How We Maintain a Healthy Friendship & Our Love for BIGBANG | Q&A

Well, actually it’s time
for afternoon coffee, And I’m just waiting for Erin, We’re gonna hangout around the Gyeongbokgung area. We love hanging out here because it’s like right between like where we live, So, it’s like super convenient. So, I’m just waiting for her. Yay! I love hanging out with her, And she’s back from Japan. Erin’s running a bit late, So, I’m just gonna wait inside the station And we’re both listening
to GD’s album. Outfit of the day…
Is it too windy? Button-up is from Stylenanda, This cropped top is from Zara. And these pants are from Aland
a long time ago, And then my shoes are from Coach. I’ll link everything down below. Toms has a cafe, And look who I’m with. Let’s go in. Joan: This is such a “you” cafe.
Erin: Yeah. We’re gonna answer questions,
because we wanna catch up. I hope the music doesn’t get copyrighted. We have the same ones. Ah, not really. No, no, no. I mean… Joan: And GD.
Erin: Yes. Like, they’re like our top favorite idol. Like, number one, all the way up there. But… Erin: He is.
Joan: I don’t know, he used to be a… He started as an idol, but I… Joan: Huge fan.
Erin: Yeah, I’m a huge fan of him. Oh, I love Jay Park. I love their label. Joan: Oh, AOMG.
Erin: AOMG. I love their label. Erin: I love their song.
Joan: Loco… Erin: Loco is great also.
Joan: Featuring Dean. Erin: I’m kinda actually loving Dean
actually because of you. A lot of people say that. Yeah. Because she kinda, you know, she always, she doesn’t force me
to listen to the song, but… – she’s just keep mentioning… So I was like
– Talking. Okay, okay. We agree on that. Next is, what are your favorite things
about each other? Erin, Uhm, this is “so cheesy.” Joan: “so cheesy.” Erin:I’ve always thought about like, Erin: -very good things about you.
Joan: -Oh, me too. Yeah, but we never talked. Erin: -I know, we just know…
Joan: -about this each other. Erin: We just know that we have like,
we know that… Joan: – We like each other.
Erin: – Yeah, yeah. Erin: What else? I can’t think of one on top of my head but I really like how we can have
a conversation about anything. – Anything. Yeah.
– Oh, anything and everything. And basically, what I love about Joan
is that she’s really good, good… she’s a good listener. – You are. She’s the best listener.
– You are too. – Seriously.
– She is too. Whenever I’m in like in a like
bad mood, like when I’m in a relationship I sometimes have a bad mood. But then I always ask her
for help like what should I do with my boyfriend. I actually make you say it. Yeah, yeah, yeah. She keeps it in, but I’m the one that takes it out of her. -“Just say it”, “just do it”,
-Yeah. and I was like,
“Okay, I should listen.” What are our favorite cafes? Ah… Our favorite cafes? What do you like? The thing is, we have different favorites. I like white marble cafes. She likes dark, gloomy,
like this cafe. – Like this cafe.
– Yeah. Very traditional looking. – Uh huh. Dark.
– Very vintage. Dark… warehouse. – Yeah.
– Yeah. So, I guess, in common,
we like warehouse cafes. Okay, warehouse cafes,
at Anthracite. How did you two meet? Ashley. Well, yeah. This one,
you have to explain it, ’cause, yeah. Yes. We have a mutual friend
named Ashley. And I know Ashley from college and she knows Ashley from high school. So, when I moved to Seoul, she introduced us, and then Ashley bounced. She went to San Francisco and then we’re like,
“I have no friends!” – So she was like…
– “Why don’t we hangout?” I know, and then we like hung out
every weekend. Yeah, yeah. And then we got really close that way. What’s your top three favorite songs
at the moment? – We both have the same answers.
– Right now? Right now? – Right now?
– Yes. GD’s album. – GD’s album.
– GD’s album, of course. Yeah, so top three,
there’s top five for you. GD, GD. – Baby, baby.
– Oh, oh. – I wanted to go to his concert.
– I know! She had work. I know. I was like when she posted in Instagram,
like when she went to GD’s concert, I was like, “No!”. Funniest, embarrassing memory? There was a day where we went
to eat chicken. I personally love to eat drumstick, – and she…
– And I love chicken breast. So we… We… No problem. – We ate it so fast.
– Yeah. – We just ate the…
– Just eat that. You know, this is important
because mostly like a lot of Koreans prefer to eat drumstick. – Yeah, even couples.
– They hate… Couples fight over this. I… Me and my boyfriend
always fight over drumsticks. ‘Cause they have only two drumsticks. – I know.
– And it’s the most yummiest part. I think we had four. – And all four them was yours.
– Yeah. She was like, “You take them all”. – Take them all.
– “Seriously?” She was like, “That’s the best
chicken place I’ve ever had”. – She had…
– It’s like the perfect pair. – We are the perfect pair.
– We are the perfect pair. Are you both going
to travel together soon? If so, where? Yeah, we actually talked about this topic. When I were in Japan, like,
two weeks ago. Because, I’m really hoping
to go to Japan once with her. – ‘Cause it’s not that far.
– Yes. It doesn’t take too much time
to go there. And then, also… Yeah, yeah. It’s close by. I got a lot of questions about
how to maintain friendship. I think one is just like
conversation. Talking, right? And listening.
Listening and understanding. Okay, this is good.
This is a funny question. If you had a chance to star
in a music video, whose would you choose? Dean or GD? I think, you guys both… It’s obvious, right? One, one, two, three. – GD.
– GD. He’s a superstar. Dean is getting there.
But GD, oh, something about him. – Something about him is like…
– Ugh. he’s getting in my mind…
every time. When he was singing
the video I uploaded on Instagram, the dance that he goes like this? This is like our life. This is our conversation at like
every coffee shop, I think if we talk for three hours, like 20 minutes of it will be dedicated
to Big Bang. Okay. What’s your favorite song
from GD’s new album? Oh, we already answered this. Oh, we already gave our answers. But, we like them all. Who’s Erin’s favorite AOMG artist
and favorite song? – Favorite song. ‘Coz you said Jay Park
– Jay Park. I love his, um… “All I Wanna Do”, – like all the tracks that he recently did.
– He recently did. – And also I love Hoody.
– Oh, Hoody. I love the… all the song that Hoody
features on it. So… Yeah. Next question.
Is Erin as big of a VIP as Joan? Oh, yeah. – Duh.
– We bonded over this. How would you differentiate your styles?
In like fashion. She’s all black. Mine is like a little bit more colorful
than her. – But, I’m more into blue.
– And basics. And very basics, very minimal. Same time black but I prefer very you
know to be very classic at the same time. – Yes.
– Not to be too simple – Right, right.
– Well, you know, but it is me. “To Erin, what’s your job
and how did you and Joan meet?” We just shared how we met,
but what’s your job? My job? Wow. It’s my first time
showing my job. But then thing is,
people are so curious about like my brother’s job,
Soy’s job, your job. But do you wanna say
you’re a consultant? I’m a brand consultant. I work for all the brands
that are out there. I suppose…
Mostly I work for beauty brands. My company worked for Innisfree, as well as a lot
of Korean cosmetic brands. – To like re-brand.
– To re-brand and rebuild their image. “If you guys were to introduce each other
to a guy what quality will you say first?” Okay. This is really funny because she already has a boyfriend. But what would you do?
What would you say? – I think you’re so cute. Cute.
– So cute. Like your personality,
and like you’re so cute ’cause I think
that’s the first thing I’ll say. I’m not cute. No, no, no, no, no.
The first thing I will say to a guy… No… I’m gonna tell him that she’s a boss but she has this kind of like… – Like freedom?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. But in a good way. In a good way. Yeah. You’re so funny. She’s a boss. She’s a boss. Oh, my gosh. You’re so funny. Okay, “Where in Seoul
do you hang out the most?” I made this. – So, where in Seoul…
– Do we hang out the most? – This area. Gyeongbokgung.
– This area? “How similar and different
are the both of you?” – Similar?
– Similar. Does she mean like our personality? Yeah, I think in general,
like what’s different about us? Like our style is different. Our preference and aesthetics
is different. Yeah, that’s different. – But we both love Big Bang.
– Yes. We are both Taeyang fans, too.
Like, even that. Oh, even for EXO
we both like Chen and D.O. Right, right, right. – I so excited. Yeah.
– I was so surprised by this one. It was when we were sharing
our most favorite person out of EXO. – We both said… Yeah! In order.
– Both said it. In order, too. Chen and D.O. I was like… It was… We were like,
that’s when we knew. – We we’re like all similar.
– That’s when you knew we’re gonna be like – Good friends.
– Good friends. Usually people when they have
the same taste they stay away from each other. – but we don’t really care.
– Right, right. – We don’t care. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Like whatever. “Do you guys still remember
the first place you hangout?” That’s… This is the last question. – Okay. Say it together.
– I remember. – One, two.
– Tell me the station. – Okay, okay. One, two, three.
– One, two, three! Erin:- Hongdae!
Joan:-Shinchon! It was Shinchon. It was Shinchon. Right! Oh, my, I was so confused
about the place. – We had the spiciest…
– Yeah, yeah… Galbijjim. Oh, and my first impression
of her was like “Dang! This girl
can eat really spicy food.” Because I thought I was good
but you’re better. Yeah, I eat really good spicy food. Like I love spicy food. I was like struggling after like
the second, but she was like Oh, I’m just gonna eat all of it. It’s so tasty! Yeah, so first impression. – Yeah, yeah, yeah.
– That was fun! – Let’s do it again.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Hope you guys
enjoyed the Q&A. We’re gonna catch up now. I hope that the music
doesn’t get copyrighted. Because it’s fun. – Okay.
– Okay. We literally just talked about
our favorite GD songs right now. We are now walking around
Gyeongbokgung area. Coffee, whoa!
Did you just see the fly? The fly was just like going up. But we’re just gonna walk around
and then just soak in all the sun. – Since it’s great. Yeah!
– Very good weather. Our hair is kinda matching. Oh, she’s right. We are going to have dinner
at Gwanghwamun Gukbap. – She’s been wanting to go.
– Uh-huh. Gukbap. – Sounds good.
– Sounds good. But we have to wait for like 10 minutes
because it opens at… 5:30. I don’t have a watch on. It is currently 5:20. Here we are. And we’re sitting right here.
We had to take off our shoes. Very Korean style. Naengmyeon, and then she got
the pork gukbap. You should definitely try
when you come here in Korea. They’re filming something.
I think someone famous is gonna come here. – Right?
– You think so? – I think so.
– No, they’re just um… filming the biggest food.
Just taking photos of the food. Dinner was so good! There’s a motorcylce. But then while we were there
we were both uploading photos and then this tag, the geotag
had “peace minus one”, and we’re like,
“Wait. Something GD is here?” – Around here.
– Yeah. So, we looked online and today is the last day
of his museum or exhibition – Like exhibition, like pop-up store.
– Right. So you know what, why not! – Why not!
– We were both listening to his album today. And we’re nearby. – So we’ll check it out.
– Yeah. It apparently only opens at 6pm – and ends at 6am.
– AM. – Cool concept, GD!
– Cool concept. Very good concept. – It’s windy, so, we’ll see you there.
– Yeah. Wow. My hair looks better outdoors. – Yeah, it is. Yeah.
– Right? Oh. Thank you. I’m sorry. I tried, I tried.
I wanted it to be GD week, – but, can’t, can’t do anything about it.
– GD week. I told her I’ll bring her one of the GD
cushions because I have three. I heard that it’s not the greatest cushion, But we will love it. No matter what. I just said bye to Erin and I’m going
to walk over to the station now. I’m going to end the vlog here Because I’m just gonna go home And get some work done. So, I hope you guys enjoyed
watching today’s vlog. Here’s the shout-out of the day for those of you guys
who translated and transcribe my vlogs. I also didn’t do the shout-out yesterday, so here’s another shout-out. Sorry for forgetting. But, yeah. I hope you guys
enjoyed watching, And I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s vlog. Captions provided by
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