up numbers. Pretty cool, right. But, there’s a but here. A big but. The
team f*cking hated me because I closed them, and on the back end it’s like, hey
man, so uh, I just sold out of my stuff. I forgot to tell you and then everything
just crashed because they weren’t high-quality leads. So we have the consistency,
we just didn’t have the quality, and my team hated my guts right. The one thing
I’ve learned, if anything in the past journey that I’ve had to date, so far, is
that ongoing management for clients is like a marriage, and I thought
personally, it was me. Like I thought that everyone was marriage material right.
Dead wrong. There are some people that are not a good fit right. How does this
relate to the funnel? It relates to the funnel because if you don’t have the
right filtration on the front, in terms of what’s on the screen, and then beyond
that, if you don’t have the right filtration on the phone and you’re eager
to say yes, then what ends up happening is you’re gonna close a lot of clowns,
and then you’re gonna be the clown that closes the clown. So you’re just gonna be
in the world of pain right. So that was the one thing that we learned really,
really quickly and I learned it too because I was on the front end and I was
also doing execution as well. So it was a super painful thing and we looked like
dicks. So then what happened is we went okay, we got to go back to the drawing board. Let’s do up our personas. So this is what
our persona looks like right now right. So effectively, we know,
where do you want to target them, what type of demos they are, in terms of the
types of their business, and we found a sweet spot right. It has nothing to do
with the size of the company or the clout or anything like that. It really
comes down to finding that sweet spot and knowing that we can scale them. If we
can scale them we’re sweet right, because we get to be on a performance model. It
works out really, really nicely guys. Okay and then on the right there. You can
see the psychographic focus. Respects our expertise, willing to listen, business
sense, humble. Business sense, oh my god, the amount of like dropship bros that
watch like two YouTube videos and all of a sudden, “I’m an entrepreneur, and like, what the
f*ck’s your agency gonna do for me Dee?” No, I’m sorry.
Thank you, but no thank you. We got a course though. Go to the course. That’s
what we do right. So we learnt how to monetise the quality leads and we
learned how to give value to the non fit leads. They still have a pain point,
that’s why they fill in the form in the first place right. At least we can still
give them value in some other type of way. So net effect out of that. Cost per lead
$98. Cost per call $196. Cost per new client $490, that’s
kind of sh*tty like, that’s pretty f*ckin expensive, but if you look at the client
value that’s where it really dawned upon me we’re doing something right. We went
from getting $9,000 out of a client over three months
to $27,600 averaged out and that’s only because we haven’t called
hard enough on the other side right. So that’s really on the front end. Being
able to have that quality part is so, so important. So, so crucial and the best
part, not even talking about the cash flow, the best part, the average team
happiness score? Through the roof! Everyone loved me! I was a champion all of a
sudden. You know why? Because everyone was asking my team, “Oh my god, what should I
do next? Can you give me some strategies please?”
They were primed and we loved it so much. So how do we get to this point, right?
Let’s talk about the funnel. This is the part where, hopefully, if you want
to steal my shit, get your phones out because this will be it. This is
the funnel that we use, okay. Top of funnel, cold audiences. A lot of
edutainment videos. I don’t have time during this time to talk about
edutainment videos, but if you go back to the Affiliate Conference Facebook page, I
do a little breakdown there. If you don’t know me,
I want you to love me. If not, I’ll show you another video and I
hope that you love me there. If not, you’re not a good fit. That’s fine, right.
Video views up the top, 75% we retarget you. We move you to warm audience.
Testimonials. Every time we get to grow a client and we send out a report, where
they got a green arrow pointing up, I’m on the phone. “Hey bro, got
time for a quick testimonial? Let’s just jump on Skype real quick. I’ll record the
Zoom” and that’s it right, and that’s how we get testimonials. We show that we’re
not full of shit, because at the end of the day, if you are looking for an agency,
you’re looking to work for pretty much anyone that you’ve never met before, the
number one thing you’re gonna think is “Is this marketer full of sh*t, right?”
So we really focus on that part. Hot audiences. We show case studies and
a bit more direct response. Click here to get your strategy report. Click here to
have a call with us. Click here to learn how we can do an audit and maybe help
you out, and then once they become a prospect we still spend money to
retarget them, because I want to prime them before they get on the call, so that
we really minimise that dropout rate and you see, in the middle there, there’s that
phone. We’re effectively driving everything towards that call and then
figure out what we can do once they fill in the form, before or after, okay. I’ll be
able to talk about that part in a minute, and then on the right, email as well. So
we really had almost no email before. So if you called in, you’ll have one form
that said, “Thank you for your booking. Your Zoom meeting link is here.” No time
to remind them, like none of that stuff. It sucked hard. I was waiting on the call
5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes. They didn’t show up and I didn’t know why,
because you know, we just had too many things going on. Now we’ve got at least a
minimum 4-step sequence, which we kind of work on every month just to change it
up a little bit, but hey, email number 1, you’re in the right place, right.
Ryan Deiss spoke about this previously, where he was talking about
every time that someone takes an action, you take them somewhere else. You want to
remind them about the previous action and let them know they’re in the right
place. Okay, so hey, you’re in the right place. Email number 2. I’m gonna
slam you with more testimonials and then by the time we get to email number 3.
It’s what to expect from our call. Think about what you want out of it. Make
sure you have your brand guide ready. Make sure you have all these other
things. Know your numbers before you come on the call. The last thing I want to do
is ask you about your business numbers or your gross margins, and
you’re like let me just pull out my calculator real quick. We’re just wasting time.
I want to keep that call really short because I respect their time,
I respect my time. And finally email number 4, more
testimonials. Even if they book the call within the next 48-hours,
I let them run anyway and they’re a 24-hour space apart. Okay, let’s talk
about top of funnel. Let’s talk about edutainment videos. This is it right here.
All you see is either Dee’s face or some other face talking about Dee’s team.
The reason why this is so important and this is what really changed everything
for us. I mean, literally everything is just me jumping on video and talking to
people and showing something that is really, easily digestible on one side.
So I make it fun. I actually like, try to make it look like a YouTube vlogger and
have effects and stuff like that, and then show some stats again. All I want to
prove is that I’m a real human, I got your back, and I’m not full of sh*t. Those are
the only three mental ticks I have to tick off for someone and that’s my
only job right. And then I let other people say that, “Hey these guys are not
full of sh*t. They help me grow my stuff.” and that psychologically really helps it
through and by the time they get on the call, thank god, it’s amazing. And then
after that this is where they get brought to right. We bring them to here.
We ask them a bunch of questions. Look at how sh*tty this form looks, guys.
It’s still like this. It pains me but it’s still like this, and it hurts me
so much as I’m standing here talking about this right now and showing you
guys this, but this is the sh*tty form, until today. Again, if you go click on my
website right now, this is the sh*tty form. Wufoo, thank you for making
it so hard to edit the CSS. Wufoo. Okay, so this is the form. You can see here it is
really, really simple. We’re working to change the CSS on this or use a
different provider, but we asked them a bunch of questions. It scrolls down a bit
more. About your revenue, about your spend, about your margin, where you want to head.
All I’m trying to find out are two things. I want to find out what your
business is like, more importantly, I want to, kind of, if I can automate and find
out what you are like right. So I kind of ask them questions also about what their
target CPA is, or what their target return on ad spend is, and if someone goes like,
my minimum, you know, they get a field where they can answer the question in
open text, and if they say something like my minimum ROAS to be able to
afford an agency is 12x. I’m like, no thank you. I’m out. Minimum? Come on now. Like
really? I know I talk about Harry Potter sh*t. I’m not Harry Potter okay. There are
certain realities to this. So all what we’re doing is looking for a fit. Okay,
and this is the funnel to do that. Right after you fill in this form, guess what
you see again? This face right. It’s all about rapport. It really, really is and it
seems so like, me, me, me, me, me, and I felt the same way too before
jumping on this. Like, I don’t want to be that like, I don’t want to drop names and kind of
offend a few people, but I don’t want to be like those people right. They’re just on
camera. They’re just talking sh* t and then next we get retargeted and they keep talking
sh*t and all that. It felt like I was spamming people with my face and not
giving value and boring them, but honestly it changed everything. So on
this video, I literally, you see that I’m pointing at you? I actually said, I say in
the video, “Hey, go check your calendar right now. Go, accept the meeting right
now.” and that dropped our call drop-off rate by like 30%. Just by doing
that and then at the very bottom, I just have a call to action, which is our
Facebook group and our Facebook page. So that I can keep giving value and you fall
into our sphere of influence, pretty much, and so, even if you don’t sign up, you’re
in the group, you see more value, you’re gonna come back again later. That’s the
game that we play and in terms of the back end, this is our Infusionsoft. This is one
of the simple campaigns that we have and essentially, as you can see here, it’s
reminding them of where they are. If you’re qualified, I’ll take you somewhere.
If you’re not qualified, I’ll take you somewhere else.
So again hot tip for you guys that are watching at home and
sitting here. If you want to figure out the what something else is just put in
like under 5k in revenue, you see what it is. Honest to god, before we had
a product to give them, I would boot them out to Just
straight out like, I was tempted to boot them out to like or something like
that, but that was what we did back then, and now we have an offer to give them. So
there we have it right. So effectively you get to see my face, you get to see
the edutainment videos, you get to meet me before you meet me, which really
really helped a lot and then this happens. Just listen up there are
no subtitles. I apologise but — I just want to take the opportunity to say that the
presentation that I saw you guys doing, that was exactly what made the
contact you guys. It was a completely personal selection. I thought you guys
were really smart and I wanted to work with you guys. And then I started looking at
your videos on there and I watched that interview and I was like f*ck, you know,
he’s got a good personality. I’d rather work with, you know, him.
He’s got a man crush. Yeah a little man crush. That’s funny, that’s so sweet.
That’s cool man. That’s it there. F*ck, oh my god, mate.
I’ve got a man crush, mate. It’s rapport. The reason why I had to block out their
faces is because it’s an actual live call. We record all of our sales calls. So
that my sales team can go back and learn and I can go back and learn from my
mistakes and figure out when I can say things. Sales is where I really geek out. Hey Chad, if you guys are listening,
whoever wants to geek out about like sales methods. Yo that’d be fun cause
that’s where you really get to then pull the cream and get to
leverage all that rapport and then on that call, you get to build more rapport,
find out what they really want. It’s great. Which is the next part, actually, to
this. The Pull Method Close, right. So many agency owners, it’s so funny. So many
agency owners hate sales. Oh my god, I hate sales. I just want to like, I just
want to media buy. I just want to run like Facebook ads. I just want to do
all that stuff. I don’t want to fuck with clients. If you hate sales, then hire
someone who loves sales or bring on a co-founder that love sales and loves talking
on the phone and understands the dynamics between humans, cause that’s me. I
was that half of the equation and the other half too. Fortunately, I’ve got that.
I love sales and I really hope that you guys do too, and how many people here,
and for the Pull Method Close, how many people here have like, gone through some
type of a guru course, or some type of a I will help you, you see the ad, it looks
really compelling you sit down, you watch 25-hour webinars, like, if you stay till
the very end I got this thing, and then when you call through you, get like, this
guy. You think you’re gonna talk to the real person. And the thing about this guy
is he’s just going to like try to close you, like trying to close you, try to close you.
Like anyone got that? Like get real with me here. Give me some feedback.
Yeah exactly. As humans, we hate getting sold to. If I
walk into like Best Buy and that person comes up, “Hi, how can I help you?” It’s like,
leave me the f*ck alone. I’m not ready. I’m not ready right, but the moment
you are ready and you’re standing there going, I’m just looking for some
assistance. What tends to happen? No one’s there. Magically in the store, all of a
sudden everyone’s busy right. So in the sales aspect, if someone hypes it
up on the front and they build all this trust and on the back, you got this
guy being like, “Hello you want to buy the course?” No. “Okay, I have this other
program. No problem, my friend.” and they’re just like trying to close right.
And I was guilty of that too. I was like, “Yeah man, so then we got this thing. We do
Google. We can do email. We can do dadada.” I wasn’t listening. I was just talking.
There was no pull. So now, okay, I’ve got a bit of time, I’ll drop this one, because
this is all it is really. It’s “How Can I Help?” So how do I find out how I can help? Really, the only way I can do that and
it’s a bit of how can I help, but then also at the same time, I’m gonna make you
feel a bit shaky about your current situation, dear super confident prospect.
So we’ll jump on the call and I’ll ask him, “So tell me a bit
more, how’s business?” I always open with how is business.
We all love talking about business. “How’s business?” “Oh you know like, I’m working at
this agency. Now we’re having a bit of trouble. This, that, that the other. I feel
like they’re not doing as well as they can. I feel like something.” Okay this is a
feelings person. I got to go feeling mode. “Oh you feel that way huh? Yeah, I know how
frustrating it might be. So give me a bit of an idea here. Like do
you know your average month-to-month conversion rate?” “Oh no. I’m not, I’m not
too sure about that. I gotta go check.” “Huh, interesting.” That’s all I do. I don’t say a fucking word.
I just look like I’m typing or writing a whole bunch of stuff. You know
like when you’re at the therapist and the therapist just goes, “Huh,
so your dad never hugged you. Interesting.” but they don’t tell you why they’re
asking that question. They’re just saying “interesting” but whenever that happens,
there’s a certain awkwardness that comes on the other side. That’s what I know I’m
in control the conversation, but then also two, that’s the way I know I can help.
I’m trying to figure out what you know, what you don’t know, in a really
conversational kind of way. I’ll ask you another question. “Okay so are you guys
using GTM?” “Oh my god, what’s GTM?” “Interesting. No GTM. Does not know.
Prospect does not…” sometimes I do that too, “Prospect does not know GTM. I’m sorry
just gotta save that for the team. Don’t mind me, I’m just taking notes.” you know
like, and so by the time I get to that point at the very, very end. One, this
person just asked me a bunch of questions that I don’t even know I had to ask. Right, and then I move on to the other
part, which is, “Okay, let’s talk about how we can help and let’s start looking at
that.” So either we present an audit. We put that in front of them. “So would it
help you then to find out what your CVR is and did you know that, I did a
really quick look, did you know your website is actually at 14 seconds, bro? Do
you know what that does to your conversion rate, brah?” “What do you mean? 14, isn’t
that quick?” “Are you serious? Interesting.” Right. So that’s all I’m
doing again and again and again. You can see why the sales part is where I like
really, really geek out because this part you can swipe anyone’s sh*t. That other
part, I can go deep yo, but I only have 3 minutes and 30 seconds.
So I’m gonna leave it there, but that’s effectively it. If any
one of you do want to talk about that, I would love to jam out with you.
That’s the lesson that I had to learn by split-testing sales calls. I didn’t know
that that was what I was doing intentionally, but that’s what I was
doing. I was trying different angles. I was trying different modalities. I was
trying to be the, sometimes you need, Paul help me out here, what’s the – Gordon Ramsay!
Right. Sorry I didn’t even need you there. Sometimes the prospect needs
a Gordon Ramsay. Like just like, sh*t all over their business because they’re like,
oh my god, I have a guru now to help me, and some other ones need you to bro down
with them a little bit. “Yeah, bro, like this is just totally chill man, like we’ll
just like take some of your money and then we’ll spend it, we’ll test it, and if
it scales then it f*cking scales brah.” and that’s what they want. That’s what they
need from me. I’m not trying to impose myself on them, it’s pull, it’s never push.
Okay, that’s the end of the funnel. So you guys saw the top, where I’m
talking about different topics. Whether it’s analytics, whether it’s creative,
whether it’s Instagram stories, whatever floats your boat. You’re gonna come down
a certain path, which helps me too because I know that you’re more of an analytical
person because you really jive with that stuff right, or are you gonna be more of
a feelings person. Let me talk about brandy, brandy, type of stuff. I’m gonna
pull you in that way. “Oh my god, yes, your brand is really important. Let me tell
you about this performance metrics thing.” and that’s where it’s at. So final step,
really, honestly is putting this into action. I’ve been to so many of these
conferences, where you just get bombarded by stuff and then it’s like church camp.
You get super pumped. Next week, you don’t do sh*t right. So do
something about it. If any of you are an agency owner, I wish I had this,
and that’s really what I’m aspiring to do here, is I wish that I had
someone who was willing to do this for me back when I was first starting out,
but I just didn’t know what to search, didn’t know where to find, and by being
able to put into action, I was able to have those mistakes right. Learn from my
mistakes. They’re fucking expensive and it can be really embarrassing sometimes.
I’ve messed up in so many ways it’s not even funny anymore, but that’s it there. If you have any questions, please hit me
up. These are my deets here. I am the most responsive in the first one.
My email is just you’re gonna get an auto-responder saying that I’m here right
now, and we’ve got a Facebook group as well, where we just try to add as much
value as possible and it’s all free. We just get to go in there, interact
with a whole bunch of other ecommerce founders, marketers, head of marketing
for some others. We’ve got one of the performance marketers in UK
Disney in there, just jamming with us sometimes. It’s a fun place to be, but
everyone I really appreciate you for your time. That was my little spiel. Thank you. Dee. You did not disappoint man, nice work.
Awesome. For everybody, all presentations are going to be shown on YouTube
after. Free of charge. So be sure to check that out later and don’t worry about
recording right now. We’re gonna do some Q&A. Yes sir. That’s sound good? Yes sir.
Alright. So we’ve got the Slido up. That is so cool, by the way. I know, I love it.
If you guys aren’t familiar with it, head to and then plug in
AWA18 and all questions will be presented at the top there. So starting
off with the first one, can you share some examples of ads and emailers used for
targeting. Well you just presented, so maybe if they do follow you afterwards.
Yeah, follow me up. I’ll show you my sh*t but those screenshots
that I showed, those were for the most part the actual ones that are still
live now. Okay, well in terms of emails, I can show you emails for sure. I
got all kinds, I’ve got prospecting emails, I’ve got posts. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Follow Dee
online. He’s got lots of good content. What else do we have for questions? There we go. Average client retention, do
you do rev share or fixed fee? So we have, again right, if you heard
from the presentation, a lot of what we do is listen and then prescribe. So if it
makes sense, we typically start off fixed fee. Yeah. Just so that we can test it out.
I want to date you, I’m not gonna go in hard and be like, oh straight away. I’ll be
like, yo I’m willing to suck sh*t on money at the start. Yeah. But let’s
talk about what happens after the first three months. Yeah. So that gives us a lot
of leverage because I want to come correct you. Yeah, take her for a date first.
Yes sir. I’m going to take you out for date. You’re gonna take me out
for date. I like that. We’ll keep, we’re happy to cop a bit on the chin
on the front. Yeah right and on the back, we’ll go to a perform – usually a
percentage of revenue and also depending on the client, sometimes it makes more
sense to do percentage of spend. Yeah that makes sense. Team question, up
next. Do you provide equity with any team members of yours?
Do you give key people in your team, equity? So fortunately, because I went through
the tech startup route, I kind of know the structure of that. That if you
want to start an agency, also please don’t start, like don’t go to a fish and chip shop accountant. They’ll give you the worst corporate structure.
So that’s what we did and we are undoing that right now. It’s a really
expensive bill. It’s hurting me, but uh, share options. So not equity,
share options. Okay, sweet. To the key people only. Nice. Another team question,
actually, what have been your biggest pain points managing your team.
This person has a team of four but wants to grow. Any lessons you can share with
the individual? Interesting. I’m kidding. So any biggest pain points managing the team. Ooh, which one isn’t a big one. Okay, so I think one being remote is
very tough because I don’t get to walk into the office and see whether they are
tired for the day or a bit drained or a bit defeated and because we run on Zoom
calls, you can kind of be on air and look like, “Hey Dee, how are you today?” So that’s
a really tough one. I feel like I’m not doing enough for the team.
Just to interrupt though, remember when we were going through – actually, it was one of
your slides, I think. You had your whole scheduling down pat. Is that a shared
schedule that you have? So you know what each of your team members are working on or?
Um, remember you had that shopping in there, when you were
supposed to be doing a team meeting. Oh yeah. Yes, yes. Yeah, totally. That one. That massage.
Yeah, that is that is one way that we coordinate, but they were also moving
into having pods. So another big pain is, do you go pods based on
expertise and personality? So a pod that way or do we go time zone? So there’s so
many moving parts. What have you noticed? So we’re trying to have our cake
and eat it too. If we can you in a similar time zone and similar
specialty. So like health and wellness, athleisure, apparel, jewelry,
supplements, then that that’s been working out nice so far, and they can
have their mini Slacks. Yeah, that make sense yeah. Yeah, okay cool. What else?
What position would be your first hire for you if you started again from scratch?
I remember Jason Akatiff actually answered this in his presentation couple
ago. I think he said operations manager. Jason Akatiff? Yeah.
Yeah, unequivocally, so patient zero for us is now our senior account executive, Beck.
Beck, I love you. Shout out to Beck. Yeah, she
is the glue between our clients and us. She also is a glue between our team. Yeah
and I plucked her out when I was working at another company, I saw something in
her. I was like yo, if you want to come intern, I’ll just teach you for free
for like an hour day. Nice. Eventually she just ate everything up.
She had absolute zero. She was a cleaner before that. She owned an eco cleaning company,
like that type of stuff, and then now she’s senior. She bosses the
clients. Look at that. She lays down the law, I love her to death. Okay, nice Beck. Okay, cool.
We’ve got a little bit more time. A couple more questions. What’s your
average client billing per month? I kind of showed you guys already. You guys
see that part, where it’s like the three month period. Do some math you
lazy f*ckers. $27,900 divided by three. I don’t know what the math is.
I know I’m Chinese but my math is sh*t, okay. So that stereotype is not right for me. What else do we have? Is Facebook your only lead gen traffic
source for you and your agency? Or do you have other tried others. Have you tried others?
We’re trying to f*ck with lead gen right now, I’m sorry, LinkedIn right now. Oh really? Um, it’s
really expensive. Once you figured that out, let us know. We’ll talk. Interesting.
Yeah, you owe me some consulting hours after your presentation.
You don’t know Linkedin ads? Interesting. Yeah, so we’re trying to f*ck with Linkedin. We do a bunch of outreach, so Instagram outreach for us, and we identify Instagram accounts, take
their creative, play around with it without their permission, and then DM
them back, and be like “Hey, we just tried to f*ck with some shit. Feel free to use it
for your ad.” There you go for some of you guys who want to use that. What about YouTube?
Not yet. I really want to mess with YouTube. Yeah. I’m already so heavy on video there.
Yeah, might as well just uh, Ty Lopez the hell out of it.
We need more content. I think for Barcelona we’re gonna have
someone talking about YouTube, so stay tuned for that. Stay turned for YouTube guys. Yeah,
okay. If you’re doing the sales, who’s running the campaigns? At the start, did you
hire and train media buyers or contract it out right. So in this world, we got
black hat, we got white hat. Yeah, in my world back then, I had many hat right.
Not Manychat. Many hat. This f*cker was many hat right. If I’m not on
the calls, I had to do this thing. If not on that, I’d do that. So I was pulling on
average, and I kid you not guys, like 16-hour days. So if you notice, after
school pick up, I had to go back to work, but what you don’t see is after dinner. So I
can show my wife my face, so she remembers who I am, I’m actually back at
the office again from like a 9 like 12:30 window. Yeah. I was just like bang
sh*t out. Yeah. But that’s why the co-founder relationship was so helpful,
because I don’t think I could have done it without him. I don’t think we could have
just done it, in general, without each other. Well, honestly man. Thank you so much. That was incredible. Again, this will be
online later. Everyone big round of applause. Hey can we do a selfie with the crowd?
Would you guys help me with a like Ellen DeGeneres selfie, because I really
want to crush her selfie. Okay. Let’s do it this way. What’s good?!
It’s a video. It’s a video! Get out of here! Okay, thank you Dee.


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